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Jack Canfield - The Power of Focus

Jack Canfield - The Power of Focus


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Here's a sample of what you'll learn.

How to:

• Focus on your strengths and eliminate everything that is holding you back. Change "bad" habits into habits that will make you debt free and wealthy. Create an excellent balance between work and family life-without guilt!

Whatever you want, The Power of Focus will help you achieve it. This treasury of practical wisdom includes easy-to-implement Action Steps that will Significantly free up your time, dramatically improve your bank account and solidly enrich your most important relationships.

"It's good to know that common sense and ethical values still exist. An amazingly simple plan that will benefit everyone who implements it. II

. Stephen Covey, author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

You Can Always Judge a Book by the: 'Company It Keeps ...

Read What These Top Achievers Are Saying About: The Power of Focus.

"Ifyou only read one book this mill enmum , " , n e Power o{P.CU; M\S should he it!"

Harve:y Mackay auther; Swim wfl.h lhe Sharks I

"The Powt:"J' of fo(us is absolutely wonderful and is sure to maib an impact on rhebustness world. [or generations to ,[orne, ,>

- K.en IUa-!I1!(~hatd

ccauthor; Th.t: Ont:".MinrJ'~e Manag:cr

Car:uf!eid, Jack, 19#, ~~[ {If I'OCi.l5. yt!H629

"A pewerfnl, practical book thatwill inspire you U)" ii,liChieve you r drea ms,"

BaJrbaxa Dc Angelis, Ph .n author, ReaJMor:IU'!US

"The most successful individuals. and. companies use pmve:n s)'sl'ems,-TJl€ POWEr (~fF()cu.$ will leach you how to do the ~~am!e_" Vk~ Conant president, Ni ghri ngale- Conant

"Your ab~U~y to focus, is. the nsost Jmpnrtant Success :sk~U yoclIl,ca.B ever devejop. Thds book shows you how to' develop this skin in t:very part of yonr life, l[,s Clu~s:tandjng~"

nd~n Tracy inle;matioJlSiI seminar leader, consu ha~lt and bestselling author

~Y(n. Gin be successful at anything in halJ the usual. lime by learning how to gel [ocused and remain [oeused, and this book will show YoOu how; The Power of FOClJ:5 should he ill business bible for anyone just starling out, as well as those already established who want to maximlze their productivity and j ncorne I own eleven Me""lGttl restaurants. U YOU want the 'whole enchilada.' read 1.h~S hook!"

Tom Harken author, Tllc MI ~ tiona in:- ~ Sec '''d Horatio Alger Award recrpient

"Many people don't Incus very well. That's the reason they uh i:matdy end up broke and disillusioned. TI tis book willchange all (hat"

Jbill Rohn A mericas fOlt':nwst business phllosop her

~ Th is book will: help YolLlI' ca reer go faster a tid fun'( her, 'W 1-1]'] e bringing; ou greater happiness and SI!.l_CC~ in your personal lile."

Somers White prestdem, Somers White Company, lnteruadonal maoaaemcm and financial consultant

... . . . .. I

"'fot~hJil': f:i,'S[ time, a hook outlines in shnple."ea5}1-w,-uooerstarul and usable terms, one of the m051 powerful yet overlooked I princlples that Can help nun anyone into a money magnet. A. must-read U you want to be acash-generating machme."

Ke in Trudeau founder. Shop America

"An nnportant book for anyone who wants to succeed in aI1.yt.'hn.ng! Outlines the master sHU for achieving goals and realizing drearills_1 not only gor alot out o'f h but. thoroughly enjoyed. read ~ ngi L ...

Rohen Kriege] a LlI hor, ~r if AiN '/ JJi'o/~'e .. , , Rj'('ai,~ .IT!' cormnc ntator, NPR'S ,M,ar/utplclce' program

"This book can help anyone. in any profession. to make qnanmm leaps in personal, pmtual and vocational growth."

Rabbi Om' IJet1etz Elkins The Jewish Center, Princeton.New Iersey

"This book ls a dear, simple roadmap that shows you how to focus on the vital fCw, rather than the trivial. many,"

DIl'. ]:ony Alessandra author, The rialinutfl.Rule

''T,ht' Power of Focus shows )'OU how U) define yOlolt path and start workmgyourplan. It's an amazing compendium; inspiring as well as practical."

JI bn "[Uru:H~y forme r N fll"de:ree

"In l his C' haonc world" i fs allto CI easy for focus to become blurred. for anyone brave enough to say; '1 want. to be a better person; this bCi~k offers a self-help method LO discard those old habits which 'hold you back and to develop, instead, [he new habits which promise successful change, To remain as you ate denies who you can he, Life is what you make of Hand achieving fun pot,(',nt:ia:iis an everyday choke, The Power oj F ocu_" showsyou how to choose nothtng but the besd -n

larry Jones preslden land Io under" Feed The Children

"Use th~s book as yonwould <II. bridge: to g. t from one shore ie the other. If ynu are stuck on the side or Th:r'IN~ [00 get H~ady' itwill help yuu cross over to 'Pour to. go.' For me, the 'Ah H~' was the I ,con]~t:"uiorn between habns and focus. Thr P(Jwe:r oj Fon~s will put you absclutely on target!"

president, Creative UVlng Programs, lnc,

~ he 'topic of [OCllS is one dUll unul now has been everlooked, Everyane [11: busmess C<lU benefn b tudylng and tmplemennng l hese strategies.' Richard Car1sou author, Don:t Swe,u the Small St:lIfJ , , . and i(~ d.ll sI'naH su":!f

'The strongest lenses in the worldnnght gi'ilC you perfect.

V]Sl •. a~ acuity, bu l du:y would not necessarily cause j"OU to understand what you see. This book, unikethose lenses, wW gi ve you thm u nderSHl!nding. ~

jhu Cathcart~ CS~ CPAE author, .Rel(Uiol1ship 5dhng pastt president, National Speakers Assoclanon

"Great practical advicel In this ag,e: or COfl5[(UH information, the ability to focus and weed out distracticns lsjrnperative to your success."

J.B.Fuqua CEO, The Fuqua Companies.

"Theessence 'Of personal power-is captured ~n this unique must-read book. focus on the content and questions. You win be a.tnpl,y rewa rded."

Eile:eQMcDargh author, \iVo'rk 1m (,4 Uv!.ng aHd SU.U b~ F:'~e to Live

"1\ t:l'emendous book. packed with mhnlte wisdern."

C harlfe "Treme:n.dorus.'" Jones author • .life l.:s Trt:rrWfldotis

"Cameras, binoculars, micruscopes-i-thetr functionality, and petforrnance begin and end wi lh fotus.. TMs book ,dearl)' and passionately applies fo L us [0 the boanlroom, Ioc 1k£n' room and family mom. The Pow,er oj Fo("u.~ has changed. my entire mel';

DQn C~a:rk international sfl aker, consultant, bestselhng author

"A great step-by-step action planthat will help you geteverythmg you want."

Ted Nicholas au thor, .M agi . \VO n:ls That B.~i rig You R if he

"These acclaimed authors have brought the world a 'fa.mast~. new book, that's certain to bring the power 01' focus to each of us as we enteran exctnng new century,"

Wy~and renowned marine HJe artist

"Cleat, concise instructions :[01' a benet life."

Michael Gerbe r author, I',he E~Myl.h

"H you're struggling with time pressures financial, pressures, or want to create an excellent balance in your nrc, read this bOl'lk-ulld then do w ha t i'l says,"

Georg.e Thomson, CfP rcgionmaoag,el, Investors Group

"A powerf U I. a nil i nspl ring book that you 'U want. to read again and a:gain. Thf' Power oJ Focus is a treasure trove of prtuciples, methods, concepts, lips, techmques, and ideas that will change your ltle .. Whatever other sell-help books }louin;]:'; read

in your lifetime, make this one your top primlLY··.. .

Scott 'DeGarmo

~.·ormer edncr-tn-chtef and publisher, Success and W(}I'I~hlg ot Home magszmes

Th.f:Powet oj Focus, wm change your life .. ~t w~U mouvate you .t~ lake those small, daily, weekly and monthly actions, that !NUl 'ev~nu.u1iny compound your hfe into a masterplece. Buy this ;book h:rul:'J.e:di<llely-and get started:'

Robe et G. Anel1l

author, 0 MO'ney [lIOWI'I.

~TiJ become truly successful" you must Iearn to focus. Make SlH'E:: you read this book."

Patricia Fripp, CSP; CPAE author" Cd Wh.at YouWbmt past president. National Speakers Association

'I recom mend 111,c Power oJ FO(ll~S: to iaUmy clients. The topi . c is one or Ithel110S1 importam for everyone in business, The information is clear, inform;niv,e;, and wUI benefit everyone who implements n."

E~dou Edwards owner, 1I1CO 13 usiness Sa] es

"If you are in sales or service, this book wlll change your JHe," Doug\\,Tead special assistant to the president 1fll the Bush White House

'This is the best book ever wrnten on Iocus, targeting, and. dcvelopbt,g successfu~~b'i.ls. Keep h dose fo:rfrequenl reference, Irs a real winner:"

Nido R. Qubdn ehaerman, Crearive Se rvices, ] ]1(:,

,I>With,OJljt £OCIlS,; ifs h.iud to budd a slice ess fu I. business, ThIs! book is an effeetive road map ehat wm te.dly keep you

P'old Orfalea cbairperson and founder, Kinkos, Inc.

~ J have watched the Irfe of a friend. 01" mlne transform and nourish, She has followed these foc1lJsing strategies for personal. growth and success for four years. This is nor theory+-tlus is dynamlte -it. changed her]i fe, an d il will change yours!"

Lance H. K Secreran author, ,Rnlairning Higher GroumI


Power of


Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen Les Hewitt

:Health COiiUllunicaJdoru;.Loc.

Deerfie.1d Rellek,florida

uilililogtfig-i~-P .. blimtion data ~s on me withTht: librmy of CIYJi,gt!t.55.


Power of focus: Iiww rc hit. ,'Ollif blllBj:l'b~.SS. J)C't"I;gnal: and .ftl1.undal targets w~th absCI,ime c-erl~iifllr I Jack Cab':ltl.dd., MaTk V1c"t(lr Hansen, l.ef, Hewtu

p, ,!:m.

ISIlii~, 1-.558H·75.2.A

I, SU(i~Ps·rcb~}k)gk;.!l,a8J?ecl:S,. '-1'jaT1SCn .. JI.\futk Vit:wr. n. Hewi.u, Les, til.. Til 11;".

8F637',SS07;i':i #i000

i 58, I--dell

© 2000 lade Canfield, M"rk Victor H31"l~Cn and l~.50 Hewitt ISBN }-55874- 752-4

A II. right rese rved 1:' nnted in 1·11~· U n ned SlS.u~$ of Am erk~; N (I p~.rl or this pllhlkatiotl !lla~~ hi.: reproduced. ~I{!r-e.d ~11. a f~tfh'val system. nr I;mnsm~necl ilii ~ny form (!O- Illy ,af'y means. de~~nmic. mBcharoind, pfutoto-copyirlg, ·r'Ecol'd:il~g cr tlIhctv>"ls,~ wHhl~lll the written p~rnu5siorn of Ih~ publisher. .

i'u hi 1.5 her: He,lhh Communtranons. lnc.

320 I S. W ] 5 th Strt:et

f) euf-iclu !km::h. f t, 314'1; 2: ·81 YO


To the teachers who have taught Ine the most

about The Power t~f Focus principles:

W. Clement Stone, Billy 6. Sharp, Lacy Hall, Bob Resnick, Martha Crampton Jack Gi.bb, Ken Blanchard, Narhanlel Branden, Stewart Emery, Ttm Pkring, Tracy Goss, Marshall Thurber; RU:5s,elI Bishop, Bob Proctor, Bernhard Dohnn.an!1,. Ma:rk Victor Hansen, Les Hewitt,

Lee. Pulos, Doug Kruschke, Martm Rutte, MichaelGerber, Armand Byuen, Marut Glenn, and Ron Scolasrico,


To Elisabeth and Melanie:

"The future is. in safe hands."


To Fran, Jennifer and Andrew:


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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS, . " . , .. , .. ,. , "" "" _ '" " ... , , . ,xv


The Purpose OfThis 'BookWhafs In If For YOIll ., ... _XVIIi


Your Habits w'iI.n Determine "'bur Puture . '" . , . . . . _ .. " . . .]

Successful peopl:ehave sueeessfu lhabtts,

How Habits RCSiIlyWo:rk " .. " .. , .. " "' " . , ,.4-

How H} Identify Bad Habits, _ , . , , . , " . , .. , ' . _m 4

How to Change EadHahics . , .. , . "' _ " .. " , .. ,' . , , . , , 19

The Successful Habits Formula " .. , . " ., . " , - - . " ,n

A ctiou Steps . , . _ . .. _" " ., . , . . , . ., , " , - , . - . . . . . . " . ,26

Successful 'People] Want 10 Interview The Successful HabIB Formula;


It's Not Hocus-Peens, Its AU AbolU fOUlS , . " .. , . ' •. , .30

Btlild on your strengths, not your weaknesses,

Focus on Your Natural Talents . . " . , , . " "' - " . " , ' . , , . .32 ArC' ¥Ollil !:"l Starter or a Finlsher] . "' .. _, __ , _ ..... -, " , , . .38 IfYou're Feeling Swarn.ped, Gel Help! " .. _ , " _ ., . " , . " .40 The 4-0 Solution .. , .. ,. _ , _ " _ " .. , . " ., ... ' " " - . - 4,), Bou nderies of Ih.-mi.~.nce .. _ , . . , " . , . . , . " . - . . . , , . , , . , .4·6

The Power of No . " . " " , . "' _ . " .. , .. , . , -, " . .47

Seutng New Boundaries , " . , .. , , .. __ , _ .. , , , . " . ,.49

A "-4

. , .CU on Steps " _, . . , . . , " . , . " . , " . ' " - .' . , . . , , " " - " . "j .

The Pr:im; ty focus Wurks.ho p



.Do You See l~he E~g Picture? , , . . . . . . . , , . . . . , . . , .. , . .5 7

Designing your crystal-clear future ..

Developing Unusual Clarity . , , .. , .. , . " .. ' .. , . 59

The Purpose of Goals ... , .. , .. ' . , , . , , . , .. " .. , . , , . , .6] The l'op-10 Goals C hec khsl . , " . . .. . . . . , , . , . . , . . , . . , .. 62 Your Master PI.al1 , , . " . , , . , . ., . . , , . , . , , .. ; . " , . ., . . .73

Action Steps .... ,. . . , . " , . . . . ., . . ,. " . , . . . . . ., . ,. . . , ., . .84

Your Personal. l\taster Plan

The Achievers Focusmg System

fOC[JS~NG Snti\TEGY ~'4

Creating Optlmum Balane,e .. " . . . . . , . . . ., .. , " . . . . , .93 More money, more time ofr.

The B-AICrl System "., " ,,,., .....•. 97

B] ueprin t, Action, Lea rni ng. Exercise,

Relaxation, Thinki.f.ig

A eli on Steps .,..,.....'''.,..."',....."',..,,,..,, .117' The B-Ale.rt Checkpoim System:


BuUd.ing Excellent Rehuionsh_p,s . , .. , , . , .. , .. , .. , , .120

Ymu eney into the big leagues.

The Double Spiral ... , . , , .... , , , ... " .... , , .... L21

Say "NO''' to Toxic People. , , . ", , . '" . " .. , .. , .. , .126

The Three Big QUeslions, , , , . , , . " , , "' .. , .. , , ,128

Core Chent ,and the Double Win , .. , ,., ... ,,, ... 130

, " And Then Some ., .. , "., "., .. , .. ,." B6

How to Find Creat Mentors ,., , .. , . , .. , , .. , 139

Mastermind Groups. . , , . , , " , . , , .. , .. , ., .. , . , , .. , .. l43

Action Steps ,., .. , ..... ,,,.,., , . " , .... , . , , " . , .... 152

The Double Spira]

BuUd]ng Your Fortress Developing Mentor Relationships


The Confidence Factor .. , " , , , .. " , . , .. , .158

EUndmning fear and worry.

Resolving . n:[]nisllite,d Business , .. , , . , , . , . , , .. " .. " . , .160

The: Road w Freedom Paradigm , , 16~

The Twenty-five-Cent Challenge .. , .. , .. , . , " . , .. , .. ,167

Furg;ive ~n(] Forget ., , . " . " , , , ... , . " .. , . , ... , . ,16?

A Winning Altitude , , , . , , . , , .. , .. , .. l:3

SiK Confidenc,e~Building Strategies , 1/4

CI~ed~ Out Yom Faith Factor ' , . , , . , " . , n7

Whatto Do [fYou IIi!. a Slump , .. , .. , . " , . , .. , .. , .. ] 78

A· . . SL " 182

. .cuon . e:p,,· , . , , , ..

Resolving Unfinished Business


A· 'k' F \"I:TL· 0 "V)U'" 1.1.1 .. · .. ·( .• . ••. ,185

s~· ." Qr ,""fu.Il ... 1(. '. ""'a .. · .. , .. , ... , .... , ,. , •......

A seven-point system to help you prosper;


Ask and Re ceive ~ ,t, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .. .. ~ .. ~ • I • ~ I • • " • • • • I • _ • • ~ ~ r ~ r

Seven Ways to Boost Your Business. Simply by A'iking " .189 UI . to Ask .. . ..... , .. , .203

IJlO~V v . So" ,...,..,..,., , • ,., ,. , , • , • • .' •

..... , .. , ,108

Action Steps , .. , .. , .. , , , , . ,

A5king for What You Want


C + te t p. - -'s~ ,·te'" ..... £~ • , • • .2.1 1

ons,uLen' .. er· IS , .. LiI.':" "., •• , •• ;"." , ..

Successis often just around the corner.

Th B· .[". 'f C"'!l<",<:hrn'c-v .. " , " . , , .. 214

.... ce.ne:.·]Ii.S 0'.'· .. " .... 'au .• ,'Lo...I . 1 ••.••. , , " , , , .".. .

Embrace Your GreatestPower .. , , ' . " . " . , , .216

The Consistency Circle , , ., . , .. , , . " . , , .. , . , , .225

The Double-A Formula . , .. , .. , .. , .. , , . , , .22 ~

The Integrity 'Factor .. , , . , , .. , .. , , , .. ; , ,233

Act" S", . , • ,238

~ .. ,I ton ~ 'I;, eps '. ~ .. ~ . .. ,_ ~ . .. ~ _ .. _ .. " ill I • ~ I I • I • • • ~ .. t' ~ ..

The Integ;ti'ly Factor


Taking Decisive Action ............."'" - .. . .. . . .241

Proven systems for creating wealth.

Six Good Reasons . " , . - .. - . - - - - .244

Active Dedsiml&Making .. ' , ' " .. - 148

The IA~DA Fommla .. _' " __ , ' 2:51

The Problem Solver " - .253

Let's TaLk About Money .. __ . _ - - - - . - - - - . - .254

Action Steps _ - - - - - . _164-

The Problern Solver

The Haba of Financial Certainty


Uving On Purpose ' , , :no

Making your hIe si.mple :Jig,ain.

Finding Yom- Purpose " -. - .. 171

TIllLc Maretho n of Hope .. . . ., . . . . . . . . . , . _ - , . .. . .273

Three Key Points ." " .. , .' - 2.75

Disoo'Vedng Yourllurpose ...'..."... _ . _ .. . .. . . . . .. 277 Statement of Purpose ... . . . . .. . . . _ .. .. _ .. . . . . . .. - ., . . ,219 :D~eloping Your Purpose. .. . _. . _. . . .. . . . . . - . . . , . . .282

PerSQillJJ2I] GIj\owlh and Level of Bein.g .. " - " , " .. 283

Make.a StopUst " _ - .' .288

A!CtiCH.l SWIJS _ •. _ . _ " .. ' - ,.L.90

mscove:rlng and Uving You r Purpose


h's YOiur life •• ,. Aocept The Challenge! _ 296


Success Swries,Workshops, Licensing Opportunities ... _199

RESOURCE GUIDE AND REFERENCES. _ ........• ' - , .. 303


.. ..... _. __ . __ " ... _ .. _ .309


This book has taken three yeo;li[s to write Sind lUaiUY people encouraged us during the entireprocess, There were times when it seemed Iike we'd never get through ]t. However, with persistence and a keen focus, H. is finaUy complete. We. want 10 acknowledge everyone who participated for their help and support, without which this project w(:IuM never have been finished..

F ranHewitt, you are a pillar of s~nngt:h. 'Iopu 1 up wnh all the frustrstions, crazy deadlines, and la;s~.-uDj:nlne reviews requh:ed in(':[,ooib]e Iorttt ude. A heartfelt thank yon. JemIile:r and .An.dre'w Hewitt, thank you. for your encouragement. feedback and creative ideas. You are Illspir~ng;.

Dan Sullivan, thank you t~or ym.u tretnendeus Ieadership in the WOTld of business coaching, .. and f{}f bdIllg apcwerlul mflue nee and mentor; Thank you jtm Rohn, George Addair,. Patricia Fripp, Ed. Foreman, David M(.N~Uy, L~I.lCe Secretan, Somers While, Rosita Perez, Danny Cox, Valerie Morse,. Peter Daniels, Richard flint, arsd many other great teachers too numerous tomention, ~ar your CO [I]bir:u:.d. W1SCtOl1l and guidance over the last fih·een years.

To Tim Brenhaupt lor allowing your excellent t:u.)ok, Ttlk,e ThL~ Job l.~nd .Loverr ~': Tf1,e Joys of Pr:~feK~ioti.a' Sdlhtg to s~~muble the eompletjon of 1his one .. Gail Pocock, y01J1 are <I Hue charnpioIl_ Thank you for }lfJUf total dedicanon and immersion m thisproject. Your creativity andexpertiaem Iayout, text. and cover design ts au tsta nd i ng. Than.ks to Rod. Chap man, whose editing sktlls have produced a supeuor pmducLWe also acknowledge Ge:orgb1L<li. Forrest and Shirley f~.~h.erty at Achievers [or the wonderful typing andre-iypmg job, a m[[ad.t: {,o]l:,S]dering the: almnsi urrreadahle scrawl. they origirMUy

had to work from. To Elverina Laba for her enthustasm and sales d1fon while Les was "absent."

A special cheer [or all our clients in The Achievers Coaching Program who implemen ted these stretegies, and proved l:hey really work, Thanks also to the 1998 graduating class at Jack C~nfidds Facilitating Skills Seminar-your enthusiasm and encouragement was greatly appreciated,

To Philip Keen; and Ken ]ahm,wfi; whocarrythe torch mto the future, you are truly wonderful partners.

To everyone at Jacks offioe:,a wonderful tum whose synergy createdmomentn m for many of OUT deadlines to be met, Special thanks to Deborah Hatchell '[or your calming influence and bnlhantcommnmcsuon ability when tmngs were pasticularly hectic. To Nancy Mitchell AutW.ol fow coru:di:nating the exacting task of obtaining permissions with Sbirley Flaherty. Shirley, your ~e:I1!acity and peit:5'ts1l~nceeruured we made our deadltnes, Great job! TThuuiks tc &0, Mmer, "the swttchboard queen," for your warmth and help WIDth those endless phone calls. "[:0 'V'e.m:n.icaJ R.mlle<m who made sure the readers' manuscripts went euton time, and nUJre importandy, came back on time! Teresa Esparza for- yotur wonderful positive attitude. <lind willingness 10 :help". Chrle, Smith. walt you for your muscle: testing brilliance.

10 l\obtn Yerian and Leslte Forbes Riskin, LWO back-room players whose high level of ski]] and commiunent Blade SUI'!.': all the details were expertly handled.

IhlO'lnks" P~t'ty Aubery" [or YOU]" keen insights :;J; nd marketing knowledge .. Your drive and ene:rID7 make th~ngs happen,

OUf gratitude also goes to< Inga Mahoney and Christopher Canfield [or allowing Jack to focus on the work and help maintain that all-important balancebetween busmess and family.

To the two people who have the most focus or anyone, anywhere, Elisabeth and Melanie Hansen.

To fauy Hansen for being an mtegral player ln the day-today operations and decistou-maktng process.

A big thank you to Laura Rush at Mark's offh.:e [()'If being such aneffective go-between and ensuring those important conference calls were scheduled (and often rescheduled') Thanks [0 everyone at Health Comm urucations, our pubhsber, for totally supporung the project and ensuring that printing and dtsrrtbunon deadlines were handled smoothlv


To Peter Vegso, Tom Sand and Terry Burke Ior putting together and leading such a wonderful team.

A special thank you 10 Cllr5bru;: Bellerts and A Ilisen janse for gUiding lIS through the maze of details and. responding promptly 10 every request To Kim \Ve.is5 and Larry Getlen Iorheadlng l~p the pubhc relanons team and to Keny Ma:ragrd opening many doors 10 enhance sales,

Thanks to Chuck Bush. for deanhlg up the n.nal mannseript. Heartlelt thanksto all those diligent people IOn our readers panel who took time to di:ge.'5L. peruse and. analyze OUF ideas:

Anna Alton, Barry Spdchu.k, EiI.e.enMcDargh, David Me ,aJly; Philip Keers, Ken John~t()n" 11m. Breithaupt, Ralph Puertas, Steve Cashdollar, BiU Cowles, john P.: Gardner, Wah Harasty Keith Jacobsen. 10m, JUSiL1ri, Jeanne Kaufman, Audrey K.elliher, J.o hn Obert, Bye Pi us and Do ule Walters, Your feed ba~:k and suggestions made an importam contribution and helped create a much. better product.

.A. special thanks to Fred AngeUs who made anm-depth analysisand offered marry excellent marketing ideas.

We also acknowledge the many examples and stories provided directly andindireetly by friends and clients, Because 101 the scope and. d u radon (I r this projec l ,. we rna y have HIe-glee led 10 mention other s who helped along the way, U, 0" please accept ourapologies, and. know that you ate appreciated,

\\-1i.tlJ1!g an d produci ng this book has truly bee n a team el:fon proving once again that completing an' su cesslul venture doesn't require lUa!gic or hocus-pccus.Tt's Sll1:1p~yleSirning [,0\"" to focus.



S TR .A 'IE, G, Y

II ••• _ ••• _ •••••• _ ••••••• _ ••••.••• _ ••••••• _ ••••••• _ •••••• _ ••• 1111 II 11111111 I 11111"'-""",_ •••••••• _ ••••••• _ •••••••• _,1111, ............. _ •• _ ...... ,'_""".

YOJur' Habits WiJ) Dete rmtne Your Futu Fe


- Robert M. Pirsig

Brent VOUlrj k.new he was golngi tOo d~e.,

The: severe asthmatic attack had deteriorated into adult respira'tory distress syndrome .. To put it simpIy, his lungs. had completely seized, justlike a car engine when H finally runs out of oil

The last thing, he remembered (hal night was the hospjtal Iloor rushing up to meet him, then, total blackness. The coma lasted for ftfreeu days, during which time his weight dropped by forty pounds.When he finally awoke, be was unable to speak fOor another two weeks" That was good, because for the firM time in years itgave him lime to think .. \\lhy, at only twenty years or ag,c. had lns life almost evaporated? The dot .. ~IOtS had done a miraculous job keeping him alive, when others thought he hadno chance for survival,

Brent reflected deeply The asthma had been a part of his IHe since birth .. Be was welj known .H the h OS]) i.tal after numerousvisas to stalnlize his condition,


Despite having ]Ot5 of energy as a child, he was never able to participate in any physical activjties like other kids, such as sk~ting or hockey. At age; ten, hisparents d]von;~d.a]ld all of hispent -upkustrations UnaUy boiled over. Thenext ~ew' years were a continuous downward spira]]eaiding [0 drugs, aleohol abuse <linda smoking habit that consumed thirty cigarettes per cia}':

He didn"l. finish school and aimlessly drifted lrom one pan-time job to the next. Even though his. health was steadily geuing worse, he: chose to ignore ]l--on ti 1 that. F:atdul night when his body said, "0.0 more. "Wlu.hu.me to. reflec t, he came: to this all-important conclusion: "l brought this on luyscJf ~htough years of making bad choices. ,. HiL~ new resolve ...... 'a.S~ "Neeer ,~gaju: ] wanL a life."

Brent gradually became stronger and was eventually telease,d from the hospital Soon after, he mapped out a posl.dvt game plan to improve his life- First he enrolled tn a Inness pmgl1.!.U1. One 01£ his initial goals WM 1:0 win a T-shirt fm QompletlrJ;g twelve sessions. He did it. Three y.ea:t"S .1ill.e-~ he was f~'1c.bing aerobics. The momen tum was, mdlding. .Fbi'e years afte_T that he competed in the N atio1'lall A!e:rohi!:s Cbamptonsh lips. A long the way he deddedtd further his educatlon=-ftrst. completing his high school dipw~na and (hen successfully working his way ~hrotlg.h ulli v ers I ty.

