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Hul Project Report

Hul Project Report

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“Understanding the Consumer Behaviour on SafeDrinking Water”

A report submitted to Accurate Institute of Management and Technology, Greater Noida as a mandatory part of PGDM curriculum.




DM - O91120 PGDM 2009 -2011

“Accurate Institute of Management and Technology 49 knowledge Park-III, Greater Noida – 201306” E-mail:- pgpcell@accurate.in


This is to certify that the project report titled “Understanding The Consumer Behavior on Safe Drinking Water” submitted to Accurate Institute Of Management and Technology, Greater Noida by DEVESH KUMAR UPADHYAY in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Post Graduate Diploma in Management, (PGDM) is an original work carried out by the below mentioned student under the guidance and supervision of the below mentioned guides/supervisors. This work has not been submitted anywhere else for any other degree/diploma under my signature. The original work was carried out during 21st June to 6th Aug

2010 in (HUL) Hindustan Unilever Limited. Signature of the student: __________________________________________ Name of the student: _____________________________________________ Dated: _________________________________________________________

Signature of the Industry Guide: ____________________________________ Name of the Industry Guide: _______________________________________ Designation of the Industry Guide: __________________________________ E-mail Address: _________________________________________________ Mailing Address: ________________________________________________ .

Dated: _____________________ Seal/Stamp of the Organization Signature of the faculty supervisor: __________________________________ Name of the faculty supervisor: ________ Dated: _________________ _____________________________ .


The project report of 5 such magnitude could not be accomplished without the assistance of several people who participated directly or indirectly. his heart is . So whenever a person is helped and cooperated by others. Exchange of ideas generates a new object to work in a better way. From the very beginning of human civilization to this complex world. we are dependent on each other for accomplishment our goals. This project report is also the result of collective effort and support of several individuals who have been given me their valuable contribution in fulfilment of the work.Any activity big or small is a result of collective effort of several individuals.

.bound to pay gratitude and obligation to them. Acknowledgement is not merely a formality but an expression of deep sense of gratitude and cumulative appreciation. I would like to give special thanks to the almighty whose blessing helped me to complete this project. Before explaining my project report. Completing a task is never a one man effort. First of all.

They shared ideas with me to complete my project. RAJ TRIPATHI {TL} of HINDUSTAN UNILEVER LIMITED to provide a proper guidance and a right approach from time to time.I give my sincere gratitude and thanks to Mr RAJEEV KAUSHIK SIR {BDE} Mr ANURAG TIWARI {TSO} Mr. . guide and mentor as well. SUNIL SHARMA {ZSO} and Mr. to accomplish the goal. They have always been guiding and suggesting me like teacher.

GAURAV AGGRAWAL a faculty member of AIMT. It is my earnest duty to express most gratitude and honour to my parents. who helped me a lot and give me a right direction in completing the project. who have helped me in completing this project. It shall be an injustice. . if I don’t express thank to my friends who helped me in completing my project report.I also acknowledge my heartiest gratitude to Dr. GERATER NOIDA. I am also grateful to all my faculty members of AIMT GREATER NOIDA. .


. here by declare that the project titled. Accurate Institute of Management and Technology .I DEVESH KUMAR UPADHYAY of 2nd year PGDM student .

“Understanding the Consumer Behaviour on Safe Drinking Water” as the original work conducted by me and submitted in the partial fulfilment for degree. . The information and data given in the report is authentic and true to the best of my knowledge.

I also declare that this project has not been submitted for the award of any other degree. . diploma. literature or recognition earlier.

2009-2011 .DM 091120 PGDM:.(DEVESH KUMAR UPADHYAY) Roll No:.


Project work is an essential part of .Unless the knowledge is applied in the practical field. A project work is the scientific and systematic study of real issue and problems with the application of management principles. The essential ingredients of a project are that it should contain scientific collection of data its analysis and interpretation that lead to valid conclusions and feasible suggestion. it cannot attain perfection and maturity. concept and skills.

The whole report is to be divided into different chapters. each dealing with the different aspects of the study the report has . This study has given real exposure to corporate marketing and the confidence to face the me in course of sale the products of HUL. I have prepared this report during my summer training at HIDUSTAN UNILEVER LIMITED. I have conducted my study under the subject “UNDERSTANDING THE CONSUMER BHEVIOUR ON SAFE DRINKING WATER”.partial fulfilment of the syllabus of PGDM.

. hence. The last chapter deals with some recommendations which will be help full to the company in countering its competition as well as having an edge over them. I have tried my best to do justice and be honest in analysing the topic but “TO ERROR IS HUMAN” and I am not an exception to it.been return in a very comprehensive way with a suitable heading of each chapter. weakness and shortcoming is unintentional.




CONTENTS : Project title  Certificate  Acknowledgement  Declaration  Preface PAGE NO 1 2 3 4 5 .






II: Statement of the Problem  Significance of the Study  Objective of the Study  Importance of the Study PAGE NO 48 49 50 51 52 .CONTENTS :PART .






000 redistribution stockists. comprise about 4.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) is India's largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company. covering 6. Foods & Beverages and as well as water division (pure it). HUL's distribution network. touching the lives of two out of three Indians with over 20 distinct categories in Home & Personal Care Products.3 million retail outlets .

Quality Wall's – are household names across the country and so many categories . Pond's. Wheel. I completed the project on “Understanding the Consumer Behaviour on Safe Drinking Water” as water . culinary products and also provide as safe as boiled water through pure it. detergents.reaching the entire urban population. Close-up. HUL's brands . tea.soaps. personal products. During my summer training at HUL. Pepsodent.like Lifebuoy. Fair & Lovely. ice cream. coffee. Lux. Surf Excel. and about 250 million rural consumers. Lakme. Clinic Plus. Rin.

 Getting consumer feedback from the existing and potential customers.purifier “Pure it” products of HUL which are divided into three parts. . inculcating the habit of drinking safe water by installing pure it. These are:  Conducting and analysing market research.

Further. The technical details of the machine is necessarily to be understood before moving into the market so that one could discuss the plus points of the machine over the competitors’ machine. the aspects of installing of water purifier. the detail understanding in this kind of installation is done through meetings with probable customers . In my first part. comprising the new technology use in the water purifier. To know about competitor details which facing challenge in the market. a report is made on a detailed study.

which include the key area of installing water purifier of HUL’s pure it with all the glamour features such as brand reflecting. The study is then tabulated. The study is done by surveying the different house/clinic located at Lucknow and nearby. . analysed and result extracted. essentiality of the products to provide all the comfort required by the customers.

This will reflect my views and measures.In the second part. an observational study is conducted in respect of getting consumer feedback from the existing and potential customer of HUL’s through providing a batter services. It also includes the visits of the places where others competitor’s similar products were installed to get their performance feedback and identified the .

Clinic and medical shop by way of discussions. In the third part. followed by the comparison of same. Whirlpool. And to know about daily habit of customer to use safe drinking water. To conducting the observational study. a large data has been collected while visiting the various house.hidden opportunities to sell HUL’s water purifier. method adopted for competitors analysis involved surveying and observational study of all the competitive brands of HUL’s water purifier such as Tata Swash. . Eureka Forbes. Kent. Usha Brita. Philips etc.

➢ Kiosk. ➢ Referrals.Finally. we would like to add some routes of reaching the customer’s house. through as follow:➢ Cold calls. .









Historical Events in HUL :- .Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL). 000 crores. having great recognition nationally/ internationally. is India's largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company. touching the lives of two out of three Indians with over 20 distinct categories in Home & Personal Care Products and Foods & Beverages.13. They endow the company with a scale of combined volumes of about 4 million tones and sales of Rs.

visitors to the Kolkata harbour noticed crates full of Sunlight soap bars. With it began an era of marketing branded fast moving consumer goods (in short FMCG).In the summer of 1888. embossed with the words "Made in England by Lever Brothers". Unilever set up its first Indian subsidiary. Vanaspati was launched in 1918 and the famous Dalda brand came to the market in 1937. The . Soon after followed Lifebuoy in 1895. followed by Lever Brothers India Limited (1933) and United Traders Limited (1935). Hindustan Vanaspati Manufacturing Company. In 1931. These three companies merged to form HUL in November 1956. Lux and Vim. and other famous brands like Pears.

The erstwhile Lipton's links with India were forged in 1898. Brooke Bond & Co.erstwhile Brooke Bond's presence in India dates back to 1900. India Limited was formed. Brooke Bond joined the Unilever fold in 1984 through an international acquisition. Pond's (India) Limited had been present in India since 1947. Unilever acquired Lipton in 1972 and in 1977 Lipton Tea (India) Limited was incorporated. started in 1991. In 1912. By 1903. It joined the Unilever fold through an international acquisition of Chesebrough Pond's USA in 1986. the company had launched Red Label tea in the country. clearly marked an inflexion in HUL's and the . The liberalisation of the Indian economy.

the erstwhile Tata Oil Mills Company (TOMCO) merged with HUL. without any constraints on production capacity. Simultaneously.Group's growth curve. 1993. acquisitions and mergers. formed a 50:50 joint venture. to market Lakme's market-leading cosmetics and other appropriate products of both the companies. effective from April 1. Lakme Limited. In one of the most visible and talked about events of India's corporate history. Subsequently . deregulation permitted alliances. Lakme Lever Limited. In 1995. HUL and yet another Tata company. Removal of the regulatory framework allowed the company to explore every single product and opportunity segment.

