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Published by: Lethdorr on Nov 26, 2010
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At the discretion of the council youth development
committee, the district youth development committee
is particularly attentive to advancement from Life Scout
rank to Eagle Scout rank. The committee has three
specifc responsibilities:

• Review and approve service project ideas submitted

by Eagle Scout candidates. (See “Service Projects”
for the Eagle Scout rank in the chapter “Advancement
in the Unit.”)

• Participate in unit boards of review for Eagle Scout

candidates or conduct district-level boards of review.
(See “Eagle Scout Boards of Review” in the chapter
“Advancement in the Unit.”)

• Consider and act on appeals from the unit level for

Eagle Scout applications and Eagle Scout boards of
review. (See “Appealing a Decision” in the chapter
“Advancement in the Unit.”)

The procedures for presenting recognition to district
Scouters—the District Award of Merit—are explained
in the chapter “Special Recognitions.”

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