Project Report on Distribution Department & sales operation of Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited (C P M) in North East India

In partial fulfillment of requirement of Master in Business Administratation Under the guidance of Mr. Abhijeet Nath. Manager (Distribution)

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Practical knowledge is very important in the field of marketing. No one can learn perfect knowledge about marketing without practical knowledge. I have carried out this project in order to make my MBA degree with practical field knowledge. This is really a good learning opportunity in the corporate field for me. The project is made and completed with the help of number of individuals. Without their help this project work would not have been possible. Here I acknowledge all those people who helped me in this project and also in preparing this report. At first I would like to extend my heartful thanks to the Manager of H.P.C.(CPM) Distribution Department, North East Division, Cachar, Mr.Abhijeet Nath for giving me this opportunity. I am also very much thankful to all the faculty members of Darwin School of Business. Especially, I would like to thank Mr. Biswarup Bhatt., my academic guide for his valuable suggestion and inspiration. Last but not the least; I would like to thank my friends and those entire people who supported me a lot during the course of this project.


P. : Mr. : 2 Months. Name of the Organization Name of the Place Name of the Guide Duration of the project : Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited (CPM) : Cachar.C (CPM). Cachar. Abhijeet Nath. 4 .Title of the Project : Distribution department & sales operation of H.

5 . Date: 7-10-09. has been exclusively prepared and conceptualized by me and is not submitted to any other Institution or published anywhere before. ENR No: DE-I/08/71043. Signature Name: partha sarathi deb.DECLARATION I do hereby declare that this project submitted by me in partial fulfillment of the Master of Business Administration from (Darwin School of Business Guwahati).

P. Sales and Major Buyers of HPC Sale of H. marketing Stockiest.P.CONTENTS  Acknowledgement  Declaration Name of Topics 1.C Chart of the market sale Major buyers of H.P. Exports.C & chart of sales of 2004-08 Graphical representation View on some of the product of H. Executive Summary 2. A word on HPC Company Profile Significant Highlight Board of Directors Headquarter.C Mission of HPC Objective of the study 6 7-10 11-12 13-14 15-17 18-19 19-29 30-33 34-36 37-39 40 41 42-44 45 46 47-48 48(a) Page no 6 . Regional Marketing and sales office Modernization and Technological Upgradation Plans (MTUP) Manufacturing plants Marketing Department of HPC Flow chart of distribution.

Bibliography 7 . Practical work during the project Importance of the project Suggestions and recommendations Conclusion Limitation of the study 49-50 51-55 56-57 58-62 63-65 66-67 68-75 76 77 78 79 80 10. 7.Research methodology Findings and graphical representation 4. 9. Competitors ITC JK Papers Pudumjee Pulp & Paper Mills Limited (PUDUMJEE) 5. 6. 8.

In this project the data were collected from the Stockiests. During this project work I came to know about: 1. It also aimed at rectification of the disadvantage which the products are having. 8 . The penetration level of major papers in Cachar district 2. The project also aims at increase in the sale of the products. Different qualities of papers. 3. The customer satisfaction and opinion about different branded papers.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The base of the Project was to explore the market of papers. The project deals with the distribution operation of HPC in the North-Eastern Region. 4. The project also aimed in advertising the company’s Logo in a popular newspaper or advertisement which is popular among the people. The viability of pushing customer market in the Cachar district. The motto was to find what the perception of the customer about the products is.

P.S.M Cachar paper mill is situated in panchgram which is basically produced papers.). which is the largest paper manufacturer in South East Asia. CPM has a continuous record of steady improvement. and the rest are H.C there are two types of sales namely direct sales & stock transfer.P.M (Nogaon Paper Mill). Performance Highlights Despite lack of infrastructural facilities in a remote location. 9 .P. which was 100% during the previous year. N.C (Nagaland Palpen Paper Corp.000t/year writing and printing paper the mill started its commercial production in April. 1988. CPM has an installed capacity of 100. There are four production unit namely C.155 MT registering over 103% capacity utilization.LTD.M (Cachar paper mill).P.P.L (Hindustan News print.) & N.CACHAR PAPER MILL A WORD ON C. A unit of Hindustan Paper Corporation Ltd (HPC). Unit). the mill recorded the highest annual production of 1. There are many branches which is called DIPO’S situated in 17 places depending on market potential. The size of the paper is measured on G.P.P.03.C.N. In H.M (Gram per SQ. During the year 2006-07. They basically produced two types of papers such as writing & printing papers. which are owned by H.

the third largest entity in the Indian Paper Industry operating with three large integrated paper mills each with installed capacity of 1.P.015 tonnes. HPC Units registered a 11% rise in profit before tax at Rs. exceeding the 100% capacity utilization made for the six times in a row.133 Cr. employing the state-of-the-art production process knows how and utilizing the forest based raw materials available in the North Eastern Region and Kerala. Morigaon and Cachar Paper Mill (CPM).e. 1985 with an all-time high production output of 1. The two units of HPC.000 tonne paper per annum – two are directly managed Units in Assam . Dist.746 tonnes against the previous best of 2. NPM has gone past the 100% capacity utilization mark for the eight times in succession since commissioning in October. 27. Dist. was launched on May 29. reporting year-end ‘ZERO’ stock for the fifth successive year. Hindustan Newsprint Limited (HNL).174 tonnes and sales turnover of Rs. 125 tonnes. H. 1970.29. HNL scaled new peaks with the highestever production output and sales volume of 116111 tonnes.P.C. is wholly owned Govt. Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited.00.P.C.857 tonnes and sales volume of 3. 10. HPC Group achieved the highest-ever combined production output of 3. producing newsprint has notched up significant gains in all facets of operational performance during FY 2007-08.C. HNL 10 .A Word on HPC H. Enterprise was thus the outcome of a genuine national concern for having paper in plenty. 15. especially for mass consumption. is today synonumous with the quest for affordable quality paper. Hailakandi producing printing & writing paper and one in Kerala through a wholly owned subsidiary i. Jagi Road. H. NPM and CPM have registered the highest-ever production of 211.1137 Cr.Nagaon Paper Mill (NPM).

HPC is poised to become a Rs. aiming at a sales turnover of Rs. The farm forestry programme of HPC mills will be supplemented with these plantlets besides distributing the planting material to other North Eastern States like Tripura.000 lakhs tones per annum at Jagdishpur in UP. the Expansion-cum-Diversification Project at the Kerala mill and the revival and doubling of installed production capacity of Nagaland Pulp and Paper Company Limited.000 tonnes of paper/newsprint per annum. Quality plantlets will be available for plantation from June’2008.3000 crore group by 2013 with an installed capacity for production over 8.22.000 tonnes for production – 2. with participation of National Mission on Bamboo Application (NMBA) has been set up at NPM.art Tissue Culture Lab to produce 20 Lakh bamboo plantlets per annum.17 Cr. As bamboo is cross pollinated and flowering cycles are long drawn. etc. Trial operations commenced in March’ 2007 and commercial operation in October’ 2007. a lot of heterogeneity is observed in seedling populations which are highly unsuitable for economic plantations.40 crore since it wiped out the accumulated losses which had touched Rs. 00. HPC has set a target of 3. on the strength of uninterrupted net profit track record since FY 1996-97. For FY 2008-09. Meghalaya. first of its kind in India. Jagiroad.000 tonnes of newsprint. This initiative will play a significant role in view of the gregarious flowering of 11 . The Modernization and Technological Upgradation Plans at the Assam mills. a state – of – the .40. To ensure large scale disease resistant and superior propagules of the desired species for supplementing the bamboo resources.18.000 tonnes of printing and writing paper and 1. Mizoram. HPC has so far paid dividend and redeemed preference shares for a cumulative quantum of Rs.1313 crore. Nagaland are being supplemented by a massive investment programme for a state-of-the-art mega green field mill with an installed capacity of 3.recorded a profit before tax of Rs. Tuli. 00.60.785 Cr on 31-03-1994.