Next" he and ;ame.nd started their owu manufacturing business, TyphQon Sportswear Lid. (www.typlwQtlspotts \,!!'ea:r:.c:om). specializtng in producing apparel for retell chains. Startillg. with only four employees, the company recently celebrated tts [i:rteenth i3!.n.n:ive~~ry.

Today its a mulnmdlion-dollar enterprise WIth sixty-six people and an '~~'U.em.·u.ional distrlbuuon network supp~yin.g high- profile clients such as Ni ke. By dec idlng to make better chokes and create better habits, Brent You ri turned his, me around-from yesterdays zero '1:0 todays hero!


lsn't tin atallil ,insp;iriing, story?'

Heres whats impurtan t: Life doesn't j usthappen ro YOR ~ ['S, an about choices and how you. respond. we:very st mar ion. U you, are ln the habit of eontinually making bad chokes, d.isaJste:r arlen occurs. You.r everyday chotces ultimately determine whether youend up Ii ving with abundance or hving in poverty However, Life never completely doses the door to opportunity

Consistent choices lay the foundanon for your habits, asyou'll find out in the next few pages. And your habits plaj a major role in how your future unfolds. Thisincludes the hahits you disp lay LO the. business world every day. as we 11 as. the variety oK behaviors that show up in your personal life. ThruughouL 1 his book, you'll: lind strategies that can he apphed to berth work. and home . Your job i:s toreview all or [hem and implement ehe ones that will give you the greatest rewards, By the way; all of these strategies work equally well. for men and women. 'They are not gender specific. If you haven't nodced, one of the: mest exctring developments In the marketplace today is the rapid growth of women entrepreneurs,

]n this chapter; we've laid out the mostimportant elements about habits. First you'll discover h()w habit5:1r-eaUy work. Then YOu']] ~eam how to i,denrtfy bad habits andhow to change ,tlie:I.Ifl._ Thiswill allow you to check out your own specific habits and determine: which ones ,~fe unproducri ve. F i nall y, we U show you a unique Successful Hab •. rs Formula, a simple but powerful strategy thai wil] help you transform your bald habits into successful habits. sing this technique will ensure that Y0l:1 Slay focused on what works.Insread of what. doesn't wrnrk


Ullsuccess.ful Peol,le Don't!


•••• _._.1.11, ••••••••••••• _ •• 1 ••• , •.• "" ••• _ ••••• _ ••••

How HABITS Really Work


What is ~ h~bit? Shl1ply· stated, a habIt is something you do so often it beconJe:'seas;y; In (!rfJ~)ef words, Usa. behavtor that you keep repeating, If you persist at developtng a new behavior, eventually it becomes automatic.

For example, if y"01\l~e.altl tadrive a car with a standard

gea,r-:.. .. hift, the first :[~w' l~Oln~, are usaallytnteresttng. ?ne .ot: the big dlaU,enges,islignrin:g out hllW 'LO synchronize the clutch andaccelera;tur peda!1s so you hav,e,a nice, smooth ,gear change, If you. release the'· dutch too quickl y;~he ca.r SlanS:. u you pr:cS$ dO'WliltcQ'O hard 0111 the acceleraror without rd.eaS][lg the clutch, d:teen:gfae rears but you don't go anywhere. Somedmes the car jU1UpS down the street like a kangaroo, .s;utg;i:;n,.g andstopping as, the: new driver struggles wi t h the: pedals. Ho:weVlcr! w~tb practice, the: gear change evenmally be'Co:n.1:CS5mood~ and. )'O,U don't ~h:in.k about it an)'l11~m:,.


We"af,a alii crealw,ms of h.:ibit Wh®l1 I drive home from my o·m~: e\iJE!1)i da"yr them ere nine tJl"tlffic lig;htsa;io'fllg the route', Ohen I g,et horne and don 't reme rn ber ,any of the I irgh'[s. trs like 'I'm l!!'loonsdousas I drive. If my wife asks me 'to rnske ill detourtc pick up something on the way home, it's, not uncommon -far me' to tota1lily forg;et because I've proqrarnrned myself to tak'l;! d1€! 'same \N~j'!i home 8,very night.

The great news is that YOllcan reprogram yout~Hd[ amy time you choose LO do so. U you're stru.ggHng fimmciaUy. 111i~ is important to know!

Lets say j ouwant to be Iinancially independent .. Doesn't i1 make sense to check) OUt money-making habits? Are you in the habit 01' paying ynu.rself first every month? Do yuu consistently save and t.tiveSl 3it~.east W percent of yourmcome? The iU1:SWer is either "yes" or" nn." ] mmediately you can see iF you are moving in the right direction. Thekey word here is ,wnsist:enr. That means every month. And every month. is a good habit, Most people dabble when 1.[ comes to growing their money. They are very inconsistent.

Suppose you start a savings and investment program. For I, he First, six. months you dillgentl y pu t your .h 0 percent away ~iCcofdi.ng to plan. Then something happens. You borrow the moneyto take a vacation, and you tel] Y'0ur~ s e If you'll rna ken up In the next few monrhs, Of course you don't=-and y,our financial independence pr-ogr31m is stalled before it:. even gels. off the ground! By 'the way, do you know how easy It is tu become fhlanciaHy secure? Starting at age: eighteen if you invest one hundred dollars pet month compounding annually ail ten percent, you w HI have mote than $1.1 milliou tucked away at !:ligc sixty-Itve. Even if you dun't start until you are forty years old, there's hOPE\ although it wHI take more than a daily do llar to do it.

This is caHed a nQ exception.s po,licy. In other words, yuu commit 'to your better financial future every single day, It's what separates the people who have from the people who don't have ... On chapter 9,1, aking Decisive Action, you'll learn a lot more about wealth creation.)

Lets look at another situation. If maiataining excellent beahh is 11ligh on yo ur list of priorities, exercising three times a week may be the minimum standard to keep you In shape. A No Exceptions Policy means youwill maintain this exercise habit no matter what happens, because you value thelong-term benefns.

People who d;'il; bble at ella nge w HI qui t alier a Few wee ks Of months, And they usually have a kmg Usa 01' excuses why i.t


didn't work oUl [or 'them .. If .yOIUI want to di:stance yo,urseU from the m.as'sI9sand enjoy' a unique liiif,estyle'l und'e'tstand this-yo,ur habits, willi determine' your fiutul",e.

It's rharimportant, Remember, successful people don:'t; drift to the top. h takes Iocused action, personal dtscipltne and lots 0 r energy ev~:rt day tp make tJ.Thin:gs happen - The habits you develop from this day forward wiUulthnaLf~J)' determine how your future works gut Rich orpoor; Healthy or unhealthy. FuUUlcd or unfulfilled. Hap'p!y OIr unhappy. H'~ yOUJ' choice. so c hoose wiselv

- f'"


Many people today .are concerned about their hfestyle. Phrases, li~c,;';'I'm looking for a betterquallry of Iife," or "Ijust wanlWr S'ill."nplify 'my'bre,." are now common place. h seems theh~dl(lng :rush for rna teria 1 success and all the trappings ora so-called successful me are not enough. To be nuly rich IncLu.des notonly Iinancial freedom, hut developmg rich, meaningful re1a1ionsbi:PS, enrtching your health, and enjoying a ricl~ bamnoe between your career and your personalltte,

The 11ollruhuJ.cnt!. of your own spirit or soulis also an essennal reqniremern, This lakes time 'to explore and expand. It is a neverendmg process. The more you Iearn about yourself-chew you think, how you feel, what your true purpose is and how you warn 1:0 Hve~tbe, more youI!' lii£e win flow.

Instead of just worki.ng hard. every' week, you. win begin to make better choices based on intuition and insunctlvely kncwwing the right thing to do .. his this h.ig.he,r level of awareness th;ilJt determines your daily quality of HIe. In chapter 10, Llvmg On Purpose. we'll show you a unique sysl,em~h~l will Iuake aU or this possible (;01' you, Its a very exciting way to live.

'(our J:I~bils WiJID~t~mc YQu:r 'ifm'tl:tr,r_

........ 1111,,, •••••••• _ •••••• _ ••••••• _ •••• "-_ ... - .. -w .... ,,.


P',ea.s;r ma'~iE': ~lu-e you CU'l' r:raHy aIer~ hejot;,; you. read the next Jew par.r.1gn.l'~hs. 1/Jou'r('_ not, go s'plasfl sotne cold wmer 011. _)ID(Ur face so 'ou wdl nm n:iis;) the importanu oJ lids Junda.mental wuo;pt.

Many people today ll VI:': their lives for immediate gr;arlUca(jo]l, They buy things rheycant !really afforQl and PUI off payment as [at down the road as possible. Cars, furntture, appliances, entertainment systems, or the latest "toy," Just to name a few People inthe habit of d0i11g this have a sense-of playingcatch-up al~, {he time, There'saJways another payment next moma. This often results in working longer hours or taking an additional job just to makeends meet, creaung even more stress ..

Taken to an extreme, if your expenses constantlv exceed your income" you will have an ultimate outcome. its called bankrupteyt When you develop a chronic bad habit, lifewill eventually give youccnsequences. And you m.ay nnt like the consequences. Hue' what you need to really understand; Life will sun give yuu the wnsc(p,lences.Whether you like il or not isn"{ the: issue. The. factis, 'if you keep on doing things a certain way you will. always get a predictable result Negat~ h it bits breed n e gatiive ,eons,equ'E! nces, S IIJ eeess fu I h iii b~iI::s ClJ"ealte IPos~tjlye rewards. That's just the way 1Hc is,

Lets look at a few other examples, [f youwam W enjoy longevit)~ you must have healthy habits, Pra tieing good uutritlon, exer('iSil:lg and studying 'lo.ngevity pi.ay a maier role here. The rC'8!hty7 Most or the population in the Western world is. overweiglu, under-exercised and undernourished. How would. you explain that? Again, its a Hve-foNhe~rnomenl attitude,



'Wi tho li ide or no dlOU.ght given to furnre consequences. There's a lung list when it comes LO health .. Here are a couple-working lourteen hours per day seven days a week 'Y'I1111ead LO eventual bumout.When Y01iJ.'lif: eating fast roods or junk food 011:1 the run as a daily habit, the combination of stress and high cholesterol produces a much greater risk of heart attacks and strokes. These are life-rhreatenmg consequences, yet marly people ignore the obvious and roll merrily along, undaunted by the' fact that amajor crisis may be looming JUS( around 'the corner.

Look at relanonshtps. Marriage is in trouble,wilh almost 50 percent ending up in divorce .. 1£ j'OIU are in the habit of starving your 1110St important rclalkmships. of Lime, energy and love, how can you expect a happy outcome?

When it comes to money, your bad habits Illay lead you to a never-ending cycle of work in your later years, when you'd rather be enjoying more rime off for £1.]]1.

Now herd some :reaUy gdod 11("'S:


Si.n1.ply By Changing Your Habils Now.

YnlJT blukvLI:!l W~II D~Eenlljue' YOm i'u:tnwe

~ •••••• -....... .,..... • ••••••• _ ••••••• _ ••• II ••••••• _ •••••••••• _.,


How long does it take to change a habit? The' most common answers to this question are.v'abour twenty-one days," or "three to Four weeks .. " This is probebly true forrnaking small adjustments ln your behavior. Here's, a persona] example:


I remember llosing my kElys, on a regul~r basis .. At the end of the day I'd park the C~ F in the gara ge, rna rcih into the house a nd toss my keys anywhere' they h<illppel'l~d to !an d. Later I'd be going out to a meeting and, ofcourse, unable to find the keys .. As the treasure hu r'lt for my keys took place, my stress ~ev~1 would noticeably increase, ar'lid aft€)!' the keys wtilre finalll)" found, I'd rush off to my meetfng ivv€mty-five minu't1es late, ,ownin'9 an attitude that would not be described as, posftive.

Th e sol ution to '~h!$ recurring probl em was sjmp~~. One day I n;;i H~·d a block of wood ito the Wet II Iaci nqthe gsrag'E! door; lit h~d two hooks 01") it and a Ilarge label that said, "keys."

The next evening I C.8 me home, strode past my new p.{l.king spot for the keys, and tossed them in some remote corner o~ the oorn. Why? Because that'S what I'd always done. It took me almostthurty days of forcing myself to hamg them on the' wall before my brain got the messag'e; "II guess we'!,,€! doing something different now," and a new il aib it was ftna lIy formed. I never lose my keys anymore, but it tooka ccnsidersbls effort to retrain myself.

Whafs fascinating is [hal altertwenty-oneto thir1ty experi.enccs with anew habit ifs harder notto do it. than to do it, Before you can ehangc a habit, you need to nr~a check how long' au have owned it If you have been doing something repeal!e:cUy for thirty years YOll may nOI be able to let go of it in a few short weeks. At:knowledge the faci that .1 deeply entrenched habit


The Purpose 0.£ This, Book:

Whal'"s, In It For YOIU.

"The tndtvidual who wants to

reach the tOP]D business must appreciate the might: of the force of babit-and must understand that practices are whatcreate h~bits. He must be quick to break those habits that can. break him --and hasten to adopt those practices [hat will beeome the habits that help him . achi~eve the success he destres."

De.arR.eader~ (ar potenhaI reader, jJ you're srillbsowsmg):

OUI ongotn;g research clearly mdtcatesthat rhree of [he biggest d1lalUen.ges facing business people loday are: rime pressures, financial Pl'CSS'IilU''s't and the strugg)!t to mat n tama healthy balance-between work and heme.

For rn;;lny peoplethe pac~ oflife is [00 hectic, ltke being on :.Jineadmin. that just won't stop. Stress levels axe at an all-nme high. There's a grow]ng need for people in business to be" morewell-rounded in otd.eJ to avotd becoming burned-out

wor kahollcs w no have little time for ram.n v and friends and

of - _. -

the flner things ill life. Many also carry a tremendousburden o~· guilt that adds even more stress. That's no way ({'I li v el

ls d'ris something you can relate to?

The: Power (~f Fo\cu~~ win help you in ulan}' W<lys. And [he benefits apply whether YOH ate a CEO r vice presidem, manager, 5l(lp(;;':rvisor,sah~;".,per50n, entrepreneur, consultant, the owner 0]· a: professional practice: or home-based business,


If" you study and gradually implement the strstegles we areabout 10 share, you'll not 0111y hit your business, persona]. and Imancial targets conststently, you'll far exceed. the results you arc currently experiencing. Spedfiic:JiUy,. we'll show you how to focus on your strengths, SQ that you can maximize }Tour mcome, and .. ar the same time enjoy a healthter, happier, well-balanced Ufestyle .

In addition, you'll learn how tcbui Id a stronger foundation EoI' the future based. on a liule-used technique caned U nusnal Clarny On top of that, you'H discover how to create fina:ud~l peace of mind using proven methods from severalmultimtlhouatres .. There's also a smorgasbord of ideas to b:e~p nurture and enrich your mostimportant relationships.

The reason we are so confident that the Ideas in th!is book willi wQrkfor you is lbeciI,!Use they have already worked fOlf usaln d tbo,tu;,alnds ·of au r cUe-nits,. The 1 hree or us hsve seventy-nine years of combined business. experience. ThIS is realwerldexpenence, Its been earned bymaktng ~Ol$ of mistakes, as well as by focusing on doing some things extremely well. \Ve'U share some of our tnostimportantpeu .... oVlall brea:kdnolLtgbs with you and ten you the way it really is instead of gi.ving


ha long roots. It's like trying to sever a multi-stranded fiber that has m.olded itself over time, into a single powerful rope, Its very hard to break.Long-tane smokers know how difficu.tL it is lei break 'the n 1 cotme habit, M~ny never do, despi te the ,~ver\vh elmtng evidence tha t proves smokt ng can. signiHcmnl y shorten your Iifeexpectancy

As weU,.pe:ople with a long. history of low self-esteem wont transform themselves into .highly confident individuals, ready to take on me world, mrwenry-oue days. H may lake a year or more to develop positive beHtf systems, These ltnpertant transitions- cana:ffect both your professional and persona] Me.

Another [actor abeut chsngmg habits is the potenual [or slipping hackmtn YOU].rt old p<1llltems. This can happen W~H:'? stressleve ls rise Ol an unexpeeted crists. occu 1'S. The new habl t tnay not. be strong enough to reslo;t these. ehrumstanees, and more thne, e:nergy' andeffcrt wiU be required. To ensure consistency astronauts use a checklist for every smgle procedure roensure the same results every time. Yon. can create a similar b.n-5:~JE sys~e-~. It J~st lakes practice. And it's well. worth the effort, a~. you 'llsee sbord.y ..

Im.a!i~;iW yiou O',n,ly changed Iourhabits every year, Ptve years £rom, 'lIl!;lw' 1G'Ll would have twenty poslttve new habits, Now, h,e;re"S ,lh~ tb:tn~o:u]d twenty posmve new habi ts ma k e a d.l.ffet-enOf. ~D. YOUI' results? Of course. Twenty successful habits can bring 'you all themoney you want or need, wonderful loving relationshtps, a be~hhwer and more energiz.e:d physic~I1. bod}; plus aU so~'ts e~( new oppornmntes. Ari_d r-'wha~ if yo~, :~e~led more than. lour new habitsevery year? Think of the possibilities'



As menttonedearllermany of our daily activities are simply routines. From. the time you get tlP in the morning until you retire at night, there are hundred s of things you do the same W.ily. These include the \~lay you dress, get ready for the day, eat breakfast, read [he newspaper, brush your teeth drive to the office, greet people, arr.angc your desk, set up appointments, work on projects, attend meetings, answer me phone and so on. If you've been doing these same activibes for years, you. have a set or firmly entrenched habits. They mvolve every area of your li~e including your work, family, income, health, relationships and many mnre. The sum total of these habits determines how your life operates. Simply stated, this is your normal behavior;

As creatures of habu, we are very prediclable. In. many w.ays this is good beC~IU:5e: others mav view us as rehsble, denendsble

I ~ ,..,...,1."'"

and consistent, Ots interesting to note that people who are very unpredj;(,;tabLe also have <1 habit-. the habit of mconsistencyl)

H.Qwever, wtrh too much routine, complacency sets in and Iife becomes boring. We settle for less than we. ere capable of. I n fact, many or theacuvi lies thaemake up our everyday normal behavior are performed unccnsciously-e-withuut thinking .. Here's the point: ¥OUf ew~ryday normal behavior has a lot [0 do with the results in your HIe, lf you're not happy with these results. something has to change.



you vague: theories and phUooQphies, This win help you avoid much of the tria] and error in life aad save you a Ret of time. energy and unnecessary stress,

P~.el.ll5e note: If you are looking for a magic "quick-Iix" fomluhll, you. won't find ;il here. In our expertence.fheres no such thing. h. takes a real commitment to create positive translortnariou. That's. why more than 90 percent of people who attend shortterm seminars see 110 iI.nJul'lV'emeTilt in their lives. They don '( take the time to tmplemen; what they learn and ",.II of their notes. usually end up oo~.lecnng dust..

Our primary goalhas been mmake thts information so compeUh:l.g.,:i~ win galvauize you to take immediate action, This book is, us¢r-£ri~Uid~y~~ts !e,aUy eMY to read. You'll even find c~utocms .am01!1-1 the: way tha,t. make it fun.

Ev,e.ry ~hapteT C0n51srs of a variely of strategies and techniques enhenced by anecdotesand inspidng stories, The first three ,chapte'rS ~aY' -fhe .fot'IJlibti.(ln.. Each subseqneru chapter introduces ;3. n.ew set of stm'le;gi,e;s centered around a speci fie habu thatwill .help,youI\CI focus and perform better. Individually. these habits ate vl!tally n:n:pottaul U'I your Iuture SUCCf;."_:;,<;S,_ In cornbmation, they create a veritable fortress [hilt MIl ensure you enjoy Ute to the fullest. At ~he end of each chapter youwUl fmd a series of Action Steps, Illest: ~:r,e designed to f<'l.cUi.tate you.r progress. It is essential thar 'You follow through and complete these if you want to enjoy a higher] vel. IOf prosperity You can initiate them one at a. time. Use dds book as ;;1 continuous work-ln-pmgress 'l:hai vou can refer to over and over again,

We strongly suggest d1.1l -ou have ahtghli,gllt,erlnar:ker or pen and 1I101.epad beside you a s you read. 'Use 'ilie~.,e to nnmedtarely capture the: ideas that have the g,reate.st lmpact,

Remember, its all about focus. The 111.<1.]0 reason mOSL people suuggleptofessiona By and. personal! y is simply lack iQf ~OCU5_

They procrastinate era How themsel ves to be e~sUy distucred and interrupted . Now you have. the opportunity to be diffcreI.u. The only purpose of this book is to inspire you to take action. That's it, pure and simple. There's a treasury of wisdom in die pages ahead. So lets gel starred. Use The Power of .F,()ct~s to guarantee your better future, And may your life be. truly enrichedin the process,

5i i'lC erdy,.

fAa0;_; ~;.p~


rs. If you ate the owner o i.' a busmess and are planning for rapid. growthtn the next :~ew years, buy a copy or this book for everyone OIl your team, The IT10memUU:1 created byimplemeruing these Iocnsing strategies together will ensure that you reach your rnrgets much SQO]].cr than anticipated.


···--.1"'1,·_ ······_· , ., _ " ..



This is great news! By supernnpostng a newbehavioron top of yourpsesen ~ bena!!i·iof.YOU can create a~ entirely new vv_ay of doing things. This ne,w normal behavior then becomes vour new S.tili.ndard of performance and productivity. In other ~ ords, you s],mp]Y$:tai,n, replacifl\S yon r oM bad habits with new successfulhaetts.

For f,xa:mpire.,if 'you. alWKys show up late .for meetings, your stress 'le'v:elS, M,e p,obably high and you feel unprepared, To i.tnpfp;;re :dtisj, makea eommitment rl1at you will: arrive ten minutes eaI'ly ,(,0:[ eVCry'appoinnnettt during the next 10m: wee~,. If }~OU disd;pl:J.ne yourself to complete this process, you Wl.U nonce two thmg,5:

1.. The f:i:l'stw~ek ortwo wiU be wugh . .In fact, you may ne~d to give yourself a Iewmental pep talks juslloke:ep yourself on track.

2. The m-,m:',e often you show IIp on time, thE easier it becomes. Tlu::n one day it becomes normal behavior. 11'S ~ik€: beingre-programmed. And you'B disccver that the benefits ofrhe new program Iar outweigh the results of the old one,

By !sys,tlem,atica.llyi!1l'1i,pr,ovi,n'9 Qlme b,eihav'jiolr at a time you can dir~'rrtIJatkany impro,ve your Q,veran Hfe's,ty~e" This includes your health, tncome. relarionsblps and time off tor fun.


)"mu n~lmJ> Will Det~nnil1l~ ¥cmr Futur~

-··· __ ······_·-.· .. ···-." r"""'. . .••••. _ _ .. _ .


II have a fri,end in his fifties who cherng.ed t~nty-fClur l1l~ting habi'tsoV'E!r a trwo"year period. Before he d~clded to change, he was, ti red ,@.nd o\lerwei 9 ht, had !ow e n ~rgYEJnd lacked rnotivation ~ar his work His bad habits indlld~d too many diLt'ls<5<®rts, fast fa ods and a, battl e of wine @very day, Then he decided to change. It was a /.ong process and required lots of s@lf-discipline, With the help ofa,n excellenr nutritionist and a personal fitness trainer; he made a complete turnaround He has. stopped drinidng, has no trouble avoiding desserts snd eats srna !!er food portions that aJlre well-bal.a;nced and provide maximum eiiel'gy. He h,ilI!s a n'ElVl!' zest for business and his confidence is, at an(jrll~t~me high.

If other peoph- can make s.ign.mcanr dlange.s, why not you? Remember, nothing wtll chaI1lge 11mHyou do. Embrace cbang,eas apositrve catalyst. one ih,u w;m give you more fh'.:edom BInd peace of mind,



How to IDE,NTIFY Bad Habits


M any of our habits, patteras, Idi.osync'rasies and qui rks are invisible, causing renowned. author onver Wende.11 Holmes to observe, "We all need an.educatkmbr the obvious," So let's look mere closely at the habits It_hart.are holding you back. You are pro:bably consctous ora, few right a!W~y. Here are some common ones we ha v~ tle.c~l~:¢. {rom. clients in our workshops,


H " A 1ack of clarity abou t expec I.CO outcom es, mOlltldy t<'irgeUi, goals, etc,

Not aUowingeuou.gh. travel ti me for outside appoinunems.

Handling the: mat I. more than once. Allowing biUs to go unpaid, resulting min terest penalties.

Not following up consistently on overdue receivables. Talking insteadof ltstemng.

........ _ _ __ _ _ _.,III, 11.,_._


F orgeuing someones name shn:~ seconds (or I.ess) after being tmrcduced.

Hjtt~l1g~Ju~ snooze ahmn several. times h~. the morning before geuing out of bed.

Worktng .tung days with no exercise or regular breaks,

or spending enough time wnh your children.

Havi.ng a fast -food meals program Monday to Friday. Eating <1il irregular times cf the d<lY.

Lea\~iug home ill the morning, without hugging yuur wife. husband, children atll1l!ot dog.

Taldng work home with you.

Socializing tau much (III the tdephone.

Makillgresenradollsat the last minute (restaurant, travel plans, 'theatre. concert s) .

Not (oUawiug through. on lime as promised, with other peoples requests,

. ot taking enough time off for fun and. Ei!mily-g,1I.l.ih free l Having you r cell phone on all lJU:~ time.

Corurolling every decision, ,espedaUy the small stuff you need to let go on

Procrastinating on everything from CHing taxes to cleantng out your garage,


N ow check yourself out by l'l1,aking a Ust. o[ all me: babns tha 1 keep you lUl,IJJioductlVf" Block o[f~nh.o1Ur or llilore so you can re<]IJy th~:nk through this process" And planit so you won't be mrerrupted, h.'s <'1. worthy exercise and will ghre you a strong fnlmd:<.l.t]on for improvtng your results in the years ahead. In [~Cl, these-bad habits" orobstecles to your goahs,I:ei;]I.ly act as a spsmgboard to }'O'Y)i[ [utrorcs:ucce.S5" Ul1Ilt.il. you clearly 'lIA nderstand w luiIJ is ho]djng youback.tts d~mcu]t to create mo.re productive habns, The Successful Hatllits Pormulaat theend of this chapter win. show you a pracncal waywt:ra:ns£onn your bad habits into successful s'Lta,tegles.

Another w~y H) ideillijfy: yoor unproducttve behevtor is toask for j'eedback Talk to people yourespecr andadmire, who know ym.l welL Ask them wh.m:t they observe. about your bad habits" Look for mnsiste:rucy. 1£ you talk to 'ten people and eight of them S,alY YCHil! ]];e''ii.t,er return phone calls o VII lime,pay iJHenUotl. R:el'1Aemlber .t'hits-JOjJf outw.ard behavi:or is the trutihj whereatS your iinner percepth'll'!i of Y<1.lur behavior is Qiften anillhJ!siion. If yOU!ilfie. open. w good honest feedback, you can make adiju.stm.enlS quk.kly and elh:l1in<lle. bad h'lbhs permanently


Thj sis an extremely impertanr insight. Understand that the people you. hang aruund with and the envtronment you. live in su:nng]y influence whale you. do. AI.Je::rsonbwli,n;ght. up in a negative environment, CORli.nu.aHy subjected to physical or verhal .. abus,e:, has a different view or [he world thana 'child reared in awarm, loving and supportivE f:!limny; Thejr arutudes andlevels nf self-esteemare different. AbliilS1V"(! envjroumertts olten produoe feelings or unwerthiness 11'Iul. a lack of confidence,

•••••••• _ •••••• _ ••••••••••••••••••• _.'." ••• ·"111 •••••••• _ ••••••• _..,

no t to mention lea r, "[hi<;;nr:::g~ U ve bel ief system, H' carried intoadult lifer can produce aU sorts of unproducu ¥E habi.t5 including drug addiction, crimiua] aCt]vtty and an mability tomold a steady career path,

Peer ple&<;ure also plays a negative or positive role. If you h~.n.g around people whoare always contplamtng about how bad. everythingis, yon :~uay slaUbeUeving what they say. On the. other hand, U you surround yourself With people who are strong and p().si.tive, you'remore likely to see: .ft world Iull of opportull!~I.y aud ad venture.

In his excellent book, NLP;' Th(( New Art (u1.d Sden<:,e of Ge[ ~ h:l.g W~.at You. Wanlt:l·uthor Harry Alderexp~a~ns further: .

