I deem it a great honour and privilege to propose the vote of thanks on behalf of IBS Mumbai to a great entrepreneur and

thinker of our time

It is not an honour for us to have you with us this evening sir, it is an inspiration, and it was not with compulsion that we have listened to you sir, but it was from Heart with pleasure. And it is not with nostalgia that we view your departure, but it is with trepidation. And it falls to me to thank you, finally, for your presence in our college and your message of dedication to its young people. Your presence
has been a source of guidance and inspiration for us.

Thank you for alleviating the burden of our apartness from the strong mainstream of civilized thought, for showing us that what we are? And thank you sir for exhibiting that flexibility of mind, yet steadfastness of purpose and principle, which we may emulate with distinction and success.

We shall remember, we shall take courage, and we shall hope.

I thank you sir.
The successful culmination of this programme owes much to the guidance and support of Dean Maam ± Dr Meenakshi Dhariwal and I thank her for the same I also thank all the distinguished invitees present here for accepting our invitation. I thank all my colleagues from IBS for their overwhelming participation. Finally, I would like to thank the organizers ,event co-ordinators and volunteers of E-cell under the overall guidance and supervision of Dr. Meenakshi Dhariwal for making this programme a resounding success. Thank you all once again.

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