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C 148/14 EN Official Journal of the European Union 25.6.


Maximum aid intensity: Aid will not exceed a maximum of Economic sector(s) concerned: All sectors
75 % for SMEs and 55 % for large companies within this
Article 87(3)(c) assisted area. Name and address of the granting authority:

No one company will receive more than GBP 25 000 under Richard Hillier
this exemption Government Office for the West Midlands
77 Paradise Circus
Date of implementation: 1 August 2002 Queensway
Duration of scheme or individual aid award: 30 April 2007 Birmingham B1 2DT

Objective of aid: The objective of the aid is to provide general Other information:
training for individuals working for SMEs in order to support
the overarching aim of increasing diversification and competi- Contact Officer:
tiveness in this assisted area, which has been subject to intense
economic decline, particularly in manufacturing. The training Julie Boardman
will enable the workforce to gain transferable skills which will Black Country Investment
both safeguard their jobs and make them more marketable in Black Country House
the workplace. Rounds Green Road
The general training will result in units towards NVQs or other West Midlands B69 2DG
accredited training (see attached supporting documentation) Tel. (44-121) 569 23 33

Notice under Article 2 of Council Regulation (EC) No 1177/2002 of 27 June 2002 (1)

(2003/C 148/10)

The Commission gives notice that it confirms, on the basis of investigations covering the period of 2002,
that Community industry has suffered material injury and serious prejudice in the market segment of LNG
carriers caused by unfair Korean practices.

(1) OJ L 172, 2.7.2002, p. 1.