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C 222 E/248 Official Journal of the European Union EN 18.9.


(2003/C 222 E/278) WRITTEN QUESTION E-1363/03

by Theresa Villiers (PPE-DE) to the Commission
(10 April 2003)
Subject: ‘Troubled Waters’

1. Can the Commission confirm how much the recently published ‘Troubled Waters’ comic cost to

2. Where has this comic been circulated? Where will it eventually be circulated?
3. What is the intention of this publication?

Answer given by Mrs Reding on behalf of the Commission

(25 April 2003)

For all information concerning the ‘Troubled Waters’ comic, the Honourable Member should contact the
Directorate-General for Information and Public Relations of the European Parliament’s Secretariat.
The Publications Office was responsible only for printing and binding the comic in question on behalf of
the Parliament.

1. The Publications Office does not know the total cost of producing the publication.
2. The copies produced were delivered to the requesting department.

3. The Publications Office is unable to answer the Honourable Member’s third question.

(2003/C 222 E/279) WRITTEN QUESTION P-1421/03

by Pernille Frahm (GUE/NGL) to the Commission
(15 April 2003)

Subject: Agricultural policy

How much does the Commission assess the producer support estimate to be as a result of the EU’s
agricultural policy, how much of this is market price support and what proportion of these amounts can
be attributed to various products such as sugar, beef, dairy products, wheat and vegetables?

Answer given by Mr Fischler on behalf of the Commission

(7 May 2003)

The Commission is collecting the information it needs to answer the question. It will communicate its
findings as soon as possible.