1. What is the weaknesses of peat ? a. Nutrient Deficiancy b. Many Minerals c. Good for agriculture d. Easy to found e.

Complete destruction of soil 2. Where can to find the aluvial soil in insonesia ? a. Sumatra eastern b. Bali Northen c. Papua western d. Borneo eastern e. Lombok Island 3. What is the color of soil if the soil is not fertile ? a. Black b. Have a young colors c. Blue d. Purple e. Green 4. Mentioned 2 types of soil in Indonesia ! a. Renzina & Podzol b. Sand & clay c. Brick & stone d. Tiles & Aluvial e. River stones & rubber 5. What is laterisasi ? a. Mixed b. Damaged c. Exchanging

d. Falls e. Burns

Jawab 1. A 2. A 3. B 4. A 5. A

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