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<Part A>
Ques 1: A parallel plate capacitor contains a mica sheet of
thickness 10-3m and a sheet of fiber of thickness 0.5x10-3m. The
dielectric constant of mica is 8 and fiber is 2.5. Assuming fiber
breaks down when applied electric field of 6.4x106V/m is
applied, find the maximum safe voltage that can be applied to
the capacitor. Ans. 5200V

E= 6.4x106V/m

Thickness of fiber sheet d2 = 0.5x10-3m, k2= 2.5

Thickness of mica sheet d1=10-3m

and K1=8

V=Ed= 6.4x106x0.5x10-2

We know that charge on a capacitor given by:


Q/A= 2.5x8.85x10-12xE


Therefore capacitor are || ; therefore capacitance is:

C = E0A/d1/k1+d2/k2

Q/Vd = E0A/d1/k1+d2/k2

Q/A= E0 Vd /10-3/8+0.5x10-3 /2.5

=>Vd=2.5x8.85x10-12x6.4x106/8.85x10-12x(10-3/8+0.5x10-3 /2.5)

Vd =5.2 x103v i.e Vd = 5200v

Ques 2: A metallic meter stick moves with a velocity of 2m/s in direction
perpendicular to the uniform magnetic field of magnitude 0.2T. Find
the emf induced between the ends of the stick. Ans. 0.4V

Ans: V=2m/s , B=0.2T

Therefore induced Emf is; V┴B

Emf= -l(VxB)

Emf= l(BxV)

i.e l=1