Tea Estates and Doom Dooma. were merged with Brooke Bond. Then in July 1993. two plantation companies of Unilever.in 1998. HUL formed a 50:50 joint venture with the US-based Kimberly Clara Corporation in 1994. Brooke Bond India and Lipton India merged . Lakme Limited sold its brands to HUL and divested its 50% stake in the joint venture to the company. As a measure of backward integration.

with effect from January 1. Specialty Chemicals . By the end of the year. BBLIL merged with HUL. enabling greater focus and ensuring synergy in the traditional Beverages business. The internal restructuring culminated in the merger of Pond's (India) Limited (PIL) with HUL in 1998. The two companies had significant overlaps in Personal Products. 1994 witnessed BBLIL launching the Wall's range of Frozen Desserts.to form Brooke Bond Lipton India Limited (BBLIL). 1996. Finally. the company entered into a strategic alliance with the Quality Ice-cream Group families and in 1995 the Milk food 100% Ice-cream marketing and distribution rights too were acquired.

HUL's entry into Bread is a strategic extension of the . The amalgamation was done to ensure for the Group. The two also had a common management pool and a technology base.and Exports businesses. In January 2000. benefits from scale economies both in domestic and export markets and enable it to fund investments required for aggressively building new categories. in a historic step. thereby beginning the divestment of government equity in public sector undertakings (PSU) to private sector partners. the government decided to award 74 per cent equity in Modern Foods to HUL. besides a common distribution system since 1993 for Personal Products.

detergents. branded staples. ice cream and culinary products business. coffee. In 2002. HUL acquired the government's remaining stake in Modern Foods Present Stature Apart from dealing with soaps. HUL .company's wheat business. tea. personal products. HUL is also one of the country's largest exporters. In 2003. it has been recognised as a Golden Super Star\ Trading House by the Government of India.

. and now has facilities in Mumbai and Bangalore. HUL has traditionally been a company. The Hindustan Unilever Research Centre (HLRC) was set up in 1958. many with postdoctoral experience acquired in the US and Europe. which incorporates latest technology in all its operations. HLRC and the Global Technology Canters in India have over 200 highly qualified scientists and technologists. a leader in value added Marine Products exports.acquired the Cooked Shrimp and Pasteurized Crabmeat business of the Amalgam Group of Companies.

women empowerment. It is also involved in education .Company’s Role in other areas HUL believes that an organisation's worth is also in the service it renders to the community. HUL is focusing on health & hygiene education. and water management.

the company embarked on an ambitious programme. most recent being the village built by HUL in earthquake affected Gujarat. care for the destitute and HIV-positive. Shakti. HUL has also responded in case of national calamities /adversities and contributes through various welfare measures.and rehabilitation of special or underprivileged children. and relief & rehabilitation after the Tsunami caused devastation in South India. HUL is creating micro enterprise opportunities for . Through Shakti. and rural development. In 2001.

rural women.000 Shakti entrepreneurs covering 500. thereby improving their livelihood and the standard of living in rural communities.000 villages. Shakti aims to have 100. touching the lives of over 600 million people. The program now covers 15 states in India and has over 31. The company has fixed target that by the end of 2010.000 villages and directly reaching to 150 million rural consumers. Shakti also includes health and hygiene education through the Shakti Vani Programme and creating access to relevant information through the Shakti community portal. reaching out to 100. HUL is also running a rural health programme – Lifebuoy .000 women entrepreneurs in its fold.

The programme endeavors to induce adoption of hygienic practices among rural Indians and aims to bring down the incidence of diarrhoea.Swasthya Chetana. It has already touched 70 million people in approximately 15000 villages of 8 states “A vision to make a billion Indians feel safe and secure” .

I have been given opportunity to look into the market share and selling opportunities of water purifier “pure it” dealt by the company particularly in and around Noida. “Mission” Unilever's mission is to add Vitality to life. .Entire products range were not possible in such a short span of time.

and . Nutrition.CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY HUL strongly believes that growth has not only to be profitable and competitive. but also sustainable in a socially relevant way. Our sustainability agenda therefore seeks to address issues of Hygiene.

Reduction of greenhouse gases and water footprint. The strategy is to grow markets in a responsible manner and to create a wider positive impact through Brands. We have made significant progress on the environment front over the past few years. people and the business of the Company.Enhancement of livelihoods. We believe that ‘doing well’ and ‘doing good’ are two sides of the same coin and it would work towards realizing the vision of making a real difference to every Indian. These social. environment and economic agenda are integrated and well woven into the brands. Your Company has reduced water usage per tone by more than 26% in its manufacturing .

Hand wash programmed driven by Lifebuoy and safe drinking water through the innovation of Pure it have made significant impact in the area of health and hygiene. The Company aims to become water positive across all its operations by 2015. The energy consumption per unit of production since 2004 has also come down by 34%. We have exceeded the target of 25% reduction in CO2 (Green House gases) in manufacturing operations per tone of production against a baseline of 2004. 10 Indian tea estates have been provided with the Rainforest Alliance certification. We have taken a lead in sustainable agricultural sourcing. To commemorate your .operations since 2004.

with an overwhelming response.000 women in southern India.375 hours of voluntary work. employees of the Company had committed to volunteer one hour for everyday that Hindustan Unilever has been in the country.000 hours and addressed some of the issues facing our country. the employees undertook volunteering and community service totaling more than 48. which amounted to 27. The kit . Your Company has also enhanced the livelihoods of 75. During the year.000 kits worth Rs. 60 lakhs as the first installment of relief material for the immediate relief of the flood affected families of Araria District in Bihar.Company’s 75th year. Your Company has contributed 10.

A sum of Rs. Profitable . The Project aims at providing long-term housing and livelihood aid to the people in a phased manner.84 lakhs was contributed jointly by HUL and its employees to rehabilitate the underprivileged amongst the flood-affected families in the village of Jorgawan. clothes. Madhepura District. Bihar.contained essential items such as utensils. blankets and other useful material. ACC and Habitat International. through a strategic alliance among HUL. Your Company believes that the long-term growth and success of the business goes hand in hand our goal to deliver Competitive.

Board of Directors & .and Sustainable Growth of our Business by providing superior and safe products.

HUL is organized into two self-sufficient .Management Structure At the apex is the Board. headed by the Chairman. Managing Director (HPC). The day to day operations are supervised by the National Management comprising the Vice Chairman. Managing Director (Foods) and the Finance Director. and comprising 5 whole time Directors and 5 independent nonexecutive Directors.

supported by certain central functions and resources to leverage economies of scale wherever relevant. BOARD OF DIRECTORS:Mr.Home & Personal Care & Foods . The company can achieve its success due to right decisions taken by learned member of Board and the employees who implant their decisions. Harish Manwani .divisions .

responsible for .Chairman Mr. Mr. joined HUL in 1976 in Sales and Marketing assignments. he became Divisional Vice President Marketing. MBA from Mumbai University. Manwani joined the Board of HUL in 1995. Manwani.

North America Business Group.the Personal Products business. as President and Chief Executive Officer of the HPC . Mr. In April 2005. In addition. In 2001. he was appointed President of the Home & Personal Care (HPC) . he was elevated to the Unilever Executive as President – Asia & Africa. he held regional responsibility as the Category Leader for Personal Products for the Central Asia and Middle East (CAME) Business Group.Latin America Business Group and in 2004. . Manwani worked as Senior Vice President in UK responsible for the Global Hair Care and Oral Care Categories.

Douglas Baillie CEO and Managing Director .Mr.

Baillie was appointed Managing Director Lever . then in Australia till 1987. Douglas Baillie graduated from the University of Natal in business finance. marketing and business administration and joined Unilever SA in 1978. After working in different capacity in South Africa and London.Mr. Mr.

Later. Sundaram Finance & IT Director . in May 2000.Pond’s South Africa in 1997 and National Manager. Unilever South Africa. Mr. he assumed the responsibilities as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hindustan Unilever Limited. D.

He joined Hindustan Unilever in 1975 as a Management Trainee. Africa and Middle East Group etc. D. He worked in different capacity at various locations like London. .Mr. Sundaram is post-graduate from Madras University and a Fellow of the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India (FICWA).

He returned to India in May 1999 as Finance & IT Director of HUL. North Africa and the Middle East countries. Nitin Paranjpe Executive Director . Mr.In August 1996 he elevated to the position of Senior Vice President–Finance. IT and business strategies for Unilever companies in the Indian sub-continent. Central Asia and Middle East Group with responsibility for Finance.

Nitin Paranjpe after obtaining a degree in BE (Mech) and MBA in Marketing (JBIMS) from Mumbai joined the Company as a Management Trainee in 1987. he became Vice President – Home . he was Assistant to the Unilever Chairman & Executive Committee in London.Mr. In 2004. During 2001.

