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Historical Studies

Historical Studies

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Published by: FakosPanos on Nov 27, 2010
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Editor Christoph Lüthy, Radboud University, Nijmegen

• 2010: Volume 15 (in 6 issues)
• ISSN 1383-7427 / E-ISSN 1573-3823
• Institutional subscription rates
Electronic only: EUR 246.- / US$ 335.-
Print only: EUR 271.- / US$ 369.-
Electronic + Print: EUR 295.- / US$ 398.-
• Individual subscription rates
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Early Science and Medicine is a peer-reviewed international
quarterly dedicated to the history of science, medicine
and technology from the earliest times through to the end
of the eighteenth century. The need to treat in a single

journal all aspects of scientifc activity and thought to the

eighteenth century is due to two factors: to the continued
importance of ancient sources throughout the Middle Ages
and the early modern period, and to the comparably low
degree of specialization and the high degree of disciplinary
interdependence characterizing the period before the

professionalization of science. The journal, which limits itself

to the Western, Byzantine and Arabic traditions, is particularly
interested in emphasizing these elements of continuity and
interconnectedness, and it encourages their diachronic study
from a variety of viewpoints, including commented text editions

and monographic studies of historical fgures and scientifc

questions or practices. Early Science and Medicine, which contains
an extended book review section, has recently also begun to
dedicate special feature sections to emerging historiographic

felds and methods of research. The main language of the journal

is English, although contributions in French and German are also

Online from 2004.

For more information visit also the book series brill.nl/mems
Medieval and Early Modern Science.

For more information see brill.nl/esm



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