Furniture Making

The complete Furniture Making Book by John Bullar y 192 page guide to Making Furniture y 432 detailed color photos of Furniture Making y Step by step Woodworking advice and examples y Jargon busting glossary of Woodworker's terms y Tables of Cabinetmaking facts and figures Order direct from Fox Chapel Publishing USA or or Barnes & Noble or Borders

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Make your own furniture w illustrated woodworking p

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Make elegant furniture fro like this elm cabinet. Learn choosing the good timber more ....

In this complete Furniture Making Book, John Bullar presents everything you need to start building beautiful furniture with the minimum of woodworking jargon ...

oak stool. ojects with simplified more ....

How to cut a dovetail joint for a drawer, a box or a cabinet. When is it best to use hand tools and when is it best to use a router jig? more ....

Build this Mission style be Find out how to construct oak bedroom furniture to m

Detailed photos and diagrams at every stage and clear writing make techniques like using Dovetail Jigs easy to understand

Safe and efficient use of m woodworking bandsaw is more ....

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Index of the book 'Furniture Making'

Furniture Making
Order direct from Fox Chapel Publishing USA or or Barnes & Noble or Borders

his book is also published in UK by Guild of Master Craftsman Publications as 'Cabinetmaking - A Foundation Cours


Furniture Making


Read inside the new Furniture Making Book by John Bullar y 192 page guide to Making Furniture y 432 detailed color photos of Furniture Making y Step by step Woodworking advice and examples y Tables of Cabinetmaking facts and figures Order direct from Fox Chapel Publishing USA or or Barnes & Noble or Borders also published in UK by Guild of Master Craftsman Publications as 'Cabinetmaking - A Foundation Course'

Furniture Making Jargon-buster

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Air-dried - converted by removing water with natural ventilation anemometer - meter to measure air speed, used for checking dust extractors arbor - spindle or axle on which a machine blade turns Arbortech - rotary carver or toothed disk for rapid wood chipping removal, attached to an angle-grinder arris - long, sharp corner where face of a board meets the edge Bailey - hand plane, commonest type for smoothing with depth adjustor under back of blade Bedrock - version of a Bailey hand plane with improved frog fixings biscuit- beech-wood segment pressed in pair of slots to form a rapid joint blast gate - air valve used to control flow from machines to an extractor block plane small hand-plane without frog used for trimming bowed - board curved from end to end, usually due to tension in the tree bridge guard - protection shield over cutter block of surface planer (jointer) bridle joint - open-sided mortice and tenon or slot joint bull-nose - hand plane with blade near front end, or half-round edge on table top etc burnisher - steel rod used to flatten scraper edges burr (burl) - knotty wood produced by excess twig growth, popular for veneers


Furniture Making
Read inside the new Furniture Making Book by John Bullar y 192 page guide to Making Furniture y 432 detailed color photos of Furniture Making y Step by step Woodworking advice and examples y Tables of Cabinetmaking facts and figures Order direct from Fox Chapel Publishing USA or or Barnes & Noble or Borders


also published in UK by Guild of Master Craftsman Publications as 'Cabinetmaking - A Foundation Course'

curved from side to side due to uneven shrinkage cutter block .metal block guides for bandsaw blades cramp (clamp) .sawbench with large arm for cutting sheet material. suited to drawers and boxes dowel . can make board useless caul .lightweight circular saw table cool-block .cracks visible on outside of a board due to poor drying conditions contractor-saw .cylinder of wood pressed in pair of holes for a rapid joint drift . also called panel saw domino .semi-rigid mould or former used for pressing veneer checks .3 cubic feet equals one cubic metre (meter) cupped board.cutting across the fibres (fibers) so they are severed crown-sawn .finger joint with tapered teeth.marker with a stock.board converted by flitch sawing towards the edge of a log cubic foot .(twelve board-foot) common measure for buying wood.type with impellor feeding filter above collecting bag E Furniture Making FOUNDATION COURSE A .voids inside wood due to poor drying.rectangular beech-wood block pressed in pair of slot mortices to form a rapid joint dovetail . 'honeycombing' revealed when sawn.Furniture Making Jargon-buster C to D case hardened .rotating cylinder holding the knives of a planer (jointer) or thicknesser (planer) cutting gauge .unintentional movement of sawblade away from the line dust and chipping extractor .portable screwed jaws for pressing pieces of wood together crosscut . 35. stem and blade for scoring a fine line parallel to an edge dimension saw .