Paranjpe became the Executive Director for the Home & Personal Care business.Care (Laundry & HHC) India responsible for the top and bottom line of the Homecare business. Sanjiv Kakkar Director . Mr. In March 2006. Mr.

Mr. Sanjiv Kakkar is BA (Economics) and PGDM from IIM Ahmadabad with 23 years work experience. Mr. Kakkar was appointed as Executive Director . In March 2006. Kakkar joined the Company in June 1984 and has worked in various Sales and Marketing assignments.Foods and joined the . Mr.

Management Committee on 1st January 2007. Narayan Director . A. Sanjiv was appointed as the Executive Director .Sales and Customer Development in May 2007. Mr.

He is also the Chairman of ICI India Research & Technology Centre. Narayanan Director . Narayan joined the Board as Independent Non-Executive Director in 2001. Mr. A. V. Narayan is the Managing Director and CEO of ICI India Limited. Mr.Mr.

V. Narayanan is a post-graduate from Madras University.Mr. He joined the Board as Independent Non-Executive Director in 1987. He is now Chairman of the Academy of Management Excellence. . He was Chairman and Managing Director of the erstwhile Pond's (India) Ltd.

D.Mr. Parekh holds a FCA degree from England & Wales. D. He is the Executive . S. Parekh has held senior positions in Grind lays and Chase Manhattan. Parekh Director Mr. S. Mr.

Chairman of Housing Development Finance Corporation. Parekh joined the Board as Independent Non-Executive Director in 1997. DIVISIONS . Mr.

it is because of being single-minded in identifying itself with Indian aspirations and needs in every walk of life. Each division is self-sufficient with . HUL and Group companies have about 16. including 1200 managers. It is present in Home &Personal Care and Foods & Beverages categories. The fundamental principle determining the organization structure is to infuse speed and flexibility in decision-making and implementation.If Hindustan Unilever straddles the Indian corporate world.000 employees. with empowered managers across the company's nationwide operations. Hindustan Unilever Limited is India's largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Company.

Kolkata.Sales. marketing. The two divisions are further reorganized into categories. and manufacturing.dedicated resources and assets in sales.is headed by a Vice President. Commercial. Typically. assisted by dedicated field forces. with regional branches in Delhi. Headed by a Regional Manager. HUL divides the country into four regions. They with their respective Managing Director comprise that Division's Management Committee. Manufacturing . each category and each function . comprising Sales Officers and . For managing sales operations. Chennai and Mumbai. commercial. they comprise Regional Sales Managers and Area Sales Managers.

with each factory peopled by teams of Production. . The commercial team of a Division is responsible for its supply chain management. Engineering. planning and logistics. Quality Assurance. each category has a Marketing Manager who heads a team of Brand Managers dedicated to each or a group of brands. Each Division has a nationwide manufacturing base. Commercial and Personnel Managers. In Marketing.Territory Sales In charges. There are teams dedicated to sourcing.

managerial resources are dedicated exclusively to a business. Their services are shared across the company. Legal Secretarial.CENTRAL FUNCTIONS HUL's Central Functions are Finance. it must also retain the soul of a small . Human Resources. Information Technology. Technology. For example. and Corporate Affairs. But wherever necessary. Research. each Division now has dedicated HR managers HUL believes that while it leverages the scale of a large corporate.

company. is aimed at achieving this knitting. CORPORATE PURPOSE . Its organisation structure. which has and will continue to evolve with time.

Unilever's mission is to add Vitality to life. They bring wealth of knowledge and international expertise to the service of local consumers . to . hygiene and personal care with brands that help people feel good. Their deep roots in local cultures and markets around the world give them strong relationship with consumers and are the foundation for future growth. Their long-term success requires a total commitment to exceptional standards of performance and productivity.a truly multi-local multinational. look good and get more out of life. They meet everyday needs for nutrition.

profitable growth.working together effectively. the communities they touch. They are committed to safe and healthy working conditions for all employees and do not use any form of forced. This is their road to sustainable. and to a willingness to embrace new ideas and learn continuously. and the environment on which they have an impact. To succeed also requires. . the highest standards of corporate behaviour towards everyone working with them. they believe. compulsory or child labour. creating long-term value for their shareholders. and their business partners. their people.

The nationalist sentiment in India was for locally manufactured products. Lord Lever Hulme.FACTORY LOCATIONS :The year was 1923. after more than a decade of discussions in London and in . responded to that aspiration because he too shared that dream. Lord Lever Hulme. was visiting India. the legendary founder of Lever Brothers. who believed that what is good for a country is equally good for the company. In September 1934. His dream ultimately was realized in 1934.

e. from Assam to Gujarat. Lever Brothers took over the Garden Reach Factory in Kolkata. from Uttaranchal to Kerala. In addition. a month later rolled out the first cake of Sunlight soap to be manufactured in India. Hindustan Unilever's diverse product range is today manufactured in about 80 factories. a Lever factory was allowed to sprout on the land that had been reclaimed by the Bombay Port Trust at Sewri. The operations involve 2. These two factories were the first in a manufacturing base. The same year. the company outsources from 150 other units. From here. which today literally dots the length and breadth of India i.000 suppliers and associates. .India.


which provide several direct and indirect employment opportunities for these areas. Chhindwara (Madhya Pradesh). These include factories in Khamgaon and Yavatmal (Maharashtra). The company has consciously responded to the national policy of development of backward areas by setting up manufacturing units in these places. have been either in ACategory backward areas or No-Industry Districts. and leads to general economic development of these regions through industrialization. all major investments of HUL. .Several HUL factories are situated in backward areas. In fact. in recent years.

Orai. In the process. Silvassa (Dadra & Nagar Haveli). HUL has set up nine new factories in backward areas. Equally. in response to requests from Government. Doom Dooma (Assam). HUL has saved precious jobs and developed local economies. HUL has an enviable track record in taking over sick enterprises. and converting them into viable operations. Sumerpur and Khalilabad (Uttar Pradesh). like the Khamgaon soap plant and the Sumerpur . Hardwar (Uttaranchal) and Barotiwala (Himachal Pradesh). The company's units at Mangalore and Rajpura all bear testimony to this achievement. Goa. Since 2001 itself. Pondicherry. HUL's manufacturing facilities. Haldia (West Bengal).

and 14 factories have been awarded with the TPM Excellence Award. Four HUL factories have already received the TPM Consistency Award. TPM is in different stages of implementation in 28 factories. HUL has adopted Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) for achieving manufacturing excellence since 1994.detergent bar unit. Leadership . As on date. are recognised as among the best in the Unilever world.

. P&G and Nokia ranking ahead of HUL in the ability to produce leaders with such regularity.HUL has produced many business leaders for corporate India. Manvinder Singh Banga has become a member of Unilever's Executive (U Ex). one of these. HUL is referred to as a 'CEO Factory' in the Indian press for this reason. It's leadership building potential was recognized when it was ranked 4th in the Hewitt Global Leadership Survey 2007 with only GE.



Carrying & Forwarding Agent

Redistribution Stockiest


Rural Retailers

Urban Retailers






 Foods :-



Branded Staples

Home & Personal Care :-

Personal wash

Fabric Wash
Home Care Oral Care

 New Ventures :• Hindustan Unilever Network .

• Ayush Ayurvedic products & services • Sangam • Pure it water purifiers .



Water Purifiers .

Exports :- • HPC • Beverages • Marine Products .

• Rice • Castor .


HLL Exports offers high level of service with flexibility and responsiveness thorough out the supply chain. It has been recognized by the Government of India as a Golden Super Star Trading House. HLL is one of India’s largest exporters of branded Fast Moving Consumer Goods. HLL is also a global marketing arm for select licensed Unilever brands and also works on building categories with core country advantage such as branded basmati rice. Over time HLL has developed into a viable & competitive sourcing base for Unilever world wide in Home and Personal Care & Foods & Beverages category of products.Today. It has a dedicated organization structure to .

support this endeavour and this has helped in growth of these businesses in particular. It is a sourcing base for Unilever brands in Home & Personal Care (HPC) and Food and Beverages (F&B) for supplies to other Unilever companies. Intrinsic cost competitiveness in the end to end Supply chain with appropriate technology and competitive capital investment operations while delivering best in class quality enables HLL to position itself as a key sourcing hub for Unilever and also become a preferred partner for Global customers in categories they operate. It also focuses on becoming a preferred supplier to both . HUL key focus in the exports business is on two broad categories.

HLL enjoys international recognition within Unilever and outside for its quality. Marin Products and Castor and its Derivatives. HUL Exports geography comprises. Asia. reliability and speed of customer service. Africa. Australia. at present. as a country. has competitive advantage – Branded Rice.non-Unilever and Unilever clients in three categories in which India. countries in Europe. North America etc . Middle East.


Pears.EXPORTS PORTFOLIO The categories under HPC include products in Skin care. Oral care.  Skin Portfolio includes Mass & Masstige Skin (Cream & lotions under Fair & Lovely and Dove brands). Personal Wash & Lakme range. Shampoos and Conditioners (under Sun silk .