P.P.C.P. C. are operating at more than 100% installed capacity N. While N.N. and H.). and two managed through subsidiary companies viz.P.C.P.).C.N.L.M. which had remained non operational for 15 years is now under revival through implementation of a BIFR sanctioned rehabilitation Scheme.P.L. Hindustan Newsprint Limited (H. 12 . Kerala and Nagaland Pulp and Paper Company Limited (N.‘MULI’ bamboo (Melocanna baccifera) presently covering large forest areas of NE region. has four paper mills two of which are directly managed units in Assam.P. H. HPC’s endeavour has been to reduce Carbon-dioxide emission by way of pursuing Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects out of which one of the projects is in the advanced stage of registration with United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) under Kyoto Protocol.M.

C. for FY 200607. 81 cr. was recategorised as a schedule. 2007.20 maiden paid out in the FY 2005-06. units registered an all time high profit before tax (PBT) of Rs. Some of the other highlighting points of HPC are:  H.P.P.P.045 cr. and a Profit After Tax (PAT) of Rs.P.P.20 crores in the FY 2006-07. H.C.25. with the wholly owned subsidiary. H.C. in FY 2006-07 with H. 3 recipients of the prestigious awards.P. 2007.  Prime minister’s Shram Shree Award for 1999  Prime minister’s Shram Shree Award for 2003 and  Prime minister’s Shram Shree Award for 2005. H.C. H.P. 32 cr.C. group registered an all time high sales turnover of Rs1. H. 45 cr. has been securing excellent rating consecutively for the last 4 years based on performance against MoU targets and was rated as one among top ten PSEs during FY 2005-06 entitling the company to receive the MoU excellence award from Honorable prime minister on March 08.  HPC has gained the certificate for best quality policy in paper production around the country. against the previous best of Rs. HNL showing a PBT of Rs.C.C. 315 cr. A CPSE and its subsidiary HNL as a schedule B CPSE on January 03.C. is also proud to have in its family. and a PAT of Rs.P. 101 cr.P. group continues to maintain its ranking as the third largest entity in the Indian paper industry. units in Assam accounting for Rs. subsidiary. H.C. 120 cr. and H.P.P.C. 13 . 786 cr. H.Significant Highlights of H. paid a dividend of Rs. 1. After the maiden dividend paid out in the FY 2005-06.  HNL for Rs.C. paid a dividend of 25.

 All the operating Mills of HPC are ISO-9001:2000 and ISO-14001 certified. The Netherlands. 14 .  Salt Lake Housing Complex of HPC and the Rotary Islands maintained by it has been awarded the ISO: 14001: 1996 Environmental Management System Certifications by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

Director (Marketing) Shri P. New Delhi . De. By-Lane-7. Lachit Nagar. Industries & Commerce Department. of Heavy Industry. (Part-time) Director (Finance) Shri M. Guwahati 781007 Shri K G Deb Krori Part-time Non official Director. Assam Shri Harish Sonowal (Part-time) Non official Director. S.110 0011 Dr. Govt.The Board of Directors of HPC Chairman-cum-Managing Director Shri Raji Philip Official Director Additional Secretary. N. Assam Shri Supratim Dhar Part-time 15 . 163 Abhinav Apptts. K.. Avenue. Surajit Mitra. Ministry of HI&PE Udyog Bhavan. Silchar – 788001. of Assam. Dept.V. B-12 Vasundhra Enclave. Guwahati – 781006. Official Director Principal Secretary. Narasimha Rao. Delhi 110 096 Shri T R Malakar Part-time Art Cottage.

K. Narasimha Rao Director (Marketing) Shri P.V. Shri N. Hindustan Newsprint Ltd.. JPML / Executive Director (HR&ES) Shri Kallol Acharjya 16 . De Chief Executive Officer.P. NPPC Shri A Mannan Chief Vigilance Officer Smt Arundhaty Ghosh Chief Executive.Key Executives of HPC / Subsidiaries: Chairman-cum-Managing Director Shri Raji Philip Director (Finance) Shri M. Nagaon Paper Mill Shri D D Adhikary Managing Director. Prabhu Chief Executive Officer. Cachar Paper Mill Shri Mohan Jha Chief Executive.

Lucknow – 226001 Ph: (0522) 2273848 / 2282373 Fax: (0522) 2273848 17 . 214A & 215. Laxmi Nagar District Centre. 2204-6250 (Mktg). HPC Ltd. 4th floor. Purohit Ji-Ka Bagh. Regional Marketing and Sales Offices Head office Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited (A Government of India Undertaking) 75-C. Delhi – 110092 Ph: (011) 2202-2150 (CMD). South Tower. Park Street. Scope Minar. Gopinath Marg.The Headquarter. Kolkata 700016 Regional Marketing & Sales offices: Northern Region 1. 2204-6664 (Finance) Fax : (011) 2204-6240 2. Jaipur – 302001 Ph: (0141) 2376970 Fax: (0141) 2379423 3. Ansal City Centre Tower. 11A. China Bazar Road.

Parwati Kunj. (Near Rajendra Nagar Hospital). Ph: (0612) 2674237 North Eastern Region House No. Ruby Building. Sco. Sector – 22-C. 1st Floor Rajgarh Road. Calcutta – 700016 Ph: (033) 2249-6931 / 32 / 34 / 35. Park Street.4. 2226-3411 / 2229-8802 / 6901 / 02 / 06 / 07 Fax: (033) 2249-4996. Chandigarh – 160047 Ph: (0172) 716373 Fax: (0172) 716373 Eastern Region 1. 5.O Silpukhuri Guwahati – 781003 Ph: (0361): 2452470 Fax: (0361)-2451983 18 . Patna – 800016. Rajendra Nagar. 24-61-62. 2245-4932 / 7335 2.83. 1st Floor. 5th Floor. 75-C. Road No. P.

1st Floor. Subhas Marg. Sion-Chembur Road. 174. Mumbai – 400022. 313 Atma House (opp. Indore – 452007 (0731) 2535436 19 . RCF New Office Complex. Ph: (022) 24045408-9 / 24081796 Fax : (022) 24045410 2.Western Region 1. Ahmedabad – 380009 Ph: (079) 6578230/40 3. old Reserve Bank of India) Ashram Road. Priyadarshini. Ram Bag Corner. 1st Floor.

FROM APRIL 2005 TO MARCH 2007 WOULD INCLUDE:  Multi-fuel FBC Boiler to strengthen Utilities  Modernisation of Continuous Cooking Plant  Revamping of the Pulping Line with Oxygen Delignification. A two-phased programme (see below) has been chalked out entailing capital investment of Rs. Efforts are afoot to augment the installed capacity of NPM by 30% in the second phase.Modernization And Technological Upgradation Plans (MTUP) HPC has outlined a road map for strengthening and reinforcing the competiveness of its units and subsidiary in keeping with the strategic and structural changes taking place in the industry.  Upgradation in Rewinding and cutting facility 20 . PHASE I . 520 crores towards modernization and technological upgradation including environmental regulatory compliance requirements for NPM and CPM.  Improving the Paper Machine QCS and Size Press for Quality Improvement and  Improved Machine Drive System. Additional Chlorine Dioxide Manufacturing facility and change in Bleaching Sequence.

District: Kottayam State: Kerala Pin – 686 616 Nearest Airport Nearest Railway Station Product Raw Material Kochi (70 kms. Mavellor. Eucalyptus. Bamboo. (Southern Railway) Newsprint Reeds.) Piravam Road. 00. Acacia Annual Installed Capacity 1.PHASE II . Evaporator and Recovery Boiler Area  Installation of ESP for Coal Fired Boilers  Membrane Cell Conversion at Caustic-Chlorine Plants  Online Coating facilities for Voith Machine at CPM  New Reel Wrapping Machine The Manufacturing plants of HPC Hindustan Newsprint Limited (HNL) PO: Newsprint Nagar.FROM APRIL 2007 TO MARCH 2009 WOULD INCLUDE:  Capacity Expansion by 30% at NPM  Associated Balancing facilities in Pulping and Paper Machine Area.000 tonnes 21 .

