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Reseach Chemicals For Sale(Crystal Meth,Ivory Wave) Victoria City, Vic...

Reseach Chemicals For Sale(Crystal Meth,Ivory Wave) Used General Miscellaneous

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We are Research Chemical company based in Please email Email Send to a friend Facebook
Cameroon and we do produce high quality
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Methylamphetamine (commonly referred to as
methamphetamine) is one of a group of stimulant
drugs called amphetamines that act on the brain
and nervous system. Like cocaine and
amphetamines, methylamphetamine has
stimulant properties but is much longer acting.
The crystalline form ? sometimes called ?Ice? ?
like ?crack cocaine? can be easily smoked and
can rapidly lead to high blood levels. It?s also
long-acting compared to crack so it?s an
extremely powerful and addictive stimulant.
We have the following products ready in stock
for supply .

4-methylmethcathinone (4-MMC)
Mephedron, Methylon, Butylon
Ethcathinone, Dimethocaine Adver tise her e
powder mdm a
xanx Seller’s Tools
Legal Herbal Highs (Counters for this ad will show starting within one hour.)
Ketamne Powder Edit: My ad My password
Tripping Weed
Hallucinog ens
Ephedrin e
Ephedrin e Powder
Legal snuff , white snuff, Black Snuff
Gold Magic
powder magic
Morphne, Morphne Sulphate
Oxycontn , oxycondron
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Posted: November 26, 2010
Expiry: December 26, 2010
Status: NOT SOLD
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Adver tise her e
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