 Oral Care consists of Tooth Paste and Tooth Brush (under Pepsodent. Vaseline & Talc (under Ponds brands). The exports are to Asian and European countries. In the past the focus market was in Middle East and Asia. Close-up.brands). which is now slowing changing with current exports to European countries and robust plans to source different products to US in the near future. Mentadent and Signal brands). .

Currently Pears is celebrating its 200 year anniversary which shows the rich heritage and the strong brand equity it enjoys over generations. the brand has now extended to hand wash. While the bar remains the most popular product. body wash and face wash. shower gel. . Body Wash and Shower Gel. Hand Wash. Pears are being sold globally including to North America / UK to the GCC / African countries extending up to Singapore and Australia. Pears Category consists of Bars.

. Lifebuoy Hand wash  Lakme Products are mainly exported to the countries with Indian Ethnic population or to geographies where the brand enjoys strong equity. United Kingdom & Maldives. Personal wash category predominantly consists of Lux. The markets include Nepal. Fair & Lovely Soap. Bangladesh.


Coffee & Processed Foods range. Bulk Tea & Packet Tea.  Tea Category Includes: Tea Bags (includes Tea Bags. Instant Tea. Flavoured Tea Bags and Square Tea Bags). . and instant tea are for Unilever's ready-to-drink tea business. The branded packet tea.FOOD & BEVERAGES:The categories under F&B include products in Tea.

The focus market for Bon is CIS markets while Bru is mainly sold to Ethnic markets / Indian Diaspora world-wide.  Coffee Category consists of Instant coffee & special coffee Beans (under Bon and Bru brands). Lipton Brisk and Lipton 3-in-1 premix. freeze dried and pre mixes. granulated. Brooke Bond Red label.The branded teas are Brooke Bond. Lipton Yellow Label. Lipton Green Label. Both Bon and Bru straddle the entire gamut of formats comprising of spray dried coffee. . Brooke Bond TajMahal. Lipton.

Tomato Ketchup and Custard Powder. Knorr. The branded processed food items consist of Kissan. Annapurna. Marine Products:- . Processed Foods categories include Fruit Spreads / Jams. Wheat Flour. Brown & Polson brands. Soup Powders. Salt. Captain Cook.

Gold Seal. Ocean Excellence. Tara and Prima. Hima. HLL has also become a part of Unilever's supply chain in seafood for Europe too. In addition. ranging from Surimi. Shogun.HLL offers a comprehensive portfolio. Rice: . the world's third largest seafood company. HUL Marine Products brands are Ocean Diamond. Among its customers is Icelandic. Crabsticks to Shrimps and several value-added products.

Ricinoleic Acid (used in grease and lubricant industry. Castor-oil based products.The categories are Basmati Rice and Basmati Rice-based ready-to-eat rice meals. Indus Valley. paints and surface coatings. HUL Castor brand is Topsol. DAB 10) etc used in pharmaceutical preparations. Castor: The products are Castor Oil. . The brands are Gold Seal. and Speciality Castor Oils (USP grade.Hydroxyl Stearic Acid. BP grade. 12 . emulsifiers). Rosanna and Annapurna. like hydrogenated castor oil. cosmetics.






with full national presence having been established in the first half of 2008. Pure it. The brand was rolled out across India in phases. provides complete protection from all water-borne diseases. . in the southern Indian city of [Chennai] in 2005. unmatched convenience and affordability.Pure it was initially launched by Hindustan Unilever Ltd. a breakthrough offering of Hindustan Unilever (HUL).pureit is the world’s most advanced in-home water purifier.

it doesn’t need gas. It assures your family 100% protection from all water-borne diseases like jaundice. diarrhoea. typhoid and cholera. What’s more. Pure it does not leave any residual chlorine in the output water. giving you water that is "as safe as boiled water". . electricity or continuous tap water supply.Pure it’s unique Germ kill Battery technology kills all harmful viruses and bacteria and removes parasites and pesticide impurities. but also makes the water clear. Pure it not only renders water micro-biologically safe. odourless and good-tasting.

This state-of –the-art engineering developed by a team of over 100 Indian and international experts from HUL and Unilever Research Centres has made Pure it possible at the consumer price of just Rs. 2000. from one of the toughest regulatory agencies in the USA. . The performance of Pure it has also been tested by leading scientific and medical institutions in India and abroad. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). This patented technological breakthrough has been developed by HUL.The output water from Pure it meets stringent criteria for microbiologically safe drinking water.

This means consumers will get 4 litres of water that is ‘as safe as boiled water’ for just one rupee.365.Pure it runs with a unique ‘Germ kill Battery Kit that typically lasts for 1500 litres* of water. Pure it is a unique in-home drinking water purification system. offering water ‘as safe as boiled’. The ‘Germ kill Battery Kit is priced at Rs. which works out to an extremely affordable 24 paise per litre. thereby .Pure it in-home purification system uses a 4 stage purification process to deliver “as safe as boiled water” without the use of electricity and pressurized tap water.

Protecting children and families from waterborne diseases. It is the only purifier in the world that provides this level of safety without depending on cooking gas. electricity and pressurized tap water. Following awards for Pure it during the year reflect the high public recognition for the same: . and is affordably priced.

➢ Golden Peacock product innovation award. Pure it has been nationally extended with its footprint in 28 states.. ➢ Innovation award in India from the United Kingdom Trade and Investment organization. and ➢ Water Digest award supported by UNESCO for the best domestic nonelectric water purifier. The business has developed a unique customer acquisition system and strong .

mainly to fund brand development and sales infrastructure.capabilities in supply chain and customer service. 220 crores for this period. More than two million units of Pure it was sold during the period of April 2009 to March 2010. The business is in an investment phase. The potential for the business is high given the critical need for clean water at low cost. we continue to commit resources in this business. . The domestic water purifier appliances market is estimated to be Rs 450 crore and is dominated by Aqua guard from Eureka Forbes. sales turnover of the business was Rs. .

The company uses the following differentiation points against the main competitor Aqua guard by claiming that the product works without gas/electricity thus the cost per liter of pure water is very less. More over the brand is priced at a tempting Rs 2000 which makes it the lowest priced purifier compared to Aqua guard or Kent. Pure it is trying to achieve Points of Parity with .Pure it is a battery operated purifier. Pure it is being positioned on the basis of its performance. The brand claims that the water from the purifier is ' as safe as the boiled water ' By claiming that it purifies water as safe as boiling water.

the brand tries to differentiate on the following points: A. Cost per liter low C. Along with this POP. Price of the product is also low Pure it works on different cleaning layers to ensure purity. no electricity/gas B. There is a fibre mesh layer which removes visible dirt. Then comes a unique carbon trap that .Aqua guard and Kent which also claims the same feature.

filters harmful pesticides and dirt. According to the product website. the battery lasts for 1500 liters and the replacement battery costs Rs 250. Then there is a polisher which gives clear odorless water and a battery life indicator which tells you when to replace the battery. Pure it is now being promoted through all .Germ kill processor which kills all the bacteria and virus. The product has a capacity of 9 liters in the upper chamber and 9 liters in the transparent chamber. Then comes the USP .

The brand uses the tagline " As Safe as Boiled water'. More than that. The brand is mainly targeting households (mothers) which have small kids. Pure it is a product that is a boon to Indian consumers. By making a product at an affordable cost. Being the FMCG major. HUL has made another positive impact in its consumer's quality of life . the quality of potable water in our country is deteriorating day by day creating health hazards especially for kids. HLL was able to place the product in most of the supermarkets and key consumer points.media. It’s a boon because it has helped making a category more affordable. There are ads in local print as well as TV.

Micro-Fibre Mesh (MFM) 2. Compact Carbon Trap (CCT) . 4 KEY STASES OF PURIFICATION 1.

3. Germ kills Processor (GKP) 4. Polisher  MICRO FIBRE MASH .

it may change colour over time depending on the quality of your . It needs to be regularly cleaned to dislodge the trapped dirt particles. However.The micro-fibre mesh removes the visible dirt present in your input drinking water.

Its is available for a price of Rs. 55 only. You can continue to use your microfibre mesh. Don’t attempt to remove the colour. In the event of it getting damaged or torn. ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ Material – Non Woven Polyester Removes suspended particulate > 10 micron Reduces filtration load on CCT Average flow rate of 5 lit/min . you will need to replace your micro-fibre mesh immediately.input water. The colour does not affect the germ-kill capability of your Pure it.


➢ Material – Intermediate Activated Carbon ➢ Binder is used for holding the carbon granules ➢ Removes particulate impurities < 10 micron .

➢ Removes organic load – improves taste of water ➢ Removes pesticides ➢ Removes cysts  Batching Chamber has a unique siphon U tube:➢ Siphon flow regulator – High precision flow rat ➢ Regulate water flow rate variation from the feed to tablet dispenser (chlorine Cartridge) .

5 Litres House the germ Kill Processor  GERM KILL PROCESSOR:- . Capacity of batching Chamber is 2.➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ Very thin siphon tube is mounted in this chamber Contains opening for overflow of water and for removal of air – lock.

➢ Attaching with Batching chamber .

➢ Stored germ – kill power target and kill all harmful viruses and bacteria ➢ Unique “AUTO SWICH OFF TECNOLOGY”  Battery Life Indicator .

