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C 138/4 EN Official Journal of the European Union 13.6.


These are general training measures within the meaning of — the operational programme approved by the Commission
Article 2(e) of Regulation (EC) No 68/2001, as borne out by on 29 December 2000 for measures under the European
the supporting documents in the application or financial structural funds in Berlin (Objective 1),
statement procedures

Economic sector(s) concerned: All economic sectors — the single programming document approved by the
Commission on 3 December 2001 for measures under
Name and address of the granting authority: the European structural funds in Berlin (Objective 2) and

Investitionsbank Berlin
Bundesallee 210 — the single programming document approved by the
D-10719 Berlin Commission on 10 October 2000 for the development of
the labour market and human resources for Objective 3
and measures in Germany.

Senatsverwaltung für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Frauen — V B

Storkower Straße 134 The measure/operation into which the aid scheme fits is
D-10407 Berlin entitled ‘Continuing vocational training, skilling, information
and advice, organisation and working time’ and is classified
Other information: under measure/policy area D: ‘Adaptability and entrepreneurial
spirit’. Actions under this measure/operation are funded in part
The aid scheme is part of by the European Social Fund

Authorisation for State aid pursuant to Articles 87 and 88 of the EC Treaty

Cases where the Commission raises no objections

(2003/C 138/03)

(Text with EEA relevance)

Date of adoption of the decision: 19.2.2003

Member State: Austria
Aid No: N 403/02
Title: Venture Capital Scheme for the Land of Styria
Objective: Address the lack of equity for SMEs in the Austrian Land of
Legal basis: Beschluss der Steiermärkischen Landesregierung,
GZ FA14C17-33/02-77 vom 10.6.2001
Budget: EUR 2,5 million
Duration: 31 December 2006

The authentic text(s) of the decision, from which all confidential information has been removed, can be
found at