(four quarter or 4/4) 25.wood thrown from machine when it catches on a blade kiln-dried .older growth towards middle of tree trunk.High Efficiency Particulate in Air filter.40mm thick.A Foundation Course' Furniture Making Jargon-buster F to L feed rate .movable iron wedge on a hand plane that the blade is fixed to glue line . common thickness for converted timber kerf .speed of wood fed into blades on a machine ferrule .thin slice or laminate used to form lamination when several are glued together .slot left by a sawblade kickback . usually harder than sapwood HE PA .com or Barnes & Noble or Borders also published in UK by Guild of Master Craftsman Publications as 'Cabinetmaking .converted by removing water in a controlled warm enclosure l amina .High Speed Steel used for machine cutting tools that may run hot inch thick .visible line after wood pieces are glued together gullet .flattening the edge of a blade with fine abrasive HSS .extra part on tenon shoulder to prevent twisting heartwood .metal ring often used to stop wood splitting Flitch cut .board sawn from one side of trunk to the other frog .Read inside the new Furniture Making Book by John Bullar y 192 page guide to Making Furniture y 432 detailed color photos of Furniture Making y Step by step Woodworking advice and examples y Tables of Cabinetmaking facts and figures Order direct from Fox Chapel Publishing USA or between saw teeth haunch . removes very fine dust honing .

com or Barnes & Noble or Borders A .dovetail (half-blind) recessed dovetail used for drawer fronts M Furniture Making FOUNDATION COURSE Read inside the new Furniture Making Book by John Bullar y 192 page guide to Making Furniture y 432 detailed color photos of Furniture Making y Step by step Woodworking advice and examples y Tables of Cabinetmaking facts and figures Order direct from Fox Chapel Publishing USA or Amazon.lapped .

Poly Crystalline Diamond.hand plane with combined depth and level adjuster above blade panel saw . uniform sheet manufactured from compressed wood particles mitre .composite manufactured board with thin layers of wood glued in alternate grain directions PPE .also published in UK by Guild of Master Craftsman Publications as 'Cabinetmaking .marker with a stock.Personal Protection Equipment such as safety glasses.A Foundation Course' Furniture Making Jargon-buster M to P machining . often discarded planer .(milling) initial sizing and smoothing to prepare wood for fine work marking gauge . hard abrasive used for long-life cutting edges pistol grip . stem and two independently moved pins for scoring a pair of lines parallel to an edge muntin .hole to receive a tenon and form a joint.Medium Density Fibreboard (Fiberboard) dense.sloping end or edge. also machine sawbench similar to dimension saw paring .hand-saw for general use.saw handle with open underside pitch distance between saw teeth etc pith .a vertical frame division Norris . fine.marker with block. ear .slicing along the grain with a chisel PCD .quantity of water in wood as a percentage of dry weight mortice .(jointer) machine for smoothing surface of timber plywood . can be paired to form a right angle moisture content .centre of tree trunk produced by first growth. stem and pin for scoring line parallel to an edge MDF . usually rectangular mortice gauge .

normally wooden or plastic. breathing masks pressure pad .block used to push wood over surface of a planer (jointer) protractor . for moving wood into a machine cutter without risk to hands Q Furniture Making FOUNDATION COURSE A . often semicircular push stick .angle-measuring gauge.forked-end tool.defenders.

Read inside the new Furniture Making Book by John Bullar y 192 page guide to Making Furniture y 432 detailed color photos of Furniture Making y Step by step Woodworking advice and examples y Tables of Cabinetmaking facts and figures Order direct from Fox Chapel Publishing USA or Amazon.A Foundation Course' .com or Barnes & Noble or Borders also published in UK by Guild of Master Craftsman Publications as 'Cabinetmaking .

