BNI Is A Toolbox

While at the recent BNI International Directors Conference in California I came across a very simple but powerful concept; that BNI is a toolbox. Think about it for a moment; a toolbox can sit on your shelf full of tools you never use or you can learn to use each tool so that it's inherent potential can be realised.

The toolbox concept is so powerful because most of us never use the tools we have at our disposal. There is always some excuse. You've probably heard the expression"A bad tradesman always blames his tools." Think about the tools we have at our disposal;

The BNI meeting itself Open Networking Sales Manager Minutes (60 second infomercials) Your BNI Card wallet Dance Cards Power Teams Referral Partnerships Mentoring The Visitor Experience Membership Committee Promotional items such as card display boards
And of course all the accountability measures built into the system. So the next time you go to a BNI meeting think about all the tools you have at your disposal and ask yourself "Am I using each of these to it's full potential?" Dan Garlick © 2010

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