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Chapter 1: "Uzumaki Naruto" – Introduces Naruto, Iruka, Mizuki and Sandaime Hokage.

Naruto fails his genin trial for the third time, so Mizuki tricks him into stealing the Scroll Of Sealing. Iruka gives chase and acknowledges Naruto as Mizuki is about to kill him, but Naruto demonstrates what he learned and defeats Mizuki with Tajyuu Kage Bunshin (Mass Shadow Replication). Iruka passes Naruto as a ninja. Chapter 2: "Konohamaru" – Introduces Konohamaru and Ebisu. Naruto encounters Sandaime Hokage’s grandson and his tutor. Both discover they want to be known for themselves instead of their reputations while training. Ebisu tries to pull Konohamaru away from Naruto, but Naruto defeats him with Harem No Jutsu. The boys acknowledge each other as rivals for the Hokage title. Chapter 3: "Uchiha Sasuke" – Introduces Sakura and Sasuke. A one-way love triangle occurs between Naruto, who likes Sakura, who in turn likes Sasuke. The three are put into a team as part of their training. Naruto’s pranks end up causing some confusion among the team while Sandaime shows their instructor around Naruto’s house to help assessment. He doesn’t seem impressed. Chapter 4: "Hatake Kakashi" – Introduces Kakashi. The team formally introduce themselves to him and discuss their ambitions. Kakashi devises a test, to steal one of two bells from him. The person without one will have to return to the academy. Kakashi permits them to act as though they are trying to kill him. Chapter 5: "Carelessness is Your Worst Enemy" – Kakashi schools the team in the 3 main categories of techniques, barely flinching once while remaining calm and even reading a book while fighting. This also marks the first use of Sennen Goroshi. Naruto uses Kage Bunshin to try and steal a bell, but his plan messes up at the last second. Chapter 6: "Not Sasuke-kun" – Naruto ends up falling for a rope trap and while Kakashi seems off-guard, Sasuke finally makes his move. Kakashi educates him about Kawarimi (replacement) and then teaches Sakura about Genjutsu (illusion techniques). All three learn the hard way.

Chapter 7: "Kakashi's Conclusion" – Kakashi and Sasuke square off. Sasuke’s fingers lightly brush a bell, but after an exchange of Goukyaku and Shinzu Zanshu between them, Sasuke ends up buried up to his neck in the ground. Kakashi decides that after Naruto tried to steal the reward and the others were simply too weak, all three should stop trying to be ninjas.