Even small. changes m. themm Theve] Q:[belid \vilJ] produce anlazlng changesin behavi.or and. pcrforman.ce. This Is seen more starkly in children than in. adults.us [hey Sire. more sensitlveto suggestIon aodcha:nging belie:l 50 .for example, if children believe theyare good at a sport, or a p<lJrli.cular subject, ~h.ey will actuall y perform better. The better performance wiU. fuel the €]lthanoe:d 5>eHbe Ue:f ,and they wIU go on. to excel,

In 'l few rare caSE':S a person might have an overnding self-belief that says "I'm. no good at an ytmng.," and this will have a very da:m,aging .ef[eu cma:Illytrung they lry to accomplish-if they bfnher Ito try.. But ]1 is f<'lr more ennnnon to have a mixture (If sel f~bcli els, some of which are pesitive or "empowering" ~ nd son':!€: 0 f wh]cli1 .iue negative or "disempowermg," A man mighthave 3\ very low -seif-it11Ilge: in, career terms and not see: himself, for example .. as betng ria good "manages" or "bess" or "leader" _ The same person, ho'wever, migln see MU.&I f £IS a "nalural"iu sport, sQctnUzil1.g" or in smut': hobby or pastime, JR"it as commonlj, in a work situation, ~l woman might S:EIE he!'SleU' highly in terms of professional abi U ly -bdng able to do the job well technicaJly-hul he far


fwmha ppy about ]]aludJing the "office politics" side of her career. 0]" vice versa, So we each have a ra.ng.e of seU- beliefs, OOVem'Jlg the IJJtarry facets afoul work, social and do mt': stic llfe: and we need to be specjfic when ]'o.CJ.1Ittfying those that a.fIiec~. what we achieve. \Ve need to replace disempcwermg oneswnh empowering ones.

EVf."n ~J y()u were U!nfoHunMe enough to bavea severely di;5~dvantaged backgm1!1nd. you can stillmake d1.al'lges .. And it. may only take DOe: person to help yelU. make the tra ns;ibonAn excellent coach, teacher, th!erap'is,~ .• m,~n'~or or positive role model can d.ramaticm~~y impect your future _l'h e! only p,rereq:uisiitei!s, thart you m,uS't .comm:jt ito mange. VI/hen you "Ie read.y to do .SQ, tiThe rtght pe:<ople win start showing U I) to h.dp yo.u. In our expen}cnee" tharwell-known saying, "When the pupH i:Sfleady· ~e te~che:r:llippeaIs>" is, true.

H~ilfmiglliY is no longleT <1! part ·O'f G~oria'!s beU~i roystem.

. -

'l'Ouil l-I;JMI5 WuUi n~t~rrnhl~ 'i'm!lr f~ture

••••• ". '11"'" 111111111111111._ ••••••• _ •••••• _ •••••• _ ••••••• ----".

How to CH .. ANGE Bad Habits


As. mentioned before, sncce~sfulpeople have developed successful habits. Leam to observe what those: hsbtrs are. Study successfulpeople. As well-known bastness philosopher Jim Rohn says, "Fheyleave dues .. " Vllha:t if you weretointerview one; successful person eVC']l month] T~ke.him or hell out to breakfast: or 1 unch and ask lots of good questions ebout their disdpHlrit:s,wutincs and h2loit.'l.,\Vhi3i.l. do they read? What dubs and asscciatlons do they belong to? How do they sched ule their thud If you listen well and take good notes) you'llhave a wealth elf powerful ideas in a very short time. And if your request is sincere, truly successl ul people ate: happy to share (heir ideas, They enj oy the oppon:Ul1].ly to be a coach [0 people who !lire gen umely interested in improving their hves.


Wh en we fi n is h ed writi n 9 the f rst eh icke·n Soup for th e Soul book, we 8islkea ad I of the bestsellirtq authors we know-Barbara De Angefis, JohnG ray, K~n Blanchard, Ha rvey M ack;a;y, IH a raid Bloomf~el d, Wayn e Dyer an d Scott Peck-what speciflc strategi'E:ls would be required to assure that our book would become ,a bestseller, AU of these people were generous with their I d e·i;lS(l,n d doe I r ~nsights, We dide'Verrythirl'9 W~ w~rif;';1 told. We made a h,gb~t of doing d. ml n i mum of o n e re d io in te rvi ew iii da.y, seve n days 21 week.~or two y~f.lr$_ We Iretai ned Our own publ icrlst


We sent cut five books, 0;11 day to re:viewers and other poterrtial opl nion moldt'l!f~_ We. gav~ newspapers and rnag.Elzi'Ms fr~e reprint rights, to our etcries. We off'ered mot~\l3'tion~ I sem ina res. to all of the' peaiP I €- respons i bl;e fo r se11ling our books. I n short, we askedwhat O,1,..i r bestselli n 9 habi~ sh ou1d be and WB put them into action . .As. a rssu It, we have gold fifty million books to date worildwide_

The trouble ts, most people WOIll. ask, Instead., they come up with aU sorts of 'EXcuses. Th.ey're lOO busy, Qr they n:I.-.io~nUze that successful people wouldn't have t~.me for them, and how do you Hnd these people anyway? Successful peoplearen't standmg on every street cornerwaiting lobe interviewed, Tha l'sright Remember, I1"s a B.Uldy; "['hat means yOil need [0 be resourceful and come 1.1 p W~dl w:~ys to find where th.es,e successful pelop~e work.live,ea~ andhang OHt MakJe it a game. Have :[u n, Ifs worth lUI (]o: ',c]:n"aptcr s, which focuses (.Hl the bribH of Buikiing E.x:ce11cml R.elatr:i.onsl%1.ps,. yOlll'll discover 'how Nlnl1l.d and 'OGnta~t sUiCt:e5~fuli memors.)

H.er,Cs anotber way ao study successfu 1 people: Read "1:11 eir ;!.ut6bh~'graphies ao.d hli.ogf~phies. There arc h.umdreds of :lhe:m. These are wendetful true stories packed wi til ideas, and the books are in. your IOGll library and bookstores. Read one e"very month ~an.d yon1.~ gain more lusigh ts in a year [han many untverslryccurses could offer.

Also, be aler~ fIJi[ special television documeutsnes that feature successhtlpeople. Another habn the three of us have developed is B~h:::nhlg 10' mnu"vational and educational .. ~m:d:iotapes when we are d,.~~v[]1g, w~Th;ij;n,g or exerc i:shlJ,g. If yOiU ltstea to an audiotape for thirty mimnes each day, nvc:: days a week,lIDI ten years you'U have belen ,e'Xp(}~ed. 10 over thirteen l::i.u.:ndrl;ldlwrurs of new and useful information. Tills is a habiLrn;;!U almost aU of the successful people weknow have developed-they listen l o audiotapes _ (F()[ some .of the best, see cur Resouece Gtlklc. on pil:'ge 303.)

Om lnend Jim Rohn says, "I[ you read one book ev,ery mon thabout yourmd lllstry. in. tenyeazs you'll have read 120 books, That win ~)U t you ]1] the LOp Lpercent of your lfielcl" COPv'eTsdy, as Jirn Wisely notes, ,j AU the bocks you haven't read won't help :rou:!r~ Check out specially stores that sell videos and cassette tapes Ife~luring lQP personal development I rat ners and bus! ne ss Ie <lide:rs. All [h] 5 terrific i]lf ormatton is om there waiting for yon. SQ~e~]:Sl on. it, and w~l!ch your awareness soar, Pretry soon, if you apply what you Iearn, you:r income wUl soar too.


P eople who :lIe rich in eve,ry S,E::BSe of the wordunderstand tharhfe is a learning experience. It never stops, Learn to consranrly refine yourhabits. Thetis always mnmhetlevel. to reachfor, no matter how gDnd youa:te. right now When you constantly strive to improve, you burld character. YOlm bCCOl"HC more asaperson, and you have more 10 offer. Its an exciung j oumcy that u lt imatel y ] eadsto Iu ]mhnenL and prosperlry,

. .

U nf ortunately, sometimes we learn the kssm"1s the hard way:


Have you ever expenenced kidney' stones? Iff, no fun, and ,a g;ood eMmple- of how bad h~b.its car'! make you r ilife misery.

Oil consultation with my doctor it became evldentthet O'lY $uff€r~:ng odg'i natad frorn POQ r eating habits, The ccnsequences Hnally showed up in th~ form of several larg® stones. It was decided that a 'Iithotrypsy was the best way to remove them. This is a laser technique that only takesabo ut an ho ur and norma lily the patientfi, lily recm-er:5 i F1 a few days,



Prior to this I had booked a special father-and-son weekend in Toronto. My son had just turned nine and had never be-en there be'~ore, Our f<)l;'orite football! team w~s playi 119 in 'the national championshup finat p I us. the Los, Angeles Kings, my son's favorite hockey team, w~re in town as well. We planned 'to Hy out on Saturday morning. My liithotrypsy was on Tuesday of the same we~K, whic~ !I figured gave me lots of time to rewperate before the im'ght.

However, on Friday afterrroort, .after .:ll, severe bout of renal colic and three days of 'e,~cruc;i:ating pain, dulled only by regular morphine shots, my slir:pri's'§l trip with my son was evapor,QI'tilng. before my ey,e.s. More ccnseqvencesl Fortu n.atel,.; at ,the ~ast minute my dector decided I was fit e nouqh to trav!iii:1 a ifI-di signed meout of th e ho spita L

The' weekend w~s speGt;i!ltlJl'H~, Our football, team woo, we watched agraat hockey garne, and my son andl have memCltieis we wfU treaSllilre 'fo~ a liferttime. And I, almost lost ;that worideriu.l: t;:l!PPQM!:uinity beg Lise of my bad ha bits,

II am n~w :high~y motlvate·a to avo id [utu re kid n ey stone pr()bl"~ms.l! ·,dri'nk ten glasses of water every day and choos:e not to -eatcertain stone-forming foods. lt's a small pri10fii tOP~lt~ Apd my II'iJiew h~b i til have s u ccessfu II y kept me' outcfW;:H!J,ble, :~a f@r;

The point oft:hls story is '[0 Hl ususte how me will always give YoOu consequ'~nce~ related [0 youracttous. So before you embark 0[1. a specific course, look. ahead, Are you creating negative consequences or potenttal rewards? Be dear in your thinking. Do same research. Ask questions before you stan any new habits. if you do th~s, you;n enjoy more of bfespleasu lies. and not be scr<eamtng for morphine' to kill your p<litl!

Now that you understand how habits really work and how to Id,enrlfy them, lets conclude with the most important pan -- -how to. permanently chj'l,:ng,e your habits.


'l'mn HilhllS Will De{,e-rmilll: Your .Pl!ltLue:

'" "" II.'" ..•••• "_ ••• ,, .•. "'"11' 11111111 ",,_,_ ..• _

The Successful HABITS Formula

This is a step-by-step method whelp you create better habits. h works because it's simple. Y'ou don't need complicated strategi es. This template tan be applied to anyarea of your life, business or personal. IF applied consistently, it will help you achieve everything you want. There are three fundamental steps:


Ifs Important that you really think about the future cnnsequences of your bad habits. These may not show up tomorrow, next week 0]' 11e-;X~ month, The. real impact. could be years Siv.ra,y. When. y01!1 look 0'11 yon:r unproductive behavior one day at a time.Tt may not loOOK so bad. The smoker saysj "Whats a few cigarettes today? It helps me-relax. I'm not wheezing and cHughing.." However, the days accumulate endtwenty ye-o:trs later in the. doctors office, the X-rays are conclustve. Consider this: lf you . smoke ten cigarettes a day for twenty years, [hal's seventy-three thousand cigarettes. Do you think sevenry-three-thousand ci.gare:tU,:_5 could have an impact 00:11 your h.~ngs? Of course! In. fact, the consequences can be deadly So, when you examine' )IOUI"' own bad habiits, oonsiider the' Iiong-term iimpticatiQns. Se totally honest. YO'Ulf life mily be at sta,ke.



U sumlly this lS j ust the opposite of your bad habn, ] n the smoker's example il would. he, "Stop Srnoking. " Wb:a[iiJlre youactually going to do? 10 11l.otivat£ yourself, think about an the benefits and rewards for adopttng you.r new sliJloces.sful lut bit. This helps yo u create a dear picture of what thts new babit win do fnr you. The mQl'ie vivid'ly Y'OI:J de:scl'iiboe .e benefits, th e more Ilike~y yo,!.,! are to,talioo action.


This Is where the rubber meets the road. in [he smok!il1g e:~tDprne there arc S<e\"~ml pp'iJo.nls. Read. ]WW~· to,~'sto;p.~smoking U~e'r:at1l1!rt,. Stauhypnosis th erapy SUJbslimi~Si,)me.lhlm.llg dse when 'the: desire [ora cigarette arisea.Plaee abet wi.m. a I'denid to keep you. accounlab]e. SUU:l a fresh air ~erctsepmgra___m_. Use a nicotine patch treatment. St;,l:Y <11vvayfrom oitll~' smqke:rs. The ;lu1pm:ta:lJit thingis to make a decision ablaut which .$,pecifk: actions Y'ou arego]l1:g to nnplement,

You.m~su takeaction. Start with one hrtbi't~hat yQiU really wantto change. Focus on ycn:l,r three innnC(Uale action steps and put lhen~ inlopractice. Do it tww Remembe'r:. filo,thing will changie, until YQ'!,;I dQ.

111'.I'·_··_··_··...,.,..,....-,II ... , .............. _----.,~~J


So now youkoow how hibiL<;realUy work and how to i.denHfy your bad ones, In addition, you have a pmven formula that win jump-srart your new successful habns. TMs wH[ woskequelly well to Improve your business habits aJS wen as th_os~ m your personal Me . We strongly encourage you to complete the Action Steps SiS described at the end of this chapter, Only when yUll commit to worki .. ]lg through this Successful HahitsF ormula ]0 \:oJ"-fning win the true benefits oec(Yrne dear. Just keepmg tnformation in YCflU head. is shortlived. We wSinl you to experieuce a transforma HOll.hi! your results, and in yOUT H$estyh.~. The next chapter will build. em this strong Foundation. H'saU a.bQUl fOCU5hlg your powe:r. Expect some majo:r breakthroughs,



Th;e~tJ~~EllS5cf~iiJl a.'~ - it$ Ifd'FR:tul,

A. S l.iI,ccessfulPe aple I WalOlt. to 'nteniew

Make a ~i$1:_ -of people ~:fOl;IfE;.·sp,ect, who have al ready dens extreme Iy we I LSet a g:Qa~ to i nvit@ each of the m to b rea kfa st, Of hJ nch, or bookan apip~~II1;tment at their office. R:ememb~r EO take a notebook {)r .:l tape recorder with you to capture the Ir best ideas.


.2. -----




tookat the fol!lowilng eXilrnplh~s. There are three section:sr---A, B end C in section A., define the habit that is: n'olding you back Be ~pedfiG. The n CD n side r the conseq IJ en ces if yo u keep Or! re p~11Iiti ng th~ s be hay i or. Ev~ ry act~ 0 n yo ~I t~ke hi;lIS consequence·s. Bad habits (roe 9 ative behavior} produce ~r1~ 9 ati ve cons€lq u ences. S u ccessfu i hablts (pos~t~ve beharvior) produce benefits arid rewa rds.

[In section B, d~'fin~ your successful n,ew habit Usu~lIy all you need to do here is write the opposite' of wh<1lt. you h~d in section A. If ynur bad habit was No Eavings for the future, your new habit could bE!! Save 10 p,~rc,tl!n:!' cd evtNy,thIng I e.am.1 nsoectl 0 n C,I is! th e' three a etien steps you wi llfa ke to t U fn your new h a bit into real ity,. Be sp'edfl e. Pick a start date a rid then g'etgoi n 9' ~


No sav i r! 93 / i nvestmerrts for' ~n,e fU'b.lir'!&-=Sipend~n9 all of my Income.


Unable to MQP woriki rig ~ n re'ti rernent years, no free-dbm of choke, poverty.


II nvest 10 pe:rce flit of every dollar ~ €!,llIm.


De bt free, choose my own I i f)e5ty~ e, lot'S, of ti me off,

f n<;l nci a! I nde pende n ce.

1. !Find a nexca II entf n a ncia Ii planner to h®~p me d€S,Egn ell long-term ga me p~ an .

2. Set up CI month Iy automatic deduct.~onin ..... estmentaccouot,

3. Make ,a I'lst of where the money goes andelimirtate unnecessary spendi n 9.

Start Date:

Mon day, March 5..



A.llowing! d~slracUoFls and i ntem.Jpotiion:£ throughout the day .art work.


H irea p€r~ona I assistant to screen phone cans, minim~l.e i1lltenruptions

a n d help witn papeMork.


Priority t61~k5 nsver c-ompleted,j le'Ssti me for money-making activiti~s, increlCIsed s'tf)(llrls\! lo:n9~r work hv~rs, reduood family time.


Ah11e· to wmph~te projects, more time for tmoney~ma~dng activities, f®duc!lld stress, ~nOIF,e ,e,ne~w, be,tl:er ibatgf!lce' at home ..

1. Wfite tip an ~deall job deSCII'1ir;:l<'tiion.

2. Adv.ell1ise, ~nt:erliewand sekect the best can d id~te, ,3. ni;liintf'lIDoWiuglhly.

On aS1epa,rate sheet useth €I sa'flliefo,rmat to, recol~d you r ,own habiltsand act~on plans" DO 11' .NOW!




S,Y 'll .A T 'E G Y #2

." •••• _' •• ,III_ ••••••• _III .... _ •••• ,II~ •••••• _._.,.,'., ••• _._ •••• 1"-······_··11, • .....-···

... _." _ .. 111,·_······· 1,._ _11 _.1""._ .


lt~:s. NOIIH,O(~·uIS'~POCU,S,' lt~s Al1 About Focus


.' . .' - .j~


-Charle;s Dickens.

fhe ,Qil'rtr,aprE!l11Ie~.u··s dUemma,.

if 'you own. you.r own business. or are pla.nul:ng to in thenear £ulure, be aWlilft, of d;teEntre:pre~eur'S [,Hlero:ma. (You ,Cft1iI1l also adapt this if you're in n'Hlnage~nen 1 !~r :l,lny sort or 5mperv~SOl'y role.) Here's lht',~:;,ce:llar:~o:

You have this g-real idea [0] selling i;.'!. new produ~t or pr~vidlng a unique sendee. Y?uv]$'~a1i~e .(~OiIl~U beuew d:'lan everyone else, and of course you re gou'l;8

to make lots oI!Jiloney; .

]nH:iaUy,. the main pu rpcse of S\!buSl:ne:ss is to Hnd

new customers a:nd to keep the ones yO'll. al ready ha ve~ Second. 10 makea fair pmfit, At tbe start, mal'! Y small business ventures 1lI'C undercapitalized. Consequently. the ent.repreneur wears several hats, e:spedaUy. in the first. year. and puts in tong days andniglus. with not

II's [','o~. l'!o~u-~"P()Cllli. [.~~ ,\1] l"i.llml!l F,~

•••••••••••••••••••••••• _ •••••••• _ •••••• _ •••••• --", .... -' • ..; ••• ---- ••• , ••• -_i .. ,~,~

much time for zelaxmg. However, lts an excHingU'Ql~., pUlling deals together, meeting potentia] dknl:Sand. ~mproving the product lme or service.

As> a foundation is buill, peopleand systems art: put in place to create stabtli lY. Grad uaHy theentrepreneur heCOrl1e5mOIe~nvo.]ved. in day~tn~day adminiSH:a H ve duties.Paperwor k tncreasesand VIi' hal started ouras an exciting venture becomes ~ldaHy routine, with much more ttme spent putting om fires,halndling people pro blems, tax challenges and monthly cash How.

noes this sound falufhar[!Q YOl,],f Wel], YO-]lj're not alone, In our combined sevenry-uine ye:a!1:S .of business experien.ce, this isa vtry commCJns~tU<l!tio,rL The dili]emma 15 corupounded because many entrepreneurs (and milmgt:rs) are controllers, They find ]1 dUT:iCU~l W lergo, toal low otherpeopleto carry the load. Dde,gaxion is no[ thetr strength, and cd course they are eraotionally atti;ll.ched. to Lh~tt husiness, After all, they cf«:,atedil, weaned. it andmntured it. They understand every dctaH and, in theirminds, nobody else can do ~:~t-se important evcryd03lY tasks, as well as they can.

Tht.s is the ultimate Ca[ch~2L There are more cppcrrumrtes on the horizon, ~nd bigger dea1s [0 dOlS!c,blll you can't get 10 [hem because you'r-e: stuck wuh the day-to-day routine. It's Irnstranng. So ym.l l hi ~k, "M aybe l f I wOTk harder and take a ti.me management course, ] can handle. everything," This won.'t heIp .. Wc~rk.i.ng harder and. Icngerhours will not solve your dilemma. Trust uscwe've been there more than once. So what is the answer ?H.ere h. is in one sentence: You must invest most of your time ev,eiry week do,ing what y'ou do best,and Ilet othe'rs. do what they do best.


".,'M _ ,"._ _ .. ,;.,I.

Carl's one Qf ,thos'e peolple whc Ilooked .!lIIt the hand he was dealt\: andb~ah pilaying the cards,

Focus, on ~h,OiSe ac:tivitle-s yOU! do brlllianlly, and from which youpmdace e:xil'tllordtnary results, If you don't" you'llprobably Cl!ea.ttdl.tgher stress' levels and ultimate burnout Not a pleasant 'picture. 'Vour bdUianl acttvities give you energy, keep you exdted ~n:d free 'yml up to chase thosenew epportumties, But you}reprdhably' wondering how to handle all that :Staff thats holding y,ou hack. You're right. It won't just disappear. Later in this chapl(£'r. )1lolll~n find out s-ped£i.call.y bow to deal wtth those monkeys and get them off your back.

Focus on. Your NAT'URAL T;alents

I ts ct'il'icaUy nnportant that youunderstand this. To help you get (he. picture, let's takea look at the. wnrld of mck and roU music.

_ he RolLing, Stones are oneof the most prolific and end urtl1g rock-and-tell bands in histury ,.0 date, (heir career has spanned almost forty years. Mlck Jagger and. lns three friends are


nO\!r~ \Vdl Into their fifnes and sHU performing to sold-mn ~~a.dluro.saroundth~ world, You may not Uke their music. btU Its hard 1,0 denv their success

; - '" '..:!I",

_ Lets go ~ebind the scenes just before their ooli1ce.n begins .. _ . rhe stage is set It took over two hundred people to build this m~lnm;t0 t~'I, S~:ructufe sever~I stories tall ~1)!1.d half [he Iength of a fOQIJ~<aU bdd_ A convoy of more dl:a:n [wemy sefili-tr~iJ.e:rs was ~eq~U"ed [0. haul 'it ifro.11l the last location, Two private planes Jet the key people, Induding the band, between cities, hs a huge operation. Their 1994 world LOUr earned more than $80 minion profu, so it's obvtouslv worth the: effort ~

.1\_:I~mousine IPuHs up ba~lk O~I the s.t.age. The Iour band n:lembe,~s_ste:poUl and wa:Uexpecmmly for [heir cue calL They exhibu 3. him of nervousness mixed with excitement as sev~n'[Y~l.hou$and peop]eerupl into a deafening roar when the.lf names, are announced. The Stones walk on staae and pj'~k ~rp (t:('~ri~strum~nls_ For the next two 'hour~ they ped()r~ ~nnH:J.ntly, S'end~lIIg their legtons of fans home happy ~nd s~usf~e~: Ah,~r the _fm.al encore they wave good-bye, step into the w31hng hmousme and exir the stadium.

_ . They arem.aSlers at applying the habit of Priorny Focus .. n~at means they only do the thiing~ they are brilliant aLrecording- and performtng on Si1lge-perlr;d, once this. After the i.nitIaI p~ann.fng, 'they don t getinvoIved wuh ha uti ng equ~pl,nem, .figurmg out the complex itinerary, setting up rhe stage 011:' ,d.olOg t.he hundreds of other tasks that need to be pedormed efficiently [0 make the tour a smooth operation, and .uiHmaLdy profitable. Other skilled people look - after the details, The tones simply concemrare on what thev do best

'" .,1 ,. , .

-s~,ngulg ana perlorrrnng,

There's Oil greatn:u:ssage here for you, dear reader. and it's thls;~hen ;yourocus, mest D,f 'yDII,Jt till'l"l'e andi ~ne~IY doin'Q t~e things you ,are tr'l.illy brfWiIi,!llnrt at. you li1fll',entu.alliy reap bl'e rewCliirds. This ~s a fund:amemal,ltlJ.th_ And us chtk~ffi [0 your future success.



,,, ••• _ •••••• _11"· ••••••• _ ••• 1111 •••••••• _ ••


L ers take a look at a :Eew othefexampi,es. Sports is a ~ood one. Every champion athlere focU5,eson his o~ her unique

!. . dcorui -uall.Iy" ·..,..t:1n"'c ··'11~m··'o· "'·11 ever -hi uher I.eve! of

talents au eon,;Ul '0: ~., ..... u. ' .... '" L, I,.. .. l." .. "'.... ,. it> , ,

erformance. Nom,ann wh,kh sport you choose, the btg

p , '.. .. 'L •.. '. - ". '. .... '1I"'h,"''' spend most of

wmners aU have one ['.U:;llil'g rn coenmon. ~ ,'-,/ ,u ," _.

their time focusing on r::bt:il strengdls, the things i.h.ey~:re M rurally good at, Vet)' little time is. wasLed ,Oil unprod itCHV: aaiv~.tics. And. ~hty pra~~:ke? 'pIlilcticc,pracnce, often several

hours every day, h,.oningt.heir skm~. .1 .' .. " ."

Basketball superstar Michael J ordan rnade hundreds of

jump sbo:Lsperday, every day no matter what. ~e~rge Best, one or the -wo,dd'S greatest soccer stars in ,the stxties 1 " o~ten sl~yed~.o'f:!I,g :~rt'er the other players ha~ ~tnished ,u·a~n]l1~;. George knew his greatest assets were hIS. feet, He. would hne up bans at varying distances from the goal posts and practtce hi5·SC"pdng touch time after time. As ,a result ]lC, ~as

. , 1:.." 'U- . .ed' .'. C . "] '''"''''f''''r for SIX consecutive

M,afl:Cuiester nue, .. s, top g,O::JI1 ",,.,_u... .. ,'"...., ,

seasans, Its this 'type of disctplme that creates brilliance.

N· eti e h ..... these top performers snend very link ·.time on

once ow '.JU..,. ", .. ' L'· n.,t"· - ,

their . weaknesses, Many ol our school SystCIUS could learn

from~his .. Ofte.t:I, children are wid La focus on their weaker subjlects and. not spend so much time on the ones th,e:y do well in .. The ranonale is to develop a broad level of competency in many subjects instead 0.:[ rocusing on. a rew.~ wro~g:,.AS business coach Dan Sulhviiln says, "l[ you spend tOO much ume working on your weaknesses, all you end. up 'with .,s, a lot 0] strong weaknesses!' This doesn't g~v,e you a compel~mv,e,~dge in the marketplace orpesition you to bewe.~,llhy: It Just ke~p5 you average. In fact, it's an absolute insult to yOllll' integrIty

1.0 nl~or In mmorthutgs.


Irs No;l: HOC,U:!i"!,c _ .1 ... If!> fllll\bl'lttlt FOilll"S

~t's unportant to clearly dtfferentiate your areas of brilliance from your weaknesses .. You are probably good at a ]0{ of things, even excellent in some. Others, you are competent al,and if you are honest, there are SOUle things )H')U are tctally useless a'l domg, On a seale of One to ten, you could plot your emire range of laJents, une being your weakest and 'ten being your most brilliant. All your higgeSlrewards in life will come from spending the vast majority of your lime in the areas that score: a ten on your talent scale.

To dearly define )'OtU areas or brilhance, ask yourself a few questions, What do you do ,eUordessly-w-LlhoUl a lot of study or preparation f' And what do you d (I tha t other people find difftcult? T}N;~y marvel at yourabtluy and can't come close to matching it-What opportunlttes exist In today's marketplace for your areas of brilliance? What could you create using yourunique talents?


We are iii ll blessed with a Few God- given ua:lic,nts. AMg pan of yoUt Ufeis discovermg what these are, then utilizing and applying them to the best of your ability. The discovery process takes ye:ars. for marry people, and some never truly grasp what their greatest talents are. Consequemly. their lives are less tullllllog. These people tend to struggle because they spend most of theirtrme in jobs or businesses not suited to their strengths, It's like trying to force a square' peg into a round hole. H doesn't work, and it causesa ~.ot of stress and frustration.

J nn Carrey (he comedian and movie star who now commands lwenty rnilhon dollars or more per picture, has a unique talent. He can (wist and. contort his face and bodyinto the most unusual positions .. At lhTIIe5 it looks like he's made or rubber.

