The Horrid lives of domestic servants

Thursday, November 25, 2010

In the old ages, there were slaves people used to buy or arrest them after the war. But with the passage of time, slaves turned into servants. Now they are being paid for the specific task. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal became the largest countries where the concept of domestic servants got the boom. In Pakistan, the average pay of domestic servant is not more than 1200PKR and a single domestic servant work for at least 4 houses. That makes the average monthly income 4800PKR only which is even less than the government fixed minimum pay which is 6000. Those innocent people are being treated differently by different background families. Some treat them considering a human being and some treat them like a cheapest person of the world. There is a huge gap between these two edges. People who consider them as human feels pity on them and always try to do something good for them but the other group of people treat them like they have committed a sin being born in that family. Life needs both good and bad people in the world. Being a Muslim, we need to take care of them and support them. But one thing that is very common in human nature that if the basic needs are not fulfilled of any person, the person goes for the alternative bad ways. Though it is a very hard task to prevent you being bad but there is a possibility. But one thing that I have noticed and practically implemented is that you can save them being a bad person by just giving them respect. Respect is the thing which can mold people easily. But always consider that all five fingers are not equal.

Submitted By: Khawaja Naveed Haider (073605-085)

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