C 33 E/126

Official Journal of the European Union Answer given by Mr Barnier on behalf of the Commission (23 June 2003)



The Commission was aware of the Galicia Plan’s existence, thanks to contact with the Spanish Government and authorities and to the information supplied by the Honourable Member. The plan does indeed provide for major investment in the region, some of which could no doubt be part-financed by the Structural Funds or the Cohesion Fund. With regard to the Galicia Plan, the Commission would ask the Honourable Member to kindly refer to its answer to his oral question H-0144/03 during the April 2003 plenary session (1). In addition, the Commission recently adopted a communication on action to deal with the effects of the Prestige disaster (2). With regard to the Structural Funds or the Cohesion Fund, the Commission has stressed on several occasions its willingness to cooperate with the Spanish authorities in order to help combat the aftermath of the disaster, within the limits of the applicable regulatory provisions. In this context, the Commission would ask the Honourable Member to refer to the joint answer to questions E-3597/02 and E-3598/02 (3).
(1) Written answer of 8.4.2003. (2) COM(2003) 105 final. (3) OJ C 242 E, 9.10.2003, p. 65.

(2004/C 33 E/125)

WRITTEN QUESTION E-1487/03 by Claude Moraes (PSE) to the Commission (2 May 2003)

Subject: European Year of Remembrance and Reconciliation Given that the year 2005 will have special significance as the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, what plans does the Commission have to further the theme of reconciliation and remembrance and does the Commission plan to link these themes with the enlargement of the Union? How does the Commission react to proposals for an event to be held at Cassino in Italy to mark the 60th anniversary of the infamous battle that took place there?

Answer given by Mr Prodi on behalf of the Commission (16 May 2003) The Commission would refer the Honourable Member to its answer to written E-1954/02 by Mr Ford (1)
(1) See page 4.

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