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2002 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 140 E/397

Thursday 15 November 2001

Oral explanations of vote:

Mr Fatuzzo and Mr Posselt on the Lynne report (A5-0377/2001).

Written explanations of vote:

Explanations of vote submitted in writing under Rule 137(3) appear in the verbatim report of proceedings
for this sitting.


38. Cooperation between Parliamentary Committees  authorisation to draw up

own-initiative reports

At its meeting of 25 October 2001, the Conference of Presidents authorised the AFCO Committee to draw
up a report on ‘reforming the Rules of Procedure (2001/2037 (REG))’.

Cooperation between parliamentary committees:

(In accordance with Rule 26(2), the Conference of Presidents had noted at its meeting of 15 November
2001 the following recommendations on cooperation between parliamentary committees under the provi-
sions of Rule 162 (application of the Hughes and Enhanced Hughes Procedures as referred to in the
Conference of Committee Chairman’s decisions of 13 June 1995 and 8 June 2000 respectively):

The Enhanced Hughes Procedure is applied to the following report:

9 from the RETT Committee:
9 Road transport: harmonisation of social legislation
(COM(2000) 573 9 C5-0485/2001 9 2001/0241(COD))
(asked for opinions: BUDG and EMPL)
Enhanced Hughes Procedure between RETT and EMPL

Authorisation to draw up own-initiative reports:

9 CULT on:
9 Universities and higher education in the European knowledge area (2001/2174(INI))
(following the Conference of Presidents’ decision of 4 October 2001)
9 DEVE on:
9 Trade and development in view of eradication of poverty and food safety (2001/2175(INI))
(following the Conference of Presidents’ decision of 4 October 2001)
(asked for opinion: ITRE)

39. Written declarations (Rule 51)

The President announced to Parliament, pursuant to Rule 51(3), the number of signatures received by the
following declarations:

No of document Author Signatures

11/2001 Cossutta, Vattimo, Kaufmann and Eriksson 13

12/2001 Poli Bortone 6

13/2001 Tannock, Bowis, Davies, Lambert and Skinner 19