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Gau"hati University
M, Com
(PREVIOUS - 2010-2011)

Guidelines fur Submissinn:
/. Wrire your name, sess;on, rollnurnber, the topic selected and the tille olthe ans\\er cleatly on the lop.
2. ijach answer (esaay) carries a weigh age of20 mrrks.
3. Keep a margin ofabout I inch on each side ollhe page-
4. You can submitthe essay wriaten in yourown hand-writing on clean, loolscap sbeets, or A-4 sized paper
5. ln case you prefer to slbmil type-wrhlen ansrvers, make sure that there are no iyping errors whici will deduct
li om the dtaralT-lmFf-ssftir
-- - :. --":
6. l)o not submit conmercially purchased answers as sucfi a praetice is deemed ro b€ unthir
Z-subpit yorr assignment bv 3l'r Decenb€r.2010.

Manag€rial Economics
1. l)iscuss the various methods adopted for a capital Budgeting Decision. l0
2. lixplain the mechanism ofdetermining a cost plus pricing decision. 10

Financial Stateme(t Analysis and Business For€casting
1. What is fund flow analysis? How is a firnd flow statement prepared? Give your answer with-
imagircry figures. 10
2. r)iscuss the various typ€s ofratios and lieir utilities. 10

Malagcm€nt ard Organizatioral B€haviour
1. l)iscuss and compare Maslow's Need Hierarchy Theory with that ofH€rzberg's motivatior
llygiene Theory l0
3. l)iscuss the causes and types ofconflict in an organization. l0

2. In what way, would you differentiate economic glowth from economic development
specifically in the context oflndian Economy? 10

Qu antitativeM ethodriFnartn

l. ljse simplex method to solve the following LPP: l0
tr/.aximize Z - 30xr+40x2+20x1
Suhjecl ro.
lOxr ' l2\,+ r 7xr110,000
7xr lox, 8xr : 8,000
xl+x2 I xr < 1,000
xr, xz. xt S 0

2. what ts sampling? Critically examioe the well-known melhods of probability and non-
probability sampling 10