As ateenager, he spent hours every day pni.didng~~lrronl of the mirror. He also realtaed that he was, brUh.ama~ doing imperscnatlons, and this became his early routine on

the comedy circuit. _

Caffey had manychallenges along the. road to stardom. At one porm be took two years 011 as he battled lo~ levels of~"Onfiden_~e and. uncertainly. However, he was so convinced of hIS C()~~edic briiUiancc that he kept PCl'sls'ling unril he was finally offered the main rolein a movie called. Ace lb'ltYm--Pel ,De-tecH f-. This part gave him an oppertunity to be toblUy ]i1.Z~rn~. The: movi;e became a huge box office hit and launched him on the path W _ uper-stardom. Notice, in rhe early stages of his career he didn't attempt to play serious dramatic roles. His supre~le .t.alel~l was unusual cOIuedy. The combination of a strong beliel rn his abiIhy piushours or dan)' pracliiceeven~u.a:.Uy~id ?fi' big time-

Carrey improved his focus using vls1iAahz<l:t~orL He \v~ote hnnself a check [or twentymillion dollars "Por Servi ces Rendered," cbited it, andkept it. in his pocketWhen times. were tough he would sit on a qutethillstde overlooking, Los A ngeles and bnaw.nehirr'useU' asamovie Sl.aiI'. Then. he'd rereadthe ~heck as a reminder or his upcoming good fortune. Interesringly enough, a few years later he signed a deal for lwelll}' nullion d:oUars tel star in Th:e M(l~h. The dale? Almost ideuticalto the one written Ot1 the check he kept for so long in his pocket

PriO]'1.t-y focus works. Make it a. pan or your c_vcryday plan and you'll experience dramatic jumps ill productivi~y and income. \Ve ha'H::: a practical method thatwill make this easy for you and wm also clarify your unique talents. Its caned the Priority Focus Workshop, and is outlined on p,age 5,4. You need lobe absolutely dear ahour what really goes on during your typical, week .1. his reality check is u~u~l.ly very revealing. Basically, you make a list of ~U the acuvines you ,do at work ]11 a typical. week

Most people, when they add up their total, score between ~en and twern y. One of our chc:n'l.S had. forty. It doesn't take a gemus 'W hgu1"e out you can't do forty lhi.ngs each week and be truly

It's Nni Hocus-Pocus, It'~ All ",\hem! fQcg~

_ - _._........ .., •. " 1,· .. ·_···,···_····-0"1111'_ -

focused. Even twenty acttlrvU.ti,cs ]s f~r too many: Yau U be scattered and more prone to lnterrupnons and dl~tra{:tions.

Many people are in shock when they see how much of their week is fragmented. "Overwhelmed, ~ "out of conrrol" and "stressed OU[ '" art' typical phrases we: hear a iOL However. compleung the Priority Focus WnrkshOI) at the end. 0'[ lhi'!; chapter is a good staning point. At least you'll know where y~ut time rcaJly goes. If you. have tremble .r€'lnemhering a]] the thrngs you do (another sign of doing too much) you can create a time-log. Sh:m.p~y record everything you do atflfteen-ramure mrervals. Jus~ keep anotepad beside you ... Do this for four or flve days and you'fl have a super-accurate record. b takesa hnle discipline, but you 'n find .it well worth the effort, This wHld.'early

den~onstrn1e: how vouare investing or w3stillg. your time. .

Afrer compleung ~he Priorily Focus Workshop., the next step is to bst. three rhmgs you are brilliant. at do lug in your business" R~mertiher the definmon of briU:iant? These are activules you do effortlessly that: give _you enclID', and that produce the greatest results and income For you r business" By the way, ] f you are 1'1101 direcdy Involved with h::u:;oOl,e-gen.er:ating acti vibes, who is? And <:wetbey doing a ~riUianl job .of it? [f not, you probably need to make SOIDe' major decisions in the neat future.

Now beres the next importsnt question: ~ n a typical week, what petcentageof your time do you spend on your brilliant ,KtIVlbes?Be totaLly honest .often the answer is 15 to 25 percent Even iLl ~~ to 70 percent of your time is being used proHlabl.y, Lhe:rc s sn~l a IOl of room. for improvemen L What i r you could refme this 10 80 or 90 percent? Remember, your bottomline tuc:ome is dtrecdylinkecl :to the 'UUQu.m of Lime: spent in your areas of brilliance,




The. next step 'is to look at your ofilgjillal US,! of weekly <1cti.v:i.ti.es and select thre€: things you don't like doing, resist dcmg or are just no good at. There's no shame in admtmng you have a Few weaknesses. The most common answers here' are paperwork, bookkeeping, serting up appointmenrs or doing Iolkrw-up calls. Alltbe Iinle details that bring a project to completion an: usually found on thts Usc Of course these: need to be done, bu t not .ne1(-ess:lrHy by you.

Have you noticed how these aetiviries tend to drain your energy mstead of e,xpanding it? If this is true for you, wake up! When you keep ondQing, WOJk ~ha~. you detest. youneed te remind yourself that this is futile. As wen-known speaker Rosita Perezexplains; "When the horse is dead, get off! e Stop Hogging yourself There atieotha options.

Are You ,R STARTER Ora Finisher?

This is a good thrre to consider why you like doing certain things andnot others, Ask yourself this question: Am J a s tcU'tcr (If (l ji,!'!,i:sher! You probab ly do bo th to a. degree, hutwhat do you do more often? If you are a starter, yoU enJoy creating new projects, products amtd ideas [hat make things work better, The trouble with st~rters is that they aren't vcry good ill finisbing, AU those little details we talked about eariler? That's boring stuff fOf starters. Most entrepreneurs are great starters, But alter they get the ball rolHng, they tend to leaveit and go on La something new And what they often leave in. their wake is a rrtess. Other pwpk are then required tnclean it. an up. They are caned finishers. Finishers love laking projects to completion. Of len they aren't good at iniLiat~ng the project (starters. dO' dun best); however, they are great at ()rg;.iJinizing what needs to be done andensunng that the details are handled effective1y,

~~::.s ",~t UOi:t1S-.l'm;Il';, Ifs AU IH1()ut I'imC!l~

....... _._ _ _ _ .....•.... -"""'.,'"".- _

Sotdennty yourself Knowing what your natural tendenCies are is. re;1J]]Y helpful If you're a starter, you can release the gtlHt. you hav~ about never getung things finish·red,. Here's. the key:. Find a brilliamfinisher ;[,0 handle the detaUs, and between you

a lot more projects will be mitiated and completed. -

Lees give you a pracocal example, This book you're reading, started out as an idea. Getting the: book ... \rl'itten-omHnhlg the chapters, developing, the content and having ~t all How properIy-isessenHally the staffers Job. - ach of the three co~ur.hors pbyed. an nnportant role in this, However, to produce a hms,h.c~ produLt-incIud.ing editing" printing, pubbshjn.g and estabashing distribution channels -required a lot of other people who are great finishers. Wtthout them Lhe origin.al te x t wo u ld be collecting dust somewhere for years, So he res the next important question fur you to constder.Who else GOuld do the tasks yon don.l.enj OJ doing'?

For example, tf you don't enjo) domg the books, fmd an f(':xce:IJem bookkeeper, ]f you dont enjoy setang up appointments, have . an experienced ~e!emarketer or telemarketlng service help you. You don't like sellmg, or "monvanng" peopler Maybe you need a great sales lI1l31nagc:r who can recruit, train and. track t"C5U~!S of the saks team every week, If tax time frustrates you, use the services of an au tstBtnding tax specialist

_ No:w,hdort you start thinkmg, "I can't. ao;ord allthesepeople-> It will COM [00 much." think aga.i]]_ _ How much lime win vou ~ree up by eHectivcly delegating the work you don't like d(;,ng m the first. place?' Either you delegate or you'll stagnate. You can plan to phase this help in gradually. or consider contractlng the work OUI us;ing part-lirn'c services to keep }JeHU overhead .~O\V,

One of OUt clients VI.-11h it ·thriving home-based bUSll1e51S found a unique combinauon. She hired i1! woman to come in on Wednesday mornings to do her- hooks, Ihe same person {hen clea ned her. hOI1J:U: in the a f [em oon. She really enj oyed both lypes of work. always did a great job, and H.V."H5 eost-dfectilvE_


.. _ ... ,II'_·······-""'-···_·___,"'-·····

If You're Feeling, SWAMPED, Get Help!


1 f you're in a simanon where your busi.ness is. expanding and your role in the company requii1t5 y.on ~ focus. better, a gT'eJt way LO ha.odle lhe:ex:parndcdworkTh!oad is. to h.l]'f. a per_~on~l assistant. If you find the.ri;ght person, your hfe ~l. dramatically change for the better, guaranteed . .so~e'L·s take a doser lo.0k. at this key su:uegy. First, a per-tiona] assistant is nul a recepuomst, secretar'l1 orso:rrU:':_OIlCW}lOSIi: dutles you share with two or three other peopl;e. A true 'personal assistant is snmeone who ... is LOt~Uy dedicated 'to you. He or sheisbrnUal~l on_ do~ng,~he tasks yo'!}. don't like to do, or shouldn't he doing m the firsr place, The main r()t!~ of this person is. to fr.ee. you up from .an of the: mundmlc jobs and sud! that clurter up your week. their role is to protect you so that you can focus entirely on

your most 'brillUanl.'I.cttvities. __

The careful selection of this kEY person is critical to. your

fumreh.ealth. Select the right person and your life ViI1iU become al.ot s.imp~er, yDllll" stress "levels wit! uonceably diminish :l~d you'll haves tot more run- Select (he wrong person and you will

ol11yoompound your current problems, .

Here are a few tips; First, make a list of all the tasks yOl~ ~ant vour assistant to be 100 percent responsible for. Mn5t at these ;re [he activities you wa~m to discard [rom your own weekly list. When you tmerview.bave the LOp three applicants complete a personal prol11e ,evaluation. There are several g.ood rmc;oJlll'he m8l.11'kYeL (See Resource Guide. page 303-)

You can have a profile made up of the ideal candidate before you start. your Sf: lectioncsmpaign, Run pro rues on your top three mtervtews and compare these to theideal candidate profile_ Usually the person who is the closestmatch to your ideal profile wHI do the best job. or course, you must take into account other factors. suchasatntude, honesty, i.m.eg,rhy, previous track record and so on,

Be careful not LO select someone ]IUS~ like you. Remember, you want this person to complement your skins .. Htting someone with the same likes and dislikesas yourself will probably create a bi.gger mess ...

A couple o!' other potntsworth [h)Ung: If you are a consroller, someone who won't ld go of things easily, i[ is essential that you surrender (0 yOUl personal assistant! Before you panic about the word 5ucrrenaer; take a dO'~H::'f look. Controllers typically have a mmdset t hat says nobodycan do these things. as well as [hey C~l1. That may be true, However, what if your assistant could do these tasks 75 percent as wen :i.niliaUy? With proper training and 890d communication ,e;ve'ry 'week, yOU.I" well-chosen assistant will eventually do these activines as wellas you, and will outpertorm yo~ in marry of them, So give up the need fot rotal control-it's hcldmg you hark. Gle'EfuUy surrender to someone with better organizauonal ability and a passion for looking after the details.

'({lU'R~ Ii,lKK'i' 1'0 HAVE ';r~ U>1.1PVAY·S. eCOllloMY I YOu 'll 'Gl.A.~"" ~"'l'Ha; YOUR: f'E;~~ ~.lV~ fOR NO il::X1M f'\r\,t !


'l <lUST 'R.~ll u_o 1 CAN I;lOtieiLE )U1JFi; WOI!;l'\LO,o.,D f\~O, 1WEflt"5 !<.101l'tt N!5, 'Itlu ~. 00' MaI)Trt.




Just in case you're snll h.arug,ing onto the norton that you can do it aU, ask yourself, "How much am 1 worth per hour?" ]I you h~ve never la-ken the lime to do this, do it now: Check OIJ.t the cha.rt below.

How Much ,Awe You Really Wortlh?

$:3iO,COO $15

$40,000 :$2D

$SO!OC~) $~5

$60,000 :£30

$70,000 $35

$S(),OOJ $40

$90,,000 $4S

$100,000 $50

$rW~OOJ :$55

$120,000' '$6U

$130,,00(1 $65

$140;000 $70

:$ ~ 50,000 '$75

$160,000 $80

$lIO,OOO $85

$180,000 $90

$19{l',QOO $95

$200,1000 s WO

HopduUy Y{)uf dollar figure is h,igh, Then why ale: you ru n ning around d(]in.g~ow~]ncome acuvities? Give them up:

Last comment on pe rsm'lil~, assisUillilts: his ;;J!loooh.:w::Ly unperative that you schedu h::: time eac h day or at least once a week to discuss yom: s;genwl vvith your personal as . sistanr, Communieate, co mmunicate , commumcerel Themrmher-orte reasou these potentially great rdaJionsh~piS fall apart. is simply a lack ~')i[ communication. Make sure your assistant knows what you want to spend your time on,

Also, allowreasonable time for 'Your new "parmer" LO learn your sys1ems- Indicate the key people YOM W\1IiDt to spend tnne widt Set up screening methods with YOtlV assistam that prut'€.c~ YOH from - aU the pntentia] dist~dCttons and interruptions,


H'~ Nut I-.[OCUlS-.'()EU.S, h'5 A~~ ""'~l fOC!lI!i

""'-·'·'····"11111 IIIIIII 111111._ •••••••• _ •• , •• , •••• ,' "1, ...............

SE;) you can focus onw hat you. do best Beopen WSiU :iJ:1lp\it and feedback, Often, your a.ssi.statuwlH create beuer ways to organize your office. Rejoice .iI this happens=-you've found a realwinner,

N ow let's consider ~(Jw you. canhn.p1:emetlt the habit of PriDri.ty Focnsmro your personal life, so you, have more time 110 relex with :[al'rnHy and. friends, or enjoy a particular hobby or sport

NQ matter where you~ive,ke!eping a home in Hrst-class conditicn reqarres malnteaauce. If youhavif kl.Gs,rne pn;ible:m is magni.ned three. or fOlllr times, depending ontheir age and ability to desuoy! Think of all the time spent in a typical week cockmg and cleaning, washing up, fixing ~hings., cutting grass, servicing the car, running errands and S!O en, Have you notlced there'S, no end to this? These acd.vhi.es have a habit of being conhrU.laUyf1ecycled, '~t's the oTThgoing stuff of Hf c. Depending on your mood, you eitherenjoy it, putup m.trn H. or resent it.

What ~f you could find. ~ WRy to minimi.~e it, or even better, eli mmate it? Howwcu ld you h::d ?free,li.uorr relaxed, able to enjoy more of t~e things you'd prefer to do? Of 00Ii1lfSe:~

What you're about to read in the next few minutes mav require anew w<IIy of thinkIng, a leap of f~j[h[o 50Hle degree, However, focus on the rewards and benefits mssead of ~he lnitialcest. They will far outweigh :my investment you make. To put ]tsimply,. if y(m. want to free up your l.l1.T!c-ge[ help, There's all sorts I) r goodhelp avella ble, M.os'!. of the help you requtre will be panti~ne,Forexa:m.ple, hire someone 10 do house cleaning once a week, or E\ie:ry'O ther wee k.


We found a wo·nderful couple who have clea nad our home~or twelve year.s- The-y love their work. They are honest, CiilJring people, Not surprisingl'}'. they doa fantastic job, The h'ou$€: is deo'.'l n~d from top to bottom, Th€l ir).vl1l$tment? On'ly ilixty do!I@!i's per vis,it The benefit? Seve·rall h 0 u rs fre~d up and more ~m® rgy to e n j DY the week.


Is there a handyman ~:!"1yOUT n.clgh'Ot)rhooci who is semiretired and Roves to fix things? Manyexperienct>:cl! 0~d'ef people have llerrin,c skU ls and are looking for link part- rime jobstokeep them busy, These activities give them fl sense of fu~fm.menL Usuallj; money isn'lth.eilrpdmary need.

Make a US! ef all the things at homethat need servicing. fhdng or upgw~d.i.]],g" You know. aU thnsehttle jobs that you never seem to get around to' because your time is allused up. Release your stress and hire sosneone.

~ . . - - - - - - -.-

You'll he making aconlr~buti.on 50 that someone ,dse can continue to use their skills, And yon can eliminate hours and bou rs. of frustrauo n tryi ng to do aU those nK~ ttl' jobs that you're no good .. at, and don~ even have the tools fOf. Maybe you weren't supposed to be a plumber, electrtctan, carpenter and ell-arouadhandymen.

What about ou~;side ~.h.e house? Cutting gnss, weeding, triJulning, wa.terhlg p.rnanrs and. hushes. raking, Now here's, a

. .

g,e:~.~ opporn,ulity for you. Check out ,the neighborhood.

Loo.k [or;lli.nen~erpris:ingk:1d. who wants to earn some nloney so he Of she' ,earn 'buy J' new bike, RoU.eth~ade$ or the latest CDs. Ct'lnnary t.opopuliar opinion, there arelots of youngpeople who work lhardand get the jo,b d.one right. Find one. It's inexpensive, COH1J.p'Sired to the professienals, And don't. be cheap .. A job WEn done deserves fair compensanon.

If you. an':: ].uentaUy bleckiag thistdes, consider a.ga.in, Think {If ~H the extratime yau'l]. have. You could reinvest those valuable hours into your OMl best money-makieg acttvuies, OT have real tjme to re laiN and~e-ene:rgizeMth your farnHy and frknds.. M~.ybe ttds new freedom from we;elly "smA:'" allows YOllA to embark on dTh31 hobby you've a:lways w,a]l,[(':d t.o pun;uf:, or eWljevy nl()Ie time [or sports, And please, do h. wirhcut £eeli ng gtl.Hty .. Ah.cran, you deserve time on, don't you?

R!ii;~J]]emhEr, you. only have so much timeevery week. Life becomes more en] oyablew hen you ~re ()pe:mt~ng nn a hlgh l y eflicienr, Iow-matntenance scbedule. Now' if you genuinely

T!.'s Nut 1.-~m:D:5.-~:\)~I!II:;, ll'~ AU A.lm-m li'o[]mi~

""'" "" IIIIIIII •••••••• _ ••••••• _ ••••••• _ ••• ---.";"';_ •• .....;:._:_:_

cnji{,}Y doing, SOH'll! of these tasks around the house (and Yl;}U need tobe rotally honest aboutthis), then go ahead, Bu.t 'Only ~r ils~ru.ly rel,axing or gives you <I.redin.g of contentment,

Th,e 4-D Solution

1 (5 vital that you effectively separate so-called urgent tasks from yourmost nnpoetant pnonties. P'lwiing OtH. fires all d<lliy long in your o(fn,ce is,as dm~mar!agelnem expert Harold Ia.y'hJ~' says" ~Giving in to the [yunny of the urgen L·~ That rneansevr:ry tjme a telephone rings you. jump to answer 'it When a letter or fa:", shows lip on your desk you react to the request immed.tate]y. even if it does not require Si.U immediate answer;

].nstead, focus on your pHoriUe;s,. Whenever a choke to do or not do somethmg hasto bem:acie,. US:f the 4- D Form uIa: to help you priorili:r:e;. Y01Uh:~v"e[onr options to choose from;

1. Dump It

Learn. so say "No,.l choose not to do thls.' Be firm."

.2. Dele·gat:e lit

These are tasks [hal need to be don'e, bu t you <3ire not the person to do them.Band them. over LO someone else, wlth nn g1l_J,UL or regrets, SImply ask, "Who else could do this?"

3. Defer .It

These are issues that yon do need LO wor k urt, hut not righ!~ away. They can gen umely be deferred, Sc hedulea specific ~~me at a later date to bandle thls type of work,

4. 1)0 It

Do itnaw Important projects need your attention right away, ~,Q get started wd.<liy.. Move: forward, Give yourself a reward for complelkng these projects. Don't makeexcuses. Remember, if you don't take: pmll1JplachU]1 you'H end up w][h a]! those nasty consequences,

'Boundaries of BRILLIANCE

Priority Focus isellabout settmg newbeundaries that you d!O not cross" FirSl you need to decide very deady what those boundaries are, in the omce and a~ hOD::!!;" Discuss these new par.ametersMth the most imlpDllaut people tn your~He .. They need to understand why you· !WIt': :m~kiIlg dle5e~mprovements, You will also need lbeolr s:~pipon. to keep yon on track Most business people get into tmublebecatw;e they spend teo much ltooe on things they don~Lknowmuch a.bout. Sti.ck to what you know best. and keep refining these talems, (This 15 epedaHy good. advice.· whe-n'lt comesto investing yourmoaeyl )

. Togkv!€:: you ,'a c[~a:;rer picnne of seuingbourlC::l~ric5, pkuue a small cb:illdon a s.andy be<llch at the ocean. There is a safe area of water .cIOrd.olll.ed off by a series of pl~stk buoys connected by 9:. ~h~ek rope. Attached to rh.e ]"10pe:, a. beavy-d my net eru::u~ that th.ech.nd~afi[lO't gO' beyornd this point. The water within ml$ areais O'Ll~y IJi few feel deep, I rs calm, and the child can p~a:y happHywllhout a.ny concerns-

Onthe o~h.eli' side of the rope there ave strong currents, and a SH:i?-P underwater slope increases the depth to twenty feeL p()iWe;bCl~nsand. jet skis WOlU up and down this stretch of water, Waru.llllg signs proclaim, "Danger. No Swiml'Uing_ Do Not Enter," As long as d:l!e child S[a:ys within the boundaries, everything ]s fine .. Beyond. that point tts dangerous.Heres the message :\Vh.el.l yotlpl.ay am und in areas that destroy your focus, you go beyoI1ld saie bouudaries. H'$ very dangerousto vour mental and Iinancsal health 0'11.].1 there, When you st<l.y ~lthi]1 your boundaries of bvi1Hance, [hal is, focus Ollil what y{)~l do best, YO'l.lC8Jti splash around safely all day long.

The Power of NO

S Ulying within these boundaries requ ires a newleve l of selfdiscipline:" That means bdn.g mere conscious every d~y n f the activitie .. s YOIJ choose: LO spend your time on. To avoid rlritting oI\\ray from your focus, ask yourself at regular intervals, ," Is what rm dotng right now helptng me to achieve U],y goals?" This takes practice. It also means saying "Net alot more, There are three areas to examine:

1 . Yours<elf

The biggest battle going on every day its between your own ears. We talk ourselves in and out 01· situations constantly Put a stop to this. When that HtdenegaHve voice in the back of your head demsnds artenrton and ~TieS 10 get to the forefront of your thinki.]]g.~ take a trme-out. Give yourself a quick mentalpep talk. Focus 0111 the benefits and rewards of sticktug 10 your prtoritles, and remind yourself of the negative cons~quence5 if you don't,

.2. Otlher Pe·op.l.e

./\ variety of othe r people meyauempt It) des [roy yo or focus. Somemnes they wander Into you,r office for a chat because youhavean open -door pohcy Here's how to fix that-c bange your p.nHcy_ Close your door for a~. least part of the day when you want tobe leftalone 80 you canconcentrate on your next big project, [f thet doesn 't work ym:t might put up a sign that say.s, "Do NCIl. Disturb, Any Intruders WtU Be Fired!"

Top Californlabuslness consultant and best-sellmg author Danny Cox uses this vivid anaJogy when it com!e.s to foe using 01] priorities, He says, "If you. goua frog to swaller, don't look at lt tooIong. U you'vegot mort than oneto sw.alJ'E:[) swaller the biggest one first!" In Of her words, rae kle yourmost tmporraru prlorntes immediately


Don't be like most people, who have six things on their daay To-Do list and sum doing the easiest, low-prtnruy l<l:$ks :firsl, At the end of the day the number-one priority, the bigg,esl fro g.is still suu ng there untouched.

Here's an idea. Buy yourself a big plastic frog and place it em your desk when you are working on a top-priority project. Alert YOllf staff that the gn~en frog means abso lutely no' interruptions. Who knows, maybe this win spread to the rest of your team and you'll have a more productive office.

3. The te,le:phone

Perhaps themJ()st insidious intrusiun or all isthe telephone. Isn't h amaz:i.lilg, MOW people ::dlow this little piece 0:[ hard ware to control thetr day? If you require twohours ofuninserrupted time, unplug the phone. And turn off your cellnlar or any other device that may distract you.. E.:mall, voicemall and answering machines can. help you avoid these annoying mterruptions. Use them wisely-obviously there are times when you need ~:D be avaHab~e, Pre-schedule your appointments just like, a docto:r:-2p..M. so .5 'PJ~. on M.ondays~ 9 A.M .. !O 12 noon Oil Tuesdays. Then choose the most producu ve time to make rourpbone call1s,ror example, 8 A.M. to 10 A.M .. U you want. to enjoy bigger results, there are. limes when you need to be secluded from the outside world, Give up the habit of automancelly teaching for the phone every time it rings. Say "No." And take charge at home, too.

Our rime-management friend Harold Taylor recalls an. tncldent in the dayswhen he was "addicted" 'to a ringing td'~phone. On arrjv~rI.g home he heard the phone ri ug.1 n hl5 haste to get there before it stopped, he broke down lhe screen door, gashing hlis leg in. the process. Undaunted, he hurdled several pieces of lurmture in a desperate bid 10 find om; who was caning. Just before the final sing, he Hhed the receiver, gasping, and said "Hello?" A demure voice replied, "Do )'ou subscribe Lei the Globe and Mail?"

Heres another suggestion: To avotd those telemarketlng calls, unplug your home phone at mealtimes. Isn't dun when they call most often? Your lamtlywi H apprecia te die opportunHy $or some real discussion instud o[ these annoying intrusams. Don't aUow your better future and you]" peace ai' mind m be plll~ on hold through coustantinterruptions. Consciously stop yourself when you start doing thing.'S that ate not in your best. interesr, From now In thosewasteiulactivlnes are- off ltmits, You don't goO there anymore.

Setting New 'BOUND/ARIES

Ibil:s section 1:S an about implementing these new boundaries .. It requires H change in your thinking. And tnostimpcnant, it requlresaction. So get startedright a/waly. Here's a good example 10 help you. In the medieal profession doctors have become parucularl y proactive in defimng boundaries. Because or the large number of pattents.unany doctors need to streamline their activities, One: ol the best focusing experts is Dr. Kent Remington .Kent tS a highly respected dem1.~.tdoglst specializtng ill Laser therapy Over the y,ears his practice has grown steadily because of the excellent results his patientsenjoy Consequently, efficient time-management strategies, and. the ability to focus on his areas uI brilliance are essential.

Dr. Remington sees his first patient at 1:30 A,M, (Yes, top achievers are 'UsnaUy up ear1y) On arrival, patients are ehecked in and then directed [Q one of several waiting rooms. A medical assistant reviews (he file and then briers the patient, at the same hmeaskjng questions [0 get an update on his

urrent condition" lnstrnctlons ale given rn readiness [or Dr" Remingtnn'sarrival. He appears a few minutes. later, having finn read (he me placed on the dour by hisas i tant,

nil~ I?OWlliR OF FOCUS

Tbss team approach anow_.; Dr. lte:m~ngton 'W focus on neat] ng 1 he patieut. The preltminaries are all handled ahead of time. After his visit, fu.rther tnstructiQn~ are carried. out by his capable staff. 1 n lhlsmanner;, many more patients arc able to be~.reated, and wa~til'.lg lime is minimal. Every person on the ream is focused Q1n th,e: few t]!tng_s. they do extremely we ll, resul ti ng rn a supel;blydlic:ient enterprtse, U)W does 1.h15: compare: to other oFfices? Wel[, you probably knew the answer IO mal one t

What else can Y(I!U do ~o jump to the next level Q1f e.rfi.d.e:ncy and better focus? Here's an importam dp:

Be aw.ar·EI of (lltd habits that may be pu I lil1lgl yOlu away from your focus"~

F or example, e.xt:Jess&\!'iel'V watching" If you're used EO lying on the roucb for three. hours everynighsand you.r enlyexerctse IS pushin·g theremote control, yo'l;[ m.ay wan 1. totake a ~o(Jk at tll!.aL 'Some paren ~s understand the consequences Q1F this and limiJ TV waiLchi~gfClr thetr kids to a few hours 011 the we-eken.d..Why don'l1 you do the same Kor Y(Julfs,df? Here's :;I, c.haH.ell1ge for YOlL '[a~e a whole week 0[[ fromwatchmg TV and seehow much you CSiJ] gel done. You'H be .. amazed.

A study by the Nielsen Company, wh]ch specializes in .recording how many people watch TV, what they watch and h,QW one~ they watch, offers some tnteresting statistics, On a.v:e:fOlg:e. people watch TV :liS houl'S per day! The key word in the last sentence is average. Th .. :H means some people watch even m.Ofe than that. At (his rate. in an a} ... erageli fe .span you would spend abcut e].e:v,e:n yeats of you.]" nfew.u.ching TV! By '[he way~iJ Y01l1 just stopped watching the commercials, you'd sayre about three years. Yes, we know old habits die hard, btu this ]He is not a pnac Lite session, I ts the rea] ~hi.ng" H you wanr [0 make the most of it, start. kreldng your old hah~Ui ()l,i![ the door, Develop a fresh set of strategies thatwill help you. create: a lifestyle that's rich in every dimension.


