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C 343/198 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 5.12.


Thursday 15 March 2001

(2001/C 343/04) MINUTES




1. Opening of sitting

The sitting opened at 10.00.

2. Approval of Minutes of previous sitting

Mr Puerta and Mr Nassauer had informed the Chair that they had been present the previous day but that
their names were not on the attendance register.

The Minutes of the previous sitting were approved.

3. Documents received

The President had received from the Council and/or the Commission:
, Proposal for a European Parliament and Council regulation amending Protocol No 9 to the Act of
Accession of Austria, Finland and Sweden as regards the system of ecopoints for heavy goods vehicles
transiting through Austria (COM(2000) 862 , C5-0769/2000 , 2000/0361(COD))
referred to responsible: RETT
opinion: ENVI
, Opinion of the Commission on the European Parliament’s amendments to the Council’s Common
Position concerning the proposal for a European and Council Directive on the coordination of laws,
regulations and administrative provisions relating to the re-organization and the winding-up of credit
institutions (amending the proposal of the Commission) (COM(2001) 120 , C5-0091/2001 , 1985/
referred to responsible: ECON
opinion: JURI
legal basis: Article 4(2), subparagraph 1 EC
, Council of the European Union: Draft Council regulation on the Statute for a European Company (SE)
(14886/2000 , C5-0092/2001 , 1989/0218(CNS))
referred to responsible: JURI
opinion: ECON, EMPL
legal basis: Art. 308 EC
(former legal basis: Article 95 EC)
, Council of the European Union: Draft Council directive supplementing the Statute for a European
Company with regard to the involvement of employees (14732/2000 , C5-0093/2001 , 1989/
referred to responsible: EMPL
opinion: JURI
legal basis: Art. 308 EC
(former legal basis: Article 95 EC)
, Proposal for a Council regulation amending Regulation (EC) No 2201/96 on the common organi-
sation of the markets in processed fruit and vegetable products (COM(2001) 111 , C5-0094/2001
, 2001/0052(CNS))
referred to responsible: AGRI
opinion: BUDG