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1 Dynamic ice shedder 10 LP compressor case (tilanium honeycomb
2 Glasslibre-reinforced plastic nosecone sandwich)
3 Nose cowl attachment ring 11 Titanium machined Iront engine mounting
4 Fan blade containment casing (steel) attachment ring
5 Aluminium honeycomb acoustic lining 12 Front engine mounting pad, centre thrust
bonded to fan case link, and spherical bearings
6 Abradable liner 13 Support links
7 24, 85.8m diameter wide-chord fan blades 14 Stainless steel firewall
(titanium honeycomb core) (bypass ratio 15 Electrical cable looms and support brackets
4.3:1) 16 Full-authority fuel controller(FAFC)
8 Fan-blade disc 17 Fan bypass outlet guide vanes (steel)
Annulusfiller (maintains smooth blade