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2002 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 160 E/53

(2002/C 160 E/058) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2987/01

by Markus Ferber (PPE-DE) to the Commission

(29 October 2001)

Subject: Anniversary of the birth of Walter Hallstein

17 November 2001 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Walter Hallstein, the first President of the
Commission. My conversations with members of the Commission’s Protocol Service do not suggest that
they are aware of this anniversary.

Does the Commission really intend to ignore the anniversary of the birth of a great European?

If it does change its mind, how does it plan to commemorate Walter Hallstein’s life and work?

Answer given by Mr Prodi on behalf of the Commission

(30 November 2001)

The Commission fully agrees with the view expressed by the Honourable Member that Walter Hallstein,
the first President of the Commission, was a great European. For this reason, President Prodi dedicated his
speech in Bruges on 12 November 2001 to Walter Hallstein and he paid tribute to ‘this great figure of
European history to whom we owe so much’.

(2002/C 160 E/059) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2993/01

by Cristiana Muscardini (UEN) to the Commission

(29 October 2001)

Subject: Arrest of 119 terrorists instructors in Somalia

Two days ago in the south of Puntland in Somalia 119 people belonging to the Al Ittihad fundamentalist
organisation were arrested. From the ongoing interrogations it would appear that the group was en route
to the border with Somaliland where a terrorist training camp was to be set up (this organisation
apparently has close links with the better known Al Qa’ida network of bin Laden). Given the risk of the
current conflict in Afghanistan spreading to other countries which, according to US intelligence services,
are providing support to Islamic terrorist organisations, is the Commission aware of the situation outlined

Answer given by Mr Nielson on behalf of the Commission

(11 January 2002)

The Commission is aware that the organisation ‘Al Ithiad al Islamya’ is present in southern Somalia. The
Commission was informed that this organisation is quoted as a terrorist organisation with links to ‘Al
Qaeda’ and persistent rumours indicate that some of its elements decided to move some time ago to
Puntland. However, the Commission does not have any confirmation of the detailed information provided
by the Honourable Member concerning the arrest of 119 persons linked to ‘Al Ittiadh’.