wood grain torn from surface or underside stile .bandsaw blade with widely spaced teeth to allow more dust collection in deep cuts sledge .angle of saw teeth to direction of blade movement reaction wood .sprung pressure blocks on a machine to hold wood against cutters site saw .small circular sawblade for shallow cut ahead of main blade to prevent splitting scraper .end of board unintentionally reduced in thickness by thicknesser (planer) spelching (tear-out) .groundwork or solid wood beneath veneer .striped wood with naturally alternating grain direction sanding block . sometimes fitted in a plane type-body scratch stock .wood distorted or patterned by stress in growing tree re-saw .flat steel plate used for fine surface smoothing. especially on difficult grain.sideways offset between alternate saw teeth to prevent saw jamming Shaw-guard .sliding carriage on machine table to carry wood over blades snatch .a full-sized drawing to la: 0 and angles rowed .wood accidentally caught on machine blade and quickly dragged off course snipe .newer growth in outer tree rings.Furniture Making Jargon-buster Q to S quarter-sawn .sawing along the grain direction riving knife .(splitter) metal fin behind sawblade to prevent wood catching there rod .wood as a raw material or sliding block on a gauge substrate .vertical rail forming part of a frame stock .lightweight circular saw bench for portable use skip-tooth .small scraper for shaping edges or rebating ready to receive inlay set .cork or softwood to wrap abrasive paper around for use by hand sapwood .(sash clamp) Screwed jaws on long rail for pulling together joints in frames or sash windows saw bench .circular saw with a large metal table scoring blade .cut boards thinner after they have bee dried.stable boards produced by sawing at an angle close to the radius of the trunk rake-angle . also a specialist bandsaw for this job rip-cut . often softer than heartwood sash cramp .

T Furniture Making FOUNDATION COURSE A .

com or Barnes & Noble or Borders also published in UK by Guild of Master Craftsman Publications as 'Cabinetmaking .Read inside the new Furniture Making Book by John Bullar y 192 page guide to Making Furniture y 432 detailed color photos of Furniture Making y Step by step Woodworking advice and examples y Tables of Cabinetmaking facts and figures Order direct from Fox Chapel Publishing USA or Amazon.A Foundation Course' .

disposable blade for planer (jointer) or thicknesser (planer) thicknesser .(flat-sawn) plain sawn logs converted to boards as a simple series of slices through dovetail .Tungsten Carbide Tipped. can be used on metals whetstone .screwed jaw fixed to bench for securing wood while working on it waney . hard composite material used for teeth and blade edges template .circular saw fitted beneath large flat surface.square pegged joint that protrudes right through timber . a way of expressing the pitch of a saw tracking .(planer) machine for smoothing one side of wood against a reference surface on the other side through and through sawn .tapered fingers of a dovetail joint TCT .rubber or similar covering on rim of a bandsaw wheel vice (vise) . often cast iron tail .(lumber yard) storage and sales place for converted wood tpi .natural uneven edge on board formed by outside of the tree left attached waterstone .Furniture Making Jargon-buster T to W table saw . thin steel rectangular blade with its end set in a thick rectangular stock tyre (tire) .abrasive paper suitable for lubrication with water.peg to be pressed into a mortice to form a joint. to be lubricated with water wet and dry .joint where tail fingers are visible on both side and end through tenon .pattern cut out of board to provide shape for components tenon .grindstone or sharpening stone Furniture Making FOUNDATION COURSE A .(lumber) wood as a raw material timber yard .teeth per inch. usually rectangular Tersa knife .for checking right angles.composite grinding block with hard particulates in a soft base material.adjusting the alignment of bandsaw wheels try-square .

Society Home & Garden Law & Legal Issues Literature & Language .com or Barnes & Noble or Borders Also published in UK by Guild of Master Craftsman Publications as 'Cabinetmaking . Politics.A Foundation Course' Home Ads by Google Translate to Latin Synonyms Antonyms Definition of Technology Words On this page y y y y y y y y Dictionary Thesaurus Idioms Antonyms Word Tutor Translations Best of Web Copyrights Library y y y y y y y y y Animal Life Business & Finance Entertainment & Arts Food & Cooking Health History.Read inside the new Furniture Making Book by John Bullar y 192 page guide to Making Furniture y 432 detailed color photos of Furniture Making y Step by step Woodworking advice and examples y Tables of Cabinetmaking facts and figures Order direct from Fox Chapel Publishing USA or Amazon.