When II went to work for W Clement Stone ~n 1969, he $~t me down for a one-hour interui(f!w. His first question was" "Do you watch te!evi$ion r He~hen elsked me ,"H ow rna ny hours a day do you; think YDU w~tch?" After ashcrt ca leu I:ation I anSiwered, ~ About th r'ee hou rs a dacy:. j,

ML Stone looked TTH~ d~r'ectl'yin the eye and sald, "I want you to cut QUit Of'l® hou r !Th day; reduce your TVwatchingUme to two hours per dlilY. lif ylou do, that, you'll be savl ng 365 h 0 10I rs per ye ar; lf you divide that. cry Q forty· hour work w®~k;, you'll s®e tn at yOJu" II have ad dedabout ni ne a nd a h Q! I f a dditi,on:a i weeks of product i vity to you r life .. Th at's I ilk€! geHi ng two additional months eve ry y~a.r! n

I a9 reed that this wasrlg rea! I evera.g 1 ng: conceot, and then I Qisiked Mr. Stone what he thought ! should do with thi:$:ex.tra hour @very day., He suggested II read boob iln my field of motivation .. psycho~o9Y, educ.ation, t(fain~ng and $eH~e5teern. He also sugge's1ted II listen to educational and motivaticnal c:asseUes,.Lake cl asses a r:!d study i1I Fo re i 9'r'1 1<) !l9lU ~ge.

II took his advice a ndit has rnades profOU!r'!id differ·e'nte in my Hf,€).

The.re .;;lIre no magic. formul:as.

\V,e hope you are getting: the message (]l"U achieving what you want in life doesnot require magicromlul:;1is or secret mgrediems, I fs sim.ply focusing {III what wor ks versus w h;;l.( doesn't work. However, many people rocus on the wrong things. Those who live frompaycheckto paycheck every month have not studied how t10 acquire fmanctal intelligence .. Theyhave focused more Oll spendi ng instead 0 [ acquiring a slrOngassd base for the IULUrt.

Man y people are st uc k ]H a ]0 b or career they don't en] 0)' because they have not focused on d,e:veloping, rhetr areas of brilliance, Theres a similar lack ofawareness with health issues" The Amer~.can M edical Associatie n recently announced

that 63 percent or American IDeR and 5S percent of American women (greeter tlHnlllW'enty~'ftv,e yeait'S of age) are oven.veigl.1it. Obviously rheres a lOt of peop]'~ out there; focused on 'CSIting too much and exercismgtoo Utde!

Here's the point- C'lrefuHy slu.dy what's worlidng and what s not wo rk~ng in your mife .Wha:l creates yum biggest victories? Wh~n are you foc'using ontiha:ls giving you poor resu Us? This requil res clear th.i]l kin£,"

In the U'CJl1l chapter, we'll ShOiW you step 'by step how to develop w hat we can unusua~ lJeucity,. YOll]J] also Ieam how to set ~'higpkture" g~)'ak Then w"e'll equip YOIJ with 81. untque fOCHShlg system b)elll!S1Ure you achievethem. These strategies have worked wondafuUy -weH fo,r us. They will wQirlk equally well for y!;)umo"



We've; covered a lot in this chapter. 'Read over this material sevend. times unlit you are thoroughly familiar with these concepts. Adapt lhes€': ideas to your O'VU situation and then take action, Again we cJ!flphas]ze the hnportance of doing the Action Sr.eps,Lhal [0 now These: are essential tools to help yon make pri.or]ty focus a habit. In a few weeks you will really notice [he difference. Producuvi ty will sutge and your personal relationsh]p~ will tJeen:rkhed. You'll fEd hdltM.er, and. of course you wm. be 111.'1kJ:ng a signUlcarul contri:bu.ti.on [Q oiher people" As well, you'll havemore fun and the oppornmuy to reach S01ne personal targets lh;;!t you d~d.]]_'~ have time for hefor'e_

As U bonus, your new focus will PUl mere money in your bank acccunr.You'll discover dun the benefits and rewards ave hugew hen you choose; 10 he amaster of priority locus. Start wday'l


1 6,
2 7.
. .
3. 8.
4. 9.
5. ~O.

The Priiority Focus W,orkshQP

A p-actical six-step guide to. maximize your time arid productivity.

A. IList alii oHhe 'business activities, <lIt wonk that use up your time. For example: phone calls, meetinqs, paperwork, projects, sales, folilowup procedures. Su'bdiVilde major cateqories such as phone cans and r;nootings. Indud~· everything, ev·en thefive-m i nuts tasks. Be specific, deer and bri·~f. Use addidonal paper if you have more tha n ten,

1 .. --- __ ~ _

2:, _

3 .. _

C. INalmethe thre,e mint impolrtant activities that Iproduce h'loorne for your bus~ne,ss ..

L 2.

---------- __ ----------------------

3. _

10. Name the three most important .actiivitlies that you don~t I ike to dQ (Jir are weak at dOin,gl ..

1, __

2 .. ~ ~ __

3. -- _


2. _



What one time-c,onsuming ac.t:h''iity are y,oug!oing to :say 'fINo,'" to Qr diel!egate right away?



"7r . .


. .




••••••• _ ••• , ••• ---".,."."""'. I 111111 ........ ,I ••• ......_ ••••••• _ ••••••• _ •••••• _ •••••• _ ••••••• _ ••••••• _""' .... """" 1111111'_ ••••••• _ ••• ..,'_"111,. __ .•

Do YtlUSe'!e The Bi g Picture l'


Pet.er ;D.aniels, ~sal:1 urlJu.sual man whose I'ife reads !:ike a iHoratiio .A~ge!r .stQry~

Born in Australia, hi<;patenlS were tbtrd-generation wdfare.f,eci pienrs used to being P(U)t" Pe rerat tended elementary scho 01 in Addaide., Beca use of a learn ing d!]sahi:H[y, he founda diHk:ult to. understand andassembl~ words" Consequently hewas Ilaheled stupid. by teac hers who were: either too busy or dtdn't caJ€' enough to HIld outwhy he struggled" One teacher in parricular, Miss P]:ri]Ups, would make Peter stand in from of the c lass woe]:€' she would berate h:imwj[h, "Peter Daniels, yon'rea bad boy and. you 'll never amount W 8.rrydling."

Of coiLtrs€: this dld nothing for his sell-esteem. As a res U It, he tailed eve ry gr21de in 5 C h 00 t, 0 Iii e 0 r his earliest career chokes was to become a bricklayer. A few yea],s latet,Ill~rr]ed wtth a young family, he decided to go into business for himse H. The Hrsl venture f<l.iledl]li5efab~y and. he was broke withtn



a year" Undaunted, he saw another oppottunUy and channeled h.lS energy mto mahlngit a S:U.OCes5. A similar fate awaitedhim; he W~lS broke wnhin ,eightcenrnQ'1llhs, With steely determination W o>ver{:lOrne these setbacks, Peter a,gain lannched himself mtc thecompedrive world of business) only '1:0 end up broke for a d1.trd tnne, He now had the un believable t~~ck record of goln.g broke three times within. five: years.

Most, people wou.ld gtve up' a~. this point NO[ Peter Daniels, His atUrode was, "I'm. ]earn]~g and [ haven't: made the same mistake twice. Tlns 1S excellen t experience." Asking hrs wifeRl3)hena; {lei support, hiln nne more H me, he decided eo sellrestdenual andecmmercial rea] estate. One slin Pe~H1'::Th" hadhoned over the years was his abthty tQ persuade, He was. a natu ran)' good promoter, Mnch of thtscame from the necessity to dC;ii] with a. constant stream of creditors who wanted p.ayment. During the next. ten years the name Peter Dani.el5 bec~m:e syncmymOU$ wt.th re_'1ii.d.,~ntht] and cOlIllme-'fdal real estate. Th rough cardul selection and astute negQ.n~UoIl he' accumulated a portfolio worth se¥'e·rall.ntllwn dollass.

'[odayPc~erDaniel:s is an tnternationally acclaimed brrsinessman who has created successful ventures in many countries arouod [he world" His friends Include iioyaJ~y, h.eadl:s o[ state, anci[he leading movers a]iLd shal::el'S of the wmm,ett:]a:[ world. He ts.alro S!_phllanthTOplSt whc ts passtcnate about helpmgothers, and whose generoiSi~yhas funded UUUlY Christian endea vors,

When asked what turned Jtls life lfrom trtple indebtedness to unprecedented success, he replied. "I scheduled time to think In fact, I reserve one day a week on m y calendar just to t btnk, A]~ ofmy grea tes l ideas, oppormnines and. money-making venturesstarted

with the days [ took (1fT La III ink, lused to lock 111yself awayin my den. with strict instructions La my fafll%1y that under 11:0 circumstances was ] to bedsanbed. "The same strategy worked for Einstetn who actua.Hy did his pondertngm a special ddn]dng chair,

And it usnsformcd the life of Peter Dan]rls from school faiH:.h.lre romulttmtlltonaire. By the way> Pete r has now written severel bessselling books, one of which was tid'cd Miss PhIllips, You Wen: WJvug1, a remjnrlerto hi.s old teacher notto g~ye up too qu]ck~y on her students,

Developing Unusual ,Cl.AROITY

Another reason why Peter Dan:~ds .enjloys continuous success, is his abilirytc crea te e xdtimg pictures of the future. Most people don't ]"a:ve <Ii de:~F picmre .of what they want, At best i [5 fu.zzy.What about you?

no you schedule tinl€' regularly ro think about your better fu rure? You may say, "~tE okay for Peter Daniels, but I could never lmd a day each weekto lhink I need an extra day just to keep up wjth my present commttments. ",.

Wcl1, could you startwnh fiv.e minutes aJfid. gr<l!duaHy build it to an bourj' Wouldn't [hat be a good. use of your time, spending Sixty illinutes each week creating an. exdtiug picture 01 your future? Mostpeople spend mote time planning a !wo-"week vacation than they do designing th:eirWe. especially their flnancial fu ture _

Here's a promise: If you make the effort to devei.Qopth,e habit o,[UDus.ual cl~.rity, the payoff [or you down the road will be trernendcusv Whether your desire: ~s to bedebtlree, Ilnanctally Independent, enjoy more time oH for[tm

or build wenderful Iovtng relaticnshlps, you can achieve all of lhis,.<'Ind more, if you have a crystal-cleat picmre of w hat you want.

~n the next few pages, you'll discover a' cornprehensive strategy thar win give you a~'big screen" picture of the: years ahead, In the; .~on.owing d~apters YflU'H also ~.earn how :1:0 s t]'engtfu:,en ~.nd S upipo:n this fu lure vtston through the use of w,eekly game plens, Ma:SU~in:r~.nd. ,Groups and specific mentors. [il lact, you'll d,evdop a. soltdfortress of suppon that W]U render you hnpene:trall:leto negattvtty and doubt So lets get started,





r •


The Purpose of GOALS

Are you <I. conscious gOall-se tter? If you aile. great However, please read the lnformanon we are: about to share, Ch<lHces are YOlW. 'U benefit :[;I"Ol::U [he. remforcement, plus this expanded vision .or setting g.oalsmay gi.ve youuew ins~iglus,.

U ym~ don '[ eoascionsl y set goals, that is, you don't plan on p';qJer or S'Cl targets for the: weeks, months and years ahead, [hen. pay very close aUent1QU to rhts .~:nfolJ'math:.m.h CSi1:1 dramancelly iUlprove yottr Iife.

Firsr, what is the dd~nitiol.D. of a gP!£1JIf If you'ne: ]]01 dear on this, you may gel derailed before you start, \Ve~t'e heard Lo1:5 of answers over the years," Heres m:rue Q[~he: best


Consider the tndividual words that make 1!1p this sentence, "OIll.gDirll.g"meam its <'11. process.because goalstake time. "Pursuit' lndicates a chase m~ry be Involved. There will Ukdy be SO"ID.e obstacles and hurdles 10 overcome .. "Worthy" shows that the chase wi]] he W()irthw~Ue. that (here:S .1 big cnOl,ilghre\wrd. ~lme: end toendure lhewiugh times, "Until aocornp]j:5hed" suggests you'll do whatever ittakes to get the Job done. Not a]ways e~-y, but essential if you want a Hie full of outstanding acoompllsli1men[5.

Set ting a[ll;dachie:vir~g goals is one of the best ways to nlea~lI,ilIe yo:m: life's progress and createunusual clarity, Consider the a]le:I:Tl.advc-just d:lifting a 1 OI1.g allllless.ly..hoplng that one d,a, y

good fortune: will fallmto Y01JJ.r]ap wtrh li tde or no effort on your part, Wake up! You've got. morechanceof .finding a g;-rain of sugar on ai sandy beach.

The Top- 10 Goals ,CH'ECKLIST

Talk show host David Leuermanhas w.~c.ky lnp-W lists th~t]Jeup]e actually p.!ilym.o'n!ey Ior, Heres a USl that has a lot more valuo=-a :cnec·klis,{ to make sure you're using a su ccessful framework tG set gf1als. 1 t's like a smorgasbord .. 50 pick .o,ut Wb~l seems to fIt you best and use] to

1. YO'Ur' most .1 mpoll'tant goals, mUist be' .)''aur:s.

rhts sounds Qtwi.oU5. However, a. common mistakemade by d1!ious~n.dsQf Jicl()ple ~crf)s.slhe country is to allow their main goals to be .dcs]gned by someone else .. This cou.ld be the WUlpail:1i)' you work for, your industry your bO'55, your bank ormertgage cmnpal1.y; or your friends and neigh bors.

b~. our workshops, we teach people 1,0 ask themselves the questiou, "What do I really want?" At theend or one or the.:se sessions a man came np to us and. said, "'['t1:1 a denttstj only weuttutothispeofesston becausemy mother wanted me ~.o ... I hated it. One day 1 drilled tbrougb the side or a patients IHaulh and 'encledu p h<t1,ving [(lpay han $475,00(1 "

Here's the point: When you ]et other p'~op~e 'Or sodety determine your deftnition of success, you're sabotaging your fu ture. So put a. stop [0 (hal rightaway

Think about this [or a moment. The media has one oi' the strongest iafluences on you. when H. comes to making decisions. And most people buy into ildai~y .. In fact, if you live in a [aidy large d.ty you are bombarded with <11 least twenty-seven hundred advertising messages every ,day. There

are constant radio and TV commerclals, phis bHlboards, newsp03i.pers and m ag,llzh:1.es con tnbutingro this onslaught. Our thinking is consciously and. suhUmina]ly bei.nginilu_enced no n ~S10p, The media defines success astheclo thes we wear, the cars we drive, the homes we ]I ve iu ~nd the v.u:;aliorlS Vil'e take, Depending on hOiW you measure up ~n these categories, yoU"N~ branded it successora fail.ure_.

Do you wantmore evidence ?Wh<3it's O~ the fron [ of most popu larmagazmes! A cover gi d-· someone whose glamorous fi.gure and batrstyleare perfect, with nora wrinkletn sigln, Ora male hunk wbosemuscular torso wasn't formed by merely working out five minntes a day on au Ab-Roller, Whafs [he message? If YOll! don't look like rhis you're .01 failure. Is, it fUIY wonder that.n:liJ:ny teenagers sunggJe.wl.th eating disorders l~kc bnllmia and anorexta, Wnel] soctetys pe.er pressu.re doesn't tolerare <ll1iyone whos resnotely 01:11 of shape 0.]' who has average 100 ks, TMs is ridiculous!

Decide nowto create your definition oif successand SH)P worrying abou t wli,a1 the rest. of the world thi:nks.f or years, SamWalton, the Iounder ofWJI ~M Sift, currently the largest and most successful retail store chain in history, enjoyed dr]v~ng,an old Ford pickup truckeven though he was one () r 'the wtSihhie:s~ men til the Goun try, When asked why he (:hdn~l drive a vehicle better suited to h~s positien, he'd reply "Well, [ just like my old truck." So forgel about ]rnage: and set goals that are right for you ..

And by the WIJiY, i.f you really want to drive a luxury car, or live in abeautiful home orcreatean exciting lffesryle, go for HT justmake sure that U.S what yO~j want, and that you're doing it tor th e right reasons.

2. You r goat; must be mean~ngfuL

We:H.·~knmv:tI. speaker ChatlE.e:~Trem.endOl1s" Jones recalls the early days of his career like this: "1 remember when [was ~m~ggh~.g to gel In}' business off the ground- Then! were knlg nights at the office when I'd take my jacket oU, roll uup to

make a pfUow and grab a Iewhoms sl,("J("-P oom-y desk." Charhes go.als were sorn.eaning[ul t hat he did wha.tever it too k to. help hisbusiness grow. U that meant spending a ~e'!IV mghts sleepusg lfl the office, so be tL That's loud. ccmmitment. a crucial tnglcdietlt if you want to becm::u:te: the best ym~ can be" In. his early tlurues, Charlie went on to bu.Hd an insurance bmkerag,e ~.h:a1i: produced more than $100 m:n.li()F1l per year m revenu'eAnd dun. wasback in the early [960's, when $]_ OOrnUlitml. was sttll a lo~ of uuon:e:yl (Have ycru noticed that bi.g company revenues are now lItcas;ur~d ~n hintons?)

When you-prepare to write down your Iunrre goals, ask yourself, "What's really tmportan 1 HJ rile? Whatls the purpose of doing this 7 What am Ip:repar~d to give up to make [his. happen?" This thiukmg process. win increase your dadt.y; [t's critically importam jhat yOll. do this. Your reasons for charting anew f,;{)MTSt of acnonare what giVE you the drive and energy to get up in. rhe memmg, even on the days ym:l don't fed like it.

Ask yOMt'Se~fj "What are the rewards. andbenefits for this new disctplme?' Focus on the: excitlng Ile:W lifestyle. you can enjoyby commrttmg yt.)urseH nowto consistent action,

1J this doesn'r get- your adrenaline PI::I[iJ~.pl.ng,,\dsuS!hze [he

• .dtematiw" U you just keep ondomg the samethings that you've always done, what will YCllU Ille:style be ]ike five yearsfrom now, len years fUIIl] now, twenty years from now? Wh~l words will describe your future. finaflcbl picture i.f Y01[l don't make any change.s? What about your heal~h> rd~tt.o:t'iShips and the am:lounu of time you have on for fun ?Win you be enjoying ;,'I. lotmore lreedom or still be working toe ImulIY hours a week?'


M,ast€r ptn.ilus!(,:>pher jim Rnh:n astutely observes that there are two majrllr pains in ]ife. One 15 the paiu of discipline, the other is the pain o[ regl,d. D~sdpltne wel!gilsCIl;U1JOCS, bm. regret weighs lO¥lS when you ,a]l()w your life 1,.0 drift along unfu lfHh:d. You don.~t want to ]ook back YCi3irs. later. sa}ing, "If only lhsd taken that bussness opportunity; ] f on ly 1 had sa ved and invested leguhldy; if only "[ had spentmore tU-n.cw1~h nly j:s:ru.i.ly:; if only I had. taken care of my hei3i1th. . , ." Re.nlelxlber. it's. your chotec. UhJmatdy, yuu are responsible for every choke you make, so choose Wely. Commit yourself now ['0 creatinggoals U'l.:H.\V:iU gu~r<1lnlet: y<Jur future. freedom. and success.

3 .. YCH..!r goalls mlUiS't be spedfkall'ld measurable ..

Heres where most people. ROM': iL~fs one: of the malnreasoas indtvtdnals never aclneve wha 1 1 bey're capable 0 [. They never eccuratel y define wh at the;y want. Vague generaliea Lions and wishy-washy statements aren't good .e;n.ollgh.,.if or example, if someone says. "My goalis LObe: finanda~~y independent," what does that really mean? For some people Hnanc:ia] mdependence is having, $50 milbon saved. and invested. for others ilk earning :$] 00,000 a year .. For someone else ilS being debt-free. What is it for YOl.!l? What'syour number? II this is an important go~ I for you., lake the tirne nOWLCI fi.gure tt cut.

. Your definition of happiness requires the same scrutlny J U;Sl "wannng more ttme wtth my family;" doesn't cut It, How much time. when, how often, what wHI you do with it. with whoTll1.?Here arc three words that will help yontremendcusly: :Be mOire sp'llu::ific.


One of our elientsm The Achievers, Coaching Program indicated his gloa'i for better health was to start ~.xercisingi. He was teelin91 ~s~u9gish and wanted more energry,. "St.art exercisinq" is d very poor definition af this goal. It's too

g:eneraL There's no WifjY tomeasure it. So we said, "B@ more specific." He added, ~II want toexerds€l thirty

. d z , - . . L ,II

m IHlIItes.a . ~y,l;ounimeS OJ we'e'",,".

Gue$$ what we saiid next? You're ri ght. "B®1 mere spedfic .. '~ By rep e~thn:9 tn f s questi 0 n seve ral ti rn es his. healtih g!O:;;;I!WQc$ redefined asfol I ows:To ex.e rcisa for th iFty m ~nl;,:lt~s i;j,: dia;y, rO!Jlr t~ rrH,;lcS ~ week, Mand i3iY, Wed rresd ay, Flriday <and Sa!tUlrday frorn 7 A_r. .. t to, 7:30 A..M. His routine! CQ1I"Isl:s:ts· ocr ten m,inute:s stretch ing andtIN18 nty m in utas on hls $xerdse bike,. What·.Q; dliff$n~noe! Now we can easily track hls: pro.g:resK H WfJ!' sh~l;.:Ip. attheschedeled times to observe, he' will~eith!1;lf be qlqing what hesays, Of not Now he's eecountsble For re:s;uit.$,

H,ere's ~hcpo.int When you. sel a goat challenge yourself wi.tl\ the words, "Be more specific.." Keep repeating dl]S nntil yom goal is crystal-clear andmeasurable. By doing [his, you'll dtam.atica.]ly tQ~ your ~nces of a,chteving the desired result.

R'E'M- - t:iM-,-!P-E-R, A'G, 'O'-A' L··· WIT' 'H' ·O'·U'1' A' N" 'U"M' iQEn

"L".,L ,LLJlI. __ , - "'--" "', .-- .. '_ .",,' - .!l.,:; .. ','." .... ,!IJi:-.I\.


Irs fmp'0n~mt that you have a system for measuring your progress. The: Achievers F OC])tS] ng System Is a. Un]qU e game planwe use that will make this easy for Y01J1. It's latd outtn detai IlH the AcHon Steps ~1 the end of this chapter;

4. Your gloa15 myst be,nexible ..

\-Vhy is this imporL~nn There arE: <I cQtuple o,frcEa$On$" First, you don't want to design. a system that is so rIgid and cast ill stone that. you. feel suffocatedby it For example, if you design an exercise program for better health, you may want to vary the times durtng the week and the type of exercise,

so h doe~·n'[ gel boring. An experienced persQtnaJ fitn:e:s~ coach am help you customize a program Ithafsfun.. has Jots of va riety and stm guaranteesthe results you want,

11ele's the second reason: AIIexible plan <IUow.s you the freedomto d::Jange course if a ge:~uin!c opportunny tomes along thau is so good you'd be cr~zy nor to PU[:Sll,.U;: it A word of caution here. Tbis doesn't mean. you start: chastng after every idea that COlTI!e5 by your do>or. Entrepreneurs are famous for getting distracteda nd Iosing their foc1l1s"Re:n~c:m her, you d.o[l.1. need. to be involved. whhevery Hew idea-just focusing

on one or two can make yuu. happy ~l][d wealthy .



i~ __ ~~~ ~~~ ~

5,. Your '90ahl. must be' dlillllllienging and exJCiith1g.

Many business owners seemto "plateau' a few ye~rs alter the stan of anew venture, They lose the early excitement dl!a~: was originally fueled byulJIlcenain.ty and the Iisk~involved. to



get thetr prodact or service into 'd~.e marketplace. They become operators and administrators and much of the work seems repentive anduninspiring.

When you set goals that 01'1',(': eXciling andch.dlcng~ng. you acqutre anedge that prevents ycu from settltng into a bfe of boredom. To do this you. must force yoursel to jump out of your ecmfortzone. Thismightbe a little scary because you never know for sure 1 f you'll laud. on your fee L I Ieres a good reason W push yourseU:"""";you will alw.ayslearn more about litfe and your capacity fa succeed when you are uncomfortable. Oftenwhen your back is up ,agajJlIIst 'tn,e wall or rear. the greatest breakt h roughs occur,

John Goddard, the famous explorer and adventurer, the man R.eaders DigesitCi1llU:s "the rea 1. bl:diana j ones" ~ is a wonderful role-model for this concept, At the tender agee: of fir teen he sat down and made a list of 127' challenging Iiieume goals he wanted to' aceempltsh.Here are a few' of them: Explore eight of the worlds marj'or "VeTS including tile Nile, the Amazon and the Congo~ climb sixteen of the htghestrnounla'ins including Mount :EVEFf.S,t. Mount Kenya and the Maue:rhorn; Iearn to l1y a plane, circumnavig.a:~e the globe (he's done 'this four times): visit the. Nonh. and SouLhPoles; read the Bible from cover to cover play (he Ilute and violin; and study primitive cultures In twelve countries, mcludmg Borneo, the Sudan and. Braztl. By the: time he mrned tUty he had successfully completed more than one hundred of the goals on his hSL

When asked what caus d him, La create this Iascinanng list i fa I he first P lace, he replied" "Two reasonaFirst, ] was led up "lith adults tdUng me what to do and what not 1,01 do with my Ij~e .. Second, ] didn't want to be fifty years oldand realize I hadn\~ really accompltshed anything. "I.

I Mark did ;lill n-depthaudio rex::ording ilbmlBt I chn Godcl~rd aeeornplishtng Lhe imp.oss,fbk F~lf more details c;tU toll lree B00-43:3-23 H

Doll Y~I'~. See lr~~M ~<i Pkl.llIi!'l!:.7

... _ _ - __ .," ....._' .. , -

Yon m:a~ not want to chaUcngeyourseU the W<liy Iolm '~,odd~rd has done" but don't settle for m.ecli.ocrity. Think big .. '. Crea.:te goals that get you so excited you can hardlv

1 ( 11

S e:e:p at nig;~t., Ufe. has a lot 10 offer-why shouldn'; you

enJ OJ' your fair share?

6., Your goa'llS must be in aH,glnmenlt with your val ues, ~yn~rgy ~ud~ow are two words that describe any process mov~ng erronles~ly forward to completion.When your goals, are m synch with ye ur core values" tbe mechanesm for [his harmony is set in :moLion.'What ate your core values? Anything you fed suo_ugly about that resonates at a deeper level of your being. These: are fundamental beliefs that are well-developedand havemo,lded your character for years, :~onesty and integrity, for example. (You ·can make your own ltst on page 84.) When you do somerhtng that contradtcts these values, your hrtusticn, or gu~ re'eli.fILg. win serve as a. reminder that something isn't tight

Suppose you owed aim of money and there is incredible pressure 011 you to repay [he loan. In fact, [he sttuailon is almost unbearable .. One clay a friend approaches you and S3·rS, H['VC figured out a way for us to make: some easy money AI.I. we need to do is rob [he bankl The btggest month]" de~osi ts ~l"e being made tomorrow: ~. ve got a foolproof phm-~ . we ll be In and OUI 0'[ there In twenty m]nut'il!S<" You now halve an interesttng dilemma, Onthe one hand, your desire to ease. your financialconoems is strong and getting your hartds on dun much money may be very appealing. However if your honesty value is stronger dum your destre [or the money; you. won't, fob the bank because you. know it's nut the ,right thing to do.

An~ even if your "friend" did a super sales Job and actually convmced; y()~ to, go ahead with the: heist, afterwards you d be churmng tnside. That s your honesty factor reacting. The guil L wo uld haun t you fo rever.


_ , _._ .......• """,_ _ _ -

When you harness your core v a alues to positive, exciting. pll.upose[ul gOaJls, dedsion-r.mlikin:gb~comes Cj;lsy: There is no internal con.lIlitcthokling you ha.ck.-lhls creates an energy surge ti1at1Ni.U propel you to much Mgher levds of SIIWces'S.

7 .Vo.u!r g.oa~smust bE! wen ba~allilced. . .

U you had to live your life over again,. what would you ~Q . (Utfe~elldy? 'When people ill their etghnes are asked rhls question, they never s~i "l'd :spend moreume at the office," or "1' d go to more board meetings."

No, instead th~ clearly wndicate they'd travel more, spend

more time with their family and have alot more fun. So when you're setting. g,oals make sure you include .areas that give ~ou time to relax and enjoy the finer th.ings ill life. Working yourseU to a standstill every week 'IS a surefire way to create burnout and m. health, Ufets. too short to miss the good stul],

In chapter 4. CJeatin.g Optimum Balance; you'll disc.over an excellent strategy thst wlll maJ:<€: ]1 easy for you. to enjoy a

weB-balanced lifestyle.

lB. Yiour g~oalls. mUlst be re,al:isti.c:.

At firs,r Ih~s sounds conlmd.icmry to thepvcvlHus commenes ahout t:hirnking big. However, 13I measure of reality ViiiUensure thai vou gel better results.Where most people:ar.e unrealistic about their'goills.is in detenn.in.tng the amount of time it wiH Lake to achieve them. Make <' point ,of remembermg this sentence:


po 'lOll .s~l:rh" Big IP1:(tl!re7

_·······- .. ·", ........ ·.,.···_···_··_1" .. '_, ....

