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Chapter 28: "Nine-Tails" – The chakra of the monster inside Naruto begins to leak out, healing and empowering

him. Kakashi panics and rushes to end the battle. Naruto grabs Haku out of the air and with one punch, sends him crashing through a mirror, breaking his mask and defeating the mirror techique. Haku realizes he cannot defeat the enraged Naruto. Chapter 29: "An Important Person" – Naruto stops himself from killing Haku by a split second when he recognizes who he is. Haku informs Naruto of his past as a persecuted child and his joy of finally being wanted by Zabuza. Kakashi traps Zabuza in the meantime with his summoned dogs and prepares to deliver the final blow. Chapter 30: "Your Future Is..." – Kakashi shows his own personal technique, Raikiri (Lightning Edge). Haku begs Naruto to kill him now that he is useless to Zabuza. Naruto is about to avenge Sasuke, but Haku makes a last-second deception and vanishes when he senses that Zabuza is in danger. As Kakashi lands his killing move, he recoils in shock as he sees his hand piercing through Haku’s body. Haku’s final act was saving Zabuza’s life as a human shield. Chapter 31: "Their Own Battles" – Inspired by Naruto and Kaiza, Inari attempts to

round up the locals to rebel against Gato. Sakura weeps for the fallen Sasuke but Zabuza seems heartless at Haku’s death. Kakashi evades Zabuza’s near-fatal slice and slices his arms at strategic points, disabling them permanently. Just as Zabuza is rendered harmless, a spectator arrives to comment. Chapter 32: "A Tool Called Shinobi" – Gatô arrives with a small army of hired thugs, and the proceeds to kick Haku’s corpse in revenge for him guarding the recovering Zabuza. Naruto’s emotional outburst to protect those who love you inspires Zabuza, who borrows his kunai. Zabuza runs the gauntlet of thugs and slays Gato in front of them by clutching the kunai in his teeth and decapitating Gatô. Chapter 33: "The Bridge of Heroes" – Sasuke comes back from the brink of death, apparently “killed” in the same way Haku “killed” Zabuza. Sakura rejoices too soon as Gatô’s army closes in to finish their job, however, Inari and the rebels appear in far greater numbers. Naruto and Kakashi back them up with each performing Kage Bunshin. After the thugs flee, Zabuza and Haku are buried

together as companions. Out of respect for Naruto’s deeds, Tazuna names the completed bridge after him. The team departs for Konoha, ending their adventure in the Wave Country.

Chapter 34: "Intruders!?" – Introduces Moegi, Udon and the Konohamaru Corps. Being his usual perky self, Naruto runs around Konoha being loud and meets Konohamaru and his new play-gang. Sakura has a bad first impression of them which sends them fleeing, until Konohamaru literally bumps into an unknown pair of ninjas. The male one takes offence and grabs him violently. Then the Third Hokage announces to an assembled group of Jounins that soon, the Chuunin (midlevel ninja) Exam will begin. Chapter 35: "Iruka Vs Kakashi" – Introduces Kankurou, Temari, Sarutobi Asuma, Yuuhi Kurenai and Gaara. The Jounins nominate their entire teams for Chuunin selection, with Iruka disagreeing uselessly against Kakashi’s decision. Sasuke forces Kankurou to release Konohamaru and Gaara steps in before Kankurou can spill blood. The 3 intruders are

revealed as Hidden Sand ninjas arriving for the Chuunin exam. However, they are not the only outsiders... Chapter 36: "Sakura's Depression" – Introduces Rock Lee, Hyuga Neji and TenTen. Despite Kakashi nominating them for the exam, Sakura feels inferior to her teammates. Various Genins from Konoha and other villages gather for the exam. Lee is smitten with Sakura and makes a promise to protect her for life. Upon recognising who Sasuke is, Lee makes a request of him. Before the exam begins, he’d like a fight with Sasuke.