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Hoc Tu Vung Bang Hinh Anh 2010

Hoc Tu Vung Bang Hinh Anh 2010

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Published by: suitor09 on Nov 27, 2010
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Vocabulary - Học từ vựng

Chủ đề: Clothes, Jewelry - Quần áo, nữ trang
Clothing 1 - Quần áo

bathing suit

bow braid cape


earring gown costume

jewelry suit silk


underwear wig

tutu swimsuit

sole shoelace wallet sneakers buckle sandal loafer tie slipper shoe ice skate sandals sneaker sock yarn loafers button sweatband belt purse glasses briefcase cane clothespin crown eyeglasses jewel laundry basket .

mortar board mitten necktie sew collar umbrella hard hat overalls clothes hanger raincoat pocket cap sewing machine lorgnettes safety pin spectacles lace Describing Clothes .Diễn tả quần áo short long loose dirty .

Quần áo mặc hàng ngày lapel sweatshirt blazer slacks tank top shorts dress sweatpants cardigan pants T-shirt jacket .clean small big dark high low new old solid closed open striped Everyday Clothes .

Đồ thủ công pincushion buttonhole thread button hem seam scissors zipper stitch needle pin thimble skein embroidery knitting wool crochet yarn weaving quilting .skirt blouse vest shirt Handicrafts .

Jewelry and Cosmetics .Quần áo mặc ngoài trơì gloves backpack windbreaker jeans parka earmuffs mittens tights .Trang sức earrings ring chain necklace bracelet beads watch watchband clasp razor perfume mascara blush lipstick Outdoor Clothes .

Đồng lót và đồ ngủ coat undershirt underpants long johns stockings camisole half slip full slip panties bra socks slippers girdle pajamas bathrobe nightgown .hat ski cap jacket scarf overcoat boots beret Underwear and Sleepwear .

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