Ii' you're earning thirty-thousand dollarsa year and YOIin goal is to be a milltonaire in three rnon ths, that's defmitel y unreahsec. \Vhe.H it comes to new business 'Ventures, a good rule of thumb is to doublethe rime you 'think II wtll take for the imtial start-up, Usually there are legal holdups, govemmcnt red tape, Hnan.du,g challenges; and a multitude 01' other things

tha t tend to slow you down. . .

Sometimes peop[e set goals (hal are pun': famasy. H you're Iour led [all. YOLl probably will never play professional basketball. So by all means think big and create 'In exciting picture' of die future, Just make sure your plan ]5]1'[ far-fetched and that you allow a reasonable amount of time 10 gel there.

9 • Your 9 08,Is must ill'l.dude cont!riibution.

There's a well-known Bible phrase that says, "Wha.tever a man. sows, that he will also reap." (G·a~at]ans 6:7).. This. is a fundamental truth. H seems if you hand. out good things and you consissently sow well your rewards are guarenteed, That's. a pretty good deal, tsn't h?

Unfortul1a~dy many people who strive [or succes5-usuaUy defined .15 money and tbings-e-miss the boat. There's just no time, or mom in their hves, to give something back [0 society, Simply put, they are takers, not givers, And jf you always keep takJng. YOll will eventually lose om in the long run.

Contribuuon can take marty forms, You can give your time, your expertise and you can, of onrse, Stye Imanctally, So mak.e it a part of your ongOing goals pro:gram. And do u unconditionally, Don't expect a payback immediately That will come ill due course, often ill the most unexpected " .... ays.

1 O. Your .golahi. need to be :sup·ported.

Thislast pan. of your goals checklist is conrroverslal. There are three points or view .. Some people advocate telling the whole wodd about what they alit; going to do. They rationabze that It makes them 11IOre accoun table .I.t's prelty liard to


backdown when the world is watchmg La S6e ~J you.ll really do wha { you said, The res a 10 L of pressure when you choose

this sn:",tegy;!,il;[)d certain individuals d~rive on it ... '

Dr . .R..obett R Schnlleris a good ,examp~,e" He told the wurld. be WSiS going, to build a beauHh.d. Crystal Cad}:edr~,i .in Garden Grove, Califoruia, at a cost of more than lweluym~]hon dollars .. Many observers ki. ughed and scoffed ,13: t hi5 idea and said he couldnt do it He wem ahead and d~d it anyway-s-the Crystal Calhedra~ was dedicated debt-free. The cost? J ust under thirty mlllion dollars ..

One of S(hl.dh::;r's commeaes said it all "1 think when you have big dreams you attract other big dreamers," And he dtd. In fact, several people. donated more than one million dollars

each to help d"te project succeed. . . .

Heres the second opUicm,. Set your own ,gQal:s.,. keep 111.(';mw yO'ur~el[ and. get on wWlll:t the jotL Actions speak louder than words, and. you'U ·s1;:u:pdse: Oil lot of people.

"Y.otllrstrategk: p!~ Ill, btul!n~llit in COnCtlipt <lnd mag FII~~k:enrt: in e)(je.e:utio'l'l.,. ISIIl't woddng,"


Third, and. [his l::n,aJ.Y be the wisest s[ra~egy; selectively share your dr,e~.rn.s with a few people you trust. These are carduUy chosen. proactive: individuals who wUJ suppon and e"ncout;agc yon when the going gets tough. And If you have big plans you.'llnec.d t:hd.f help, because you are bound to run hun it few roadhlocksal oug [he way"

Your 'Master PLAN

Now thatwe have laid the gmtlIldwork, its time to gel: srarted on your ownmaster plan .. Thisis the exciting pan-acrna]ly ereating you.r better fu lure, and the darity 10 go with It. This is your big picture, ThEre are six major s[eps.,\\le suggest you read through a[] stx finn and the]!]: set time aside to unplemem each strategy Use ~he Action Steps at the end of the chapter asa guide. Steps five; and six VoIfl] be dealiwnh in greater detail in chapters 4 and 5,

1. Review thefop-1 01 Goa,ls Checklist.

Use tbischeckhstas your [ram...... ofreference w hen you. sit down. to create your actual go.als, h will help you d(~s]go a crystal-clear picture. It ls summarized on page 84.,

2. ,Go fr·OI!" the 9 usto-1 01go\all:s.

1:0 get your juices flowing makea list 0:1:" UH rhmgs yOU\!il~U1l1 to accomplish in the next ten years, Have lim with [his.s:nd open YOU.f mind to all [he: possibmties. Create a childlike enthusiasm-c-dc notplace ~my restricuons on your thinking. Be speeifsc and. personah.ze yourIlst by starting each sentence with "l ~nf' or "l wUl" FOT example-s-"] am takinga sixweek vacation in Europe, ~ or v'~ will save or invest LO percent of m.y nejmcome every month." Tol.1c lp yml, he tie: are a few lmponam qUf.:~bons to heJp you focus:

il'1H EI"OWER OF fOC U 5

• \i\fhat do I want to do?

.. What do l want tohave? • 'Where do I want to go?

.. Wha t con tributinn do I want 'to 'n~_a,k!!:~? '.Whal do I wanl to become?

• 'What. do 1 want to learn?'

.. Who do I want to spend my time with?

.. How much do l want ~o earn, save and Invest? • How much time do m want off for fun?

,. 'What will 1 do tocreaee optimum health?

To ensure that yon e~joy exc'e:Uen! balance in your life, choose some gria];s .~ f,l! each of the fo Ilowmg areas-ccsreesend business, Iinsncia], fun lime, health and fitness, relanonsh ips.pefson.al, and OO]'lIw'bulion, plus :any others that are of special signil'ican.ce.


Now that you have stretched your imagination, the next step is to prioritize. Take a look at each of your i 01 go a ls and determine a realtsnc time frame [Of accomplishment.

Write a number beside each goal.--on.c. three, five or ten years, I'hiswi.n gtve you a general framework to work from. In his great book, Tru'. On.P'ul-pose Person. author Kevin W McCarthy descrtbes an. excellent technique to hdp you pri,otiti;ze, He cans it the tnurnamen! draw- This is a format used for all sorts of compditions-from spelling bees to tennis tournaments to the Super Bowl playoffs. Prioritize your chokes by l'naking separate draw sheets for your one-year, three-year, live-year and ten-year goals.

__ .... 5.ehf!'dule _Fe lime fQrp~p ...... "",k

"Oj~fl"II'~ tal'll

IDel:esate ki!ll diem fo"lI~","~~

:!;i'f'lcm ~ ""<WiI:~~~, iI1 Cil!lro!'!~!~

E:t:p.I~ IrTiefl'i mi'!ltk),ll!s, I~ Cmlif·orni~

_flO ¥';)\I, 5 e n,t Big 'P1e:mre~

..... -- - - ,.,~- .- -

Hlre ~ pe<'l'Oll<ai 851_'i:ilnr


19~9 ~p~~""",,1 _ISl:am

()F.(lI"lrC1'!·'~~ ptOOuel.


Ljs~ each of your one-year goals 0]11 the left-hand side cd th~ sh,eeL, M.ake the draw sheet big _ nough 1:0 accommodate a:U o,fth~u,enls on your USl-s.ixteen, thirty-two or sixty-Iour hnes,dee~. (W~ are_ a~smning you win have more than ,eight one-year goals.) This lS the prehmi . nary draw Now you decide



, 1--, -h gc l are ~." I' s, .. port 'I "L' that -:. w·· hich ones wil Wnl.C JOal.~5, ... .,_ n"0 S,'b. IIu.... floill:n.,; .U' ... ~ [5, . . _.... .... .. ._., .,.u

move on to the next round, RCIJeat this process until you end up with the !l.n.a} eight. These have now become yOUI:" Main Draw Agam, y,l)u musr select which of these eight are more impartant, all the way t:hn)iILlg'~ 'W the fhl.aI winner. This will be you:r sh:il.gle must impartant prinrtty To help Y<,JU decide, go wdh gut feeling. Your inmiUo.ni:s rarely wHlng. Ihis simp}'!! system Iorees youto choose what ismost meantngful [0 you and what is less important, You can, IQf C01IArS!.':T complete the lessImportant goals later as you wish, Now repeat this for your three, five andten-year goals .. We know lhal a five- and ten-year vision is of len more difficult to


create. However, it's well worth the extra effort Those years win be upon you [~st,er than you lhhlk! Make su.re you at least have a three-year plan.

Here's one other vital tip: Before yon prioritize, write down the most important reason that y()U want to accompltsh each g031, and the biggest be.nefi~ you will receive upon completion.

. '

As we. menuoned before, big reasons are the d.rtving Iorce

[run: k·eep you goi.ng, when the going gets tough. Its agood use of your time W clearly identify your reasons before you start. This will ensure thar your Main Draw goals really ate the most important ones 011 your lis~ ..

3, 'Cr-eat,e a Pictulre, Go,~I:s IBo·ok

To impr-ove your focus on the new lifestyle you want create a picture hook of your most important goa: [.s ,. This is an enjoyable process and the whole family can join in,

Bu y a large photo al bUIU and stan collecting pkmres. F or exa.mpl,e, if one of your goals 15 to have a holiday in London,

ngland, get some travel brochures and cui out three er four picrures of the auracnons youwant to see- If it's. a family vacauen, place a bold headjng at the LOp of t.hepage thai reads, "I am, enjoying a three-week h(.'IIiday with my b.mHy in Lcndon, England." and include ahe date you want 'W go.

1)0 'l'O[] i&!)e l'h~ 'ili{lP]:£tltt"e:iI

.. '"111_ •••••• _ •• _ •• - ...... - •••••• - ......

, You can divide.Y(Juii"_Pkture Goals Book into hfeseyle sectkms. Make ~ure y.ou Indud~ alU the areas we mentioned in sl:..ep 2. OUIf frtend Glenna Salsbury constseen tly uses tMs, strategy with &r.eaJ success. EarUer in her career, G ~en.tl.a was a Single mmher wuhrhree you~, daugh,ters, a house paymecr, a ear payment and a. need to rekindle some dreams. Heres her SLOry:

One: eve.niFl,g, I. attendeda seminar on the I, ,>; V .0::: R Pr:in.cip~.e. ([mt1g~nali.on mixed with Vividness beco:n1!cs Reality) The speaker pointed out that the mind thinks in p]c:ur~s. no lin words, And as we' vividly picture In OUf ~.mds wha t we desire" h. wUI becorne a rea hty.

. Tins concept struck a chord of cre~'l'~]vity in my he~r't. .I knew the biblical truth that the Lord give:., us 'the desires of our heart' (Psalm 37:4) and that 'as a manthlnkerh in his heart, so is he' (P rove rbs 23: 7) .

I was dete rmined to take my wrt tten list of desires and n.n:" tt into pictures. 5oC) I cut up old magazines and g~~hen!d pictures [hat depicted the 'desines. of my heart '[hen. ~:arranged d],~m In an anractive photo album and warted expect.antly

My pictures were specific. They included: 1. A woman ina wedding gown and a good-Iookin.g man in 11 tuxedo. Z. Bouquets of flowers. 3 . .An. island 'in the s:~a.rkhng blue Caribbean, 4 .. College diplomas [or my girls, _5. A woman vice president of a cumpany. (I was ,Ii;'orkullg_ fora U)]11pany that had no fema]e: offkers. 1 wante,d to be the first woman vice president.) 6. A rnorL21r~board hat~l:iepH:~:senting my desire to earn a master's degree ftOIU Fuller Theological Sel'llinary so Lhal I could :lIlllue:nce others spiriEua.Hy.

Eight weeks later 'I was driving down a California freew.a y: While; ~ was admlrtng a beauti ful red and whne car next [0 mine" the driver looked in me and smiled. I smiled hack. The next. thing I knew he was following filC. Lprerended to ignore him, but he [OHO\Ii;'ed me Ior

ft[te:en miles. Ai mOSE st:ared me to death 1 I drove [or <11 few miOre llIiles" he drove a few mare roUes. I parked, he. parked ... and 'E:ventuallly ·~.mllrried.]dm ~

A1terour fi.rstdate. Jim sent me a dozea roses, We dated for about two years, Evewy Mond.ay, he sent mea red rose [lnd a love. note. Be:fure wemarried, Jim said, 'I've [()u nd the perfecrplace for OUf honeymoon -St. johns Island in me Oujbh~:!l/ .~. did not ·confess the: tnt th about lTly picturebook uubl Jim and ] were m~)ving into our new nOl:lli€;~ which Thad also pi ctured in the a~hum.,

SOCll.1: after, I became: vice p:resiae:m of human re~)uoces in the company where ~. wo:r'I;Qed. After completmg my masters degree, I was one ofthe first wOH'I.Cll admined as a doctoral candid:a~e a~ Fuller Seminary. Not only did my d~.ughLersearn college degrees. but they created their oft photoelbums, and have seen God. at work in 'II:heir own Hves through tbisprind ple,

'This sounds like a f~hy tale, but it is absolutely true. Since then, Jhn and Lhave made nlany pictuJt': becks. I've discovered there are no in1poss~ ble dreams -. -yO~1 re!'l:Uy can have the desires of ymn heart.

SouRer:.; ChkJ!eIII SOilOlp}OF O~,e 5vur

fod.~liYt Gknna Salsbury Is one .o[ the top professicma 1 speakers in the country and a. former president 0 [ the Nationa! SpeakErs Association.

The c~e"l}1eJ: and. more spcdfk YD1i.lrp,ldures aiIe, the mcme hkdy you are to stay focusoc1J on them, and attmCllhel.·esul.ts youwam, So be creative. Explore dtfferenrwsys wrein.fotc,€ your vision, A Picture Goals ~ooki5 a" great wayto start,

ln ch~pter 4, CN~.ating Optimum Balance, you'lllearn hoc\1I,I to develop a specihc action plan that \win eransform ym.lJ' pictures into rea: H ty. Before we get to that, though, here are the three ~remainiEl.g strategies tohelp yon], create unusual clarity


4. Use :em ~deasBo ok.

This is sintply anutebcok where you jot d(~wn your day-tod.ry obst:'tvadons~nd insights. lit is a powerful lOO~. h) expand yourawareneS$. Did yO\it. ever have a big idea in the middle of tile ltlgnl? You slt smli:g,ht up in bed and yoarmiud is racing. UsuaUy~ you only have a few seconds to capture [hal idea before you Inse it, Of yOliJ!.f body :s~ys, "Go back La s.]eep,ll~ three o'clock in the rnumingt .. , In (act, you may drift back to sleep, wake up hours later an;d have completely :[org:auen what Yol,ir great. idea was,


Thks Is why an Ideas Book. is so valuable. By recording your best thoughts in \vrit]IThg,. yon never need 'W rely on your memory'. You canreview your tdeasany time you \\i'ant USIt: YOllr!::u .. H)'k for business ideas" sales tips, presentation skills, [[Thoney-maki.ng pro] ects, q uotes you have read or stories tha l will help yUM ex-phd n something better. .J ust keep Y01i.U ears and eyes open every day, and llsten to YOl!].r own in tuition.

For example, if you have just rl.nL<;h!e:x~a great sales presentation where everything went exaUly as planned and you dosed a big deal. capture it in your Ideas Book. What did yuusay that worked so well? Maybe YoOu asked a specific question [hal prompted the buying decision, Of gave a better explanation of yo u r he neE LS and services. Replay the pres en ta tion in yo 1.11 mind and write dnwn what worked.

I ts also be:n.e:n.ci.<l~. to to pe-record you r presentation. Invi te sO.I:neon€' who ynlet re,a:tlyrespeJC:t to go over nwnh you and then

I M.lItkM~Gwlrc WfJll Maio, leagtl!!' &s;ehall"s home-run tJ'L~i: ~It 1998 :ltld 1 Qq.r), hilling 5t~\'~my .!rl[! sb:tr-ruv.~ hr;l'm{'mru;. !JCsINctively.


_....... . _ ..- _.1". _ _

youc~~brainslorm bow to improve it. Ke'epp'mctidng, Movie star Robtn Williams averages thirty takes pe:t· scene, until both he and the director are sa usfled \'l.;1.'l:h hispe.rforma_nte,

rnd you ever screw Up'~n tmportaar presentation? That's also a good time to open your Ideas Book and record what you did WJroug.Yon migh t unde:rHne it inred ink and add. ., Never say this. ~gain'l" In both examples, by wri~~ng down your thoughts while they are fresh in your mind.. you reinforce what worked and what d~dn't work. This gives you incredible darity,

Here's another valuable suggeS1.~(ln for your book First Lhlng in the morning, for ten minutes, record your feelings, WOJids 10 describe feelings mclude anxious, sad, happy, excited, bored, angry, enthusiastic, frus4ratcd, en.erg~zed. \Vri ~e in the present tense astf you are having a conversation with yourself Use "I" language: '''1 am ic'cltng anxious today because my daughter is d.ttviu:g on he:r own Ior 'the fir.$l time," or "] feel. excited because 1'01 staIting a new job [his morning." When. you consistently get in [ouch with. your feelings you a~e more connected to everyday snuattons and more aware or w hM.'S

really going on in ym.ur life.

5,_ Visua~iize~thilllik~ 1i'E!·f];e'ct ,a,nd r~vier.~!V;.

The power of vi ualizanon is, eften seen in sports. Olympic athletes U:l,elrolally run 111e event in their m i.nds several times just before (hey perform. They wtaHy focus on a positive result

Olympk gold medalist Mark Tewk5hnry, the Canadian who won the 200~meb::r backstroke swim at the 1992 Olympic Games in Bared on.a , Spain. actually stood on the. wirmers' podium on the eve of the race and visualizeda cnme-jrnrnbehind \vinnl:n,g performance. He heard [he roarof the crowd, could see where his f:illmily was sittl]!lg in the stands and. ~aw himself mumpharuly accepting the gold medal. The next day he swam Lhe race exactly as imagined and won by a fingertip!

Rernember.l] YOIJ copy the techniques of champkms YOt:1 too can become a cha m pion. Us your positive tmagtnatiou to create these wtnning p:i.ctures.

The sharper these ~mag.es. a re and the more intense you fee], the more likely you are to create the desired result. Irs a powerful process. Inchapter 4, Creating Optimum Balance, you'll learn how to think at a deeper level and how [0 rene,ct and review your progress every day. AU of these tech niques hdp to produce unusual clarity, une [hal will give you a distinct edge in the marketplace.

,6. Develop, mento;fS ,and Mastermind Gro'up,s,.

Another wonderful way 10 ensure n"laj(M' improvements hl your productivity and vision is to enlist the aid olpeople who have vast experience in areas where you need the mOSI help ,When you su rround yourself wi th ;;li carefully chosen team of ex pens, your learnmg curve increases rapidly Very lew people. do this constsrently Again, ]f you dare Lobe different you'll reap 'the rewards down the road .. The alternative is LO figureeverything out yourself using trial and error. Jt's, a slow way to move forward because you. run into many roadblocks and dtstracrtons. On the other hand, cultivating advice and wisdom from specific mentors propels you to .faster results.

A Mastermind Gruup coasists of Iour to six people who meet regularly to share ideas and suppmll each other. These: are powerful alliances, They are designed to foster 1.(JogI.:!isting relationships. You U learn an about this in chapter 5, BuUding Excellent Relationships.

ow that you have a complete framework to create your ] ong -term goals, heres the flnal piece 0 f th e puzzle-s-we call. it the Achievers Focusing System,

The' Achievers Focusing System

This stmple but highly effecuve focusing method makes i.t easy fur you to measure progress and stay on track. 1I's used by all of O1lH!UOSt successful clients, Essentially it breaks yourgoals into seven categories and forces you to enjoy an excellent ba:lanct,


You can decide the time frame £orach~e:ving these re$nbs, A ewo-month cycle is good,][,s 110[, too filr <tw~y~ yet it g~ves you enough time to set 501:ne meenmgful to:tgifts ..






When y.ou. dedicatea PPfLlQ]l·O[ yourttme to accomplishmg one: stgumcantgoa~ meach of ~hese areas e.very sixty days, YOIJ wiH :~ta-ftenjoyfung what. most. people ~re desperately strtvmg for-haJance .. And. wllitb baRance:. comes peace of mind. An the details of this .are laid QUlin the Action Steps au the end of thi5chapter. Jibe Achievers FOC:\J.1Sing Sys!enlis [he backbone of your overall g1ilJm.e plan ,1nitiaHy it may seem a blJuurea~]s!:.k tocomplete seven goals in S].xty days, but with practice you can do tt. Start with small Increments and gradually increase the size of your goals, When ym:a start ~his process it's~,nore important to create sevenmini-victories for ycrof"SeUlhan LO set your targets too hl.gFL To keep rhese lin the forefront of yourmind, review them daHy. Most. people don't do this. In f:act, most people don.'L evenha ve an8;ction plan for their goals. Be 5 matter; and g1ve yourself a jump 'On the: competirion. It wHl payoff handsomely.


Like all successful habits, developing the habit of unusua] c]~riLymk\".s. eff6nand diiJI:Hy dt5cipl~nf;: . .R.emenflb~r,. l fs .]11 ongo.il"!lg process" The key poims are:

1_ Usetbe "'[;op~ [0 Goals. CheckLis [8iS a fr<l!.mcw.ork" :L Design a m~ster plan to priori tize your goa]:~L

3" CreateaPicture Goals Book

4" Use an IdeasBook.

:5" Visualize, think, rdl.ecl and review, (chaptft- i wiU cover f.he.se ill df't:ail)

6. Develop unique mentor and Mastermind

Group alliances. (We wal show YO'U how in (;hapt:er 5')

7- Use tbe Achievers Focusing System. to measure weeklyprog.ress"


]f you're :feein:g a bit overwhelmed right!lG1Wr, dont worry~ Thats qu~~e normal, Take it [me step at a time, Sc:hedu]t: suIfk:icnt lime to work through 'each of these strategses, Com.m.lt to getting slanted". l':;':ke lilt>. [h'$l step, Then focus on accompllshtng your sbort-termgcels. Creatinga successful future takeseuergy effort and concentrated ~.hin.king.,. That's the: reason. mOM. people don't do i.L However, by deddt.ng to read tlus book you have taken the first step ton<.e above the cn)wd, Accept the chaUe:t1;ge" FOClIS. The rewards will be worth it Make [he effort now!


You'r P'e rSOJh ali 'Milste r P'I ai;1

The Achi,ev(ff, Foc\I.singS:ys,te"m

B,~~ow is Q cornp tete r'(3view to help you irnple ment yau r pe rsona I ~b~g picture" Master Plan as w~11 as your short-terrnacticn plan.

To maximi.ze your resl,Jlts, we stmngly recommend that you

5 c.heduie at iei'i'st 0 ne full day to do til is,

TOip~1'O Goals 'Oheddirst

To maximiize Y'Qur results remembelr yo,ulr goals must be:

" Yours.

2. Me,aningful

3. Specif c a nd m~~SUlr.ab I,~ 4 Flexible.

5, Challenging and e)':ciif)g.

6. 1 Fl al ~9nm~nt with you r core val ues, 7 Well balanced.

8. Contno uti 119 to society,

9. 'Real'lstiC.

O. Supported.


e,g., Honesty, integrity, Iwing a win-Win philosophy experiencing joy and love,

You1II'110'1 'GloC!ils

To do this use your own notebook .. ilefore writing out your list of <ilill t e things you want to accomplish, turn back to step two on page' 73 .. Read through this section again. Jot down your inilia~ th oughts to th e qu €listi a ns, This will he Ip you. develcp a framework. Take as m ueh time as you ne~d. Then maks your actua ~ list ofl m G osls. Next, prioritize y<)U r I ist by usl n 9 !31 Tournament Dr aws heet .similiar to the one on page 75.

"(:0 U!f Pe!1"50n,a I Mast:e'r Plan

LJSie the sample 'workshe>et On pa'ge. 86 as a .gUide. Enh'lf'ge this a'$ necessary, depe n ding o n the number of 90a I s you h ave in €l,a ch area. Make sure you complete 'he reasons and benefits column. Your r'e8!SOnS are : he driving farce behind your goa~$. AI$o, selects speciflc completion date, We USIa The Essentiial Goals ~ram~work:seven key a reas that create a II"! excell €lnt b~ ls need I ifegty~e. I f you want, you Ca n add oth sr areas that are of specia I sign lficance to you, Use Cisirmilarr sheet for your three-year, five-year and ten-yeer 90(lls.

Create iii PictllJ r'e 'Goals Book

Review step, three (Pa:g:1i! "76.). llhe key he Fe rs to have fun and to be' creative, The more impa ct your pictures have,the berter, Ch Dose ones that are big, bold and brightly colored. If one of your g:oals is, to O\,j/l) a brand-new car; visit the local dealership and have a picture taken wi,th you in the driver~ seat. One of our male clients wanted to have a 'fin,~ physique, so he cut out a pk:ture of an ~thllete, lopped off the head and replaced rt with a cut-out of his own head!

Use an Ideas Book

R€-vi~w step four (Pa'ge 79),. You carl, select anyth~r'l9I from <.\l simple notebook to a rl e I aborat e~ n 9 raved jou m<ll ~, There are ple nty to choose fro rn-ch eck you r ~ oca I stati 0 n ery store,

Number each page if not already numbered. When the book IS almost finished, you rl1i@i), wan to create an i dex at the back, to he Ip you f;nd spacif c entries later. Develop the h "bit of capturing your best ~deas.,thOl.,dghts. end insights, This is riot a ,; DHar D i a ry. ,w Use it fa r bus iness sir ;ategies, rnoney-mski n 9 ideas, stories that illustrate a point, marketing conce ·ts and whatever eils,€!" YOLI think is important. If you enjoy structure; create tabs for specific topics. The most important thing, however; is to train yours,s IIF to start writ i ngl. Start th is we.e k

z «,

_. Vl
« ID
Z !'t!
0 LJ
Itn, @
0::. rn
WI iiij
4.. ~
> c
:E ~'
tJ). ....I


U Z "'1(



.,. ,", ~ j,j
I: .;:: ,.£ .:1 [
-~, "'D 'IJO " Q
,.!:.:! ~ :> .2 i
Q .,. ;;I 'iD :'"
.2 IWi: ;g ~ F E
"1:1' "'D ~. QI
~ e e:
~ .... .. ~ ~, ...
~ -,j '10 . .., @ <iI ...
.. ~.~ ,;;; '+- i~ -W ::;jI :~'
OJ ,ti n, a, !l" s
'" ... -" >< "dl ~ <, I
~ OJ· .;;; !II 1! g. ,i'jI
A .. -;;; -" Q ,;: , ..
Ol' ~~ ~ ~ ~
.. ... -u l§!. :t~ m .~. :!
.. ~, t'; .. :;;~.
<II. e " .. OJ· s ~
.a of' .. ·i .", ri;
. '-5 e ~ 'ij '!!l' o, .. ~ "~ 0:: .c: :;
j~~ .tl; :l! 1:: :~ ,to ~' .(1 I
s ~ 0 ::0 .Ill 8: .di! s " i 11"
c .,. <> 1 ~ &J ,E c:: 11$ s
illl' ~ .J:I 'r ,. if: "5i. Ie: ." ~ ::J
." .... rtr ::lI "'D t; ::JI .:!\! e· m ." e,
i 1; ~ .,. '0 '" Qi ~ ... .. "' -'~I ~ ~ ..
1; :¥i .~ ~ .0 j. ~ ~ i2 .f:: O.2! {t.~ ~ ~
..IlJ - 'I"" ~ j.-I!> 'ilL
'''- N &:i ~ N <'Ii 'r ;oJ 'M .~ ~ H
it: 'iI
~ " ~ Z
F.; '" ~ 611 ~ ~. E
~ ~ .."J S 0 ;;. '"
...!: .. " " ijI
"8 q: ~ $ 'ii t'i " '2 ~
j ~ ,;::; F " "
; " ., a
.' 2: a ~. ii E. =:l E: -a
'ii ". '''_ do ii'i .i E: ~ i'i
'~ to 0 ~r ., c: ad 3 "
'., ... c ~ ~ ~- -5. ,:j, ~
, ~ Vl' 0) ~~ ~ ,c:
;~ ~, ". 0;::; -5 to
.0:: ~ [[ 'f ~ ~ Q
" D·
~.a "" 3 0 -.; ~ ., c u
L~ UJ ~~ ~ ~ z "~ ~ ..
e, c I!i\ E ~
-~,~ 0 0 -'"
.§ ~ ~ ~. j;!.J:7 0 OIl
'" ~ -t:;
it ." .~ ~ ~ ~ li u ~
a. ~ J:' ;l] '" ~
~ e- N M r=
8,7 The .Achievers Focusing S:,ysteml

This is the wee kly game p~an that.ensu res. yOIU hit the big;ger ta:rglets listed :in your long:-terffi Master Plan. The ·cSltegorTe'$, are ident:k:aL Refer to the $ail'Tlple sheets an p1i.ges 9'(}-91, The first step is to write down YDur single most important goal fn each ef the seven areas, Remlember, be specific.