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a moonbeam to charm you... A bit o' sun. unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves´ Helen Keller quotes (American Author and Educator who was blind and deaf. those you love near you and all your heart might desire.. Do not think of today's failures.´ . Faithful friends near you.. And whenever you pray.saladltd. 1835-1910) Similar Quotes. You have set yourselves a difficult task.. Heaven to hear you.. And a guardian angel always near´ Irish Blessings quotes Similar Quotes. Add to Chapter.´ Irish Blessings quotes Similar Quotes. Laughter to cheer you. Add to Chapter. but of the success that may come tomorrow. Add to Chapter... 1880-1968) Similar Quotes..´ Mark Twain quotes (American Humorist... tea beside the fire. ³`Pipe a song about a Lamb!' / So I piped with merry cheer. Add to Chapter. laughter to cheer best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else some work to do. Remember. no effort that we´ Helen Keller quotes (American Author and Educator who was blind and deaf. ³May God things I warmly wish for you Someone to love. ³The grant you always. a bit o' cheer. 1880-1968) Similar Quotes. and you will find joy in overcoming obstacles.´ Irish Blessings quotes Similar Quotes... ³The ³Be of good cheer. but you will succeed if you persevere. a sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you.A sunbeam to warm you. a roof for the rain. Writer and Lecturer.. Add to Chapter. ³These ³May you always have walls for the winds. Add to Chapter.

May the hand of a friend always be near you. suppliers. manufacturers. there is no friend like a sister. 1757-1827) Add to Chapter. May the rainbow be certain to follow each rain.. 1892-1973) Similar Quotes..R. Poet.034 Registered Users Sell Offers Buy Offers Products Companies Member Latest Sell Offers | Add New Sell Offer | My Sell Offers | Free Offe . to lift one if one totters down. Add to Chapter.. in calm or stormy weather. to strengthen whilst one stands. May the sun shine bright on your windowpane.William Blake quotes (English visionary Mystic. May your pockets hold always a coin or two.. ³May you always have work for your hands to do. factories and Distributors related to furniture machines Sign In | Join Free | Help Inquiry Basket Member Area | Logout | Help Inquiry Basket Home 2.´ ³For Furniture machines exporters. And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.´ Irish Blessings quotes Similar Quotes. it would be a merrier world. Songs quotes. to cheer one on the tedious way.. About: Food quotes. t one if one goes astray. Painter and Engraver. ³If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold. About: Blessings quotes. Tolkien quotes (English Writer and Author of richly inventive epic fantasy The Lord of the Rings.´ J. Add to Chapter.R.852..

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each with its grain at right angles to . The layers are glued together. Please improve this article or discuss the issue on the talk page. Please improve this article if you can. border banders] Four Side Planer FSP with Fifth Universal Spindle Mulispindle Boring Unit Wood Turning Lathe Find out more about navigating Wikipedia and finding information. called plies or wood veneers. Softwood plywood made from spruce Plywood is a type of engineered board made from thin sheets of wood. bander.[Related Categories: Furniture Hardware & Accessory. (May 2007) The examples and perspective in this article may not represent a worldwide view of the subject. search This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. Plywood From Wikipedia. Others] [Related Keywords: edge banders. the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation.

twisting/warping.[2] making plywood a type of composite material. Birch plywood . plywood can be manufactured in sheets far wider than the trees from which it was made. due to the off gassing of the formaldehyde. so their use is undesirable. and the grain on the outside surfaces runs in the same direction.adjacent layers for greater strength.[3] The adhesives used in plywood have become a point of concern. shrinkage. usually phenol formaldehyde resin. Both urea formaldehyde and phenol formaldehyde are carcinogenic. In addition. [4] A common reason for using plywood instead of plain wood is its resistance to cracking. It has replaced many dimensional lumbers on construction applications for these reasons. There are usually an odd number of plies. as the symmetry makes the board less prone to warping [1]. Plywood is sometimes called the original engineered wood. The plies are bonded under heat and pressure with strong adhesives. and its general high degree of strength. Many manufacturers are turning to "Greener Products" as government regulations become stronger against the use of these adhesives.

