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Difference between INVOICE and BILLING in SAP.

Both are same in SD point of view.

Billing Invoice

- In SD terminology we call as - In FI terminology we call as

Billing Document INVOICE.

- In MM again only INVOICE will be

there for Vendors.

- Billing is a receipt of payment. - Invoice is document indicating to

delivery goods
- If we receive the goods from - if we give the goods to customer
vendors that is called bill that is called invoice.
- Bill means we have to pay the - invoice means we have to receive
amount against bill the amount against invoice.

- Invoice is for both : Vendor Invoice

and Customer Invoice.

Billing Invoice

- VF01 create billing document. The - FB60 Create invoice with respect to
delivery order comes up auto. rawmaterial and tax.

- VF02 the billing doc comes up auto . - FB70 Invoice entries with respect to
View the accounting enteries sales and tax