L FINANCIAL ~this is divided i ritD total income and the amourrt of m a n~'y you wa Fit to sav€ or i nves1l:: durin 9 th is ti me. ilf youare payin.g down debt, yuu can al~ w>eOQrd theE) amount here ..

2. BUSI N ES'5!c..AREER40iJ wilU pmbably complete severtJ I business go.Q 1:$, in tnlis ti nne fli"·~me _ However, s€lea:.~e ens U, at win help you progress most," and focus on th:l~. Maybe Ws .a sales target,. or a new pmjed: or joint v'~n~UN!. Or hi"rn'g {arfiring} a key person,

3. FUN TIME!-tlhi1ii il$ll'ourgoa~ for 'tlirme off, tOil:a~ly ffW,fjiy frQm work.

R~ cord the Ilium ber of days and remember, you deserve it

4. HEA.LTH AND FliTINIESS-there a~thn~e major components to censlder here-------physfcal, mentQ,1 and $pii:riuat What wi II ~I'0U do co Improv,e your .oveff.!lll hel!lhh? Constder eXieIPQSe, nuuitional habits, new k1rno~ed!ge~nd $phltL.J~ I avvarene~s,

5. REtA.TIOINSH~ P~wh€Jt one i rnpottarrt relatiorilshitp wi IIII you \,i'Jork on during~hls p~rrQd!Of tim~? M.:llyb~ mona time with a family memba r, a mentor, or ~eyelm:pIIQy-e~ or dient. Ob\!iiou$~y you wijll interact with .a lot of peopl:e every week; howeve~i justfocus (]If'! ~i,gn~fl:cam:Jy expandi:rllg one oftihes@ reldtionsh ips,

6., PE RSO NAL-this is a wi die-open ch 0 kl€! in vo I vi n 9 .500"1 !~thi n 9' th at give.s you p@fSonal satisfa cti 0 n. lit mig hti nclude buying somethilng, developing a new ski~1 like pi ayi ngguit,u, or pi ann ing:Slsp edal vacation,

7, CONTR~I8UlION-whatam youqoinq to contribute back to sod,ety during tlhistim~?' P~~hap$- ilf's -1:11 financial contribution to y·o ij r favo rite charity 0 r chu rch Qirga f1 i ze t lon, Mil'Iybe you'll cJnUihute your time to the mmmunity or loca'i sports team, or $ imply help someone out by being, ~ wi I hng Ilisten®:r:

When you have written out you r se\l-en major goals, shlft yOUIF focus to the week ahe.ad--we call it The Seven-Day Focus, Hf;1lre~tj. how it w()rk~: At the b~gin ning of each WE1H3ik select the th me most importent

th~lf1glg. you want to accomplish. Be sure to enoose activiities '~h(j~ move you toward the eoropletlon of YOW' seven major goals,"

For eMmp le, if you r health and fimess goa I lis to set up a neW exercise p rogrum, ~h€' first step m~ght be to jei I'll .i;lfillru'~,ss dub. if your major relstionsh ip .goa I is to spef'! d more t:i m® with your chi loren on the ~eke1l!ds., your -fi rst step C"DU Id be $chedu I i ngtime in your weeldy p I a nne r. If your overal I bus i,rH~.s$ 90.21li5 to re ach a spe cific $QI~e$ vo I W!rTH~, you might targets certain number of appcirrtrnents in ilia next sev~n days to get you off to a good start

Of co u me yo u wi III be dQi 09 ctherthi ngs I~wefy wee kin you r busl ness CI!'1Id p~rson['JjI' IHe, This action plan wi II he:lp you focus on the most i mportant ac~ Ivi~ I es. Make sura you mOon iter you~ P rogr€$.$, Whatev€!'f 9 01", measured gets done! It's fur'! che cki ng. off your 'I ist each week. and it will b6o~t you r c;onrfidencears you glE7t closer to reacning your bvg'g~~ta rgets. W~ highly recommend having, a focu~ing PClIFt!1€!r to keep you aecounteble for your results., Th~s qou ~d be .a business. collea.gue' who wO'!J~d ailsoenjoy using the .Adlievers Focu$'ing System.

Pho n e your partne r atthe beginn ing of the week a ifId $ha re you r til re e m ost imp ortant act i v i t les. Seven day~ I ate r discuss you r resl,.i~t$, vfcw.r~e$i.\I!nd cillaillenges, and start the process for the fd I owi n 9: week 18 y $UPPO F1: ling ana en a I ,Ieng ing each oth er yo I,Ji are I~$$ ~ i kely to procrastinate duringth€i w~@k. There is an expectation when you reconnect that prDg:res5 has been made. You cam a lso create sorne l ncsntlves foredd-i other that will s:timul,a,t~ you to 8My focused. For example, 'On€' of Our clients ~s an avid sk~e r. She had booked a dillY offflt her favorite resortas a r~w~ rei fer a Gn 1 ~vin 9 h·er week I y gOaL A'S aln a d ded in centive i if she di d FI ot com plete her three m est i rnportant object~V~$,5he promised to, give he, ski passes to her focusing partner. Another client sa.id he wou I d phone h f s hi gge'st competitoreod give hi m three hot business leads ~f he did not finish his goals TQor' the W€i€lk, That was al I th e m otivatl Q n hen e~ded!

.. "


I. a

w c,

J: 0-

~ ~I

Z: D'

o l

II- J.. <;:( 1~ ..J IlW IW m'~

Ie:=: ~~




_- - _" ..

··_·······_·_·_·"-·"11'" .11 •.... _ ••........ _._ _ _ _ ,.,. IIIIIIII II ."",,_ ••••••• _ ••••••• _ ••• _ ••• "" 1, _."." ...

Creat ing, Opttmnm Balanee


P~""Y' P'"LAv 'D' .'0" .N·'-r ;-'1::4'" 'I"~H"'" E 'rwo .~ ~"mX'E"D ~:Jn"

,L....11.. :," ,I:, - -: .It,~, -. _ - ~ , I ....... J,61 .. - : .J.. '!f~' _ .L'~lLl.: _,_-:. _' !~_ . .l-~J

-Jim Rohn

(~,elrry ils a des~g n arCihitect~ and he's busy;.

As. a panner in h,]s business he wO"tk'llon,g hOU"f'5, Every morning he's upeaidy-' uo hu:.er than 6 A., M,. Breakfast isa .cup of colfeeconsnmed humedty in the car, Occasionally he num.ag,e:s a su;cky dougbnu r to go wida it

J ane, his wife, also works f1!,dimlhne, so [heir two chU.drc·Jl" Pan 1" [our, and Sarah, two.are dropped. oU at a dayeare center. Gerry doesn't see his kids very oflJen. He hOilS already left for me office before they get 'Up, and it's usuaH.y after 7.:30p; Ml ,\.\I he'll. heretumshomeBy then they ~:re:us~uaHYi3!sleep, Even on weekends lhe business consumes a ]01 of Genys time. Theres always something more 10 be done at [he offke:,. :rmd when Jane chastises him lor "llving" there, he bundfes up the p<tperv.1ork and brings it home, usually [0 burn the ud.d.ntght oil for a~e\iV hours after everyone is as~eep"

Gerry's kids have a neatway of communicating wHh lrhn, liley leave Itule piclure5 or Post-It notes on. his hal&:t:n'ooil"ll nrirror; Gerry feels gl.l.Ut y when he sees th em

s ruck there, €::speda]ly w]lell. he readsthe ones that say how much thevmiss him. Em: what canhe d01 The

. - .... ,- -" - - . "

business is et a critica] po'initAfter rhree years of ]on.g hours, he and. his two partners are initi.~Ung a major expansion. Being the juni&f panner, much of the extra work falls on his shoulders ..

Even with two incomes, lnon~y is (].ghc Jane wants to take the kids to Di$neyla:,t!~l but wuh no budget (or savmgs, this isnt likely to hal)~pen soon.

Dn you relate at alltothis family scene? Its be:ocnulug IDQ]'ea:tlJCl mere common, as peoplestruggle to create a. healthy baJ~nce between thetr career.vpersenal and farJJrily lives .. Often the greater pressures ate on. 'Women, whe work full ~tme: h1i.ri.lding a career and are sun ·,expecredi to cook, dean and somehowL~.te:lr to most of [he chiilld:renl5r.:teeds at the same time. In E:lCL these multiple pre$lli1feshave: become une of tbeblggest reasons for dhoree .a.nd. fumUy breakdown today. How~lCmg can Gerry, J ane, :Sllrahaud 'rau~ CO'ITunue'iridll the ~'smpspassing in the night" rourine? Eventually S('Jmf'(hrng has w give, and it willprobably be soonertban l::1i.te.t

lf y'olA hav,e any stress orconcern abour the qmlHty of life you currently enj 0')1; then sru.dy this chapter carefully ha the next few pages youwiH Iind answers to your ccncerns. Move hn pon<liflldy, we will share with you <it unique system that will guarantee you ahelJild.lY; well-balanced hfestylc" There is a. better WiJ:y. Edng stuck like Gerryis no way (0 live- Sol) follow along" Read and reread the Following infomlati.on, and be pn'!l)ared to make changes.

First, Ictus emphasize that some people n::;Si.Uy do enjoy optimum balance it! thelr daily lives, HereTs one ex.8I,I1JJp]t:" Their names arc John. and .J e:ntli.fer" Like Gerry tn the previous .s~(Jry> John 15 thtrty-etghr years old" HE's, been happily marriedto Jennifer for n Iteen years. They have 'three child ren, Davi d .


three, Joann.e, seven.and Charlene.nme. John also works hard

,,- - ....,

in his own. electrical contracting Ci01.Upilny, WttlJej.1 he started. six. years O3Igo. Unlike Gerry; johnand his fanTIHy enjoy annual vacations. In fact, they rake six weeks off [or fun every year. Both john <lind jennifer had parentswith srnmg values and. l,!tndoubted]y this influenced them. growing up" One (>f the:s.: val ues was au excellent work ethic: "I f you are gp'~[1g to do a job, do it [0 the best of your ability." .Anmher was thevalue of saving and tnvcstlug l1IlJJuey: By the rime they married, both had a savings plan in place, and. [hey maximized their joim savings potential duringthese early yearsto create a welldive.~i:[ted. txrrl:fOUo .. Wtththe help or ~l carefuUychosen Hnanci;;d adviser, their l.nvestment plan is n.ow worth two hundred l.h()USSiUd dollars. They also halve aneducauoa fund set :up.

, . -

thatwill even.maUy pay for thetr ch:Hd,rens collegeexpenses,

At work, john has a firs[-d.a5s persoualassistant who allows him w fOUlS on what he does best. Consequently he doesnot gel caught. up iI'Ii. un.necessary paperwork or become distracted by people who could waste va~uable ell uaks nf his time.Because of this ahility to be wen~Drgan.1Zled., he ,enJoys m.o,st weekends off. Ahhough he starts the daly e.ady, Jt)hn is ·rareLy home later than 6PJ.t., allowmglum special thl].e.wUhhis f~mjJy_

At the. beg;V:nn.iug of each new YCl1!:f, john and J emufer sit down and plan theirpersonal and lamUy gO<lls. Thislncludes scheduling specific time {or va.Gltlons, including one major holiday together as afaml1y and mtni-breaks [or du€e. or lourdays for John and Jenn~.fer,with no kids~ "!fvvkse ,<1, year john enjoys a .. Iong weekend away vrith his Maste:nni:lrn,d Group to ,golf. J ennifer alsn ]1~H]],s ~ few ski. trips with a group o[ women friends,


Do So met h ~ ug .D ~fle;ren t.


........... ".- - .. __ .. _ .. _ ---1 '"

I. hrough SeJr-disdpl'ine and good advice, John and Jennifer heve created a healthy balance in their lives. They have not s1Lwcumbe:dLu the WOif]mhoh·c syndrome that strams so many relanonships. And Joh:n has no g:lld~L about taking time off. His attitude is, "I work hard a.nd. smart a:l my business, so ~ deserve my time for fun," .As a result, he creates a high income. That" combined with [heir habit of consistent invesdng,. minlmizes 8!ny Ullancial. pressure. tnteresunglj, John and hits famlly are not consumption oriented. They don't spend a. lot. of money on typical consumer goods. Instead they prefer to save for memorable vacations. Their kids dontget everything they ask for, but they don't 'suffer either. J()hn is more than happy drivi.fig his four-yeat-o~dcar, unlike Gr.ny, who prefers a new model evcry other year. even though. he really can't aHord h.

When you lookat the lifestyles of john and GeHY, where do you [it in? It's nnt diffIcult. to figute out who has the heahhler hfestyle. Now, YOll may not run your own business nr he in

the same ,age group. You m.~y not even be married or have a [amUy. 'Ihat'5 not the point, The question here is: "Do you enjoy 3 healthy, well-balanced lifestyle, doing work that you love, and that gives y,~,lU an excellent n~anda1 [return and aHows you to have sigL1ificant 'lime () ff La pursue your (I the!' interests?" The answer is either "Yes" or "No.'

The B-Alert SYSTEM

If y'Our answer is "No ,." we: are norwgohDlg to give you. a. system that will keep Y01!;'1 focused and balanced .. 'Even if you an.swer~-d "Yes," this unique system will elevate . your awareness to a new leve 1. .~ rs called The iB-ALERT System for Optina u m Balance. \ilililh 'lilts system, you will be mute alert every day (;0 those subtle pressures thai can so easilypush you off-target,

If you check the word ellen in the dktio:na.ry. it says, V·At tile ready, mindlul, using intelligence, on guard. conscious, and prepared. ,;

OIn'itlUS~y, bt~]n,g ~t: the ready every day and 1ilSing intelllgence will keep ycumindful or your priorlties and your Mate of balance. When you are truly alert yon ave more conscious of what is going Q1n. What is the opposite of alert? Mindless; unprepared, unconscious off-guard and stupkll lf you 'had a choice, which side. of [he seale would you choose 1>0 sit unalert. or unprepared and. stupid? You. heave the choke, and you can exercise it ltV1ery day Selecting a lertness over til e ncga live option. is an obvious choice. Why then, if it's 8111 ,easy choice 10 make, do most people hang OUI: on the opposite' side of the scale? The truth is, old habns diehard. ~fs uucomfortablc to make changes, and there never seems to be enough time .. It's easier doing H the old way, even though [be long-term consequences may be dlsastmus.When It comes 10 ,enjoying <U1 xcellent balance. in their lives, most people are wholly unprepared, easily caught oll-guard, and not very smart.



I OW Jet's discover what your reality is. We're gering, to a.naJ.lyzc' your daily behavior in detail, usmg theacronym Ell-ALERT. These six ~,euers add up to a powerful f6r.nlu.b: i!:ha~ will help Y(JU create a w,en~balatilced day; Repeat the process seven times and you 'llhave a well-bel anced wleckP,e:rsev'e'[1e for JUS! four weeks and you'll. have a great month. Make it OJ. habit every month, and before you know it you'll have a terrific ye:ar, With a Iotmore time off, and a lot moremoney to go with it. As you go through each of the six steps, monitor your emouons. Be aware of any resistance you feel, Think about the reasons for this potennal resistance, Letting go of .my men tal i blocks wm assist you tremendously in creating vour new habit , ... f ,0' ntim um ~ .. '·1<i]·1" ,1'''

.I - _.. r. '1;,-' ,,4rI!!_ ·IL U'. ' r·t .... - .... l[)JoI!._,!!,II_" .... -,""'".


-N1lIpoleon HiIJ

B ~sior Bih.ilepriint

This is how you prepare for [he .a1l;Y: You do prepare, don't you? A blueprint to; simply a. m.~p for the day; It helps you prioritize the Important tasks on your agenda. To illustrate 'this, imagine a tall, beautiful building tn a major city. It has stunnmgarchuecture. There's marble ,and glass everywhere with opulent detalls to complement the unique design.Before the first stone was laid, a detailed blueprint was prepared and approved. The owners of the buHding didn't say to the courractor, "We'd like a big, tall b1Llilding wUh lots of glas.s andmarble=-heres the money: See what you can throw w,ge:Lher r or us." No; every last deta it was meuculously planned and clearlyvisualized in advance,

if you ask a printer LO print. <I. brochure" you must approve the biu.eUne before the job is put on the press. This allows

On;~tilllg Op-tnIill1ll'Il &1IDClI:

... _ _ _ _ _ .. _ ,.........,.,. -

you to carefully go over everything before the work is started, just in ease there are any errors or omissions. Its the. last check before action is taken.

There are [WO options for preparing your bluepnnt for the day. Either do it the night before, or cady in die morning before your day has started. You only need [en LO fifteen minutes to do this.

Recent research judie. lites that U youcreate your blueprint the night before. rather than in the morning, your unconscious mind. will actually work during. the mght figuring out how to fulfill your next day's plan, t.e. j preparing [he best sales presentation, han.dH.ng potennal objections. or solving ;ll];Y ccnflicts or problems that need 'Lobe: addressed .. So ru:f you can; take time eacheventng 'to plan. for the next day, and review your plan before bed Lime" This review should {OCllS on your mOS'L important acnvlties, such as whom you win meet with and the purpose and objecnve of each appointment, Set specific nme limits for your appointments. Also go over what projects must be worked on. and determine if you. have reserved. enough ume to deal with them.

rn ts important [00 have )'our own blueprint recording system.

This could he a standard daily journal or time planner, Of you. may prefer an electronic organizer or computer software program. 'to create your blueprmr. JUSl choose a system that workswell ~()F you. For best results keep it simple. Customize it to suit yom own style.

Have you ever observed people who are not in the: habit 0 f designing a. blueprint for the day? You']1 find a few in \11.0\5t sales (Jrganiz~.tim]:s_ They tend I.!O hang around the C(:~ Hee pot :fit5t thing in. the morn.:ing. And :[orlll.lany or these non - pkmners "first thing" is sometime aJtet '9 A.M. Socializing, and :revl;cwing the newspaper are high on their a.genda. Perhaps the first sales call happens around 11 A.M., SO you can imagine how productive the rest of their day is likely to he.

A well-planned blueprmr allows you to take charge of the d~y. ¥ou're In. control from the SEan. preferably early. This ghres you a tremendous fedtng ·of confidence and. you are lf~e]:-y r,p get a Jot more aocomplished ..


A Is for Actioi!i'l

YOLl.'ll lJJ.oticce the letter A.~sla;lfge:r man all of d1J~ () ther letters ln the B~.ALER1 :ilcClunym. TThIisics no acci .. dent, 'When ~ [ comes to reviewing your results, the amount of action you put into your day wi H directly de termh'l.e Yo1l:1r score, Please no (ice, there Is amaj or .difference 'between being husy and ta:k~ng specific, well-planned action. You. can have a busy day wirh nodn:.]ug to show for it You didn't move closer to accomplishing your most :i.m.pO"fMnt goak The day just. seemed toevaporate. May']}e you were deaJin.g with Htde' emergencies or you allowed yours.el.fto be interrupted soo ma~y HUltS. As we men noned mchapter .3, D!('IYou See The Big Picture 7, U.S better to in vest. yomi' time kn what you do best Concentrate on the activtties that p[oduce the greatest results for ymA. Se t limits on what youwillandwtll not dov Delegateeffecnvejy and be alert (0 steppin.g ou~~de your boundaries.

In chapter 9, T~kjng Deci.s.l.veArHon, we'll show you SOH:L£ great strategies that win help you. ehmmare p:roCnl.st~nSi(~0n Sind become highly proactive.

One last commem~ When you. are on vacation or h<l!ving ffi day off for fun, yom action Is simply to enjoy yourself lrs not necessary to review goals or do anything related 1:0 husi ness, ln fact, W properly re-energize, ~ ts esseuttal 10 relax LOG pert:el1L RememberrYou deserve time 0[[, so [ake It



L lis for learning

Another feature of a well-halenced day is takmg rime to expand you.r knowledge". This doesn't require wever a J hOlllrs of study. There ,:1J:1e: iHany w~ys, to learn as the day unfolds .. A.U that ]:5 required is that you be: curious. ;toll],r level of curiosity about how Me and businessreally work will go along wa y rewards helping you become wealthy. So let's look at some: learning options .. You can learn from books.japes, vsdeos and \'vell~s,dected med.la. As menhcnj,e:d earlier, devd.op the habi.t of te.aJdi]JLg atleast twenty to thirty minutes in d:'JJ!e morning" I t's a great way to stan yo'ur day.

'lhlla! should you read? AnythhIg dlalt 150 stID1!uJatring, .Ch~nel~gmg, or gives you an edge ]11 your industry or profession. There are lots to choose ~'mm, for example, reading a few short stories born. our Ch!du~t1 5m;q' jor the Sou!' series cnly takes a few minutes as you eatbreakfast, Biographies and <l!lI1whk:lgraphi!E:<; are psrnculerly ]nsphing. R}~dtng themwill ~~Jve yOli.Jlan extra boost of postHveenergy. Whatever you do, avoid dtgesung ~ny negative portions. o'!" rhenewspapers. Loading up on wars, murders ,n.ots and disasters win. onlydrain your energy before [he da;y has begun=- not a good. plan.

Thol,ilSanru of boobreveaiU the Hve..s o[inte[es:~]ng i;)nd su<;cessful penp~e. from spans stars and celebri ties to adventurers. entrepreneurs and great leaders, There is a wealth of ideas in these volumes waning La be absorbed by anyone with a Hule curiosir)" and a desire to do better, You don't even have [0 pay for it. This vast storehouse 0 fknowh:dg.e: ]S :fI.vailaMe at most HhI~ari.es across the country And OfCOI:J[Selhere's the:

Internet ~l yomr Iingerttps. Marry of the. best books can now



be obtained in summary form. Instead oJ taking, a week or a month to read, you can extract all tbe highlights and most important points. Of ceurse, make sure that whoever is doing th;e surnmarj1 is highly credible. (Se:,e the Resource Guide: rOT our recommended reading list, plus some other great resources.)

One last comment on reading, Consider laking a good speed-reading course. lt will dramatically reduce the amount of lJ~'le you currently spend em reading. Ukeeverythb[g ~se; u takes practice to become proficient, but. by now you already understand that .

. ,W,a~ch Ior special documentaries on rV, and ongoing series hke Biogt:Ciphy on A & E. The le:nrni.ng Channel ,Discovery Channel, the History Channel :9J.ndPBS Television all offer excellent programming. ¥ou can evenlearn a lot from movies and powerful dramas that have all, impact on ynu, not just mtelleetually but emm:iou1lUy. When we're in much with our e1notto~:s we ~cqujrce deepertnsights and undersrsndtng. And remember, trs ok:1y to shed a few tears nnw and then.


We mentioned tltis earlierbut it'S worth reintorcmg .. Did you know thai you could gain the equivalent or auniversi tv diploma just by drtvmg 'LO and from work every day? Hcre~, ho~r: Inste.ad of listentng to S<OIllC cnuy disc _jockey on the radio or a lot of negative news, turn your car into a learning center, Audiotapes are one of' the most prnductive wa '5 10 expand your awareness. Tuning ill! for twentvmmutes a dav will give you over one hundrcd"hou.rs. pelrye~r to learn more. And when you apply what you learn, yuu'U earn more.

There are thousands of tapes to choose Irour. Most bookstores sell cassette versions of the bestselling business and personal development books, You can abo rent books 0]], 'tape: through


specialty self-help stores, as well as excellent videos on a wide range of topics. These arc often presented by some of the greatest speakers in the world, (See our Resource Guide for more details.)

Also learn from yourself. You can gain a lot from. your everyday experiences; How did you overcome your last challenue? Every 'lime YOU lake a risk or move out of your

Q ~ .~

comfortzone, you have a great opportlln~Ly to learn more

about yourself and your capadty~M,ore about this under th~ letter T in our B~ALERT system,

Learn from others .. You can learn a lot more by observing and studying other people, \\lhai.t do weahhy people ,1Q? How did they become zicht Why a.o some people struggle throughout their lives? Why are only a small percemage of people financially independent? Why do some people have wonderful, loving relationships? Ustng other people's expertenceas ayardstick for learning MIl help you trentendous]y. t\]l, you need to do is keep yOUI' ears and eyes op,e:n, and ask a few q uestions,


I recently conducted a sal es motivation seminar for a California-based optical lens manufacturinq company, There were about 2GO salespeoplein attendance. I asked nernbers of the audience '10 raise their ands it they knew wh 0 the to p two 0 r th r's's producers in t he compa ny were, A.lmost every nand W€r'!,t up. I then asked them to raise the i han ds if th ey h ad eve approached a ny of these two Of three peopleto ask them what their secrets of success were. Not one and went up. Wha a tragedy this is. We all now the people who are successful, but we are afraid to ap'P roac h th em and ,a sk the m for i nformati on, di rect ion and guidance. Don't let the fear of rejection stop you from asking. The worst thing that could happen is they wouldn't tell you, You'd end up- not knowing what hey know. You al~re,ady don't know what they know, so it can't get any WOFs,e, ca n it? Sc te ke th e ri sk. Ask!

Milke a habu of this. Here's another idea: Pluck up the courage <lind invite a successful pe.fson om 10 Itmchevery menrh-e-someone you really respect and sdmtre. [)rSig the lunch om, lhe:mofe:c::uu:r~es the better, Ask questions. You'll uncover a gold. mine of informatien, andburied ln there-may be some rea] nuggetsof wisdom [hat can transform your business, ttn.andaJ a:ffafrs or p!fll'son a d life.,. hn':r. that possible? Of course. Bu t most people WlJD 't do rbls, They're much too busy to Stop and learn from wiser, more experienced people. That JUS! magnittes lh€',opportun~'ty ~'oir you.


iE al'ly in hi 3 career my st.epfQ~hier, whowi!lls one of N CR'g top sallespeopie, made .g,n:abi'[ of '[(liking the top producers and managers out for: .~ drink ,Qlnd askT!f1 9 them questions a bout haw they '9q~ into the business, i.'Jnd for their advice on how he could do ,[31 b~tter job. All th is adv~ce pa i d aff. He ev'enhili'Jlil'y bees willie p resi dent of NCR B faJzi II.,

By the w~y, your d.aHy].earuing dnesn'tneed to becompletely Hfe-d.un:lglng or on 3. mega-scale. ~fs often the little de~a][5 that l]Jijake a dIfference. Constant nne:~t1i,.min.g is the truepath to wisdom, solearn a hnie. 'every dOllY,


We W~I\~ C.fjrry i n9 ,Qurs:kis ba ck to the car aft~r Elnjoyin 9 a ~l..! ~ I dayo PI the slopes, \IV ith a fa,i r di$taJnCle to w31k, I was h?oving difficulty supportinq my skAs, One of my friends po I nted to the female~ki tFl<st:ructof i r1 front ot us, efl'ort,lessly ccmyin'9 her equ iprnent. II noticed shiEl had the center portion of her sk:ls perched on her rignl shoulder, i;i!fld her right hand was draped looselyover the fmnt end" ptoviding excellent balance. We copied ner techrrique. What a differeno8! Hardly ril.nyot!e~l:se was using this simple method-they were all s:truggl~ng a's we had been.

The morel oif the story is that II irf,e teac h es yo LJ sorneth ling e'\;''Elil)' day iF you }Us! keep your eyes open and !tIf'8 conscious of wh~t is 901 ng 0 n arOU ~ d you.

C har]cs "Tremendous" J (lines W~5 righl when he: said, "There are essentially two thin.g~ tha~ wm m.~,ke you wiser, the-books

. ,

you read and the people yon meet," Make Slue you. do both,

ln addi lh;m, the tapes you listen to and rhepersonal mac hi ng you recei ViE wH 1 play a prominent role.

U you. really want to rise to the top, invest one hour of your day to learn more about yourself and your industry, Developing this single h:abi:u. can make yous. world e:X[:H!rL wlthin five yeers.Remember, the use of knowledge ~s p(J!wer. And powerful people attract great opponu.nities. Thtstake:s :s.cl[.dls,dp1ine, but won't the rewards be wurth .i1?


·-AudlO.u Unknown

,E I sf,or E.x.erdise

Now don't heave a big siglll and say, "Oh not" Please. read 'tnn,ugh this section G.nefuUy.h. will be extremely w()nlnvhl~.e. Mosr people don't like the thought ofdoing Slny form of regular exercise. and thal's a" big mistake. H!i:':res dl€: important question, Do you W<'Irll to be rich in health? Again the answer is "l.:e,s" or "No"~nm, ~J'H think ahout ~t."

Today the business o[ Iisness and. health isexplodi ng" I ts Oil mulnbillicn-dollar indu.stry, And. the reasonis thet people are nnSillYllnde:rsmnrung there is a direct benefit tc looking after [heir physical bndies. You 'I;~\1iH probably H.ve louger" Mo~ei~npiQn.an.ny, you will enjoy greater vi.Lali.lY, <lind yOIJ.r


quality of U[e'WiU be substannally better, Lees race i~1Wh:ililS the point ot.' earning alot ofmoney jf Y0111 dont have opnmum health to enjoy]_[ in your ]'iLLer years? Wou1drt't dl!lll be sad?

