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Lady of the Sea and Other Poems- Sample

Lady of the Sea and Other Poems- Sample

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Published by Warren Brown
A collection of seventy-five poems on a variety of topics from love and romance to nature,elvis presley,robin hood and the history of London.
A collection of seventy-five poems on a variety of topics from love and romance to nature,elvis presley,robin hood and the history of London.

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Published by: Warren Brown on Nov 25, 2010
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Lulu Publishing. United Kingdom. 2010

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DEDICATION To my Darling wife Paula


Introduction Foreword 1. The Legend of the Robbing Hood 2. The Right Advice 3. The Poetics of Jealousy 4. Feeding the Flames of Love 5. An Invitation to Life 6. Get Singed with the Fires of Happiness 7. Shut the Door on Unhappiness 8. Walk Both Paths 9. Always Other People 10.The Screaming Solution 11.A Little Difference 12.An Average Life 13.The Magnetic Person 14.The Winged Messenger 15.Prefer Success 16.The Collective Mind 17.The Humour of Personality 18.Anger of the Apes 19.Spaces in the Mind 20.I Believe in Miracles 21.The Adventurer Always Moves Ahead 22.The United Family Poem 23.The Doomsday Myth 24.Experience the Flames of Happiness 25.Accommodation Needed 26.Face in the Tree 27.Your Mind 28.Life by Cell Phone 29.The Artist 30.Life of Tim 31.Our Lives in Tune 32.In This Life 33.Life Is A Circus 34.But…. 35.Five Purses of Verses 36.God Bless the Stress 37.The Uncommon Crow 38.Rose Bouquet 39.Don’t Drive Drunk 40.Meditation On Temptation 41.Ten Clerihew For You

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42.The Nature Hymn 43.Seed of Destiny 44.Alive With You O Lord! 45.History of the Secret Race: Anglo-Indians 46.God Makes the Rule 47.Anglo-Indian Limericks 48.A Vision of You 49.Lady of the Sea 50.Anglos of India: Will the Race Survive? 51.Guardian Angel Protect Madeliene 52.Eclipse of the Sun 53.Eclipsing the Moment 54.The Lion and the Eclipse 55.Eclipsing the Love 56.The Spaces in the Mind 57.The Superhero Menace 58.Power and Ambition 59.The Way of the Boxer 60.The Ninjas and the Shoguns 61.The Crime of Rhyme 62.The Piccadilly Line 63.The Chippie Shop 64.Ye Olde English Pub 65.The Glimmer of the Cinema 66.Britain’s Got Valiant Talent 67.Quantum of Wallace 68.The Chronicles of Morgana 69.The Easter Resurrection 70.Our Great Pontiff Enters Heaven 71.London Historica or The History of London 72.UFOs and Parallel Universe 73.Genghis Khan the Barbarian King 74.Elvis the King of Rock and Roll 75.The Millionaire Method

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Writing poetry can be fun and entertaining. I first started to write poems when I was seventeen. My very first poem was, “The Lady of the Sea”. This was also published by the National Society of Poetry, USA in their Anthology by Watermark Press. My next poem, “The Master of the Field” was also featured in an Anthology of poetry. Over the years I have written a number of poems. I have even tried my hand at writing limericks on the Anglo-Indian (mixed British-Indian) race, which I also belong to. There have been times over the years, when I have written about ten poems in a day. Yet, there have been periods, when I have not written a single poem for over six months. Writing poetry, I have found is very therapeutic. I like to write all types of verse, some about nature, some about love and romance, some about people, others about events or the metaphysical verse, which is a sort of creative booster shot for writing philosophical poems. Discover the therapy of poetry, by writing one today. I find writing poetry interesting, as I can encapsulate a single idea in a few lines for maximum impact and yet at the same time capture the essential ingredients of the concept. Poems and poets have always fascinated me, and we all have miles to go before we sleep, so why not spend that time either writing, listening or reading poetry. Discover the Poet within yourself and write a few lines of verse today! Warm Regards Warren


