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Finance Dept Warehouse Dept

Reports to be submitted Food & Non-food
Cash Flow statement Monthly stock position
Liquidity position Sales analysis
Ration analysis Classification(High value, low value)
Ageing Period: Debtors & Creditors Prdt moving details(Top, slow expired, damaged)
Forecasting(Special, seasonal requirements)

Import warehouse
Stock position

Chief Accountant Retail Operations
Daily sales report with deposit
verification Sales
Receivable with ageing projections
Staement of outstanding Competitor analysis
Asset, Liabilty, fund transfer Price strategy
Liquidity position- outlet wise
Monthly finacial statements

Expense Purchase Dept
Utility payments-Dewa, Etisalat,
Eppco etc Top moving products-outlet wise
Rent Products -sold under cost price
Promotion Products with low GP and its contribution to over all sale
Products value classification-high value, low value and its
Salary movements
Recently changes effected in credit period, discount and
Shop consumable details credit limit
Vehicle log book Supplier goods and return issues
Alternative sources of supply and its profitability
Document details
Deletion of documents Purchase budget
Internal adjustment details Division wise
Pending documents Noted products-Market price comparison report
Profitability of promotional activities
Marketing & Operations
CVP analysis Manager-Mall operations
Trend analysis Inventory on specific depts
Grand me reports Shop consumption
POS issues
Customer feedback
Theft issues
Maintenance problem