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L. Possehl & Co.

The Entrepreneurs
Our business is built on our entrepreneurially minded management teams,
who are encouraged to act as independently as possible. We value and foster our
companies’ individual corporate cultures and identities as an important asset.

Special- Precious Textile
Elastomer International Cleaning SME*
purpose Metals Electronics Finishing
Processing Trading Systems investments
construction Processing Systems

■ Highway construction ■ Jewelry industry ■ Tire industry ■ Semiconductor industry ■ Minerals ■ Industrial and ■ Textile finishing and coating ■ Environmental protection
■ Industrial/commercial ■ Dental laboratories ■ Technical rubber products ■ Suppliers to the ■ Ores commercial cleaning - tentering frames ■ Insurance brokerage
surfaces ■ Materials and ■ Plastics processing automotive and ■ Plastics ■ Urban cleaning and - dryers ■ Freighting
■ Aviation surfaces electronics industries ■ Oil mill and food industries telecommunications ■ Metals municipal vehicles - dyeing ranges
■ Monument renovation ■ Precious metal recycling industries ■ Chemicals ■ Site maintenance ■ Non-woven industry
■ Quartz sand and
special mortar
■ Construction chemistry

* Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Our Objectives Our Strategy Our Values
■ Permanently stable income ■ “Best owner” strategy: positioning ■ Reliable, conservative, Hanseatic,
■ Maintaining and fostering the as a reliable shareholder reserved
Group companies’ competitiveness with a long-term approach ■ Entrepreneurial way of thinking
■ Sustainable growth and increase ■ Clear strategic management and acting
in value by the holding company ■ Protecting individual identities
■ Encouraging companies to operate at Group and company level
■ Compensating for cyclicality with
a diversified portfolio