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T'au Wargear List

Name Wargear
1 XV8 Shas'o Independent Character,Bodyguard,XV8 Battlesuit(Acute Senses,Deep Strike),
Cyclic Ion Blaster,Airbursting Fragmentation Projector,
Vectored Retro-Thrusters,Iridium Armour,Stimulant Injector,HW Multi-Tracker
2 XV8 Shas'vre XV8 Battlesuit(Acute Senes,Deep Strike),Plasma Rifle,Missile Pod,Flamer,
Fusion Blaster,Vectored Retro-Thrusters,Iridium Armour,Stimulant Injector,
HW Multi-Tracker
1 XV8 Crisis (Shas'vre)XV8 Battlesuit(Acute Senses,Deep Strike),Plasma Rifle,Missile Pod
Shield Generator,Iridium Armour,Stimulant Injector,HW Multi-Tracker
2 XV8 Crisis (Shas'ui),XV8 Battlesuit(Acute Senses,Deep Strike),Fusion Blaster,
Missile Pod,Burst Cannon,Flamer,Multi-Tracker
1 XV25 Shas'vre Stealth Armor,HWDrone Controller,Target Lock,Fusion Blaster,Markerlight,
Markerlight and Gun Drone,Infiltrate
5 XV25 Shas'ui Stealth Armor,Target Lock,Burst Cannon,Infiltrate
1Fire Warrior (Shas'ui),EMP Grenades,Photon Grenades,Pulse Carbine,
HW Drone Controller,Markerlight,Gun Drones
11Fire Warrior (Shas'la),EMP Grenades,Photon Grenades
2 Devilfish Burst Cannon,Gun Drones,Landing Gear,1 Marker Beacon
Disruption Pods
Gun Drone Squad Deep Strike,Twin-linked Pulse Carbine
1 Pathfinder (Shas'ui),Scout,HW Target Lock,EMP Grenades,Photon Grenades,Devilfish
7 Pathfinder (Shas'la),EMP Grenades,Photon Grenades,Scout,3 Rail Rifle,Target Lock,
5 Piranha Burst Cannon,Gun Drones,Flechette Discharger,Disruption Pod
1 XV88 Broadside (Shas'vre)XV88 Battlesuit(Acute Senses),Twin-Link Plasma Rifle,
Twin-Link Railgun,Advanced Stabilisation System,HW Multi-Tracker
2 XV88 Broadside (Shas'ui)XV88 Battlesuit(Acute Senses),Advanced Stabilisation System,
Twin-Link Railgun,Smart Missile System
Sniper Drones Stealth Field Generator,Targeting Array,Rail Rifle,Target lock
Spotter Stealth Field Generator,Targeting Array,Pulse Pistol,Drone Controller,
Networked Markerlight
2 Hammerhead 1 Railgun,1Ion Cannon,1 Burst Cannons,Disruption Pod,
1 Smart Missile System
2 Sky Ray Gunship Seeker Missiles,Networked Markerlight,Smart Missile System,
Flechette discharger,Disruption Pod
O'Shaserra XV22 Battlesuit,Multi Tracker,Advanced Target Lock,Drone Controller,
Command-Link Drone,2 Shield Drones,2 Fusion Blasters,Bonding Knife,
Independent Character,Acute Senses
Kroot 20 Kroot,Shaper,12 Kroot Hounds,3 Krootox Riders,Fieldcraft
Vespid Stingwings Strain Leader,10 Stingwings,Neutron Blasters,Fleet of Wing,Skilled Flyers