Answers to Life in Poetry Therapy Poetry reading and writing has always been of great interest to many over the years, the decades and the centuries. Poetry has been respected as a literary Art all over the world, in all cultures, heritages and languages. Poetry has undergone great transformations over the years. The poets of today stand tall on the shoulders of those great poets like, William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, Henry W. Longfellow, Emily Dickinson, William Blake, Wilfred Owen and Shelley, whose poems and writings are immortal and have an impact in shaping the destiny of mankind. Discovering the Art of Poetry One of the best ways to discover the art of poetry writing is to visit the library and to read the work of some of the greatest poets who have walked the Earth. Next, it would be a good idea to study the structure and the pattern of the various types of poems, from Romantic poetry to Nature poems and from epics and ballads to sonnets, elegies, odes and epigrams. The 16th century Japanese Haiku and the new free verse of modern society are two examples of the evolution of poetry. Listening to poems can help to put you into a poetic frame of mind, while helping you to appreciate the beauty and the structure of the poems. Reading poems can help you to feel the rhythm of the poems and appreciate the manner in which the poet has treated his subject. Writing poetry is a great experience in itself. The three stages in writing a poem of value would be to capture an idea, visualize the thought, select a few words related to the concept, with a ring to them and then proceed to develop your idea in the form of verse. Try creating couplets, if you are good at rhyming and then start to create a style following a pattern of poems you have read. But, if you like freedom, try writing your poem in free verse.

Experiencing Poetry in your life The best way to experience poetry is to think and feel like a poet. See the beauty in everything around you. Know that all life is connected. Read the work of the great poets and visualize all the powerful images and feelings which they have invoked within you. Every little idea has the potential to become a powerful poem, with the right words and the right meaning giving it life.

Poetry Therapy I have found the writing of poetry very therapeutic. Poetry gives you the opportunity to express your feelings in words and images. It also gives you a chance to put words to all the ideas which come to your mind and which would be lost forever, if they are not put to some creative use. When you feel unhappy, read or listen to a poem which can help you to alleviate your mood and make your day more pleasant. When you are happy about some new event occurring in your life or in the world around you, take some time to put your feelings of the moment into a few lines. I find that it is a challenge to be able to put a big idea into a few lines of verse. When you are looking for a challenge, take the time to write a poem on a boring subject, and make it a poem, to grab the interest of your reader. I practised writing poems based on historical fact, to make it more interesting and mentally appetizing for a reader. A poem is an excellent way to channel your creative talents. You can create a poem which may seem frivolous today, but which at sometime or for someone else have a deeper meaning. Make an attempt at trying your hand at writing all types of poems. It is always best to let your thoughts flow when you are writing poetry, this is one of the best ways for releasing your creativity.

There have been times when I have written more than five to ten poems in a day. It was just that the ideas started flowing, and there came a time when the poetry would write itself. What do I mean by saying that a poem would write itself? This means that the words, the images, the rhyme and the rhythm would all fall into place seemingly by magic once I had a concrete image or concept in my mind about the concept I wanted to write about. I have been writing poems from the age of seventeen, my first poem being, “The Lady of the Sea”. Since that poem I have not looked back. I do hope that you find the writing of Poetry as enjoyable and therapeutic as I do. I would like to wish you all the best for your future endeavours in writing poems for yourself, your family and the poetry lovers of the world.


Where is the Hood? Where is the Hood? Where is that thieving Robin Hood?

Down in the lush green Glen, With his stolen treasures, And his band of merry men.

Little John and Friar Tuck Are helping Robin divide his loot With the poor of the village, Making him a legend of repute.

Where is the Sheriff of Nottingham? In an emptied room of treasures, Feeling like a fattened rat About to be eaten by a hungry cat.

Robin and his merry men Flee into the night, Into the forests of Sherwood, Into the kingdom of the robbing hood.

Where is the lovely maid Marion? She is in the arms of Robin Hood, Helping him in his mission, To steal from the Sheriff without his permission.

2. THE RIGHT ADVICE by Warren Brown

When you look for Advice It is sometimes very hard to find When you ask the right person You can find the right advice

But, knowing life With all its unusual elements, We usually get the wrong advice From the wrong person in life.

If you search for advice Ask yourself this, You need the right advice At a reasonable price.

Find a good and sensible person With the right intentions in Life Then select this person to guide you To find your mission in this Life.


Is jealousy good? Does jealousy harm one and heal another?

It is not good to be jealous Of another’s overwhelming success.

It is not good to be jealous of another’s fame and grand fortune.

It is not good to be jealous Of another’s poverty of the soul.

It is not good to be subdued by jealousy, Of another’s lack of fame and fortune.

It is not good to be filled with jealousy, Of another’s peace of mind and happiness.

It is not good to be burdened with jealousy, Of another’s joy, love and tranquillity.