The Mill is almost equidistant from Kottayam (32 km) and Ernakulam (34.  Achieved Zero stock consecutively during the last 4 years.5 Km).  Chosen for Mini-Ratna Category I Status among the PSEs. Some of its recent achievements are:  Chosen as "Nodal Newsprint Mill" by Network for Industrial Environment Management (NIEM) for Asia-Pacific region.2.  Ranked fourth (2 Leaves) in the first ever Green Rating for environmental and forestry performance among the Large Pulp & Paper Industry units in the Country.2001.  Shram-Shri Award won by its employee Shri S M Basha. the Mill has been a catalyst for socio-economic growth of the people in the area.Performance Highlights: HNL has a consistent record of full capacity production and surplus generation for over a decade now. It is very close to the Piravam Road railway station.  Kerala State Award for Energy Conservation during 1997-98 & 19992000. 22 . The award was given away by the Prime Minister on 24. He is the first recipient of the award from Kerala and also the first in the Indian Pulp and Paper Industry. Location: HNL is located at Mavellore. a picturesque village by the side of the river Muvattuphza on 725 acres of land. As a responsible corporate citizen. The quality of its product is at par with the best in the global market.

UKAS Environmental Management  HNL Township is also included in the ISO-14001 certification.20 Cr. HNL installed its modern De-inking Plant in 2002. Voith GMBH machine can run at the speed of 750 meters / minute and can produce 44 to 54 GSM paper on the trim width of 6. 2000 by M/s. De-inking Project at HNL: • • • Investment of Rs. 52. Newsprint in HNL is produced with 55% chemi-mechanical pulp 30% and 15% chemical pulp. BVQI. Annual Production for the past five years (in tonnes): Years 2002-2003 2003-2004 2004-2005 2005-2006 2006-2007 Productions (in metric tonnes) 100495 MT 112555 MT 112202 MT 113050 MT 112565 MT HNL – Major Achievements: Only Newsprint Mill in India to have  ISO-9001:2000 Quality Management System (QMS).8 meters.  Environmental Management System (EMS) accredited with ISO-14001 certification in October. Capacity – 100 MT per day Gestation Period – 30 months 23 .Technology: HNL is the first mill in India to produce newsprint with eucalyptus wood.

During the year 2006-07. 00.000 tonnes : Bamboo Nearest Railway Station . CPM has a continuous record of steady improvement. Meghalaya and Tripura. District: Hailakandi. Despite lack of infrastructural facilities in a remote location. the mill 24 : Silchar (37 km) : Panchgram (N. Railway) : Writing and Printing Paper and Newsprint : 1. State: Assam Pin: 788 802 Neare st Airport Product Annual Capacity Raw Material Performance Highlights: Cachar Paper Mill (CPM) is the only major industrial undertaking in south Assam and the adjoining states of Mizoram. A huge savings in usage of natural fibre.• • On run HNL to make newsprint with 40% recycled fibre. • Cachar Paper Mill (CPM) Panchgram.F.

Prior to the commencement of the main programme. Shri Kallol Acharjya lauded the untiring efforts of the employees for steering the Mill towards the much awaited 25 . games and sports. Shishu Niketan.155 MT registering over 103% capacity utilization. Later balloons and pigeons were released. Panchgram railway station is situated close to the Mill.recorded the highest annual production of 1. The mill is located at a distance of 25 km from Silchar. CPM Foundation Day: On April 23. scouts and guides. Literary and cultural events were also organized. On the occasion. which was 100% during the previous year. Addressing the employees. 57 between Silchar and Guwahati. Location: Cachar Paper Mill is situated by the side of the Barak River in the Hailakandi district of Assam on the National Highway No. Shri Kallol Acharjya. the employees also took a pledge. A week-long action-packed and fun-filled programme commencing April 17 was organized which included several exciting events such as the ‘mashal’ race. 2006. 03. CPM DIVAS was celebrated with immense enthusiasm and a spirit of camaraderie by the employees of Cachar Paper Mill. There are regular bus services connecting the Mill with both Silchar and Guwahati. ‘Smriti Tarpan’ was performed to pay tribute to the departed souls by showering rose petals and observing a minute’s silence. Chief Executive hoisted the CPM Flag and the event was followed by an elegant march past by the CISF personnel and the students of Kendriya Vidyalaya. All members of the CPM fraternity wholeheartedly participated in the events. musical soiree.

000 lakh tonnes of paper in the last financial year. He added that in spite of innumerable operational hazards.2003 2003. Assam University graced the occasion as Chief Guest. Shri Subhas Chandra Saha. Shri Raji Philip complimented the CPM fraternity in their relentless effort in achieving 1.012 100.000 lakh tonnes production. In his address.2004 2004-2005 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008 Production (in tonnes) 94. it was the invincible and dauntless spirit of each and every employee that the Mill could emerge with flying colours.056 26 . 00. 00. He appealed to all to continue and sustain the good work. Vice Chancellor.production of 1.631 103.702 97. He urged all to maintain the same tempo. Annual Production (tonnes) for the past five years: Years 2002.155 112.376 91. The evening witnessed an engrossing cultural programme presented by artists of the Silchar Valley.

District: Morigaon. Railway) Writing and Printing Paper and Newsprint 1. The Mill can be conveniently reached by road from Guwahati. situated on the Guwahati-Nagaon Road. 27 .) Jagi Road (N. the nerve centre of the North-East.F.The Nagaon Paper Mill Nagaon Paper Mill (NPM) Kagaj Nagar Jagi Road. located only 60 kms away. State: Assam Pin: 782 413 Nearest Airport Nearest Railway Station Product Annual Installed Capacity Raw Material Guwahati (70 km. (National Highway No 37) is in the Morigaon district of Assam. The mill is only 4 km away from the Jagi Road railway station.000 tonnes Bamboo Nagaon Paper Mill. 00.

which was 106% during the previous year.091 2003-2004 2004-2005 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008 1. 06.20031.437 1.160 1. Annual Production (tonnes) for the past six years: Years 2002. 06.Performance Highlights : Nagaon Paper Mill (NPM) produced 1.05. 06.300 1. 05. 12. 07.065 Production (in tonnes) 28 .160 MT writing & Printing paper during 2006-07 registering a capacity utilization of over 105%.639 1.

000 MT : Bamboo. District: Mukokchung.F. Railway) Tuli (3 km) : Writing and Printing Paper : 33. Reeds 29 .Nagaland Pulp & Paper Company Limited (NPPC) (A Subsidiary of Hindustan Corporation Limited) Nagaland Pulp & Paper Company Limited (NPPC) Tuli. State: Nagaland Pin: 798 623 Nearest Airport Nearest Railway Station Product Annual Installed Capacity Raw Material : Jorhat (70 kms) : Amguri (N.

NPPC. at Tuli in the district of Mukokchung. Present on the occasion were Shri Raji Philip. Director. NPPC is the only heavy industry in Nagaland. He 30 . 1982. and continued operating losses the Mill has suspended its operational activities from October. Shri Alemtemshi Jamir. 1971. HPC and Chairman. Shri Mukesh Nigam. Shri Raji Philip extended a warm welcome to the Directors. Commercial production in NPPC started from July. 1992. Director and Shri A Mannan. of Nagaland holds 5% share. Ministry of HI&PE.Location: The mill is situated at a distance of 13 kms from Assam-Nagaland border in Nagaland. Shri M V Narasimha Rao. 225 Crores for restructuring its assets and liabilities is under consideration of the Govt. 2006. It is a joint venture where the Government of India holds 95% share and Govt. Chairman-cum-Managing Director. Director & Chief Executive Officer. 487 Crores along with non-cash adjustment of Rs. NPPC. Department of Heavy Industry. A revival scheme. Director. of India. due to lack of power supply. Addressing the august gathering. However. NPPC on the Road to Revival: The 148th meeting of the Board of Directors of Nagaland Pulp & Paper Co Ltd was held at Tuli on April 20. Background: Incorporated on 14th September. NPPC.000 MT with cash infusion of Rs. CMD expressed deep appreciation for the invaluable contribution made by the earlier Board. particularly Shri Khekiho Zhimomi former Chairman. enhancing the capacity to 66.