In case. as an additional assurance of safety.Advanced Auto-Switch off . the advanced Auto-Switch off will automatically switch-off the flow of water. Protect your loved ones with a Pure it today! • After the battery life indicator turns fully red. the battery is not changed when it turns fully red. the pure it will begin to overflow from the battery life indicator on the front side .

•  POLISHER . However. The purifier has been designed to overflow to indicate that the battery has not been replaced even after it has turned fully red.• Some water may till pass through the purifier. please note that the purifier has stopped purifying water & the water may no longer be safe for drinking.

➢ Made by activated Granular carbon and coated by silver .

make water visually clear & gives great tasting water. .➢ This design has reduced pressure drop . eliminated the level of fines coming in water and reduced wastage of plastic in battery ➢ Removes chlorine and disinfection by – products ➢ Radial flow design – low pressure drop ➢ Finally removes all odours.


that shuts the inflow of water once it is filled. HUL said in a statement here. Hindustan Unilever (HUL).PURE IT COMPACT ➢ PURE IT MARVELLA ➢  PUREIT AUTO FILL FMCG major. the unique . has introduced its Pure it Auto fill purifier with advanced technology. Its unique 'hydro sensors' detect the level of water inside the purifier and fill water automatically thus making it free from manual intervention and avoids wastage of water. Besides.

 PUREIT MO5:- . consumers are assured of safe drinking water being available without any dependency on running water. the toughest regulatory agency in the USA and is priced at Rs 3.200 and will be available in all retail outlets.combination of dual filling option (inline and manual) provides greater storage capacity of 18-litres. With Pure it Auto fill. the statement added. It also meets the stringent germ-kill criteria of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

 PUTRIT COMPACT:- .As discussed earlier Pure it is a unique in-home drinking water purification system. It is the only purifier in the world that provides this level of safety without depending on cooking gas. thereby protecting children and families from waterborne diseases. electricity and pressurized tap water. and is affordably priced only 2000 Rs. offering water ‘as safe as boiled’.

1000 HUL Pure it now brings ‘As Safe as A Boiled’ water to a completely new segment of consumers who could not afford a water purifier earlier. HUL now provides world-class standards of safety in a form that can be used anywhere. With the launch of Pure it Compact. HUL now provides world-class standards of safety in a form that can be used anywhere.With the launch of Pure it Compact. anytime and in any home at an extremely affordable price of just Rs. 1000. Pure it in a short span of time has been adopted by over three million extremely satisfied households and the launch of Pure it Compact will ensure . anytime and in any home at an extremely affordable price of just Rs.

that many more families can now enjoy the same high levels of safety and peace of mind. you can fit into the wall and also similar to auto Fill and Marvell cost of selling is Rs 6950. Pure it Compact comes at a one-time cost of Rs. This Marvell is fully automatic with a serve jug.and is available at all leading retail outlets across the country. 1000/. . ➢ MARVELLA -: A newly launched product pure it.00 with a buyback offer.

 BENEFIT OF PURE IT:➢ Complete protection from all water-borne diseases ➢ Great convenience ➢ Unmatched affordability ➢ Great Taste ➢ Great quality and capacity  Complete Protection:- .

Pureit’sGermkill Processor technology meets the stringent germ-kill criteria of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). . Pure it assures you and your family of 100% protection from all water-borne diseases like jaundice. the toughest regulatory agency in the USA. diarrhoea.Pure it kills all harmful viruses and bacteria and removes parasites and pesticide impurities. giving you ‘as safe as boiled water. This way. typhoid and cholera.

Viruses Bacteria Parasites Pesticide Impurities  Great Convenience:- .

It gives clear and odour-free water . making it an absolutely hassle-free water purifier  Great Taste:Pure it water tastes great.Pure it doesn’t need gas. electricity or continuous tap water supply.


 Great quality and capacity Pure it is made with the best quality plastic and has a great capacity .


KeyCost comparison acrossit Boiling methods Candle features Pure purification Leading Method of purification process UV inline filter paise/litre purifier Cost of Pure it Water 24 Cost of Pure it water harmful 35 Kills/Removes (with purifier cost apportioned) Viruses Kills/Removes Cost of boiling waterharmful 47 Need to Bacteria boil for Cost of leading UV in-line purifier (with purifier cost apportioned) 64 30-40 Kills/Removes harmful Cost of 20 litres of leading bottled water brand min 350 Parasites .

➢ National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases.PERFORMANCE TESTING  Leading Scientific Institutions:➢ National Environmental Engineering Research Institute. . ➢ Central Food Technological Research Institute.

➢ Indian Public Health Association. ➢ Institution of Public Health Engineers  Leading Medical Institutions ➢ King Institute of Preventive Medicine. ➢ Sundaram Medical Foundation ➢ Apollo Hospitals ➢ SRL Ranbaxy Clinical Reference Laboratories .

Glassgow. UK PROOF OF PERFORMANCE . Leading International Institutions ➢ London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine UK ➢ Scottish Parasite Diagnostic Laboratory.

has delighted consumers. with the combined efforts of over a hundred qualified scientists at Hindustan Unilever and Unilever Research Centre. a breakthrough product that has evolved over a span of five years. Pure it has proved its credentials amongst the scientific and public health community. Within a very short time. Performance Reports .Pure it is an engineering marvel. and has convinced doctors of its efficacy.

Pure it’s performance has been rigorously tested by leading international and national medical. scientific and public health institutions .

Zero Chlorine Presence Residual chlorine in Pure it Output Water .

Consumer Reactions .

.Pure it has satisfied laths of consumers with its great product performance AWARDS AND RECOGNITION:Pure it has won the UK Trade and Investment India Business Award for 2008 in the innovation category.

Electrical Water Purifier .Pure it has also received the UNESCO Water Digest Water Award 2008 2009 in the category of Best Domestic Non .

Pure it has also won the Golden Peacock Innovative Product / Service Award -2008 in the FMCG sector .


Kamala’s association with ‘Safe Water’ .Pure it Protecting Lives Dr.

A.The former Hon.P. . Dr. Health for Success’ schools education programme.J. President of India. Kalama formally launched the ‘Safe Water.

Pure it in Doctor's Clinics Thousands of doctors across the country rely on Pure it for their patients in the clinic. .

Pure it in Schools A schools education programme – ‘Safe Water. India (NASI). an eminent . Health for Success’ – initiated by Pure it and The National Academy of Sciences.

body of leading scientists in India. has created awareness about safe water amongst .

Do's and Don'ts Pure it has been specially designed to give you water that is 'as safe as boiled water as long as the Pure it system is used in the way as prescribed .

wash or any other means. and that germs are not introduced due to contact with hands. . if you store it in bottles. Also after taking water from Pure it. Listed below are things that you must take care of:  The Pure it guarantee of getting water that is 'as safe as boiled water' Do's:- applies only if you ensure that the transparent chamber of the purifier and the tap are hygienically kept. drying with a cloth.in the instructions manual. please ensure that these containers are clean and germ-free.

 You should only store water in the Pure it purifier. so that there is no chance of water going into the polisher.  While washing the transparent chamber ensure that you have separated the transparent chamber from the polisher and Cleansing-Collection chamber. and not use other bottles and containers. If you do so. water may get re-contaminated. .

.  Keep all components of the Pure it 'Germ kill Kit' out of reach of children at all times.  You should ensure that the area around the purifier is kept clean. Don't drink water from the purifier if any one of the 'Germ kill Kit' components is not fitted. Always use all the three components of the Pure it 'GermkillKit’ together.

water may leak.  Ensure that the nut in the transparent chamber is fully tightened by turning clock-wise. If not. do so only after both the top chamber and batching chamber are empty. Otherwise the purifier may leak. Ensure that the purifier is placed on a flat surface at all times.  If you ever want to shift the purifier. and never tilt the transparent chamber to take out water. and the purification process may get affected. .

 Always rely only on the red indicator to replace the battery.in some cases. The auto switch-off is only an additional assurance of safety . the input water quality may prevent it from functioning. Don’ts .

Do not use any soap or detergent. Similarly don't pour freezing cold 0 water (less than 10 C) into. and then let it dip-dry  Don't pour boiling or hot water into.g. through your hands or by using a drying cloth. Always clean the Pure it system only as described in the section on cleaning. Ensure that you don't inadvertently introduce germs into the transparent chamber or the tap e. or on the Pure it system. Always use purified Pure it water for doing the last rinse of the transparent chamber. or on the Pure it system .

 Do not pour hot water directly from an overhead tank or any other source in your Pure it as hot water uses up the Germ kill Processor faster than normal. If required. near a stove or near a fridge. allow the water to cool to room temperature before  Pouring it in the top chamber. . For the same reason do not keep your Pure it in hot surroundings like direct sunlight.

with no 'white' colour visible.  Never use the system once the Pure it Germ kill Processor Indicator shows a full red colour in the window. Alternatively. you can visit us at your nearest Pure it Safe Water Zone and buy a new battery. or a Pure it 'Germ kill Kit' from an unauthorised source. and we will deliver a new 'Germ kill Kit' to you at your home for a minimal delivery charge. Never buy the Pure it system. .  Don't in anyway try to open the three Pure it 'Germ kill Kit' components. Remember all you have to do is call us at the Pure it helpline.

