☺Holiday: a) Name a holiday in your country which is observed nationally?
Ans: Pahela Baishakh is a cultural holiday in our country which is observed nationally.

b) What kind of things do the people do on this day?

Ans: It is the first day of the Bengali New Year. This is a public holiday. On this day the whole Bengali nation acts like a family and they forget who is Muslim or who is Hindu? All sorts of people take part into the programmes of this day. The whole country wears a festive look. And people remember the glorious past of Bengali nation. A lot of cultural programmes take place in that day and that is the distinct identity of us. The day’s first program begins at dawn at Ramna Batamul. Chhayanat, a leading cultural organization organizes the programme. A large number of people wearing traditional dresses attend the programme. The inhabitants of our country take traditional Bengali food like panta bhath, hilsha fish, green chilli etc. The traders and shop keepers open fresh account books and offer sweets to their clients.

d) What is the importance of this day?

Ans: There is a great impact on us of this day. On this day the whole Bengali nation acts like a family and they forget who is Muslim or who is Hindu? This is not a religious festival. So all sorts of people participate in this festival which develops the sensibility to live together happily. Moreover we visit our relatives and neighbours on this day. This makes us closer.

☺Family: a) What kind of families do you mostly see in your country?
Ans: In our country, we see that there are joint or extended and nuclear families but most of them are extended families. But at present the nuclear families take place of the extended families.

b) What kind of family do you have?
Ans: We have a nuclear family.

c) Do you like it?

Ans: Though the family ties are very strong in the extended families, I like to live in a nuclear family for some of its benefits.

So. So they use their own transports. I can remain free from anxiety. I feel very happy to live in a nuclear family. b) What are the problems you face regarding this? Ans: Most of the public transports of Dhaka city are crowded and dirty. especially a student enjoys much free time. There are motorised vehicles and non-motorised vehicles. Similarly they are not well trained and many of them have no genuine driving licence. c) Suggest some solutions to these problems? Ans: Firstly I think the government have to take steps to implement the rules perfectly and have to monitor the circumstances with in a regular basis. Whenever I am sick of the present. one has got less duties and responsibilities than an extended family. So it is tough to reach any place within the schedule time. I seek relief in the past & fondly recall the memories of my childhood.d) Why? Ans: A nuclear family is calm and quiet because there are a few family members. In a nuclear family. Moreover I need not think of others. I can easily enjoy the peace and happiness to live in a nuclear family. I can study more and more. This is totally ridiculous and irritating. particularly in the rush hours. such as: car. So I enjoy much time to do a lot of work. Similarly the government have to construct an extra lane for the non-motorised vehicles and have to widen the roads. jeep etc. For transporting the goods and necessary things people use van and truck. most of the drivers are illiterate and they do not know the traffic rules perfectly. Moreover the drivers of the taxi cab and CNG auto-rickshaw are not enthusiastic to go every place of the Dhaka city. As a result they fall into accidents often. Again. But most of the aristocratic people of Dhaka city have their own vehicles. Furthermore the roads are not spacious and there is no extra lane for the non-motorised vehicle. ☺Childhood memories: Ans: Ioften remember the days of my childhood. Rickshaw is a non-motorised vehicle which is widely used to travel for a shorter distance. Besides these. they use taxi cab or CNG auto-rickshaw. If they are agreed to go that particular area. So. So. So the traffic jam is occurred frequently. On the other hand bus is widely used by the general people for travelling. ☺Transport: a) What sort of transports do you use in Dhaka? Ans: In Dhaka city we usually use two kinds of transport. a nuclear family is free from noise and disturbance. Moreover the government will have to take initiatives to literate the drivers and have to take steps to train up them perfectly. On the other hand in a nuclear family. they demand a high rate of fare. . Moreover the people who want to travel with comfort and want to reach their destination early. So.

In that year I learnt how to swim and most of the time I engaged into fishing. I was born at Monipur in Mirpur. Our school was closed for one month and house went under deep water. I finished my education into the kindergarten school and I was then taken to the local high school where I got myself admitted into class three. It was performed in the fourth year of my life. But I could not catch fishes handsomely. when the marriage ceremony of my eldest sister took place. when I was in class four the devastating flood in the history of Bangladesh took place. I was fond of flying kite. I also remember the twelfth year of my life. I remember my ‘aqiqa’ ceremony. I was sent to the Kindergarten school. . There was a big feast in our house.More than twenty four years ago. I wish I could go back to those happy days again. When I was able to catch a fish my joys knew no bounds. In 1988. I took part in various games and sports. The happy recollections of childhood jet fill my heart with joy. When I was four years old.

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