After the session. During the meeting several vital issues concerning the revival of the Mill were discussed threadbare. Shri B K Dash. Energy Conservation: On April 25.Plant Engineer (Utility) conducted the programme and guided the students around the Mill. 2006 an interactive training programme on ‘Energy Awareness and Conservation’ was held at the Training Centre for the benefit of the students of Kendriya Vidyalaya. Sr. Shri A Mannan apprised the Board on the current status of clearances obtained from various Government agencies for revival of the Mill. 31 .was confident that the present newly constituted Board would take all enabling steps to implement the revival scheme after obtaining approval from GoI. the students visited the plant where energy efficient equipment and devices installed in the Mill were shown to them.

Marketing Department is a livewire of the corporation. controlling and directing a work force of above one hundred consisting of officers. The department is headed by a Director who is supervising. Each Regional office is headed by a Manager (Sales).P. supervisors and staff. Northern Region : DELHI Depots: a) Delhi b) Jaipur c) Lucknow d) Chandigarh 3. The marketing wing having its Head Office in the CHQ consists of five Regional Offices controlling fifteen Sales Offices. To meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive market.C. North Eastern Region : GUWAHATI Depots: a) Guwahati 32 . Eastern Region : KOLKATA Depots: a) Kolkata b) Patna 2. quality improvement and production of value added items have been single out as part of key marketing strategy. The products of NPM are marketed by the Marketing Division of the HPC.The Marketing Department Of H. A well knit marketing and distribution network covering the entire country has been established through Corporation’s Regional and Depot Sales offices as well as accredited stockiest to make paper available in time to various sections of consumers. 1.

Distribution channels. Southern Region : CHENNAI Depots: a) Chennai b) Bangalore c) Kochi d) Hyderabad e) Madurai The Head Office of the Department is having sections of Production Planning and Distribution. pricing of products and developments. by leading a team of professionals for augmenting the sales turnover through efficient functioning of sales offices. The job necessitates close inter-action with the mills. He assists CMD to formulate marketing policies and implements the same. The Head Office has constant interaction with all the Regional Offices and Mills Distribution Department. The responsibility of Director (Marketing) is for the entire marketing operation. The Sales offices are ideally situated at different locations in the country so that they can monitor the requirement of various consumers. establish dialogue and finally procure orders. He also collects market intelligences. MIS/MR.4. located at different parts of the country. coordination of production planning and effective utilization of (marketing intelligence channels) market forces to the best benefit of the corporation. Western Region : MUMBAI Depots: a) Mumbai b) Ahmedabad c) Indore 5. Export and Customer Service. sales realization etc. plans the sales strategies. 33 .

5. 4. 3. Marketing Strategy: 1. 7. Adopt a mix of volume driven and value added strategies to enhance net sales realization. Ensure a healthy order book position. institutional segments and actual users. Enter into strategic alliance with other dominant industry counterparts to stave off the growing clout of the medium scale units (“COOPETITION”). 34 . 6. Ensure assured volumes through direct marketing / relationship marketing initiatives with the government. Ensure prompt deliver and customer service especially to the dealer/stockiest network 2.He is overall responsible for arranging and marketing the products of all HPC Mills & Subsidiary companies. Attempt growth in export markets through appropriate pricing. quality assurance / upgradation and niche development. Create brand equity through a sustained market research programme.

P. Prompt customer Service.C. Making paper available for educational requirements at competitive prices.Marketing Objectives of H. are: 1. Deptt. The main marketing objectives of H. 4.P.C.P. 2. Flow Chart of the Marketing Department of H.C. Reasonable price without exploiting the customer. Special drives to meet the requirement of Govt. Customer (Stockiest/Institution) Milling Authority Marketing Department Customer Service Cell(CSC) Production Planning and Distribution Cell(PPD) MIS Mills Finance Mills Distribution Mills Transportation 35 . / Institutions. 3.

He is the overall in-charge of all the sales in the domestic and the international segment. The department has 5 regional offices with 15 depots to handle the requirements to the customers. The export section is handled directly by the CHQ. 36 . Kolkata.Organization Structure of the Marketing Department: Director (Sales) Manager (Sales) Deputy Manager (Sales) Executive (Fin) Senior Assistant Staff The Marketing Department of HPC is headed by Director (Sales) based at the Head Quarter at CHQ.


Laxmi Narayan Stores Co. Bhagwan Met (p) Ltd. The stockiest of the north east region are: Stockiest (Place) 1.The Stockiest. 100 T and 50 T respectively depending upon the potentiality of the market. Hauva and Sons. Yash Marketing (I) (Ghy) 200 100 100 50 100 5. Bharati Paper Traders (Agartala) 38 . (Aizawl) 8. These stockiest are categorized in A1. A continuous monitoring of their performance is done. The stockiest that are unable to attain desired performance are discarded and further new appointments are also made as when required. Naranarayan trading and Co. 200 T. Oriental Paper product (Ghy) Category A A A A B B C B Target 200 200 200 2. Sales and the Major buyers of HPC products The Stockiest: The Department has an intensive network of stockiest at almost all the paper markets in the country. Exports. (Agartala) 6. (Ghy) 4. (Ghy) 3. B and C categories having monthly sales target of 600 T. A. (Karimganj) 7. NCCF Ltd.

L. M/S Shree Udyog Fancy Bazar. Naranarayan Paper and Paper Products From the stockiest above the following dealers/retailers procure HPC Products for further distribution as per the market demand. SCRB Road. Guwahati 4.C. Oriental Paper Products. Bajrang Bali Market. Guwahati 2. Fancy Bazar. Ltd.R. Guwahati – 1 The main Stockiest of H. Pan Bazar.E. M/S Oriental Paper Products. Address 8. Guwahati-781001 39 . Fancy Bazar Guwahati-781001 2. Nehru Road. The retailers in this region are: 1. SCRB Road. are: Name of the Stockiest 1. Fancy Bazar. Pvt. Yash Marketing India 5. 6. inN. Guwahati – 1 2. Ltd.L. Bajrang Bali Market SRCB Road. M/S Savitri Enterprise Pvt.P.The major roles playing stockiest in the north eastern region are: 1. National Co-operative Consumer’s Federation of India Limited. M/S Bhagavaan Met. Nehru Road Panbazar. 11/C Guha Lodge M. National Cooperative Consumer Federation (NCCF) M. Assam Paper Mart Fancy Bazar. Guwahati 3.

Mizoram. Road. Road. 4.3. CLP 1/60-C Kulikawn Aizwal. The Exports of HPC Products: HPC paper is exported to:  Bangladesh  Sri Lanka  Nigeria  Myanmar  Jordan  Egypt A sample of the quality policy and environmental policy of HPC 40 . Overnite Express Building. Hauva and Sons.S. Ltd. Amerigog Kamrup 5.S. G. Bhangagarh. Pvt. Yash Marketing. G. Bhagwan Met.

However.The Sale of HPC products: The Sale of HPC products: The Sale of HPC products: Th e sale of the products of the organization follows various steps. customer services and continuous absorption of more environment friendly technology. They always try to maintain a good position in terms of the quality of the paper to increase in the sale of the products. Map Showing all the Mills and Offices of HPC in India A chart showing the market sales or the product flow: 41 . HPC strives continuously to maintain a leading position in the paper and newsprint industry in terms of production quality. The organization exports the products to the various places in India as well as abroad also. in the new globalised environment. The steps can be traced out from the distribution channel as well as from the chart which is given below. understanding customer expectations and ensuring customer satisfaction at all stages have been identified as the key strategy for continuous growth.

