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C 35/10 EN Official Journal of the European Union 10.2.






(2005/C 35/06)

1. Objectives and description 2. Eligibilty of consortia

eTEN is the European Community Programme designed to help In order to be eligible for receiving community support for
the deployment of telecommunication networks based services eTEN projects, proposers must be legal entities in one of the
(e-services) in the common interest with a trans-European 25 member states of the European Union, Romania or Bulgaria.
dimension. Information on the eTEN Programme 2005 can be Legal entities from other countries may participate on a case by
found on the internet site of the eTEN programme: case basis if such participation is considered to be of special
interest. They will not receive Community funding.
Pursuant to the eTEN Workprogramme 2005, the Commission 3. Evaluation and selection
hereby invites consortia to submit proposals of the following
Proposals received will be evaluated by the Commission with
action types and covering one or more of the following
the assistance of independent experts. Proposals will be ranked
in quality. Preference for funding will be given to Initial
Action Types: Deployment proposals (action type 1).

1. Initial Deployment; 4. Budget

2. Market Validation;
The total budget for this call of proposals is EUR 45,3M
3. Support and Co-ordination.
5. Deadline for submission
Proposals have to reach the Commission at the latest on
Proposals addressing action types 1 and 2 must address one or Tuesday 10 May 2005, at 16:00 hours (Brussels local time).
more of the following themes identified for 2005 in the eTEN Proposals arriving after this deadline will not be accepted for
Workprogramme: evaluation
1. eGovernment;
6. Additional information
2. eHealth;
3. eInclusion; The full specification of this call for proposals, including details
on the preparation and submission of proposals are available in
4. eLearning; English, French and German together with all relevant call
5. Trust & Security; documentation on the internet site of the eTEN programme.
6. Services supporting SMEs.