It is not good to be jealous Of those, who are free of jealousy.


Every ember smoulders in the fire Every flame enriches the fire Every passion fuels the flame Every minute feeds the fire.

Satisfy the flame in the fire Satisfy the passions of the flames.

Fulfil the fires of your passion Fulfil the fires of your romance Fulfil the fires of your love.

Feed the fires of undying love Feed the fires of the eternal passions Feed the fires of smouldering love Feed the flames of all engulfing passions.

Quench the thirst of your undying love Quench the hunger of smouldering passions Quench the fires of love and romance, For now and always Feed the fire of love and romance.

5. AN INVITATION TO LIFE by Warren Brown

You are cordially Invited To take charge of your life To take charge of your destiny, To take charge of your special moments To take charge of your life energy. You are receiving this Life Invitation, On behalf of your Positive self On behalf of your Ambitious self On behalf of your full potential. Kindly accept this Life Invitation, On behalf of your Positive self On behalf of your Ambitious self On behalf of your full potential. Celebrate your Life Invitation, By growing more Positive every day By growing more Ambitious every day. By fulfilling your potential every day. You are receiving this Invitation, To make your life better To make the lives of others better To make your home a better place To make our World a better place. Your Response is requested To the Invitation of Life. Begin today, Invite a Friend tomorrow, to Celebrate Life Invite the People of the World tomorrow, To make a positive Invitation, And a worthwhile contribution to Life.


Happiness fills your being Like a fire which shines From deep within your heart From deep within your soul And brings a smile to your face. The poorest people Have the brightest smiles, On their scarred faces And in their happy hearts. The poorest people Live through their difficulties, Live through life’s problems, With a smile on their face And the fire of happiness In their generous hearts. Get singed by the fire, Let the flames of happiness Fill your heart today, Let the flames of happiness Fill your life today, Let the flames of happiness Fill your family today. It is time for you To get singed by the fires, The fires of happiness The fires of kindness The fires of charity The fires of peace The fires of generosity The fires of humility The fires of service. Get singed by the fires Of your personal happiness today.


The Failures The Disappointments The Losses The Door to Disappointment, Close that Open Door Rush and Close that Door Rush and Close that Damn Open Door in your Life.

Walk out of that World of Failures, Step out of that World of Disappointment, Creep out of that World of Losses, Rush and Close that Door Step out into the World.

Shut out all the negativity in your Life Remove all that yellow pus of strife, Think about all the positive influences Think about all those positive moments. Feel the warmth of all that positive sunshine Feel the glow of all that positive energy Feel all the power of that positive power.

8. WALK BOTH PATHS by Warren Brown

Choose your paths wisely Choose your paths well, Tread carefully on your chosen path Walk with confidence on your road. Walk both paths Walk both of them well Walk both roads, Walk with your loads Walk with your light. Walk with Rhythm Walk with Rhyme, Walk with Fortune Walk in Time. Walk for Love Walk for Fame, Walk for Romance Walk for Gain. Choose your paths Choose them well Where will they lead? Who can tell? Walk both roads, For the strong and the weak, Walk both roads, For the destiny you seek.

9. ALWAYS OTHER PEOPLE by Warren Brown

There are people who know people Who are great successes, There are people who know people Who are Millionaires.

There are people who know people Who can turn anything to gold, There are people who know people Who are born with the Midas touch.

There are always other people Who can make their dreams come true. There are always other people Who can also make your dreams come true.

Believe in other people Because before you know it There will be more people, Who know and believe in You.


Problems always looms large The solution can never be seen. However, if you take time to look You will find your solution screaming at you.

When your problem looks large And your problem looks mean, Take time to sit in silence And your solution will be seen.

Where could the solution lie? Is it in the deepest ocean? Is it in the last sigh? Is it on the highest mountain? Is it in a baby’s cry?

The solution is all around It is in the air you breathe, It is in the mouth you feed, It is in the stars we see It is in the vastness of eternity.

11. A LITTLE DIFFERENCE by Warren Brown

Why should we all be different? Why should we not all be the same? A little difference Makes each one of us a little special, A little difference Makes the world a little different. We are all created A little different And a little unique. We are all created A little different For the answers we seek. Every difference Hides a treasure, Every difference Hides a Gem, Every difference makes a future Filled with freedom Free of Fear. Embrace your difference Know you are one of a kind, Then you will find your treasures When you thought you were blind.

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