Birch plywood is characterised by its excellent strength. and is typically used for construction and industrial purposes.3 Tropical Plywood Applications 7 See also 8 References 9 External links [edit] Types Average-quality plywood with show veneer High-quality concrete pouring plate in plywood A vast number of varieties of plywood exist for different applications. It has a high planar shear strength and impact resistance. Softwood plywood is usually made either of Douglas fir or spruce.Contents [hide] y y y y y y y y y 1 Types 2 Production 3 History 4 Advantages 5 US plywood grades 6 Applications o 6. pine. stiffness and resistance to creep. and fir (collectively known as Spruce-pine-fir). which make it especially suitable for heavy-duty floor and .[5] Hardwood plywood is used for some demanding end use.1 Softwood plywood applications o 6.2 Birch plywood applications o 6.

including the British-built Mosquito bomber which was nicknamed the wooden wonder. including red oak. There are few international standards for grading marine plywood and most of the standards are voluntary. Tongue & groove flooring plywood is typically 1" in thickness. while outdoor and marine grade plywood are designed to withstand rot. is made from mahogany and/or birch. This is very flexible and is designed for making curved parts. Plywood for indoor use generally uses the less expensive urea-formaldehyde glue which has limited water resistance. Some marine plywood has a Lloyd's of London stamp that certifies it to be BS 1088 compliant.wall structures. and uses adhesives with increased resistance to heat and humidity. This keeps the boards from slipping past each other providing a solid feeling floor when the joints do not lie over joists. Marine plywood is frequently used in the construction of docks and boats. Roofing can use the thinner 5/8-inch plywood. The most common varieties of softwood plywood come in three. Marine plywood is specially treated to resist rotting in a high-moisture environment. It is much more expensive than standard plywood. known as aircraft plywood.4 m or the slightly larger imperial dimension of 4 feet × 8 feet. High-strength plywood. maple. which is a British Standard for marine plywood. These are designed for a specific purpose. However these may not be termed as plywood in some countries because the basic description of plywood is layers of veneered wood laid on top of each other with the grain perpendicular on each layer. lauan (Philippine mahogany) and a large number of other hardwoods. Plywood for flooring applications is often tongue and grooved.2 m × 2. birch. damage and wear resistance. costs for a typical 4 foot by 8 foot 1/2 inch thick board is roughly $75 to $100 US or around $2. five or seven plies with a metric dimension of 1. which is about three times as expensive as standard plywood. Examples of this are Okoume or Meranti . Marine plywood can be graded as being compliant with BS 1088. One such plywood is known as "Bendy Board". The mating edge will have a "groove" notched into it to fit with the adjacent "tongue" that protrudes from the next board. Birch plywood has excellent surface hardness. and use a water resistant phenol-formaldehyde glue to prevent delamination and to retain strength in high humidity. Subfloors are at least 3/4-inch depending on the distance between floor joists.5 per square foot. [2] Decorative plywood is usually faced with hardwood. Oriented plywood construction has a high wheel carrying capacity. It was used for several World War II fighter aircraft.In the UK this is known as "Hatters Ply" as it was used to make gents stovepipe hats in Victorian times. Plies vary in thickness from 1/10" through 1/6" depending on the panel thickness. Some plywood is also labeled based on the wood used to manufacture it. Certain plywoods do not have alternating plies.

depending on the market for which it is intended. FSI certified. pressure treated. which is generally straighter and larger in diameter than one required for processing into dimensioned lumber by a sawmill. The irregularities of grain which confer decorative interest often result in uncontrollable warping and cracking if any attempt is made to use the wood in thicknesses much greater than those characterizing cabinet-making veneers (typically 1-2mm). Each of these products are designed to fill a need in industry. invented by Immanuel Nobel. dried. The panel can then be patched. with incidental structural benefits. resized. is of relatively recent origin. sign grade. In addition to making the most out of the highest quality materials available. There are several certifications available to manufacturers who participate in these programs. glued together and then baked in a press at 140 °C (280 °F) and 19 MPa (2800 psi) to form the plywood panel. In addition to the glues being brought to the forefront. Most high quality English furniture makers working in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (and since) have used veneering as a technique. Thin sheets of high quality wood were glued over a substrate of lower quality wood for cosmetic effect. the wood resources themselves are becoming the focus of manufacturers. patched. due in part to energy conservation. as well as the end user. sanded or otherwise refinished. Modern in which the veneer is cut on a rotary lathe from softwood logs. The log is peeled into sheets of veneer which are then cut to the desired dimensions. Many of these programs offer tax benefits to both the manufacturer. This was originally done due to a shortage of fine wood. as well as concern for our natural resources. and of course the hardwood and softwood plywoods. it reduces prices and improves stability of construction. called a peeler. Leeds Certified. the earliest known occurrence of plywood was in Ancient Egypt around 3500 BC when wooden articles were made from sawn veneers glued together crosswise. . moisture resistant.Other types of plywoods are fire retardant. [edit] History Plywood output in 2005 Plywood has been made for thousands of years. FSC certified. Plywood has been one of the most ubiquitous building products for decades. This manner of inventing plywood has occurred repeatedly throughout history. and Greenguard certified.[6] [edit] Production Plywood production requires a good log. The first such lathes were set up in the United States in the mid 19th century.

