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2003 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 110/27

12. Application format and details to be provided Preliminary proposals received by the European Commission
after that deadline will not be considered.
Applications must be submitted using the standard
preliminary proposal form attached to the ‘Guidelines for
Applicants’ referred to in point 14, whose format and 14. Detailed information
instructions must be strictly observed. For each preliminary Detailed information on this restricted call for proposals is
proposal, the applicant must provide a signed original and contained in the ‘Guidelines for Applicants’ published at the
two copies along with two diskettes or CD-ROMs, each same time as this notice on EuropeAid's website:
containing an electronic copy of the preliminary proposal.
Shortlisted applicants will subsequently be asked, by letter, to
submit a completed standard application form, the template
for which is attached to the ‘Guidelines for Applicants’ (Annex Any questions regarding this restricted call for proposals
A). should be sent by e-mail (including the publication reference
of this call for proposals shown in point 1 to EuropeAid- The Commission will publish the most
13. Deadline for submission of preliminary proposals frequently asked questions (‘FAQ’) and the corresponding
replies on the above Internet page, and all applicants are
16.00 on 24 June 2003 encouraged to consult it regularly up until the deadline.


Codes of Conduct

(2003/C 110/14)

Codes of conduct, respectively for the members of the Board of Directors, the Management Committee, the
Audit Committee and the staff of the European Investment Bank, are published on the Bank's website, Paper copies may also be obtained on request to the Information and Communications
Department, General Secretariat, of the Bank.


Secretary General and General Counsel