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C 155 E/34 Official Journal of the European Union EN 3.7.


Protocol. The Council also acknowledged the important active role that can be played by Member States
individually, as well as by the Community as a whole. To this end, the Plan identifies where coordination
at European level will have the greatest impact and where complementarity of Member State and
Community actions can be sought. The responsibility for implementing the Plan rests mainly with Member
States, while the role of the Commission is more coordinative in nature.

(2003/C 155 E/037) WRITTEN QUESTION P-2586/02

by Bruno Gollnisch (NI) to the Council

(10 September 2002)

Subject: Identity checks on air passengers

Passengers on French domestic flights have their identity checked repeatedly. Passengers who have flown
from to Lyons from Paris will thus have been checked when they checked in their luggage and again when
they boarded the aircraft, whereas no such identity checks are carried out, either at the time of departure
or on arrival, on passengers flying from Brussels, Berlin, Madrid, etc.

Do airlines insist on these checks in order to keep track of fares or do the French authorities require them
to be carried out for security reasons? In either case, does the Council consider the checks to be
compatible with European rules?

If exceptions are having to be made to the Schengen provisions for security reasons, could the Council
explain why the resulting security regulations are  paradoxically  tighter on domestic flights than on
international flights?


(4 March 2003)

The Council does not comment on the compatibility with Community legislation of the internal
arrangements made by the Member States in relation to checks on travellers.

The question raised by the Honourable Member should be addressed to the Commission, which is the
guardian of the Treaties.

(2003/C 155 E/038) WRITTEN QUESTION P-2587/02

by Ingo Schmitt (PPE-DE) to the Council

(11 September 2002)

Subject: Directed energy weapons

Is the Council aware of the continued existence of large numbers of directed energy and radio frequency
weapons (from the Cold War period), many of them in private hands?

Will any checks be carried out in this connection?

Has the Council acted on Parliament’s resolution A4-0005/1999, and if so, what action has it taken?