25th July 2009

Sachin Nandha
Institute for Global Change

Quantum Physics meets the Hindu idea of Consciousness

What is Hinduism?
“I dare not answer.” A philosophy.

What is Quantum?
World of sub-atomic particles.

What is Mechanics?
Physical laws that describe time & motion.

What is Physics?
Study of the physical universe.

There is no separation, there is fundamental Unity at the core of all existence.

Who am I to say such things!
MEng Aerospace Engineering
Major in Thermodynamics

MPhil in Philosophy of Mind PgDip Christian & Islamic Theology DPhil thesis titled “Critique of Liberalism” Founded the Institute for Global Change in 2004/5 Lectured at several universities

A paradigm shift


A scientific explanation for Spirituality Alter the perception of how we experience Reality


Waves of Potential

Collapsed when observed


Questions which arise?

What is matter? If it’s waves, then waves of what? What does an observer have to do with this?

Schrodinger Equation

Time is an illusion Space is an illusion Our intention has the ability to influence objects through space and time

Bose–Einstein condensate

The BIG Empty
What is in this empty space? Planck Scale

Practically what does this mean?
This universe is wonderfully complex and mysterious God is not a thing; it is energy, furthermore a non-localised consciousness A new way to experience the world

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