This is meant strictly for drinking water only . This may cause the components to fracture or break. or the purifier as a whole from a height. Don't drop any of the components. and the guarantee of getting water 'as safe as boiled water' will no longer be valid.  Don't put any chemical fluids in the Pure it system.

 If the transparent chamber is full. no household item kept near purifier will get damaged by water. please do not fill water in the top chamber. This will prevent water overflowing due to auto switch-off. This ensures no one is accidentally hurt by slipping on the overflow water.  Do not pour water in purifier after battery turns fully red. otherwise water will overflow from the transparent chamber. . Also.

2. Estimated 400. The magnitude of the problem can be further gauged from the fact .Water Borne Diseases More than 1 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water. In the developing world.000 deaths due to diarrheal disease happen amongst children in India every year.2 million deaths and 4 billion episodes of disease every year worldwide. The magnitude of the problem can be seen from the fact that diarrheal disease alone leads to 2 . 80% of all diseases are water-related. This is an immense economic and social burden on the country.

19. and reducing by two-third the mortality of children under 5 years. It is in this context that the United Nations has established the Millennium Development Goal of halving the number of people without safe drinking water.2% of all children under the age of 3 years have had diarrheal disease in any two week period. by 2015 What causes waterborne diseases? .that in India.

and in many cases even where water has been treated because of re-contamination during transmission to consumer homes. 1 gram of feces can contain an estimated 10 million viruses.Waterborne diseases result from the contamination of water by harmful viruses.for example. These microbes find their way into water from feces . This problem of water contamination exists not only in surface water sources like rivers. bacteria and parasites. . and unhygienic storage and handling. but also in groundwater sources. 1 million parasite cysts. and 100 worm eggs.

What can be done to solve the problem of waterborne diseases? World Health Organization (WHO) says that the provision of safe water alone will reduce diarrheal and enteric disease by up to 50%. WHO further asserts that there is now conclusive evidence that simple. acceptable. even in the absence of improved sanitation or other hygiene measures. low cost .

.interventions which are capable of eliminating harmful viruses. bacteria and parasites from household stored water. can reduce the risks of diarrheal disease for people of all ages in both the developed and developing world.

according to the World Health Organization. .Some basic Facts on Water Problems ○ Infected water causes an estimated 80% of disease in India.

occurs in India.○ About half of the world’s reported case of polio. It comes to your house through pipes. . diarrhea kills 500. ○ Water is pure at the source which is the municipal treatment plant. ○ Each year.000 Indian children. a crippling disease which is waterborne.

○ People also break open pipes at places to have access to water. These open cracks allow contaminated matter to get inside the water pipes. which may be cause of contamination. ○ Sewage lines are also in contact with underground water pipes.○ These pipes are very old and have rusted. .

○ With the ever growing problem of safe drinking water faced in India. a quality yet affordable water Purifier. HUL has come with a social initiative of providing safe and pure drinking water by means of Pure it. .

How safe is your drinking water? .

Water gets contaminated in many ways – by harmful viruses. safe drinking water and fall prey to serious water-borne diseases. 80% of the diseases in the developing world are water-related. millions struggle everyday to get clean. consider yourselves fortunate. owing to contaminated drinking water. Today. These micro-organisms find their way . bacteria and parasites.If you and your family get safe drinking water. all invisible to the naked eye. In India 800 million such diseases are reported every year. In India.

Sewage treatment in residential and industrial units may not be adequate – untreated human and industrial waste is often dumped into rivers and other water bodies. and 100 worm eggs). 1 million parasite cysts. contamination occurs as the water gets distributed to individual homes. Leaks . which cater to cities and villages.into water from faces (1 gram of faces can contain 10 million viruses. The situation worsens drastically in the monsoons. Even though municipal corporations may chlorinate water adequately.

hinder academic growth. loss of livelihood and in extreme cases. Children especially. contaminated taps and unhygienic storage may all lead to microbiological contamination. The result? Dreaded diseases like hepatitis. Ask any concerned parent and he/she will tell you how these diseases affect children’s health. even death. diarrhea. are the worst hit. and gastroenteritis. typhoid. and drain the family’s resources.in pipes (owing to unauthorized connections). unclean overhead tanks in buildings. unclean water tankers. . These water-borne diseases wreak havoc as they cause long absences from work and school. jaundice. cholera.

Given the multiple sources of contamination. even in the absence of improved sanitation or other hygiene measures. experts agree that the most efficient way of ensuring safe water is to purify water at your point of use. World Health Organization (WHO) says that the provision of safe water alone will reduce diarrheal and enteric disease by up to 50%. Protect your family from water-borne diseases. So. . play it safe by purifying your drinking water at home.


450 .Whirlpool Pura fresh Deluxe • • • • • • 6.Rs 14.5 litters of storage capacity 6 purification stages Plus Sediment filter Pre Carbon filter Water level indicator MRP .












In India. In such a situation the consumer is in dilemma in preferring a particular product because different brands of water purifier amongst them. consisting of areas covering all the aspects of consumer behaviour and detail understanding of all the competitive brands of water purifier.Broadly speaking this study has been under taken on a detail study. With much competition of different companies producing similar products the study is also aimed at those potential consumers of water purifier of different brands and the other company’s . is flooded with different varieties of water purifier of different companies. water purifier market since past few years.

This program promises to provide a rapid response to customer’s problem which they are . Philips etc. Also these factors have been taken into consideration while ascertaining the consumer preference for water purifier. Whirlpool. Eureka Forbes. So company wants to spread awareness among the people.brands like Tata Swash. UshaBirta. The Hindustan Unilever’s mission is to protect one billion lives & save one million children from water bound diseases by proving its water purifier pure it. Kent. Consumer varies tremendously in size of consumption and taste.

what they really want so to provide product that meet & exceed consumer expectations. So company can target the potential customers. . Management desires information on the program’s effectiveness & its impact on customer behavior for the purpose of gaining insight of consumer drinking habit.facing by using their water purifier & those customers which don’t use the purified water.



The study will also help the organization in making decision regarding promotional schemes and also identified the hidden opportunity in the certain other area other than corporate sale. . So that. Hindustan Unilever Limited. in better way to understand the detail study of areas Covering all the aspects of consumer behaviour on water purifier and it will also consist the detail understanding of the competitive brands of HUL’s water purifier.e.Although this study is conducted at small level (only Lucknow and nearby) yet the findings and suggestions of it will help the management of the organization i.

.the corporate consumer may be find the product more attractive due the persons working therein may become demanding of HUL’s water purifier.




where I utilise eight weeks time to understand the difference between practical and theoretical knowledge. which under taken in my study.The main objective of the study to utilize my theoretical knowledge in realm of marketing world to understand the complex/ competitive market situations and gain experience with the organization. The study has been conducted to understand the detail study of all the aspects of retailing concerned with the HUL’s water purifier. is to understand the corporate sale. the competitive brands of HUL’s water purifier . The specific objective.

and walk through the product sale in corporate world which reflect my own personal views and measures even the near by areas with hidden opportunity. ➢ We intended to identify how much they are aware of water bound diseases. ➢ The main purpose of this research is to discover consumer drinking habit. .

➢ To find out our potential customer.➢ How they treat their drinking water. ➢ Their satisfaction level of using existing purifier. ➢ We also want to discover the type of product they use. .

.➢ Finally to create the customers by generating need.

There are many certain formulas for analysing particular problems.IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY This course does not answer all the problems which arise in the practical field. but the .

right decision making and knowledge of different types of marketing activities gives much more importance to the study. the eight weeks training is most important for the students of management. Summer training in any organization gives an idea in taking tactfully right decision at right time when problems come to an executive. So finding the solution of the problem. Therefore.aim of the study is to develop ability of decision making. A right decision at the right time itself helps the organization to run efficiently. Importance for the company:- .

. but I find that water purifier market is more competitive market in a view that ➢ it is residential or office consumable product. thus can be defined as corporate sale.Though toady’s market is very competitive for all type of consumables. ➢ It is everybody’s requirement and most essentially required for every one.

In such a market. every seller of this product has uphill task while selling the products. The observational study made during the training would help the marketing . It is here that this project becomes important as it aims to understand all the aspects of corporate selling. the detail study of all the competitive brands of HUL’s products. it becomes highly imperative to take account of the constantly changing brand perception.➢ Only reputed Brands are in the market. Therefore.

division of HUL to devise effective market strategy for the given area that would ultimately help to strengthen their position in the market. would enhance brand preference amongst the consumers. .


so each seller found it . distribution. All economies activity in the market namely. In the early days these was basically sellers market. production. Analysis of consumer behaviour has considerable importance in marketing management. with the emergence of the competitors market started flooding with goods and services. very few products concentrated in quality and reasonable price structure. regulated and adjusted in accordance with the needs and wishes of the consumers.Consumer is the sovereign in the market. consumption are governed. exchange. with the changing in its philosophy.

difficult to sell products if unable to communicate the consumers in respect of products’ quality and reasonable price. .








. Business environment is changes very rapidly which needs to continuous modification and improvement.Marketing research has become most important tool for decision making in the field of marketing due to the following reasons.

