under control SUBLIME (adj.): supreme, perfect SUCCINCT (adj.): concise, terse, pithy SUPERFICIAL (adj.

): on the surface, lacking depth

VICARIOUS (adj.): experienced in an indirect or second-hand way VIRTUOSO (n.): a skilled expert

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TANGIBLE (adj.): able to be touched, solid TERSE (adj.): short, to the point, succinct TRANSIENT (adj.): fleeting, transitory TREPIDATION (n.): fear

WILY (adj.): tricky, clever, cunning

ZEAL (n.): enthusiasm, zest ZENITH (n.): highest point, peak

UNRULY (adj.): disobedient

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admire RUSTIC (adj.): of or pertaining to the countryside S SAGACIOUS (adj.): royal REITERATE (v. vengeful ACRID (adj. generous. beautiful RETICENT (adj.): pertaining to a sense of beauty AFFABLE (adj. honest in dealings. attraction unnecessary REFUTE (v. adept ADULATION (n.): glorious.): to make embarrassed or ashamed ABORIGINAL (adj. profane SACROSCANCT (adj.): to stick to ADORN (v.): occurring at irregular intervals STOIC (adj.): to gather.): quiet RETRIBUTION (n. tending to remain apart ALTRUISTIC (adj. radiant. accumulate RUE (v. personable ALLURE (n.): shy.): sage-like. perceptive ADEPT (adj. easy to get along with AGRARIAN (adj.): praise. conscientious SERVILE (adj. unmoved by extremes of emotion SUBJUGATE (v.): tending to doubt SPORADIC (adj.): like a servant. holy SCRUPULOUS (adj. refrain from ACRIMONIOUS (adj. submissive SKEPTICAL (adj.): unselfish. pungent ACUTE (adj.): pull.): unholy.): to think over and discuss the past RENOWN (n.): impassive.): to dispute. admiration AESTHETIC (adj.): sharp. respect.): required RESPLENDENT (adj. refuse to participate in.): friendly.): sacred.): skillful ADHERE (v.): having to do with agriculture ALOOF (adj.): to hold back from.): to regret .): to repeat REMINISCE (v.): bitter. reserved. revise.): to shorten something.): to dominate.): original ABRIDGE (v.): revenge. removed. concerned about the wellbeing of others AMEND (v.): active to a point in the past REVERE (v. argue REGAL (adj.): attentive to details.): to change. put AMASS (v. fix AMIABLE (adj.): bitter.): skillful.): friendly. personable. wise SACRILEGIOUS (adj. punishment RETROACTIVE (adj.): to decorate ADROIT (adj. especially a literary or artistic work ABSTAIN (v.): to respect.A ABASH (v.): fame REQUISITE (adj.

): a supporter.): a state of uncertainty or perplexity.): breakdown or lack of rule or government.): a large institution with many complex regulations R RAZE (v. difficult. idealistic in a doomed and impractical way B BOORISH (adj.): a person who shuns society.) pertaining to Don Quixote. enough or more than enough ANARCHY (n.) believable PRAGMATIC (adj. unimaginative PROWESS (n. unspoiled PROLIFERATION (n.): knock down. destroy.): difficult.): having the pure essence of something QUIXOTIC (adj.): moral correctness PROSAIC (adj.): skill.): dull. potentially troublesome PRETENTIOUS (adj. the quality of being brief BUCOLIC (adj.): old-fashioned. unsafe. sensible PRECARIOUS (adj.): beautiful.): to officially approve. devoted to simple and austere living Q QUANDARY (n.): to notify. to make certain ASCETIC (adj. pastoral BUREAUCRACY (n.): brash. level REBUTTAL (n. extremely bold BREVITY (n.): acting in a superior or conceited manner PRISTINE (adj. put at ease APPRISE (v.): to uncover and verify.): extra. exhausting ASCERTAIN (v. consecrate ANTAGONIST (n.): learned person.): offensive. calm. scholar. chaos ANATHEMA (n.): to soothe. able to foresee the future PROPONENT (n. someone in favor of something PROPRIETY (n. antique-like APPEASE (v. inform ARDUOUS (adj.PLAUSIBLE (adj.): able to use both hands equally well AMPLE (adj.): practical.) of or pertaining to a prophet.): a person with determined opposition or hatred toward someone ANTIQUATED (adj.): sufficient.): a curse. .): hard. dilemma QUINTESSENTIAL (adj. strength PUNDIT (n.): to make null and void ANOINT (v.): abundance PROPHETIC (adj. something hated ANNUL (v. a hermit REDUNDANT (adj.): shortness. rude BRAZEN (adj.): of or pertaining to the countryside. sage.): self-denying. prognosticator AMBIDEXTROUS (adj.): a formal response in an argument or debate RECLUSE (n.