High uniform strength: Wood is 45 times stronger along the grain than across the grain.[citation needed] In India. Though Kitply is a brand. [edit] Advantages 1. Economical and effective utilisation of figured wood: Twenty sheets of veneer can be sliced from 1 inch of solid wood. The balanced construction of a plywood panel with the grain direction of adjacent veneers at right angles tends to equalise stress. Autzen helped develop a bonding technology. This procedure thus affects distinct economies in the use of figured or the more valuable woods. His early engineering contribution played an important role in making plywood one of the most abundant and affordable building products ever produced. however 8 ft*4 ft is the most common size. The owner. which greatly shortened the drying and manufacturing process. thus reducing shrinkage. Plywood can be sold in sizes up to 6 ft * 25 ft and by the scarf jointing of small sheets up to 6 ft *40 ft. Non-splitting qualities: Solid wood splits fairly readily along the grain. Thomas J. Matching the veneer so that the regularity or symmetry of the design enhances the decorative effect due to the natural figure in the wood allows it to be used more effectively. 3. Crossing the adjacent sheets tends to equalise the strength in all directions. 4. 5. Ease of fabrication of curved surfaces: The trend of modern architectural design is to feature curved surfaces. Freedom from shrinking. The desired shapes can be readily fabricated in plywood . Availability of relatively large sizes: Sawn timber can be obtained in fairly long lengths but only in relatively narrow widths. waterproof plywood is also known as "kitply". The landscape historian John Stilgoe has theorized that the 4' x 8' dimensions of a standard sheet are due to the space required for moving a mule into a barn[citation needed]. 2. swelling and warping. it facilitates the use of attractive but fragile face veneers to give results which cannot be duplicated in solid construction.One of the earliest applications of mass-produced modern plywood manufacturing in the United States was recorded in Portland. it has become a genericized trademark. 6. Oregon by the Portland Manufacturing Company. swelling and warping: Solid wood exhibits considerable movement across the grain but generally negligible shrinkage or swelling in a longitudinal plane. In addition. Plywood by crossed laminations can be nailed or screwed near the club without damage from splitting. since the company that makes it pioneered the use of waterproof plywood in India. When glued to a core of cheaper material a high grade panel is produced.

Some manufactures may repair the defects with synthetic filler. utilising male and female forms. while the second letter denotes the surface quality of the back of the panel. Allows for several knots. large and small. This grade is not recommended for permanent exposure to weather elements. sawdust.g. some open knot holes. not "exterior" as is commonly thought. Normally repaired with wooden plugs or synthetic filler. and discoloration. Open knots. Solid surface. Waste is confined to the small core which remains after peeling. splits. providing they are replaced with wooden plugs (the fillers having a "boat" or an "American football" shape) or repaired with synthetic patch. Weight reduction: Dense woods can be sliced and bonded into plywood panels for use in furniture construction whereas furniture fabricated from solid timber would be far too heavy. May contain tight knots up to 1½ inches diameter. "D": Considered to be the lowest quality veneer and often used for the back surface for construction grade panels. "C": Considered to be a lower end face quality. The surface is normally sanded smooth. 8. "D" grade veneers are neither repaired nor sanded. from the veneer which is lost in rounding up the log. "A": Highest grade quality available. The surface is always sanded and provides for smooth paintable face quality. and the elimination of such defects as knots and splits. but may contain small diameter knots and narrow surface splits. "B": Second highest quality veneer grade. or a single forming a vacuum press or autoclave 7. and discoloration are acceptable. Can be defect free or contain small The first letter designates quality of face veneer (best side). The A-D rating is only good for construction (softwood) plywood. This grade may contain occasional surface splits that are repaired with synthetic filler. Normally a by-product of downgraded "A" quality veneer. but a reasonable choice for general construction purposes. Panels are typically not sanded. . some face splits. Reduction of waste: One of the important aspects in the manufacture of plywood is that it results in the conservation of timber by the elimination of the waste which occurs in sawing e. not for hardwood plywoods such as oak or maple. as well as open knots up to 2½ inches diameter. [edit] US plywood grades Plywood grades are determined by a veneer quality on the face and back of each panel.[7] The letter "X" indicates the panel was manufactured with scrap wood as the center plies.

