Chile gets hit by a massive earthquake

Last Monday, April 21, Chile got hit by an earthquake that was 8.9 on the Richter scale and lasted 95 seconds. The earthquake shook Chile up and turned it upside down. Overturned vehicles and buildings became a common sight. The death toll has reached a high of 600 people and is steadily rising. Tsunami warnings are being issued to Chile and all nearby countries. car so I had no idea what to do. Hours passed and somehow I fell asleep. I shook awake by man in a red uniform. The man turned out to be a fire fighter and he led me to a small shabby building that was filled with hundreds of confused people like me. Later I learned that my house, and everything in it, was annihilated. In less than two minutes, my life¶s hard was reduced to rubble.´ Other witnesses have told similar stories. movement of earth¶s plates. This is why Chile has very violent earthquakes in its history.

Looting is another added problem. For the couple buildings and houses that are still up, there missing goods. It is thought that thie ves might have stolen goods from abandoned buildings. Order is trying to be restored.

An eye witness, Daniela Carmen Garcia, tells her story. ³Usually I wake up at 6 a.m. which was an hour before the earthquake occurred. Unfortunately, it just so happened that I forgot to turn my alarm clock on and I overslept. I was woke up when I was thrown out of my bed and I managed to move just in time to see my bookshelf fall exactly where I was seconds ago. I wasn¶t sure what to do so I ran out of my house and kept running until I found clear field. I looked around and there was nothing that could fall on me so I was safe. My cell phone wasn¶t working and I didn¶t own a

Destroyed Houses

Many organizations around the world are helping out earthquake victims by raising money for the cause including America. Many schools are also trying to raise money.

Chile is on the west coast of South America. When the Nazca plate sub ducts under the South American it accumulates stress in the crust. After the stress becomes too much, an earthquake occurs. An earthquake is a vibration or shaking under the earth that is caused by the

Tsunami prediction diagram