Guwahati  Daily Desher Katha. Jorhat 42 . Guwahati  Sentinel Group.A chart showing the market sales or the product flow: Major buyers of HPC products: Major Institutional Buyers Newspapers:  Assam Tribune Group. Agartala  Dainik Janambhumi.

Patna  Board of Secondary Education. Guwahati  Tripura University.. Agartala  Bombay University. Govt. Text Book Corpn. Kottayam  Manipur University  Delhi University Education Board:  West Bengal Board of Primary Education. Jaipur  Gujarat State Board of School Text Book. Patna  Text Book Production & Marketing. Bhubaneswar. Kolkata  Directorate of School Education.. West Bengal  Bihar State Education Board. Orissa. Chennai  A.. Cuttack  Board of Secondary Education. Kolkata  West Bengal Board of Higher Secondary Council.Universities:  Guwahati University.P. Mumbai  University of Madras. Bhopal  Tamilnadu Text Book Corpn. Guwahati  Rajasthan State Text Book Board. Text Book Press. Orissa  Assam State Text Book Corpn. Hyderabad 43 . West Bengal  Bihar State Text Book Corporation.G. Gandhinagar  M. Chennai  M. School Book Publishing Houses:  Directorate of School Education. Guwahati.P. University.

Gandhinagar. Agartala.P. Aizawl. Calcutta  Printing & Stationery Department. of India Press. Guwahati  Chief Election Officer. Guwahati. & Stn. Itanagar. Tuli. Assam  Directorate of Printing. Imphal. Meghalaya  Chief Election Officer. Arunachal Pradesh  Chief Election Officer. Shillong. Guwahati. Delhi  Director (Ptg.. Hyderabad 44 . Bhubaneswar Government Departments:  Central Coalfields Ltd. Ranchi  Telecom. Assam  Chief Election Officer. Tamil Nadu  Director (P&S). Chennai. Nagaland  Chief Election Officer. Asom Rashtrabhasa Prochar Samity  Delhi Bureau of Text Book  Text Book Corporation Kerala Publishing Houses:  Saraswati Press. Mizoram  A. State Trading Corpn.. Cuttack  Govt. Manipur  Chief Election Officer. Tripura  Director of Ptg. Gujarat  Directorate of Printing & Stationery. Tripura  Printing & Stationery Department. Stationery & Publication.).

337 25.R. N. 3224 21. Delhi  Haryana Vidyut Prasaran Nigam  State Road Transport.658 Market Sale (in MT) 76. 4092 Graphical representation of the datas given above: 45 .C.442 12. Assam  Director of Hindi Implementation. 1209 21.. 8762 10.C. 0737 Sale in N.P. 1371 10. 6829 21.E R (in MT) 19.T. From 2004-2008 Year 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 Total Sale (in MT) 19.E.898 21. Delhi  Southern Railway  State Election Commission. Gujarat Total sales of H.527 22.

250000 200000 150000 100000 50000 0 2004 2005 2006 2007 TOTAL SALE SALE IN NER MARKET SALE A view on some of the products of HPC Products manufactured by HPC:  Common varieties  Cream Wove  Maplitho  Computer Stationery Paper  Base Paper  Copier Paper  Offset printing paper Range of chemicals 46 .

Buyers  Publishing Houses  Exercise Book Converters 47 . / Instt. Caustic  Caustic Flake with purity Branded Items – HPC Copier  Education Sector  Large Govt.

• To preserve the ecological balance and explore eco-friendly production process to strike a harmonious relationship between nature and industry. copier paper. S. growth and expansion. • To ensure optimum utilization of existing assets to generate maximum internal resources for renovation. R&D and technology upgradation. develop and retain committed and skilled workforce with emphasis on trust and teamwork. • To increase utilization of unconventional raw materials and adopt recycling method to reduce dependence on forest resources for maintaining ecological balance. and create brand equity for higher profitability and greater market share. production standard.The Mission of Hindustan Paper Corporation Ltd The missions are as under: • To be a major contributor to the cultural segment in paper industry in terms of volume as well as quality. customer services. etc. • To provide adequate thrust on product diversification and manufacture value-added items like computer stationery. • To explore and implement technological upgradation of the existing equipment for improved quality and increasing productivity and for greater cost effectiveness. 48 . Maplitho. • To develop professional management culture consistent with the requirement of the industry to attract. • To enlarge market channels for perennial supply of all variety of cultural paper and to ensure customer satisfaction through value addition and constant upgradation of quality.S.

magazines. All the valuable information and data required to make this project are collected through personal visit to primary sources and secondary sources PLAN FOR THE STUDY: The main objective of this stage is to gather more & more needed information and research them properly. Some of the sources that were used by me are: (a) Internal source (HPC Marketing Process Manual) (b) Related books. dealers of various places with the help of questionnaire and personal interview. These data were collected by visiting the existing stockiest. report. (2) Secondary data:A large amount of secondary data is collected from secondary sources. (c) Industry Publication 49 . In the study information was collected from the data sources and then researches the data by using research instrument. The decisions regarding these parameters were taken by me after analyzing the data. sampling plan and contact method.Research Methodology Proper methodology has to be carried in order to reach the objective of the research. DATA COLLECTION METHOD: Data Sources (1) Primary data: Primary data are more important for the study.

(2) Sample Size: This project is based upon 30 samples I have collected from the survey. www. Thus here the existing customer of different paper company’s of Guwahati City.e.(d) I also study data available on electronic media and taken data and information from various Web sites of company and related sites like: 1. Research Instrument:The main research instrument was questionnaire. Sample Procedure:Though both probability and non probability sampling method can be used. Research Approach:Observation and survey were the basic approaches used to the customers and others and their opinion about the products of HPC. 50 . Sampling Plan: The sampling plan had following attributes:- (1)Sampling Unit: Sampling unit i. who is to be surveyed. Both structure and unstructured questions were asked to the existing customers of the given area of the Guwahati City.hindpaper. But non probability sampling is a convenient sampling method and judgmental sampling was done for experience and acquiring objective. www.in 2. Only that information was asked for which was readily available with the respondent.google. The samples collected were mainly of the stockiest and the dealers of the respective area.com etc.

3 (c) Copier Paper .Findings and graphical representation A market survey is undertaken to find about its awareness. availability. Which type of paper you deal in? (a) Cream wove .14 (b) Maplitho . 1.10 (d) Others – 3 10% 33% 47% 10% Cream wove Maplitho Copier Papers Others 51 . A sample of 30 respondents from different locations of the cachar dealing in paper business are queried about the HPC products and about its different attributes. consumption and quality in the market. a random sampling method is used to find the data through questionnaires. For the purpose.

6 (b) J. I have found that cream wove is leading among the dealers which they deals with. As shown in the chart. Offset printing papers etc. The others include the papers like Base papers.K. which company’s paper you mainly deal in? (a) HPC Ltd.Inference: The dealers mainly deal with cream wove papers. . 33% for the copier papers and 10% is for others.8 (d) Other “B” grade Mill – 2 7% 21% HPC Ltd. Q. maplitho etc. Paper ITC Other “B” grade Mill 29% 43% 52 . 47% is for Cream wove papers. J.12 (c) ITC .2. Since I did the survey mainly for the specified papers like cream wove. Paper .K. 10 % is for the Map litho papers.

3.12 33% 27% Direct from Mill Stockiest Dealers 40% Inference: The above chart depicts that the source of paper for the shopkeepers is stockiest at the most that is 40%. Dealers come next and directly from the mill come at the last which is only 27%.10 (c) Stockiest .Inference: From the above chart it is clear that most of the dealers deal with JK paper Company which constitutes 43% in the market. Q. what are the sources of your paper? (a) Direct from Mill . 53 .8 (b) Dealers .

23 (b) No – 7 23% Yes No 77% Inference: The above chart shows that 77% of the consumers are satisfied with the price of the paper and only 23% are not satisfied.Are you satisfied with the price of the paper? (a) Yes .Q. 54 .4.