: y y y y y Panels in concrete formwork systems Floors.g. optimal performance is achieved in end uses where woods moisture content remains relatively low. The American designers Charles and Ray Eames and Phil Bolger are famous for their plywood-based furniture. Most notable is the British De Havilland Mosquito bomber. walls and roofs in transport vehicles Container floors. Plywood is currently successfully used in stressed-skin applications. For these coated plywood there are some end uses where reasonable strength is needed but lightness of spruce material is a benefit e.g. shrinkage. which was primarily made out of wood. It has been used for marine and aviation applications since WWII. breaking. [edit] Softwood plywood applications Typical end uses of spruce plywood are: y y y y y y Floors. Exterior glued plywood is suitable for outdoor use. Vehicle internal body work.[citation needed]. Plywood is also used as an engineering material for stressed-skin applications. Packages and boxes. Floors subjected to heavy wear in various buildings and factories. Hoarding. Scaffolding materials . On the other hand subzero conditions don't affect on plywood's dimensional or strength properties which opens some special application possibilities. twisting and warping. Wind bracing panels. but because moisture affects on the strength of wood. Fencing There are coating solutions available that mask the prominent grain structure of spruce plywood.[edit] Applications Plywood is used in many applications that need high-quality. Quality in this context means resistance to cracking.: y y Concrete shuttering panels Ready to paint surface for constructions [edit] Birch plywood applications Coated special birch plywood is typically used as a ready to install component e. walls and roofs in house constructions. high-strength sheet material.

and other regions around the world.Birch plywood is used as a structural material in special applications e.g.: y y Wind turbine blades Isolation boxes for liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers Smooth surface and accurate thickness combined with the durability of the material makes birch plywood a favourable material for many special end uses e.: y y y y y y y Die cutting boards Supporting structure of parquet Playground equipment Furniture Sign and fences for demanding outdoor advertising Musical instruments Sport equipments [edit] Tropical Plywood Applications y o o o o o o o Common Plywood Concrete Panel Floor Base Structure Panel Container Flooring Lamin Board Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) Tropical Plywood are widely available from the South East Asian region mainly by Malaysia and Indonesia. y y y y Engineered wood Fiberboard Glued laminated timber Hardboard . tropical plywood can be made with high accuracy in thickness.g. [edit] See also Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Plywood Look up plywood in Wiktionary. the free dictionary. Tropical Plywood boasts its premium quality. Korea. and strength. and is a highly preferable choice in America. Middle East. Depending on machineries. Japan.

^ Pro Woodworking 7. Finnish Forest Industries Federation. Retrieved from "http://en. 18: Plywood 2. ^ a b Handbook of Finnish plywood. "plywood is often called the original engineered wood product because it was one of the first to be made by bonding together cut or refashioned pieces of wood to form a larger and integral composite unit stronger and stiffer than the sum of its parts.y y y y y y Masonite Marine plywood Medium-density fiberboard Oriented strand board Particle board Pressed wood [edit] References 1." 4. ISBN 952-9506-63-5 [1] 3. APA . ^ O' 5. 6. 2007. ^ "Milestones in the History of Plywood". p. Vol. ^ Epoxyworks" Categories: Engineered wood Hidden categories: Cleanup from May 2007 | All pages needing cleanup | Articles with limited geographic scope | All articles with unsourced statements | Articles with unsourced statements since February 2008 | Articles with unsourced statements since January 2008 | Articles with unsourced statements since April 2007 Views y y y y Article Discussion Edit this page History Personal tools y Log in / create account Navigation . Accessed October 22. ^ Education .Plywood [edit] External links y Material Uses Pro Woodworking Tips.wikipedia. ^ Pro Woodworking Tips.221.The Engineered Wood Association.

