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2001 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 163 E/83

(2001/C 163 E/087) WRITTEN QUESTION E-3298/00

by Chris Davies (ELDR) to the Council

(25 October 2000)

Subject: Tobacco sponsorship of Formula One

In view of the payment of GBP 1 million to the British Labour Party prior to the last UK general election
by Mr Bernard Ecclestone, the organiser of Formula One racing which is sponsored by tobacco
manufacturers, and in view of allegations that tobacco interests may have made similar donations to the
CDU in Germany, will the Council initiate an inquiry into the influence on political decision-taking across
the European Union of tobacco manufacturers seeking to support the continued promotion of tobacco


(12 February 2001)

The Council is fully conscious of the great importance of, and public interest in, the issue of tobacco
promotion. We note, however, that your examples relate to the funding of national political parties. We
are obliged to emphasise that the funding of national political parties is strictly a matter for the Member
States. The Council has no competence in this area.

(2001/C 163 E/088) WRITTEN QUESTION E-3304/00

by Esko Seppänen (GUE/NGL) to the Council

(25 October 2000)

Subject: Remuneration of the experts assessing the situation in Austria

A group of three experts was set up by one of the EU institutions to assess the possibility of lifting the
sanctions against Austria. The group reported that it would indeed be possible to lift the sanctions. Which
institution remunerated the experts, and how much did they receive?


(12 February 2001)

The Council was not involved in setting up this group nor in its functioning; it has never taken a position
on the matter raised by the Honourable Member nor committed any appropriations allocated to it in the
Community budget for the expenditure in question.

(2001/C 163 E/089) WRITTEN QUESTION P-3315/00

by José García-Margallo y Marfil (PPE-DE) to the Commission

(18 October 2000)

Subject: Mandarins  satsuma and segmented in general

The Valencia region produces 90 % of Spain’s satsuma mandarins, a fruit which only Spain produces in
the EU.