It provides correct and reliable information about customer. Since modern business is customer oriented. which helps the producer in maximization of net profit by producing such products that fulfil the customer’s utmost level of satisfaction. so that the huge amount spent on marketing activities to be utilized properly. competitors and ones own activities to the manager. . it (MR) provides the producer a systematic and analytical approach based on assessment on customer requirements.

Thus marketing research is a systematic gathering. . recording and analysis of data about the problem facing the company. It helps the marketing manager to develop and analyse new information. Now it can be said that marketing research covers a very wide variety of activities ranging from analysis of marketing potential and market share to studies of customers satisfaction and purchase intention. which is further helpful in developing marketing strategy.



The basic needs of any research are data and method of collecting it. research instructions. therefore. data become a very important and vital factor in research study. data collection method. The main purpose behind framing a methodology is to desirable the research procedure which includes research design. Data is an information on the basis of which inference are drawn. and sampling plan. data sources. .

it will also be consist of detail understanding all the competitive brands of HUL.RESEARCH DESIGN:This is the comprehensive master plan of the study undertaking given the general statement of the method used and procedure followed. and an Questionnaire study will be conducted of own walk in different companies . It help the researcher to insure that the requisite data. in accordance with the topics of the study of all the aspects of corporate management.

It is a kind of study. Type of research . which is undertaken when the researcher is interested in knowing to which water purifier is operating and tries to take an appointment so that I can explain about my product.with the reference of HUL was descriptive in nature. Thus. The purpose of this study is to insure about the “which type of water purifier is installed in the house”. the research design used for study was descriptive research design.

The research describes phenomena associated with a subject population or to estimate proportion of the population that have certain characteristics by analyzing the research questions Questionnaire design: - .The research is descriptive in nature.

.In the survey method I have used questionnaire as a research instrument written & organized format containing all the relevant questions. The questionnaire consisted choices & close ended structured. Which are easy to summarize & there is no scope of misinterpretation .

➢ Primary source .COLLECTION OF DATA  DATA SOURCE:The various sources of information can be broadly divided into two categories.

Sources from where first hand information is gathered directly are called PRIMARY DATA.➢ Secondary source  Primary source:. . In case of the above study primary source of collecting data was provided by the company.

already gathered for some other purpose from other sources such data are called secondary data. journals and company profiles. DATA COLLECTION METHOD . These data can be available from different magazines. So. internet and news papers.The source of information. with regards to my study to collect the secondary data I went through the company records. magazines. Secondary data:.

regarding survey a detailed study are conducted which is consists of areas covering of all the aspects of corporate .The following method is widely used for collecting data:➢ Questionnaire ➢ Direct Question through Installing Pure it. Survey Method was mostly used for collecting data through Questionnaire study with the helped of the framed questionnaire. Questionnaire methods were mainly used for the undertaken topic.

according to the need and permission of the very organization on behalf on which I was appointed for the survey. study will be conducted of own walk in different companies to identify the hidden opportunities in the near by areas. this survey is also includes the detail understanding of all the competitive brands of HUL through the framed questionnaire to understand the physiology of the competitors.sector. . further.

Type of sampling: Random sampling .

Sampling size: It means how many people to survey. My survey was limited up 100 residents of Lucknow City. .




. it is another to have the necessary competencies to succeed in these opportunities.SWOT ANALYSIS It is one thing to discern attractive opportunities in the environment.

Each business needs to evaluate strengths and weaknesses periodically. The big question is whether the business should limits itself to those opportunities where it now possesses the required strengths or should consider better opportunities where it might have to acquire or develop certain strengths. A market opportunity is an area of need in which a company can perform profitably. clearly the business does not have to correct all of its weakness nor gloat about all of its strengths. In examining its pattern of strengths and weaknesses. Opportunities can be listed and classified according to their .

The best performing company will be one of that can generate the greatest customer value and sustain it over time. An environmental threat is a challenge posed by an unfavourable trend or development that would lead. . Mere competence does not constitute the competitive advantage.attractiveness and the success probability. in the absence of defensive marketing action. to sales or profit deterioration. Some development in the external environment represents threats. The company’s success probability depends on whether its business strengths not only match the key success requirements for operating in the target market but also exceed those of its competitors.

opportunity and threats. swot analysis plays an important role of formulating the business strategies for any company. Therefore.SWOT ANALYSIS OF HINDUSTAN UNILEVER LIMITED Analysis is important technology by the company can reap its position future and can over comes its negative aspects. weakness. . which is obvious best on its strength.


.  HUL has a lot of verity of product.Strength of the organization  HUL water purifier has Sustained Release Technology of chlorine.

 HUL provides best services to its customers (within 48 hours)  HUL tie-up with EUREKA FORBES LIMITED for auditing monitoring the quality.  HUL has Pre-approved machine manufacturers with strength QC Process.  Performance and upkeep of HUL water purifier. .

Weakness of the organization  HUL gives less importance to small companies. .  HUL does not give much importance of water division.

 HUL has not yet dedicated well-equipped Technical team. sales and support teams for 24X7 Assistance.(for pure it) Opportunity for the organization  HUL has new technology of water purifier (non electrical) Threat for the organization .






Existing Drinking Water source .


T C B M 15% Tanker 21% Canned 9% Bore we 55% Municipal Water a o u Water r n k n e i e c r d w i e p w l a a l t e w r a t e r


Existing drinking water source

It can be infer from the chart that out of the 100 respondents 55 were used municipal water, 21 were used canned water, another 9 were used bore well & remaining 15 were used tanker water. So by analyzing the chart we can say

that in Lucknow most of the residents are using the municipal water as their water source of supply.

How do you treat your drinking water?

W Candle filter C B D 54% Water Water , 8% Cannedwater 18% Candale water 6% Do nothing 14% Boiled purifier a o Filter Water t n i e l n r e o d t P h u W w i r a n i t g f e

i r e r

It can be infer from the chart that out of the 100 respondents 57 were used water purifier,15 do nothing to purify the water, 8 were used candle filter water,14 were drink canned water & rest 6 were boiled the water.

So by analyzing the chart we can say that out of 100 respondents 85 respondents are treating the water before consumption. Rests 15 do nothing to treat the water. So we can say in Noida most of the people are generally aware of water contamination & do something to cure it. .

Rests 14 do nothing to treat the water. 8 were drink canned water & rest 14 were boiled the water. So we can say in Lucknow most of the people are generally aware of water contamination & do something to cure it.It can be infer from the chart that out of the 100 respondents 18 water purifier. . 6 do nothing to purify the water. So by analyzing the chart we can say that out of 100 respondents 86 respondents are treating the water before consumption. 54 were used candle filter water.


Do you use any kind of water purifier at home? .



which purifier do you use? Aqua guard or Aqua sure Pure it ○ Kent water purifier ○ Philips ○ ○ .If yes.



Dose it removes the hardness of water? .

6% Don’t know 2 5 o e 9 1 n s . ’ 3 6 t 4 0 % k N Y n o e o s w .D N Y 5.



It can be infer from the chart that out of the 86 respondents 51 said that yes our water purifier works on the hardness of water. . 29 respondents said that no our water purifier don’t work on the hardness of water & rest 5 respondents don’t know that their water purifier removes hardness of water or not.


Does your water purifier give “as safe as” boiled water? D N Y 6% 4 5 Don’t know o e 0 4 n s % ’ N % t o Y .

e k s n o w .




Does the water purifier ensure that water is not wasted while purifying? .

D N Y 5% 4 9 Don’t know o e % 1 n s N % ’ o Y t e s k n o w .




Chemical and Biological impurities from your water? .If you treat the water before consumptiondoes it filter Physical.

9% 7 1 a o e Can’t say 4 7 n s .C N Y 8. ' 7 2 t 1 0 % s Y N a e o y s .



74 said that yes our method of purifying give us physical dirt & impurities free water.It can be infer from the chart that out of the 100 respondents . . 9 respondents don’t know whether they consume dirt free water or not & rest 17 were said that no their method of purifying the water don’t remove the physical impurities.


Does the water purifier have an indicator which tells you when the water purifier's germ-kill power is over? .

Y 40% 5 8 C e Can’t say 2 % a s % N n Y o N ' e o t s s a y .


It can be infer from the chart that out of the 100 respondents 8 respondents said that their water purifier don’t have an indicator which tells when the water purifier's germ-kill power is over. 52 respondents said yes their water purifier have an indicator which tells when the water purifier's germ-kill .

power is over. Rest 40 respondents don’t know that their water purifier have such indicator or not. .

How frequently do you need to change the candle in your purifier? ○ ○ ○ ○ 3 months 6mnths Once in a year More than a year .



Do you know that 80% of the diseases in our country are water bound? .

N Y 1 8 o e 7 3 s % N o Y e s .



So we can say that in Lucknow city most of the people are aware about the water bound diseases .It can be infer from the chart that out of the 100 respondents 83 were know that 80% of the diseases are water bound & rest didn’t know about it.


Do you know that boiled water is not necessarily safe water? N Y 2 7 o e 9 1 s % N Y o e s .



