Differences between Oracle Workflow and BPEL: 1) With BPEL we can make use of the webservices and integrate

them into a business process. 2) The business flow in between the activities in workflow is dependent on the result out given by the activities in it. Where as in BPEL the flow in between the activities in done by control flow activities such as • Sequence • Flow • For each flow 3) Once the design of the bpel process is completed it needs to be deployed in the BPEL container to access it. Where as the deployment process is not done in the workflow. 4) For a workflow process to start it needs a unique itemKey. Where as in BPEL there is no need of unique key to start the process. 5) Oracle bpel process has the ability to directly invoke the workflow process. 6) BPEL uses XPath, XSTL and Xquery for data manipulation. 7) The workflow process created through workflow builder needs to be saved in the database for its use. Where as the BPEL process is deployed in the BPEL container. 8)BPEL supports some Service Adapters to integrate them into the business process. 9) A workflow process mostly depends on the workflow database to process an itemtype. 10) BPEL takes the input as the XML string to process it. 11) BPEL is itself a webService, which has several other services integrated in it. 12) BPEL uses XML schemas as an input data for processing. 13) A BPEL suitcase (Deployment Descriptor) is used to create the JAR file when a BPEL process is compiled. 14) Oracle workflow provides a Defer Thread Activity as well an activity cost based deferring of activities to perform heavy processing in the background. BPEL supports long running processes and does not require explicit deferring of threads. To achieve this functionality a BPEL process needs to be created in asynchronous manner.

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