P.8 (d) Other “B” grade Mill – 5 H.C.Q. price and service which cover 33%.K. Price and Service. 55 . . Ltd.7 (b) J. Paper ITC 33% Other “B” grade Mill 27% Inference: From the above chart it is very much clear that JK paper is best in terms of quality.5.K.C.10 (c) ITC . 17% 23% J. (a) H.P. Paper . Ltd. which company is best according to your view of in terms of Quality.

56 . the actual production was approximately 5.Competitors The Indian paper industry has an installed capacity of 6. several top players have initiated capacity expansion plan that is expected to be start commercial production by 2006-2008. however domestic production is only around 0.7 million tons per annum (TPA) while.6 million tons per annum while consumption of newsprint is 1. Recognizing this.1 million tons per annum.26 million tons of paper in 2003-2004. The local production is estimated to have reached 6 million tons in 2005. Newsprint capacity in India is estimated at 1.2 million tons per annum. The domestic pulp and paper industry is expected to increase its production from the present six million tons to eight million tons by 2010 to meet the growing demand.

durables and match shells.The major players of paper industry in India are: ITC Limited ITC is one of the world's most modern and contemporary manufacturers of packaging and graphic series of boards. personal care & toiletries. pharma. foods. Classmate 57 . ITC's Paperboards business has a manufacturing capacity of over 360.eg. beverages.000 tons per year and is India's market leader across all carton-consuming segments including cigarettes.

ITC was the first company in India to voluntarily seek a corporate governance rating. ITC is rated among the World's Best Big Companies. Paperboards & Specialty Papers. is aggressively pursuing emerging opportunities in providing end-to-end IT solutions. Stationery. including e-enabled services and business process outsourcing. Branded Apparel. ITC also ranks among Asia's 50 best performing companies compiled by Business Week. While ITC is an outstanding market leader in its traditional businesses of Cigarettes. Safety Matches and other FMCG products. Hotels. 58 . it is rapidly gaining market share even in its nascent businesses of Packaged Foods & Confectionery. Information Technology. Personal Care and Stationery. Asia's 'Fab 50' and the World's Most Reputable Companies by Forbes magazine. in a study conducted by Brand Finance and published by the Economic Times. among India's Most Respected Companies by Business World and among India's Most Valuable Companies by Business Today. Packaging and Agri-Exports. ITC has a diversified presence in Cigarettes. Agri-Business. safety and environment management systems. ITC ranks among India's `10 Most Valuable (Company) Brands'. Branded Apparel.1 Billion. ITC Infotech India Limited. Packaged Foods & Confectionery.Company Profile ITC is one of India's foremost private sector companies with a market capitalization of nearly US $ 19 billion and a turnover of over US $ 5. Paperboards. Packaging. Hotels. ITC's production facilities and hotels have won numerous national and international awards for quality. productivity. ITC's wholly owned Information Technology subsidiary. Personal Care.

graphic. Having pioneered many specialty applications like cigarette tissues. printing and specialty paper requirements through its four world-class mills in India. ITC’s Paperboards and Specialty papers business enjoys market leadership in the value-added paperboards segment.” The Mission of ITC “To enhance the wealth generating capability of the enterprise in a globalising environment. and also has a significant share of the Indian paperboards market. 59 . communication. packaging boards. aseptic cartons and gypsum liners. It is also the largest Indian exporter of coated boards. creating growing value for the Indian economy and the Company’s stakeholders. ITC caters to a wide spectrum of packaging. delivering superior and sustainable stakeholder value.The Vision of ITC “Sustain ITC's position as one of India's most valuable corporations through world class performance. writing.” The Products of ITC: ITC’s Paperboards and Specialty Papers Division is India’s largest and most technologically advanced paper and paperboards business.

Printing & barrier papers – Unbleached Kraft base Cigarette Tissues Electrical insulation papers Nichepapers 60 .The product range includes: 1. Papers: Woodfree fine papers MG Kraft papers Opaque papers Decor Surface. Specialty: Liquid packaging Gypsum Liners Cupstock Barrier coated cartonboards Cast coated paper & boards 3. Graphics: Coated Cards Ivory Cards 4. Packaging Paper: Virgin Folding Box Boards Solid Bleached Boards Recycled Coated Duplex Whiteback Coated Duplex Greyback White Liner 2.

All four manufacturing units are ISO 9001: ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified and meet strict Environment. Cyber Cypak. these units produce more than 500000 TPA of paper and paperboards that meet stringent quality requirements across the world. Fusion Each of the mills specializes in a range of products. It boasts of equipment supplied by internationally renowned suppliers for pulping processes. paper machines. as well as fine printing papers 61 . Art Maestro. and finishing & packing lines. Indobarr Recycled boards: Ecoviron.Some of ITC’s prominent paperboard brands are: Folding Box Boards: Cyber XLPac. Together. The unit in Bhadrachalam is India’s largest integrated pulping and paperboard manufacturing unit. Currently the unit produces high-end virgin and recycled boards for packaging and graphic applications. web detection & inspection systems. Health and Safety norms. Carte Persona Poly coated boards: Indobev. Cyber Propac Solid Bleached Sulphate Boards: Safire Graphik.

62 . and the other in the West – Central. being marketed in the brand name of JK Cote. India's largest producer of branded papers is also a leading player in the Printing and Writing segment. JK Paper Ltd. Orissa with a capacity of 125.JK Paper Ltd JK Paper Ltd. They mainly supply printing and copier paper in North East Region. located at Songadh.000 tonnes per year of Paper and Pulp.000 tonnes per year and Central Pulp Mills. India’s largest producer of branded papers is a leading player in the Printing and Writing segment. Orissa.000 tonnes per year of industrial packaging board in Gujarat is under implementation. The company operates two plants in India. with a capacity of 125. A plant to manufacture 60.000 tonnes per year.. with a manufacturing capacity of 55. one in the East – JK Paper Mills (JKPM) in Rayagada.000 tons per year.. The Company has commissioned a 46. This facility employs superior blade coating technology to produce international quality coated art paper and boards. using contemporary technology. The plants currently operate at more than 120% capacity utilization with an aggregate annual output of over 180. It operates two paper plants in India. Gujarat. JK Paper Mills in Rayagada. Both the manufacturing units of the Company are ISO 9001-2000 compliant.000 TPA state-of-art Coating Plant at Rayagada.

Very large number of farmers in the states of Orissa. a superior uncoated Writing and Printing paper. The plantation with its superior quality plants contribute towards a strong base for high quality raw materials. driven by in-house research programme.About 40% of Paper produced by the Company is sold under various brand names. Being the largest selling branded copier paper in India. amongst the paper mills across India. The Company sells through a nationwide distribution network of approximately 100 distributors and 2500 dealers. 63 . Andhra Pradesh. The Company passionately believes in Environment & Safety and has introducing cleaner and environment-friendly technologies. JK Copier Plus and JK Easy Copier. Both the units of the Company are ISO 14001 certified for their eco-friendly operations. JK Copier. It is the only Company in the industry with such a large share of branded products in its portfolio.000 hectares of land over the years. JK Copier is the Company's flagship brand. The other major product is JK Maplitho. SAARC and various African countries. it is helping the farmers to improve their economic well being. By providing farmers high quality plant species through the Company's plantation research centre. have covered more than 45. JK Savannah. JK Excel Bond. South East Asia. JK Paper enjoys highest Operating Margins and Highest Net Sales Realization (NSR) in over 90% of the products it sells. Gujarat and Maharashtra are benefitting from this programme. The Company's plantations. The Company has an export footprint for high value branded products in the Middle East. Chhattisgarh. JK Bond. West Bengal. JK Paper Mill at Rayagada has been adjudged as the Greenest Paper Mill in India. The Company is also implementing TPM with the help of Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance.