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Mahogany Furniture. at 05:56 (UTC). Veneer Furniture. All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.y y y y y l nski Suomi Svenska Türkçe y y y y y This page was last modified on 11 May 2009. Privacy policy About Wikipedia Disclaimers Materials Used In Making Furniture Categories Bedroom Furniture o Bedroom Sets o Beds and Daybeds o Canopy Beds o Dressers & Chests o Armoires o Bed Benches o Metal & Iron Beds Dining Room Furniture o Dining Room Sets o Dining Room Tables o Dining Room Chairs o China Cabinet & Hutch o Buffet Furniture Living Room Furniture o Living Room Sets o Recliners o Living Room Sofas & Chairs o Leather Sofas Furniture Materials There are literally thousands of natural and man-made materials used for making furniture ranging from soft woods. Wood Furniture. a U. (See Copyrights for details. y See All Furniture Materials: y Bamboo Furniture. MDF Furniture. Teak Furniture. glass.. Maple Furniture. hard woods and various grasses all the way to steel.) Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation. Inc. Laminated Furniture. Solid Pine Furniture y Brief Product Descriptio Name n Price Buy Now .S. Oak Furniture. plastic and a host of man-made materials. Cherry Furniture. registered 501(c)(3) tax-deductible nonprofit charity.

Teak. fabrics and stone it y y .o o o o o y & Chairs Coffee Tables & End Tables Elegant Cabinets & Armoires Ottomans Sleeper Sofa Beds Sofa Tables Entertainment Center Furniture o Home Entertainment Center o Wide Screen Entertainment Center o Armoire TV Entertainment Center Outdoor Furniture Accent Furniture o Accent Tables & Table Sets o Accent Chests & Cabinets o Etageres o Game Tables o Storage Trunks o Nesting Tables o Bathroom Furniture & Accessories o Consoles o Vanities Kids Furniture Wrought Iron Furniture Desk & Home Office Furniture o Computer Desks o Corner Computer Desk o Desk Chair Collection o Reproduction Antique Desk o Writing Desk Antique Reproduction Furniture Lamps & Furniture Accessories o Floor Lamps o Magazine Racks o Table Lamps o Tiffany Lamps y y Solid wood compute r desk or compute r armoire from Coaster has oak veneer finish and CSTR maximu $1. even stone have been used since early times however due to the impracticality of materials like stone. Cedar. Cpu storage. keyboar d tray. Mahogany.99 er Desk n. Stone is however used frequently as a component of furniture making. That is because wood has historically been plentiful and is very easy to work with. Other materials. Oak m space 99 Comput utilizatio $799. and lift doors make the most of usable space. Maple. Pine. Wicker and Veneers. for example marble and granite are sometimes used to create a beautiful and nearly indestructible top for tables and similar furniture items. Bamboo. The most popular furniture making woods are Oak. slide out shelf for mouse. mostly benches and other outdoor items are made exclusively of stone. Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 products) Result Pages: 1 y y y One of the earliest and the most popular materials used for making furniture is wood.299. Cherry. Combined with leathers.

Solid Pine Furniture CSTR Oak Computer Desk y y y Manufacturers Anthony California Berkline Dining Coaster Furniture . Oak Furniture. but it is a method that is never used for making quality furniture. A laminate. is a cheap way of making furniture that looks good. Teak Furniture. MDF Furniture. Mahogany Furniture.o o o o o y y y y y y y y y y y Wall Mirrors Wine Racks Hall Trees Pedestals Wall Screens is possible for skilled furniture craftsmen to make the most beautiful furniture using only natural materials. laminates are not natural. Cherry Furniture. Laminates are another all too popular material for making furniture. Persian Rugs Furniture Buying Secrets Furniture Materials o Bamboo Furniture o Laminated Furniture o Mahogany Furniture o Maple Furniture o MDF Furniture o Oak Furniture o Teak Furniture o Veneer Furniture o Wood Furniture o Cherry Furniture o Solid Pine Furniture Furniture History o 17th Century o 18th Century o 50's and 60's Furniture o Early 1900's o Early American o Greek & Roman o Renaissance Contemporary Furniture Promotion See All Furniture Materials: Bamboo Furniture. Wood Furniture. Bars & Barstools Grandfather Clocks Wall & Mantle Clocks Mission Furniture Rocking Chairs Book Case / Bookcase Curio Cabinets Wicker & Rattan Furniture Oriental. Maple Furniture. Laminated Furniture. Unlike the other materials mentioned. Veneer Furniture. not to be confused with a veneer.

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