): honesty.): harmful DESPONDENT (adj. conservative OSTENTATIOUS (adj. pertaining to a pastor PATHOLOGICAL (adj. major accomplishment CULPABLE (adj. venerable PITHY (adj.): to consist of.): open PIOUS (adj.): to calm.): highly decorative ORTHODOX (adj. concise. begging forgiveness COSMOPOLITAN (adj.): to make sacred CONTRITE (adj.):guilty O OBLIVIOUS (adj.): main.): able to be touched.): worldly. friendly CONSECRATE (v.): model of perfection PASTORAL (adj.): highest point D DELETERIOUS (adj.): all-knowing OMNIVOROUS (adj.): out of date. soothe. embarrassment CHASTE (adj. to the point PLACATE (v. reveal DISSIDENT (n.): unaware OBSOLETE (adj. most important CELIBATE (adj.): holy.): traditional. OMNIPOTENT (adj.): person with whom one can share a secret CONGENIAL (adj. to patronize CONFIDANT (n. hidden COMPRISE (v.): to lower oneself.): all-powerful OMNISCIENT (adj.): one who opposes OSTRACIZE (v.): apologetic.): having insight. pacify .): short.) music for funeral procession DISCLOSE (v. no longer useful. related to the point at hand PINNACLE (n.): to shun. suitable. dejected DIRGE (n. straight talk CARDINAL (adj.): of the countryside. cut out from the group OVERT (adj.): apt.): to open.): downhearted.): secretive.): shame. astute PERTINENT (adj. admit.): eating all ORNATE (adj.): personal victory acquired in a single stroke.): showy P PALPABLE (adj.C CANDOR (n. include CONDESCEND (v. refraining from sexual intercourse CHAGRIN (n.): pleasant. tangible PARAGON (n.): remaining pure. having wide interests COUP (n.):pure CLANDESTINE (adj.): pertaining to disease PERSPICACIOUS (adj.

L LUCID (adj.): hard to understand. often given at a funeral EXACERBATE (v.): one who is extremely self-centered and “in love with oneself” NEMESIS (n. mistaken ESOTERIC (adj.): well-known.) a puzzle.): subtle or slight difference or variation .): person of power or influence MALEVOLENT (adj. / n.): to ponder. mystery M MAGNANIMOUS (adj. boring. inspiration DISTRAUGHT (adj.): unpredictable.): to decorate. whimsical E EBB (v.): great in spirit. notorious NUANCE (n.): incorrect. unusual. known only to a select few EULOGY (n.): rapidly shifting.): laughable MISANTHROPE (n.): clear LUDICROUS (adj. / n. foe NOTORIETY (n. having ENMITY (n.): dull. intense dislike ENTAIL (v. make more attractive EMINENT (adj.): overcome by grief or despair DOGMATIC (adj.): to lessen.): enemy.): sad.): tending to hold very tightly to a belief or opinion high standing EMPATHY (n. extremely generous MAGNATE (n.): poem or song expressing grief EMBARGO (n.): one who hates people. or humanity.): evil MELANCHOLY (adj.): being famous for a bad reason. varied ERRONEOUS (adj. extremely ordinary MUSE (v.): words of praise.): mutual hatred. strange (as applied to personal behavior) ELEGY (n. commonplace.): to make worse N NARCISSIST (n.): ability to identify with the feelings of another ENIGMA (n. depressed. infamous. sadness. in general MORBID (adj.):diverse and wideranging in taste or choice ECCENTRIC (adj.): perfect example or embodiment ERRATIC (adj.): ban on commerce or trade EMBELLISH (v. depression MERCENARY (adj. recede ECLECTIC (adj.): to require EPITOME (n.): pertaining to death MUNDANE (adj.): pertaining to acquiring money and financial gain MERCURIAL (adj.): odd.

): natural. inborn INDOLENT (adj. unruly FRENETIC (adj. boring.): faultless. unoriginal. uprising INTEGRAL (adj. necessary INTROSPECTIVE (adj. notorious H HACKNEYED (adj.): lazy INFAMOUS (adj. suffering from a surfeit of luxury.): looking inward F FAÇADE (n. / adj.): paying close attention to details FATALIST (n. haughty IMPLICIT (adj.): face.): to fake. thrifty.): implied IMPUDENCE (n.): world-weary.): freedom from punishment INANE (adj. superficial appearance (often false) FALLACIOUS (adj. gaudy GENIAL (adj.): a forerunner HEDONIST (n.): excessively bright.): to remove. friendly.): rebellion. trite HARBINGER (n. filled with ennui JUDICIOUS (adj.): arrogant. pretend FRACTIOUS (adj.): to remove. economical I IMPECCABLE (adj. kind IMPERIOUS (adj. misleading FALLIBLE (adj.): dull.): marked by frenzy G GARISH (adj. rowdy. pointless.): a person who pursues pleasure.): wise.): rudeness. often to excess J JADED (adj. lifeless INSURGENT (n.): essential.): tending to misbehave. especially from a difficult position FRUGAL (adj.): open to error FASTIDIOUS (adj.EXPUNGE (v.): false.): poor INNATE (adj. absurd INDIGENT (adj. marked by good judgment .): rebel / rebellious INSURRECTION (n.): famous for bad deeds. impertinence IMPUNITY (n.): stupid. brashness. perfect INSIPID (adj.): interested in conserving money.): cheerful.): one who believes that life is largely predetermined and shaped by fate FEIGN (v.): overused. cancel EXTRICATE (v.

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