P. Laminating Base. PUDUMJEE has now reached a capacity of 38. Tissue Papers.Pudumjee Pulp & Paper Mills Limited (PUDUMJEE) It is a Pune (Maharashtra. Impressed Stamp. Silicone base paper. Passport and Excise Banderoll. Packaging Papers of various kinds and types. catering to wide range of industrial applications specially manufactured to meet customers` specific requirements.Jatia Group of Companies. India) based Company engaged in the manufacture and sale of Specialty Papers is a flagship Company of the M. PUDUMJEE went on to extend range of papers to include Security Papers such as MICR Paper. Starting with a capacity of 6. Postal Stamp. Sensitized Paper.500 MT per annum of Specialty Papers 64 .000 MT of paper per annum in 1968. Beginning with manufacture of India’s first indigenous Greaseproof and Glassine papers for packaging for the first time in India. Wax Match paper.

History: Pudumjee Pulp & Paper Mills Limited which comes with a tradition of over 100 years in the Paper Industry was incorporated in November 1964 and commenced production in January 1968 at its plant at Pune (Maharashtra, India).

Products: Calendared paper  Glassine paper  Opaline & Intaglio paper  Release Base paper  Super Calendar Kraft paper  Opaque Laminating Base paper  Twist Wrap paper Coated Paper  Coated Art & Chromo paper Industrial Paper  Grease proof paper  Imitation Parchment paper  Packing Tissue paper  Parchmentine paper  Absorbent Kraft paper  Bactite paper

Projec t which was done
Some documents of (G.S.M & QUALITY wise), has been solved by me during the project. ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION
The analysis for the performance of Finishing H0use and Distribution Department in CPM with special reference HINDUSTAN PAPER CORPORATION LIMITED has been done separately for the different department. The objective behind conducting a separate analysis for various departments is to know thoroughly about the productivity of the organization and also find out the organization’s need. BARdiagram also used to interpret the result.

There are some tables which show the quality, GSM wise machine production and machine finished for a few FY:

SL NO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 QUALITY CREAM WOVE CREAM WOVE CREAM WOVE CREAM WOVE CREAM WOVE PAPER CREAM WOVE CREAM WOVE CREAM WOVE CREAM WOVE PAPER CREAM WOVE CREAM WOVE CREAM WOVE GS M 45 47 50 52 54 56 57 58 60 62 64 68 SHEE T 1663 2453 0 2470 13595 16 1171 5859 2017 841 387 164

REEL 188 55 152 10613 17805 2748 45 6006 6684 39 57 530 TOTA L 1851 2508 152 13083 31400 2764 1216 11865 8701 880 444 694 SHEE T 1547 2288 0 2307 12698 15 1095 5489 1880 786 362 152 REE L 175 51 141 9906 1664 4 2551 42 5612 6210 36 53 500 TOTA L 1722 2339 141 12213 29342 2566 1137 11101 8090 822 415 652


13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51


70 80 54 58 60 62 64 70 80 58 60 70 80 58 60 62 64 68 70 58 60 70 60 64 65 68 70 75 78 80 90 100 120 63 75 100 130 140

195 85 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 400 2055 0 2428 1112 765 948 0 87 0 0 0 287 76 21 35 5421 109 16 2424 277 480 129 618 962 208 253 265 50292

123 0 978 2245 116 21 7 30 20 107 1608 22 1502 2649 371 0 161 9 8 1608 9 6 94 0 0 0 869 0 0 99 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 57584

318 85 978 2245 116 21 7 30 20 107 2008 2077 1502 5077 1483 765 1109 9 95 1608 9 6 381 76 21 35 6290 109 16 2523 277 480 129 618 962 208 253 265 10787 6

183 79 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 371 1916 0 2264 1033 711 881 0 81 0 0 0 266 71 20 33 5058 101 15 2255 258 445 121 574 895 193 235 251 46929

115 0 910 2092 108 21 7 28 18 99 1495 20 1390 2471 344 0 149 8 7 1496 8 6 88 0 0 0 809 0 0 92 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 5370 2

298 79 910 2092 108 27 7 28 18 99 1866 1936 1390 4735 1377 711 1030 8 88 1496 8 6 354 71 20 33 5867 101 15 2347 258 445 121 574 895 193 235 251 10063 1


WOVE CR.WOVE CR.WOVE CR. FINISH PROD.WOVE/WM CR.WOVE CR.WOVE C S DLX C S DLX C S DLX C S PAPER C S PAPER C S PAPER C S PAPER/WM C S PAPER/WM COPIER COVER PAPER CR.WOVE CR.WOVE CR.WOVE CR.OF 2007-08 MACHINE PROD.QUALITY WISE. GSM WISE M/C PROD.WOVE/WM CR.WOVE CR.WOVE CR. SL NO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 QUALITY CR.WOVE CR.WOVE CR.WOVE/WM CR/PTG/PAPER CR/WPP/WM CR/WPP/WM DUPL MAP/SS MAP/SS MAP/SS MAP/SS MAP/SS MAP/SS MAP/SS MAP/SS MAP/SS MAP DLX MAP DLX MAP DLX GSM 45 47 50 52 54 55 56 57 58 60 62 64 70 80 95 58 60 70 54 58 70 70 80 75 130 58 70 80 70 60 70 63 60 64 70 75 80 90 100 110 120 58 60 64 SHEET 1105 1729 161 2434 9846 40 0 1002 4437 1077 551 87 3357 222 141 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 170 202 36 72 133 1633 0 560 455 451 218 3862 188 1808 256 172 80 6 590 141 262 REEL 359 60 0 7870 17028 0 1379 188 6006 2981 48 151 259 0 0 839 32 5 1220 1651 10 53 4 0 287 542 1159 1461 0 4797 6251 0 1223 106 921 0 95 0 0 0 0 2624 2486 37 TOTAL 1464 1789 161 10304 26874 40 1379 1190 10443 4058 599 238 3616 222 141 839 32 5 1220 1651 10 53 4 170 489 578 1231 1593 1633 4797 6811 455 1674 324 4783 188 1309 256 172 80 6 3214 2627 299 SHEET 998 1562 148 2216 8930 37 0 913 3999 976 499 79 3050 207 128 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 155 180 32 65 120 1496 0 497 411 406 195 3515 175 1642 232 157 71 5 536 126 236 REEL 342 57 0 7470 16140 0 1311 179 5716 2829 46 144 247 0 0 793 30 5 1153 1575 10 50 4 0 273 518 1101 1401 0 4564 5945 0 1161 102 786 0 90 0 0 0 0 2495 2360 36 TOTAL 1340 1619 148 9686 25070 37 1311 1029 9715 3805 545 223 3297 207 128 793 30 5 1153 1574 10 50 4 155 453 550 1161 1521 1496 4564 6442 411 1567 297 4391 175 1732 232 157 71 5 3031 2486 272 68 .WOVE CR.WOVE CR.WOVE CR.

From the above tables it has been seen that during FY 2005-06. MAP/SS (60-120 GSM). It has been seen that CPM do not produce similar type of paper in every FY. The production of paper on the quality and GSM wise fluctuates on the basis of market demand. MAP /SS( 60-120 GSM).O. MAP DLX (54-70 GSM). CS DLX (58-70 GSM). and other quality of paper also. CS Paper (54-80GSM).P W/MAP/PAPER W/MAP/PAPER WHT/COV/PAP/WM WHT/PTG/PAPER TOTAL 68 70 90 80 54 55 60 70 80 90 130 60 60 70 130 60 0 0 33 0 302 2 44 208 56 54 605 6 0 14 447 0 39255 150 78 0 218 0 454 0 0 0 0 0 0 60 0 0 1171 64263 150 78 33 218 302 456 44 208 56 54 605 6 60 14 447 1171 103518 0 0 29 0 272 2 40 190 51 49 548 5 0 13 400 0 35593 143 74 0 209 0 429 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1093 61028 143 74 29 209 272 431 40 190 51 49 548 5 58 13 400 1093 96621 INTERPRETATION: (sales performance from 1996 to 2009).PLAIN PAPER(54-90 GSM) and so on. CPM production cream-wove (45-80 GSM).P.S. In FY 2007-08. CS PAP/WM (70-80 GSM).WOVE (4599 GSM).Quality wise and GSM wise production of paper has been changing in every year. CPM also produced CR.45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 MAP DLX MAP DLX MAP DLX MAP/PAPER PLAIN PAPER PLAIN PAPER PLAIN PAPER PLAIN PAPER PLAIN PAPER PLAIN PAPER WHT/COVER/PAPER W. 69 .

