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CHICAGO DEFENDER - Thursday, May 20,1999 news

Chicago's ^Dream Team' seeks justice

(HARRIS, from page 1) resulted in the clearing of the two boys. dence and perjury against their don't think he's going to do it,"
charges against both boys, but James Cassidy and clients. Grant said, adding that the
rights attorney who has added attorneys for both children Nathaniel Allen are named in a "I don't think (State's Attor- team is seeking a special pros-
a new dimension of expertise to have since filed civil cases ask- 14-count civil suit Pincham and ney) Richard Devine is in the ecutor to look into possible
the team. ing for damages resulting from Grant have pending against direct line of fire on this," police misconduct and othor
Chicago's Dream team has what they say two Went worth the police department. Grant said. "All we want him to crimes in the ongoing case —
successfully argued the Ryan Area detectives, one white and In it, they claim detectives do is what is right and make a and action against the two
Harris criminal case, which one African American, did to used illegal arrest, false evi- determination. Unfortunately, I police officers in question.

Rev. Jakes leads

inarch against
police brutality
(PROTEST, from page 1) end to excessive force practices of
the department and practices
within interrogations that some
call on you to come down and say produce false confessions.
apologize for genocide," Jakes Some of the groups repre-
declared outside of City Hall. sented during the march were
The mother of one of the boys supporters who want the imme-
was present but Daley never diate freedom of Fred Hampton
came forth during the event. Jr., who sits in a downstate Illi-
Previously, Daley stated he could nois penitentiary; the Black
not apologize because of a $100 Panther Party, the Nation of
million lawsuit pending against Islam, Amnesty International,
the city in regard to admitted the Campaign to End the Death
police and prosecutors "mis- Penalty and the mother of Death
takes'* in the case. Row inmate Aaron Patterson.
After addressing the mayor,
the crowd swung in an orderly Also present was Ralph King,
fashion around to Daley Plaza, a man who says he wants an end
where many prayers were said to the permanent lockdown ol
fnr HIB ritv. askine God for an Marion penitentiary.