It can be infer from the chart that out of the 100 respondents 71 were know that boiled water is the safe water & rest didn’t know about it. .

So we can say that in Lucknow city most of the people are aware that boiled water is not necessarily safe water to drink. .

Is your water purifier backed by dependable after sales service? ○ ○ Yes No .

○ Exceptional .


Comment on the price of your water purifier? .

• • • Affordable High Should be Revised .



While buying any water purifier what comes to your mind first? ○ ○ ○ Price Health & Safety Both .



Criteria considered for Purchase? Price Technology Aesthetics Brand name .


Can the water purifier run even without the use of electricity and gas, thereby saving ongoing costs?

N Y 7 3 o e 9 1 s N Y o e s

It can be infer from the chart that out of the 100 respondents 54 said that their water purifier run from the electricity or gas, rest 31 said that their water purifier can work without electricity or gas.

Does the water purifier work even when you don’t get water in your tap?
N Y 8 1 o e 5 s % Y N e o s


.It can be inferred from the chart that100 of respondents said that their water purifier needs continuous running water & 15 don’t need continuous running water.


Have you recently come across any kind of marketing activities for purifiers? ○ ○ ○ ○ Road shows Visual Merchandising TV Commercial Direct Marketing .



Where do you prefer to buy a water purifier from? Retail Outlets Franchisee dealers .

Demo at your doorstopper Direct Marketing .


How much do you satisfied with your existing water purifier? .

D S P F 8.25% 15.18% Fully satisfied all o a u 7 4 Partially n t r l . Satisfied ’ i t l 2 t s i y 0 8 f a % s i l D S e l o a .9% Don’t Satisfied at 1 2 21.

’ i t s a f y t S i i a e a s t d t f i i s a e f l d i l e d .


It can be inferred from the chart that approximately 25% of respondents are not satisfied with their water purifier & only 15% of respondents are fully satisfied with their water purifier .

Will you be interested in knowing about a product that gives “as safe as boiled water” .

without needing electricity and meets tough germ kill standard. Yes N Y 3 6 o e 4 6 s % Y N e o s .



.It can be infer from the chart that 67% of the respondents said that they are interested in knowing about a product that gives “as safe as boiled water” without needing electricity and meets tough germ kill standard& only 33% are not interested.


Following are some limitation of the study. ➢ Geographical area is limited only to Lucknow city. Following are some of the limitations of the study. . ➢ Sample sizes are limited due to certain constraint. yet the survey suffers from some limitations. The purpose of mentioning these limitations is not to dilute the quality of the results rather to enable the reader to judge the validity of the result regarding the study.Although all the efforts have been made to make the results as accurate as possible.

➢ Lack of funds was the major obstruction to limit my Survey to a small sample of respondents. which was done only at Lucknow . ➢ Finding of the study. ➢ Duration of study is also limited further intensive stud field wise. .

However the research of this type cannot be absolutely fixed in a perpetual framework of time but in spite of some inherent limitations.➢ Last but not the least ‘Weather’ was the most important constraint because it changes continuously. ➢ Most of the users don’t know about their water purifier’s features so they might be give wrong answers. think that the very report may be useful for the particular organization. . the limitation has been judiciously counter balanced as far as practicable. However.



. Most of the Lucknow city residents are aware of water bound diseases.  By analyzing the survey we can say that approximately 85% of Lucknow residents are treats their water before consumption.

 Approximately one third of the public don’t satisfy with their current water purifier. Most of the purifier users don’t know the exact features of their water purifier.  67% of the respondents said that they are interested in knowing about a product that gives “as safe as boiled water” without needing .

electricity and meets tough germ kill standard that shows that they are ready for change. .



staff with the apt attitude to provide all the comfort required by the customers.CONCLUSION The project on corporate marketing gives the deep understanding of all the aspect of corporate marketing. ambience. soothing music. which covers all the key area of selling along with all the glamour features such as brand reflecting. I have tried my level best to cover all the aspect of corporate marketing of HUL offices along with the competitor’s analysis of the HUL .

. I have accepted and completed with the best of our efforts. Really.  HUL brand doing well in the market. The study gives some of the conclusion.product. the project is completed covering the detail study of corporate marketing. In spite of some limitations. knowledge and skills. which is follows:  HUL established a strong position in the HUL product in market. this project was like a challenge for me.

 There is a huge competition in corporate market. Water purifier is a European brand so it is our greatest strength in the business. .  Eventually I conclude by saying that I fell top of the world when I think about my association which are having there business not only with the country but also having there business outside the country .

with these brand. It makes me feel top of the world when I say that I have worked on retail management of Hindustan Unilever Limited. .


➢ Approximately 65% market share is left. where no water purifier is installed and which shows substantial sale of machine could be made in this area by persuading the probable customers. ➢ HUL should motivate its staff members to be more committed and loyal to the company so that they can do value addition to HUL by serving better to the . in and around Lucknow.

➢ HUL should be providing mobile facility of every PWE because they touch with existing/potential customer. . Motivation for store staff members include launching of incentive schemes like providing commissions and awards like for the best who achieve the maximum sales target in the year. it should come up with schemes for focused target segment. ➢ HUL should promote segmental targeting i.customers.e.

HUL are very far behind from their competitors especially from water purifier.➢ HUL should train its staff members and their sales employees from time to time to make them aware of latest retailing techniques ➢ HUL should focus to their promotional activities because in respect of promotional activities. .

. is not fulfil on time. ➢ The requirement. Therefore. which is demanded by the store manager. it is recommended that the requirements of the store are fulfil on time so the customer are not return due the non-availability of proper stock.➢ There is much more focused required to the window display of the HUL products because in respect of window display HLL products is very far behind from their competitors especially from water purifier.

in these days companies are coming every where the traditional types of outlets are their extinction.➢ Last but not the least there is a vast potential to be tapped in the retail sectors of water purifier. people in these days preferred the branded product so more focused are given to the retail management and enhanced the brand image of HUL product .


Greater Noida and doing a project on ”Understanding the consumer behaviour on safe drinking water” of HUL . Your response is highly valuable. I would be grateful if you could help me by filing it up honestly and legitimately.No answer are right or wrong.I am a PGDM student from Accurate Institute of management and Technology. give the answers which you feel are the best. . I assure that any information provided will be solely used for academic purpose and will be kept confidential .

“Understanding the consume behaviour on safe drinking water” We would be thankful if you share of your valuable opinion regarding the following questionnaire. NAME:.………………………………………………………………… .

CONTECT NO:...…………………………………………………………………… OCCUPATION:.………………………………………………………………. AGE:.ADDRES:.……………………………………………………….……………………………………………………………. .………………………………………………………... INCOME:.

..DATE:. Numbers of members in family : 2. Children :- O Yes O No . SINGNATUR:. 1.………………….…………..

Existing drinking water source:O Municipal water O Tanker O Don’t know 4. How do you treat your drinking water:O Do nothing O Boiled water O Use electrical water purifier O Canned water O Bore well .3.

If yes. which purifier do you use? O Aqua guard O Kent water purifier O O Pureit Philips .O Use non electrical water purifier 5. Do you use any kind of water purifier at home O Yes O No 6.

Chemical.7. Dose it removes the hardness of water? O Yes O No 8. Does the water purifier ensure that water is not wasted while purifying? O Yes O No O Don’t know 10. Biological impurities from your water. If you treat the water before consumption does it remove Physical. O Yes O No O Don’t know . Does your water purifier give “as safe as” boiled water? O Yes O No O Don’t Know 9.

how frequently do you need to change the candle in your purifier? O 3 month O 6 month O once in year O More than mentioned 13. Does the water purifier have an indicator which tells you when the water Purifier’s germ-kill power is over? O Yes O No O Can’t say 12. Do you know that 80% of the diseases in our country are water bound: O Yes O No . If yes.11.

14. Do you know that boiled water is not necessarily safe water? O Yes O No 15. Criteria considered for Purchase? O Price O Technology O Aesthetics O Brand name . Is your water purifier backed by dependable after sales service? O Yes O No O Exceptional 16.

Does the water purifier work even when you don’t get water in your tap? O Yes O No .17. thereby saving ongoing costs? O Yes O No 19. While buying any water purifier what comes to your mind first? O Price O Health & Safety O Both 18. Can the water purifier run even without the use of electricity and gas.

Do you know that filtration of water can’t decontaminate the water? O Yes O No 21. Have you recently come across any kind of marketing activities for purifiers? O Road shows O Visual Merchandising O Others 22.20. Where do you prefer to buy a water purifier from? O Retail Outlets O Franchisee dealer .

O Demo at your doorstep 23. Overall how much do you satisfied with your existing water purifier? O Fully satisfied O Partially satisfied O Satisfied O Don’t satisfy O Don’t satisfy at all 24. Will you be interested in knowing about a product that gives “as safe as Boiled Water “without needing electricity and meets tough germ kill .

..…………………………. O Yes O No 25.Standard. Comment/Suggestion on ”Pure it” water purifier:………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………….





hul.org ➢ www.➢ http://.pureitwater.com DEVESH KUMAR UPADHYAY ROLL-NO DM091120 .wikipedia.co.in ➢ www.

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