15% 96.Performance in production FY 1996-97 1997-98 1998-99 1999-00 2000-01 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 120000 PROD.62% 65.37% 91.01% 100.70% 97.63% 103.01% 100000 PRODUCTION IN TONES 80000 60000 40000 20000 0 FY 1997-98 2004-05 2006-07 1996-97 1998-99 1999-00 2000-01 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2005-06 2007-08 2008-09 YEAR 70 .06% 94.53% 50.03% 60.72% 92.( IN TONES) CAPACITY UTILIZATION 59532 50032 61300 65823 76722 92065 94702 97376 91012 100631 103155 96621 65012 59.82% 76.01% 65.

67726 50.691 948. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 variety cs DLX c/w wpp (WM) copier pap cover pap cream wove cream (HPC / WM) cw (WM) csp (WM) duplicacy ML cover MLSS (WM) MLD MLSS OF ST PTG PPR WM white cover paper (WM) white cover paper (MF) white high bright SSML total 158.9981 113.79427 1978.546 2769.012% capacity.7811 1352.INTERPRETATION From FY 19996-97 to 2008-09. Again during the last FY.89975 6108. during FY 199798.39311 2262.155% capacity.8769 199. of times 16 9 18 15 1st 8 2nd 20 17 7 3rd 5 6 19 11 14 10 71 . the production was decreased and the mill utilized only 65. but during FY 2006-07. CPM has been able to register 100% capacity utilization only twice so far during FY 2005-06 and 2006-07.28842 1.5225 1155. The production of CPM was growing from 1997-98 to FY 2003-04 continuously. CPM was produced 50032 tones and utilized only 50.99651 no.08318 29132. the mill has been utilized 103. Variety of papers sl.022 353.46325 1570. But the production was decreased during 2004-05 and it was increasing till 2006-07.04306 47.032% capacity.9044 177.

56841 3109.99368 3729. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 month APRIL ' 08 MAY '' JUNE '' JULY '' AUG '' SEP '' OCT '' NOV '' DEC '' JAN ' 09 FEB ' 09 MAR ' 09 TOTAL total lot (MT) position 4943.40087 64842.07251 2939.Summary of monthly dispatch Monthly Despatch summary report from 01-4-08 to 31-3-09 SL.57651 2672.4421 5784. 72 .52255 4885. ii) In june ' 08 the sale condition was very poor.9329 5499.26864 11550.20392 4707.15671 9545.95818 5474.49698 6th 8th 12th 5th 7th 10th 11th 4th 9th 3rd 2nd 1st i) In march ' 09 the sale was good.

73 .

355 1401.1433 10.627 8136.3 65.61 723.1.11033 73.2.9628 273.highest demand (12) MLSS -------second (8) others ---------4.73844 1325.7509 11017.08 2260. 74 .4826 62.8475 2007.88 113.272 240.691 19872. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 positio Size of GSM n 45 GSM 47 '' 50 '' 52 '' 54 '' 56 '' 57 '' 58 '' 60 '' 62 '' 63 '' 64 '' 65 '' 70 '' 75 '' 80 '' 90 '' 100 '' 120 '' 130 '' 140 '' 2nd no of time 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 7 7 1 1 3 1 7 4 4 1 1 3 3 1 quantity 873.GSM wise demand analysis SL.76539 843.022 2604.8336 60.3.983 47.21885 11729.41955 3rd 1st cream woven --.

Further. But as professional. and level of work. which I could not mention here. There is lot apart from that which I learned from my two month training. Here I learned first thing that every work can be interesting. And the second most important thing I learn. So at the end I would like to say that in this two month period. I learned a lot. I tried to get maximum knowledge of market. their attitude towards HPC papers etc. it is matter that what your practical experience is. I have gathered a vast knowledge of the products of HPC and the paper market in Guwahati. (Guwahati). It is a great platform to face the real challenge. and it is quit difficult to write all of them. gave me a lot which will help me to increase my confidence. How much awareness you have regarding the market. when I entered in the corporate world. The problems which the customers are facing. That is what I tried to learn in my two month summer training. I tried to learn how the corporate world is running their operations. When I got this chance. those small things are too very important. if it is done in a systematic manner. HPC Ltd. As mentioned above that when I reported there. just few months before. That is what I want to say that during two month training in HPC Ltd. I would like to say that I believe that it is quite difficult to write what you have learned. Because in life’s every step you learn. 75 .Importance of project I always believe that in professional courses like management. how corporate world make strategy for their operations. they assigned me to do survey for HPC product (Papers). I can say that I learn several slender of modern business. Along with the survey I also came to know about the various stockiest views upon HPC. I did the survey with the help of questionnaire method. I came to know of the various competitors of HPC.

C’s supply is a little bit short as compared to its demand in Guwahati market. 2) H.V. So. it should increase the availability of such products. it should be noticed that supply will not be short in future.P.P.C was launched so many years before. 76 . So. if the product like cream wove. 3) H. by giving add on T. it requires some numbers of more distributors to maintain the distribution properly. The sale will be more in future but it requires promotion.C has only 5 distributors and its no of retailers is more than 200. and radio channels. Most of the people need low price product. stick with rupees 6 per bundle of 24 pages will be available than the sale will be more. They should do more advertisement by putting hoardings in the city.P.SUGGESTION AND RECOMMENDATION 1) H. So. its sale is good in the Guwahati market as compared to the others.

77 . They provide satisfaction in right time.P. which the company is facing. has made a rapid progress.C’s product for these issues.C. It’s presence in India. I found that H. The thing is that people know the name of H. dull marketing strategy is one of the main factor which is playing a vital role in keeping them far behind from their competitor. They are ruling on more than 43% of paper in the market. is a bit behind from its competitor J.P. And I can say that it has good Brand Name. is fully integrated paper company.K. But still H. Customers were happy with the service of the department. is always trying to bring remarkable changes in their service as well as the problems.C. The company persons are working hard to achieve the top position of the company leaving behind all the demerits and kicking behind all the competitors.C.C. who can meet all the customers in regular time.P. But then also H.Conclusion At the end of this project report I would like to say that HPC Ltd. Ltd (Guwahati). There was no complain regarding service.P. And it is very sure that customer will be ready to buy H. During two month of summer training in H.C.P. The Second thing is that service issue. It was very much pleased to found that company was able to maintain a permanent person.P.

78 .C in North East India has certain limitations.  For the paper companies it is really a challenging job for the marketing people to get the feedbacks from the customers.Limitation In my view the study of Sales Operation Of H.C. I worked upon that. so it was difficult to extract detailed information about the today’s paper market.P.P. Some of the limitations are:  All primary data may not be accurate and some of it is misleading due to hesitation on the part of the company people to reveal information. Ltd”.  Time availability was not sufficient to cover all aspects.  The datas were collected in a very tough situation because the dealer doesn’t use to give time for the information. Thus my study does not present an accurate view of the sales operation at H.C.P. Ltd. and whatever information during that short period I could gather. everyone is very much secretive. Today in this world of cut throat competition. Because I spent only Eight weeks in the “H.

. 79 ..THE END…………….in • www.com Books and authors: • Marketing Management by Kotler and Keller • Marketing Mnagement by Ramaswamy and Namakumari …….itc..google.wikipedia.Bibliography Online Information: • www...hpcl.com • www...com • www.…….

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