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Mad Bush Chronicle

A complete load of rubbish produced by the staff at Mad Bush

Productions. Suitable for local town gossips, the utterly insane and those
who don’t mind maniacal laughter on a regular basis. Issue 1 Aug 2008

Grieving Northland
Marsupial mother sues
Rally New Zealand for
wrongful death of son
Bad news for Rally New Zealand it
seems. The account of the tragic
death of Russell Maruspial Aussie Nui-
sance Brushtail the ninth by more than
800 noturnal witnesses could result in
wrongful death charges being laid if
the deceased’s mother has her way in
court. Sodrah Munching today took
her case before the High Court de-
manding justice for her son after
champion rally driver Hiedriech von
Wack em down allegedly had spotted
the deceased in his headlights and had
in the words of witnesses had yelled
out “Wunderbar!!! Road Pizza possum!”
Local gossip Agnes Gasbag couldn’t the lion’s photo before he could get before purposely veering his high per-
believe what she was seeing last night away. Stunned by the camera flash the formance Audi Quattro ,so that the
on the outskirts of the small Northland big cat ran off into the bush screaming. front wheels of the turbo charged
town of Kaiwaka. Agnes told our Our reporter though followed the ani- grunt machine, mowed the unfortunate
reporter that she was making her way mal’s tracks and managed to get a brief Russell down. Details of the entire ac-
home after a walk with her pink poodle interview. The lion didn’t want to be count have been of course censored,
Oswald, and had decided to stop and identified but said the ‘voices made me sanitized and 1080’d to ensure innocent
photograph her neighbour’s gnomes do it’ then started to make strange minds are not compromised by such
when Oswald started to whimper in noises like a chicken clucking. At that rubbish as this publication. Of course
fear. There looming in the darkness point our reporter grabbed his cell- all of this is completely made up—but
was a large African Lion about to vanish phone and called Mental Health. De- who cares.
into the nearby bush. Only mere days tails of the Lion’s condition aren’t
before there had been a sighting of known at this stage but we’ll keep you - Reporter Rock d’Casbah
the same fearsome beast by a local fire posted.
fighter who now cannot be located. - Lionel Leek Staff Reporter
Agnes though kept her cool and took

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