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2001 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 41/39

Thursday 4 May 2000

2. Aid to uprooted people in Asia and Latin America ***I


Proposal for a European Parliament and Council regulation extending Regulation (EC) No 443/97
on operations to aid uprooted people in Asian and Latin American developing countries
(COM(1999) 443 , C5-0146/1999 , 1999/0194(COD))

The proposal was amended as follows:


(Amendment 1)
Recital 2a (new)

(2a) The extension of Regulation (EC) No 443/97 is
dependent on the Commission submitting the annual
reports to the European Parliament and the Council
required by that Regulation.

(Amendment 2)
Article 6(1), 2nd subparagraph (Regulation (EC) No 443/97)

The financial reference amount for the implementation of this The financial framework for the implementation of this pro-
programme for the period 1996 to 2000 shall be € 280 mil- gramme for the period 1996 to 2000 shall be € 280 million.

(Amendment 3)
ARTICLE 1(2a) (new)
Article 10(2) (Regulation (EC) No 443/97)

2a. Article 10(2) of Council Regulation (EC) No 443/97 is
replaced by the following:

2. Where reference is made to this Article, Article 4
of Council Decision 1999/468/EC (1) shall apply, hav-
ing regard to Articles 7 and 8 thereof.

The period provided for in Article 4(3) of Decision
1999/468/EC shall be one month.

(1) OJ L 184, 17.7.1999, p. 23.

(Amendment 4)
ARTICLE 1a (new)

Article 1a
The Commission shall submit to the European Parliament
and the Council, at least four months before the expiry of
Council Regulation (EC) No 443/97, an overall assessment
report appraising the management of the programme,
identifying strengths and weaknesses and making recom-
mendations to improve the impact of the programme.

(1) OJ C 21 E, 25.1.2000, p. 65.