The Reaction Of The British

The Reaction Of The British.
 The British were Surprised at the

strength of the Malay feeling.  They received report from Sir Edward Gent and Mc Donald, pointing out how united the Malay opposition was.  They sent two British member of parliament in Sir Edward mid 1946 to investigate.  The British member of parliament also found that there was a great deal of opposition to the union.

Sir Edward Gent

Therefore, British have two alternative. -They could ignore the opposition or change their plans. It would make the British more unpopular in Malaya and destroy any future chances of cooperation. If they failed to listen to peaceful opposition, the British might also invite more violent action by the more extreme groups such as the Malayan Communist Party, would gain support. The main British aim was to establish one strong central government in Malay, they would prefer to extend citizen right to non-Malay but were disappointed to see that some Chinese and Indians joined the Malayan Communist Party and were complaining that the British proposals did not go far enough.

Chapter: 11

The Formation Of The Federation Of Malaya.

The Formation Of The Federation Of Malaya:
In July 1946, a Working Committee comprising representatives from the British Government, the Sultan and UMNO was set up to prepare new proposal. At the insistence of UMNO, no other group were to be involved in the discussions. The Working Committee reached agreement by July 1947 and its proposals for a Federation Of Malaya were put into effect on 1st February 1948.

 Singapore was to remain a separate British Colony 

The Federation Agreement Of 1948:

  

and not eligible to become citizen of federation. A Federation of Malaya was to be set up comprising 9 Malay states, plus Penang and Malacca. The federal government was to deal with defense, foreign affairs, law and order, commerce, communications and finance. The other matters related to education, religion, agriculture were under the individual states. Before the war, the sultan power was restored. Ultimate authority was to be in the hands of The British High Commissioner. The High commissioner , President of legislative council, agreed to attend a conference of rulers at least 3times a year and to consult the

 

Strict regulations were laid down about the composition of the legislative council. Qualification or citizenship. Automatic qualification went to those who were:a) Subject of the sultan of any state. b) British subject born in Penang or Malacca and had lived continuously in the federation for 15 year. c) Any British subject born in the federation and whose fathers had been born there, or lived there for 15 years d) Person born in the federation whose two parents had been born in and lived continuously in the federation for at least 15 years.

Those who born in federation and lived for at least 8 of 12 years would allowed to apply for the membership and those who lived in federation at least 15 years of 20 years.

Logo Of The Federation Of Malaya

Kali la jua a~

Non-Malay Opposition To The Federation

Non-Malay population had been satisfied with the proposal of Malayan Union BUT they were also worried when British started to make some arrangement with UMNO to make better proposals. 8 July 1946, Tan Cheng Lock and other communities leaders sent telegram to London for the British for not to make changes to the proposal without consulting all section of Malayan society. When non-Malay consultative committee formed in December 1946, the proposal had been agreed on. The non-Malay had to comment on them.

On 22 December 1946, Pan Malayan Council Of Joint Action (PMCJA) were formed. Then known All Malaya Council Of Joint Action (AMCJA).
The PMCJA believed the reform should produce:a) A united Malaya include Singapore. b) A central Government for Malaya which the Malaya people elected by themselves. c) Equal the citizen and right for all people of Malaya.

PMCJA proved not to be radial enough for some member and the rest of the left parties to form Pusat Tenaga Rakyat (PUTERA).

Pusat Tenaga Rakyat (PUTERA) wanted the Malay language to become the national language of Malaya and Britain to give its control over Malayan defense and foreign policy. Its called on the British government to stop negotiations with UMNO and recognize PUTERA as representing real Malaya opinion. March 1947, Non-Malay consultative committee submitted its report to the colonial office at London. The changes were proposed only 11 clauses in Federation proposal. The Chinese member committee wrote their own minority report but in reality the committee was in agreement with the proposal of Federation.

Non-Malay community showed its angered to the proposal by supporting a call from Tan Cheng Lock and Chinese Chamber of commerce on 20 October 1947. the widespread disruption because of the opposition EXCEPT in Perlis, Kelantan and Trengganu. The day of the protest was a great success however its was failed to change the mind of the British. On 1st February 1948, the Malayan Union became FEDERATION OF MALAYA

The Map Of Malaya

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