What is Quran:Quran is the book sent by Allah to His beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).

According to all the great people which may or may not be Muslim they believe that Quran is that book which has all the Knowledge of the Universe. So, the Theory of relativity is also described in Quran. We will discuss here only one aspect of “Theory of relativity” i.e. Time Dilation What is Time Dilation:In short words theory of relativity said that when anything or person moves with a speed approaches to speed of light then time for that person or thing dilates with respect to frame of reference which is at rest. The formula of time dilation is;

Theory of Relativity in Quran

And hence using this relativistic effect of time we the Muslims now able the elucidate the “Waqia-e-Miraj”. It is that event which is very important in the life of Muhammad (SAW) and it is also very important for all Muslims, because during this journey Muhammad (SAW) take to us two gifts which are “Nimaz and Milk” . In Quran Allah said,

Holy is He Who carried His bondman by night from the sacred Mosque to the Aqsa Mosque (Aqsa) around which We have put blessings that We might show him Our grand signs. No doubt, He is the Hearing, the Seeing.
According to Einstein, time would pass more slowly for somebody driving a vehicle at a speed close to

the velocity of light. In a medium in which an inhabitant of the earth passes one hundred days, it may take a person fifty days to displace at a speed nearing the propagation speed of light. This finding is the most interesting fact of the relativity theory. Time slows down in direct proportion with speed. Time is therefore a relative conception, as indicated in the Quran.

After a lot of research I came to the conclusion that When our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) went to meet Allah then Quran says that time dilates, and in a very short time of World He visit many places on Earth as well on Sky. He (SAW) went on this Holy journey by he sat on a Hoarse and that Hoarse moved with a speed nearly equal to the speed light “c”. The name of the Hoarse was “Buraq” and its meaning in Arabic Language is ‘light’. Because of that great speed nearly equal to the speed of light “c” “Buraq” first goes to the “Masjid_ul_Haram” to “Masjid_ul_Aqsa”. Then that Hoarse goes form “Masjid_ul_Aqsa to Sid’ratul_Muntaha”. In the end they arrive to the Qa’ba. That Holy Journey completed only in some seconds because the Holy Horse “Buraq” moved with a speed nearly equal to the speed of light “c”. Hence, after nearly 1400 years man is able to describe that mysterious journey using Einstein’s theory of relativity Today the relativity of time is proven scientific fact. This was revealed by Einstein’s


theory of relativity at the early years of the 20th century. Until then, people did not know the time was a relative concept. Yet the great scientist Albert Einstein openly proved this fact with the theory of relativity. He showed that time is dependent on mass and velocity. In the history of humanity, on one had expressed this fact clearly before. With one exception through; the Qur’an included information about time’s being relative! Some verses about the subject read:

“They ask you to hasten the punishment. God will not break this promise. A day with your Lord is equivalent to a thousand years in the way you count” (The Qur’an 22:47) And….

“He directs the whole affair from heaven to earth. Then it will again ascend to Him on a Day whose length is a thousand years by the way you measure.”(The Qur’an 32:5) And….

“The angles and the spirit ascend to Him in a day whose length is fifty thousand years” (The Qur’an 70:4)

In the above verses we can easily found that how time is different for us and Allah. Near Allah there is no value of time but on Earth Time passed very quickly. In some verses, it is indicated that people perceive time differently and that sometimes people can perceive a very shory period of time as a very lengthy one….. The following conversation of people held during their judgment in the Hereafter is a good example of this: “He will say, “How many years did you tarry of earth? They will say, “We tarried there for a day or part of a day. Ask those able to count! He will say, “You only tarried there for a little while if you did but know!”(The Qur’an 23:112-114) The fact that the relative of time is so clearly mentioned in the Qur’an, which stared to be revealed in 610, is evidence that it is a holy book.

Hence in the end we come to the conclusion that Quran is that book in the universe which has all the knowledge of the Universe. Because it’s author is not human but Almighty Allah.

History of theory of relativity

Special relativity (SR, also known as the special theory , of relativity or STR is the physical theory of STR)

measurement in inertial frames of reference proposed in 1905 by Albert Einstein (after the considerable and independent contributions of Hendrik Lorentz, Henri Poincaré and others) in the paper "On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies". It generalizesGalileo's principle of relativity—that all uniform motion is relative, and that there is no absolute and well-defined state of rest (no privileged reference frames —from mechanics to all the law of frames)—from physics, including both the laws of mechanics and of electrodynamics, whatever they may be. Special relativity incorporates the principle that the speed of light is the same for all inertial observers regardless of the state of motion of the source. This theory has a wide range of consequences which have been experimentally verified, including counter-intuitive ones such as length contraction, time dilation and relativity of simultaneity, contradicting the classical notion that the duration of the time interval between two events is equal for all observers. (On the other hand, it introduces the space-time interval, which is invariant.) Combined with other laws of physics, the two postulates of special relativity predict the equivalence of matter and energy, as expressed in the massenergy equivalence formula E = mc2, where c is the speed of light in a vacuum. The predictions of special relativity agree well with Newtonian mechanics in their common realm of applicability, specifically in experiments in which all velocities are small compared with the speed of light.

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