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MUMS DEIL Bromo itl cor Moy ttClom slam Coe COO uni emoaer ited Seer CHB ay Heigh: 150 m Height segments: 1 BUTE ts oomo-getoelerell) ‘Now that we have the measurements ready to go we can begin the modeling trata Make a Hyper nurbs and put the cylinder inside of it and make the cylinder Fret teste) (om Cormenterecobbted What you want do now is select the top surface of the cylinder and delete it. Then go to structure>close polygon tool and close the top we deleted earlier of the cylinder. Now, the cylinder might look something like a fucked up bullet and that’s ok. It is suppose to look like this. ‘ KS PO ome Oona anc cas MCE ROR mre BmeIROl tag PURO ESS ae ENR eS OU BU a LC may Coa Tecn tts should look something like this: iN Now go select the extrude inner tool again and input: 8.1 m in the Cyicroarts And the select the extrude tool and input : -147m and the extrude inner again and input: -6.5 and then extrude inner and input: 56.0 Bk ON NOC RU URC em Contes So Reat es hy ee eRe RR ne UL Ce ee eer crt Now after having select the corre- sponding polygons use the extrude sTelCom LOM TORT Leese tol Select the extrude tool and input: Bone Rsit laos ok OR CeUR creas Pre eR OR Oe eM lated Seva M ng ersusl ease Terns SC mg one) now you have a modern trash can. Now all that is left is how you want to make it look. I used a brushed petacl rer icoee Matec Cmorny oy tweaks. But that is up to you. You Perv eb ORV WMO UTR Cos carom ioc good luck with modeling