Cre;Jiting ali}, excellent balance in you r life: means you dont treat YOiJrh.ealLh lighlJy~ A .Hule daily exercise is: part or {he Pl'1E':SC rip tion, Here's the, good news .. You. don't. need to mnm<l:rathons or work out in the. gym. for three hours every d:lliY. About twenty minutes ]s aThl. you need, And there ar'e lots 0 f ways to do tt ..

])0 you remember George 'Bums, [he faH'Ious comedtan who lived a great life to the ripe old, age of Ol!:iJ.€ hundred? In his nineties, George still eQjoyed gotng Ol.U wtuh women m uch younger thanhimself, A friend once asked him. ~'George, why don't you go out with women more yo'ut OVilill age ?"With21 twinkle in hts ,eye he quicklyresponded, "there aren't any l" George ~Iad a treraendcus vstallty Ior Uk.,. In a revealmg interview W~dl Earbara. Wt;i;lters, he was asked a bou [ h.i$ secret for 10 ngc,\;ity. He mentioned he'd always done a link stretching eViery day, usually abolill. Hbe;en minutes. This was his long~term. hahit Theres a due for you, The older we get rheless flexible we become, especially if we SlOp exercising, There an!' I ()ts ·of good stretching routines, Any chirepractonphyslcrherapist or fitness [ud]i[y will be able to help YOu;, or you C2lJrI pick up a book ~L the hbn.uy, You will notice the differencem your mobility ][1 a couple of weeks, especially if you. are over forty years old"

One of the easiest ways to exercise 1$ to enjoy a brisk walk.

U you Just take fifteenminutes and walk around. the block a few times, yourbody wi U thank yOIJ, No tt this: ~r yO'utake a forsy-flve-mmute walk four Umes a week, youcan lose up to eiglueen pounds over the course of a ye~r, without dieting. WalkJng has otherbeneftts, It gets yo:u. om in the lresh air and provides an epportumry 110 Expand COIl'lt.nunicatiolls and rehrHonsM.ps., Walk. with your spouse, a ranrHyn~eril.ber or a frl end" To a ch ieve t he; best resu Its, ex ercrse [or thiny

CT1;;~i~llg Or(i"!'tl,l.m!'llil\l;lj\~

.. _ _ _ _ _ __ -

minutes a day ~nc~udjng stretching, PI~y a SpOT1, do aerobics, jog, lIltse an exercise bi.ke or treadmill, [oin a fitness club or design yOliJlt own routine,

Exercise does nO[]le.ed. LObe boring; There are 11 multitude 01' ways to create variety. If this ]s somethtngnew for you, understand oFlle~htng-Hke any babit, h. vriU be di.mmlt a { the ShU'L. Set a thirty-day goaL Do whatever it takes La get through [his critical [hue period. Havca 11io~cxcepti.t)nsp'olicy. Sind glve yours.e]f 11 reward for not missing a single day; Here's the guaran tee: You win Ieel much better at the end of thlrty days. Remember, don't overdoit in theseearly sla,ges. If you have .8: medicalcondttion, check with your phys.ki":n [irst

]I you are still not convinced, heres a Us~ of eight specific benefns you will receive from a regular exercise program:

• Exercisingimproves your s~eeping, habi.Ls. ,. E xercislng increases your energy levels"

'. Exercising relieves stress O1Ind. llImdety:

• Exe:rcishiJ.g protects you agaiIlS! injur.{

• Exercising promotes a healdly posture,

• EX.EKisi.ng relieves digestive d.isorcie'rs" ., Exercismg enhances your self-i.mage.

• Exerctstngexpaeds yO'lLtr ~ongevHy.

\Vilh this rnultltude of b(~nefHs, \vhywou.lcln'l you want l.o exercise?


Years 2l'go II started a daiily €>eercIse 'routine, I like to dQ this first thi rig int.he morning, It starts with nv® rnlnu~es of stretchin.g,fdllowed by a twenty-five-min ute run, and i::H!other ten minutes of .~tr,etchillg, This is nowlngmined .3S


............ ", .. _ _._ , .. ", _ _".

.a h,abit ~t IS just part of what I do Elvery day,. Vifhetll i first started, my body woukI ache end l' d be g,~:sping Ior breath, but grad~Jall1y II have inereesed my ca:p,acity- and n,QW II ge n 1".1 ilne Iy en j 0)1 getti;ng out ~n the fr'El:lin a iw; Rarfsrty, om go~den retriever, €lccompl1l1rhies me, so II'm able t~ complete another of my duties atthe same time, I also lu~.e~~J$ time menta~ly" tqgfvet:hanks and raflect On my pnontres for th e day.

We hav® cold winters in C.~~g,flry~ Sometimes the lUlllpergrtu re drop'S; lower thantJNenty deg"ee:s below zero. That's coldl Some peopl,el have asked, "You don't run in those temp'L'!!!ndures, do you? ~And the anSWer is" "Of Gourse! ~ '. il derive so much benefit Fr.pm my daily run that if ~ dl dn "t ~~l'00lUt, it would' both€!f me p$ycho~og!GaHy for the rest of the de.y.lt's €)<J!3Y to add a few extra laYErs of doth i r1>9 taenSUif,e tf'.at II !>tay w~rm, When I'm travel i~g II do n 't pack a ~ot in 'rul)' su itcase .. Tn at giv€s me :ane/imHfilnt oppor~uF1lity to be cre.,Qti\;E"!" lnstead of running outside, l'll jog amundthe- na:lh .. vQl% Ii F1i the hoteil or use the IUnde~glP:)und parkin.g lot H an exercise fa~jl ity Isn't av~:i~abI8 .. There's ~Iways[l, w.~y, The poi rrt is, if you dfs(;OVE1r someth i rig tn at Improves your Hfe, keep do.ing it Th~ rewerds far outweig¥1 the e:;lr~y discornfert. Stick: witfl it until your new h,aMt becern es part of yoQufe\j~ryday beh aVIIo!".

~cou.p]e of fitl<!1 thoughts nn good health, Make it a smdy, find out moreabout ltlel.mj!Gjueme'w.bolis m you have and how 1.0 optnnize the magniflceru vehicle you have been given" Even 'people with SO-Cal ned d~sabHiU.es Can enjoy a heelrhy physical dimeTlsion in their lives. Have you ever wale hed a mil.t-~egg,ed skier C{HllC down the slopes, often moregracefully and as fas[ as those people with two legs? Its amazing, And ofcourse rhese skiers don't regard lhemselv.es as han dtcapped. They j USI figured aut aneth erway to perform with t~e aid of a speCi;lHy designed short ski. Also, study trutrition, There's a [OlIJO learn. Your hody responds


best to certain foodcombin::uicnl.s.,E:rtHsr the help of an experienced muritiontst or naturopath, You'U increase yout" knowledge as well as your energy levels,

If you're strug,g:htlg wi til [he self-dtsctphne to iui hill: tea good exercise progra.m,. here's a way nUL Hit1ea pers10nar Utne5s trainer to make you accountable. M ~l'l>""'lyS., do your homewors. Find om who the: best person is lu yourarea, Talk to .~ (ew d-i Uercn t trainers and se 1 txt: the one who re~dly understands your S].lU8J Liou, Thts pers(liFilca:n design i.liprogl'ail11 just for you.

"W~'II take you aff the vitamins lers couple of day~, ~




L- ~

A good trainer wm v<"1iry the type: 01 exercises so you. don't become bored, This is 1t:noney well spent, and il costs a letless than you vnay ~hink. You will be taught the proper technique when you exercise " so that you den ve maximum benefit ,M osr peoplewho make up their O>\V~.lp,rog:ral]"ls exercise in co rrectly Leannng from a professional will accelerate your progress,


Yuur body is the p hysical vehicle you ha:vc been given 1:0 move a[()und in. DOI1lll neglect It, or It may grindtc a hal ( like a car lhafs neVel" been serviced. You could end up 01.1 the: scrap heap of life as O! burned-olin observer, instead of enjoying the fufD. oK being ]0 the drivers sear. It's your choice. The message is simple. If yllUW~]] I. W be rich in health, e.u right and exercise.

Bj'fthe Wai)', in. case you're wondertng.we hd!v,en'l forgotten the importance of luental and spiritualhealth. That's corning ~p in chapter 6, The ConHdeTllce factor,


R Isf·orReJa)(ing

This is the time to recharge your batteries during the day, ¥eats ago, people thought the cQmputerwouM allow us 10 enjoymore Hme off l'o;rfun.We'dbe: on d'le golf course three days a 'week whH.f: an this new technolcgy would handle the workload at [he: office. WhS;l a: joke t In most cases peoplein business new work even. longer hours than before. The workload ts greater and because or downsizing, S~tPFHJrl has bee n stgnttlcamly reduced.

Do you ge tphysicall y tired during your .welf<3i_g;e war lkd~y ?

If you do. is there a parttcular time tha[ you seem to sag? lf yOM are an e~lrly riser (5:30 A,.M. 10 6:30 A.M.) I' you.r .sag~ t].n'D.€: is probably around I :30 P.M. W 3 r,M, H you don't eat break [as t, it nl<Jiy hit you earlier. Some people I"on~fy themselves wid"! :SiX or seven cups or coffee during the dayro overcome the loss of energy. This m~y lead to caffeine addiction, hypertension and other side effects that oe:nain.ly

welll't help you relax. .


Here's an (~x'cel]e:nl way to pres1ervt: your energy se you can enjoy a producuve day: Take a naplWe call ].( :\li. TPM-that. stands for Twe rHy - five Peaceful Min U ICes. I nwa rm cl lmates, a siesta is a normal pan of the day. When you were a young child, your mother probably put you down [or a nap after Inn.ch. As all adult, why not do 11"!:e samerIts good for you, And you. won't be so crankylater [:11 [he day, Now in case you're thinking, "Are you nUt~? 1 don't have enough time as h. is without snoozing ]r1Y aftemoen away And besides, where canltake [WE my -flve minures with people all around me? 1 deutha ve a bed or a couch in [he omce.,. 00 you expec I. me (0 Ile on the Iloor?" Exacrlyl


Eve ryons in (:I u r omoe is entiltled to ta kea TPM eVf#!ry day; I put a fl eta Or! my office door thai: si m p 11' says TPM. This. me ans Do Not D i stu rb. Th en I :sw~tl:::h the II ights off, remove my shoes, and loosen :my shift and tie. ~ take a pillow that I keep r none of the cupboards a nd stretch out on the floor, Pri 0 r teth et I 1.1 i"ipkJ 9 the phon ~iil r1 d put on some fa lax! n9 background music, i ~@ta timer foOr twenty· five minutes, take: a couple of cleansi ng breaths, dose myeyeg, and relax, There an? no interruptions. My personal assistant knows the routine, as do the rest of m.y staff, It's wDnderfuL This mini-siesta rejuvenetes my energy, I canstay focused (lInd productive well intctheeveninq, [oste.ad of COnap$~ng DO the sofa, never tostir cagelin until bedtime: Thisextra energry allows me to enjoy real quality time with my fami~y.

if you don't have an office, gel creative. Relax in your car instead ,. If you're tra ve Hng 0 n bus] nE.~S, y011A may need. 10 shlft [he time somewhat, but yo:u can srtll find a way lei grab those few minutes 10 rest And. 1'f ymil own [he business> don't be 9: dinosaur. The old, {ln~y-on-your-own-tirne ramine is really

. . .

outdated. The most progressive and profttable organtzations


realrzethat a hig,ldy productive workfon:e is om achieved by pusbing people tsntll liley drop from exhaustion. This deesm mean youneed to lower your performance standards. I1's snnply recogniz:ing fh~t high productivi£y requires a lot Q[ e~leilIID'.

Another of· our cl.ie:ms,~~ph Puertas, is president of Zep Mamifaclu:ring Company In Canada. He kee:psa recliner in his office for self-rejuvenariou, and encourageshts other Inallagcrs 110 take TPMs whe.ri nwessary.

TPMs an: Si. grear way [0 bo~st yourene:rgy in to overdrsve.

If y(')U have a fau!t[y, another impcrtant tsme to consider ill rPM is the so-caRed cress-overnme.when youarri ve home from the offtce, Your min,d.l5 still buzzing with bustness and you haven'tunwound [rom the lenstons of the day, and suddenly~:hc Mdsa.reunleashed.on you .... If ynu canplana TPM [or yourself befor·e you switch roles, it willgive you a chance to c.alLch Y'Ollf breath, relax and be. menta Uy ready to focus on the far:nUy. To enhance this, cnnsider relaxing to your favorite mussc. Whatever method. you choose, good cemrnunicattou is requned 10 ]]:18; ke this effective.

Loo'kingat the bigger rClaL1.tlO]1L pkturc,how much rime off do you take each. week? And how man~v weeks per year do you schedule for Iun? First let's define what rime 0[[" is. [f you p]a:!l to take one day of~F pe r week, Hl.ake sure tts a Iull twenty-four hnurs, We call it fun-time. That me<llns 'for the entire twenty-four-hour period you do absolutelynothing related [0 busmess .. Not one phone call, or opening a stngle []Ie for evert a [eWrlll ina tes .. t>.tan y businesspeople: are confused a bout rime 0[[,. espedaHy 'en rrepreneurscTo them 21. "lay oHrne~ns packtng thelr cellular phonearound, answering incoming business Cal Us and making. a few of their own. "I mustbe ava • Ilable" is theirpassionate excuse, They have a fa.J!1 machtne or e-mail at horne so they can monttor urgent messagc5. most of which, or course, aren't urgent at aJL

HeN~'S the point: [f you have \~ ... orked long., hard. hours 31U wee k, you deserve a break to re-energlze. WUI you be mere re] uvenated ~J y'Ha~ take a complete break fOT rwenty-fcur


hours versus, grsbbmg an hour or [WO whenever youcant U!lqufSl~onab~y, a complete break serves you better, Tlnsjs di ffkuh[or man Y bl!.tsinesspeople 1O grasp. lh eynlen taMy [ear themsel VeS apart with grl~ It. for example, ~ [ather lS taking hIs. son to a swimming lesson on Saturda Y iilind he's thinkiFlg, "I should be at the office; ltmshtng Lhatprojecu-" And when he's at the office on the weekend he feels guiJl·y about neg]!e:cting his son ,lbCUiUSC he promised to take him to the: footb~.ng~m.e. Thss ongoIng cycle of gudt inc;:ne<lscs stRS:.'iI.e:vels and. frustration. When work wins the; battle Olver enjoying fun-time: with your [amHy;rrla.tionshipspolarize. Other long-term COn~EH)qlllence:s Includeburnout, divorce and health problems.

]':0 avoidany potenttal rifts, schedule your f~mny time every week At thebegtnntng of the year, decide-when you want to take major breaks and reserve these on Y{Jur calendar. You. can select three- 1JO seven-day geta'!icvays,ortwo~w threeweek vacanons=whetever works best for you. And l[ YOIJ.'re: not in a posalonto do this ng~u now, make sure: you have at least one day .off per week, and set 0;1. goal toincrease yorlr lime of'[ l1H';Xl year. Theimportant thing, is to develop the habtt of creating real rime for total relaxation. When yO'1il rerum from 03i. week on, well-restedand lefreshed, yon will be more creative, better focused and m.oreproductive.

One of our colleagues has worked 'With thousands oflnghly successful entrepreueurs durtng the ]aJSL twen.~y years .. 11.e has observed that the more rjme of[ ~hese: people take. the



more [money they make .H.e has proven this with the gTDwtta of hi.s own corlllpany, Every month he takes. 011.1::: w.eek off. As long as he gets OUl of the cHy~ he doesn't really care whe]1e he goes- He doesn'tmake calls to the .ofnce, and he doesn't lak,~ c;a]b, either. Even though he takes three: months annual v'1COIl.ion the business h~s achieved. Q!ulSta:nding growth. every Yl(:ar for the past eleven yeaTs.

We're nut suggesting that you duplicate this :strategy_ just make surethat you enjoy regular time off to replenish your ,en.ergy and lower YQu,r level of s tress. And please do i1 wnhout gU]k. Life's too short to constanrly worry about e,verylhing.,.h. rea Uy ~:s okay to have SOUl€:: tun,


1 ~s f,orT.hiln~!:!ing

Yes, wek-now you arealready thinking most of the dllY, Howl··vert· hi s Is '" GIl· tferent ·k' nd of th '- :11.'- . 'It' ·-1 ~- 'd

I,.,. ..... _ .. , ._h __ -s .. '- .. ~ .. ,.'- •. ~ .. u •... ' .... ul.KI.ng_ . ~ S C~:LI~e

rei]e:cHve d1.inki ng. As mennonedbefore, H y01!Jt W;:IIU tohave unUS1)],<II. clan tyabou[ what is working and. what is not working in your life, schedule; time for reflective dnjnking. This is the firn.al part of your B,~AIL.IE RT system that will heir you create an exec Bent. balance every day. Heres how i1 works. At theend 0.[ YOlJ)lr workdSlY, or just before you go to bed, lake it few rnlnutes to take a mental sna pshor or the clay:. Regan:!. each. day as <l mim-mnvie with you:as the star, Flow did yOIl do '? Rerun the tapeand takeanother look.What did. you do well? Are there any adjustments you could have made to create: a hetter resu ~.l? F o ells dailiy on [he progre..siS you. made: .Be alertte any


shortcomings, hut don'! beat yourself up. Learn from yOHr mistakes, Arter all, tomorrow isa He'VV day, another oppornmity to perform. better, Make reflection So daily habi t, I l: only takes a fewminmes, and H. will make you stronger ~nd wiser in [he weeks <lind months ahead,

A[ finn, ~heB···ALERl system for cpttmum balance .:nay appe.u overwhelming, One of OUt dients actually thought he had to do everything in sequence -start "nth the letter .B and end wlth T_ No> no, not [fs a lot more flexible than that. You wi U lind that this U~ ique systelll does not tak . e a 10 t of e xtra time. In £<lct, creatinga bhieprmt will save you time, because you have 21. dear picture of yorn: priortties, By focusing on YOUfl.TlOS[ impon:am: activities during [he: clny, you wH1 be more productwe and achieve greater results, Leanf1.1ng may

Q~'> -~-

(?,,~ ~

take thtm)' minutes if you choose 10 read or listen to a: personal development tape, However, you can. combine this with you.U' exercise time. Be creative. 0 rt the .0 lh{(:T hand, ex pe rienual le:arni.n.g d.O€:SU'l take any time at all.Tts simply WhSi[: you observe every day as yo U. go abou l. your business, This time ~o relax. 03I11!d reflect is an opportunity to replenish you:renergy and expand your clarity.



Consider this all-inrportam question: \Vould you ,enjoy i1I: better balance in your Life. iT you hada clear blueprint for the day. were able to stay focused on your most important ac(tvruties, maximized your energy and clanry with H ]iltle exercise and rdle:c'l:.ive dtin.king, and had some time 0([ for fu.u.? The answer is ObV:!OM~. Of course you wouMt

So make the cfi'ort now: Use ourB-AtJERT checkpoint system, (See Action Steps.) This is, a daily reminder that wiU keep you on track. Just photocopy it andauach it 11:.0 each paige of your planner, Or l ncorporate it into Y'01l:l[ compurer or electronic organizer, And remember, excellent balance will greatly enrich your mind, body and spirit, not 1O mention your mostimportant relatlnnships and your bankaccourn,



'th,e 'B~AII'lrJ Checkp'oif1t~ System

Th is is a simple way to monitor your proqress. It only takes a minute to check_ At tile' end of each day ask yourse,lf if you completed atl 51>:: parts. of the IB~,AlIERT' system. Forexampl'8, if YOIi.I had your blueprint organized, put a cheek mark throuqh the letter B. I f you spent the 'greaber part of the day worki ng on your mostirnportem activities, check the letter A,., IRepeat this for the re mainirrq letters Be honest with your evaluanon. YOLl will notice patterns developing each week tha- will highlioght what yoUi are doing right, and what needs to be corrected. Use a red pen to circle the letters where your performance is, lacking. For example, if you plan to do thirty minutes ofexercise levery day, and yo u noti oe th lS I attar E h as. five re d c i rei es drawn are U n d it in th e fi rst w€,® k, you n $ed to ma ike' some cha n ge 5! As a IWiil 1's, ease lrno this new habit, DOFl"~ be too hard on yourself a'~ the stert, The more you practice, rhe better results you wHI have,





My str.aiteg~ c p I a n for the day" PriQrit~€ls.. ~pp,,)i r'ltmef'!lt$, projects:RevIew the niqht before meady mctrnirlg.


Concentrate on the most ~ mpOfl:ant activities i:h at wi llmove you towards acco m p~i sh~ n 9 yot.J:r!llixty· day 910 a15.


Exp and you r k nowl edge th rough raadi rig!, cassette s, vi deo, me F1tOfS.i cow rses.


Re·€ln@-fgiz€! fer thirty minut~s,

Fi:<I!,b'lxa:ti 0 111

IE Ii m i r:1ltlte dia fly stress ,. Nap, meditate, I isten to 1m i.J sic, farn I Iy ti rn e,


Take time to reflect on the day.. R,ev.I€,w 90Qils, ' .... isualize, develop new: ide BlS,. us·e a journa I,

Track yo u r prog ress eve ry week. Set up yo IJ r Ow n :'iii rnp I ~ recording chart, as i nthe El';o:;a.rnpl@ b@IIQw, At the end of each day take a moment to record you f sco re. Ci rei e any ~ rea tFi at yo U iT1 iss,

v' B cl'A wi L


./ R.

./ T

r/ B ./A rI- l

./ IE II" R

, ./ T

"ftJl~;~'. :~~ In!tIIr Fri '~~t
./ B ./ B ./ B ·rI' 13 v' B
,® ./ A ./ A ./ A ¢ A
t! L CD ./ L ./ l ./ L
J E ® ® ./ E @
J R .,/ R ./ R' ./ .R ./ R
./ T ./ T .; T rI' T rI 'T CONS~STENr IP~RStSTENCE




Building Excellent Rela ti,onsh i P'S,


-.AUlhor Unknown


At the time, my mother was eighty'-flve, She nV€ld alone in Belfa'st, NQrth~n'l II re I a nd, and h~d suffi!!red 61 heart attack My filther had p~ss~d ,l]t11li'ii'>:y sixteen years, before, Elnd be~ng the on Iy child ~n t~e fami~y,l vms concerned. My bugg€!.~t ~e~ r was not knowing h lOW serious the srtu 8Itiion rE!~ny\!\las, .. And,. living in Canada, it W·ai$< not that e.tilsy for me to rnmmuteif her health deterimatBd.

My ,good friend Deni:$.,j who worked .n.th,@ locel hospital in IB e:lfaSit, kept m,e ii'llfoll1med w~th regular phone cal;~s, Howev8lr; he and hi~, fsm ily wewe I,e~w.ing for a holiday r n CYPr1.JS irJ a few days, and they WBre ex:rnedabolUt the 'trip.

The next phone cad I was ens II willi alwilys remember; It was; D€ n us. The good n ®ws was, my mother W;;l$ be i Fig re leased fro rn tn e hosp Ital-b lilt she was s tli II very weak. He said," I'm ca,r1c'elin91 our tnp to Cyprus. Beanie (his wife, who. is a n:~'g'i~tered nurse) and I wou:ld like to have your rnu rn stay w ith us !J nti I she h BlS fully recovered. Then yo u 'II


know she's getting proper ca re ~ nd attention." I f'lllit !'i!lump in my throat. Tsars weUed up ~n myeyes and II couldn't speak far,g, moment He asked" "Are you alill right?"

"Yes," ~ rep He d., "I don't know what to say-I'm everw~clell'1T)lild." H is c,h.)sir\g comment was, "Thi n k noth i ng of it" Thars wh~t M~ndl$ are for, ls.n't lt?"

Our ~;e'laitilon$.hip movedto ;;l.notnel'l,eve!1 after that. Irs a wonderful feeling to hav'es<ped;;:1'i people llFi your Hfe who ean emich and nourish ycvu in many d.iffeiFenl warts. In v.act, when your time iSalmo.s.t up on thiis pl,gnF.;lt and you're doing a ~,jjttle Ir,eilectio n on how iit ,gill worked out, you'll probably rem ember the rel.~tion$h ips you o..dt~i\l~r~:~dOlnd~he U i"I iqu e m ernori es and expefi!e ness Q $~.ociab~ d V!;'n'rh tn,Q$IF.;l peop le, especi a lIy yom fam illyt'llnd fr:l en d'S- Ra reily do people in their did age wish they had spent mcrsti m~ -attne O'fHce.,

In 'this chapter, you'll discover several powerful strategies tha l. win ensure 1iha l you Enjoy outstan.dh'lg relationships ln both your personal and prefessiona l li k Building exc.eJ[e]11 rela tiunshipsis a h1lJbi.t, and. it produces wonderful rewards,

The Double SPIRAL

RelaHonships COiIJ'!. he very ifn,iI".gt]e. Manymatdag;Es don'[ survive, fatl1.ili.,~'sare broken U.p and ohe:nkids ate raised wsth on[y one parent [0 support them. What causes these relanonships to fan apart when there is so much Joyaud love at dThC begmning?

[l\-; hel pfu~ to kH)k al your HIe asa sph .... al, Sometimes yOlLt are in an Upward Spirat That's when. things are: goiug well, ymn confldence is h[g,h and. U~e is rewarding. Yonr most important relaurmshtps are heald1i)! and llourishing. The opposi Lee is l he


Down ward Spi ral, This is when things stan to trnravel, a lac k of communicarion occurs, stress increasesand life becomes a constant stfugg'le- Reli.ltion~';ib~p'5 are polarized duhrng the Downward SpinL

Nature gives 1:1sdram:H.k. versions qf these spi.ra].s" A t()mado us a powaIl.!i1 example. Spiuling down. from the sky, these darkfl,lllneis hit the ground sucking up everytlting tn

, . ~ ~ , -

their path with devastating results .. The Michael Crichton!

Steven Spidbergmovie Tivfo;,tef provided a dose-up V]~W Df these aiwesurnespira]s, i1Illd the incredible. e~nergy theycontain,

An!other exam pIe of ~. Downward Spiral is a wiJi:rltu.H)L On the outer edge: (Jf d:le whirlp,gol. the water doesn't look too d8iuguQUS _ lf Y(.H,l are nQliliWliI,re of [be p{Jw:erfu 1 fotte5 at the center, however, Yf)iI,l can be puUl~d down very quickly:


Let's look at how the Dewnwan] Spiral shows up in real lije. To dearly understand the petenttal Impact this can have on your current I3Ina futurerelanonshtps, think of arelationship you have been involved in that didn't work out. You need 10. re-create in your Blind al] the steps that caused this relationship to [all apart VisuaHze de:uly what happenedGo back as. far as you can. and relive h. Whatwas the first thing thathappened? What happened after that f Then what happened? To understand the full impact of 111.15. be sure 10 complete the Action. Steps at the end of tbischapter. Recording eachindividual step .or your D:o\<mwa.td Spirai all the way to the lowest po in t will help you. understand. the pattern,

For example, in a marriage the husband becomes self-cen tered and doesn't help arou nd the house anymore .. He spends 11110 roe time at the office, leaving early ]n [he nwrniog before du: kids are up andauiv[fig horne late in the evening. COlnmun],cS:t[on is limited to business and Hn,HlIce:5L Maybe mOF1Lt;'y is Ughta]1d


thereisnt ,al0ug]~ to cover themortgege, 'car payments, childrens dance lessons anddenial bills, Gr<lidu.~lUy the tension builds 'u:p. arguments occur more l)Renal1d. each pan:ner blames the other for the situation they are in, The Downward Spjralits now gainltlgmornenlum, .! US! like being drawn imo thecenter ofilie whirlpool, Either, orboth, may seek solace by d:r]ukjng. goiThg om with the boys (0]: gids) , gambling, Of, in the worst cases, 9ibusiltg each other IJhysi.cs:Uy and mentally Atthis point" the n-,elalionship has been sucked dry and the Downward. Spiva.]. is ili'tltslo:weslpO]lIt Separ<llticn {lf~en occurs, ending in ,Uvort:e, and another familyis placed on ihe brokea-home list, a statistic th~l seems: Lobe growing an:nuaHy.

When you carefully reflect on what causes rdaUOP5h]ps ao ran apart, you can take steps ~!Cl hear. them .. Even if the relatiouship is past saving, you'n be better prepared for the next one, and able to prevent the same pattern fOOl111 materializing. Awan~:ness is always tl'l'e first. step to pm,gre:s;s. You can .d50 use, this sptral rechnique [0 review your UU)Si Important business relationships. Here's a common scenario:

TwO' people form a partnership. They have a glcat ],deill for a new product or service and they pour a lot of time and energy into [heir excitlng new venture. Because they're so busy making thtngsbappen, no legal partnerslup document was ever prepareci or Signed. They are good friends and they intendto do that down the road .. Also, there axe no clear job de~cripUiun5iur methods for compensation and p.mfh. sharing.

Fast-forward this picturea few yeaTS. The partnership is now struggling heGUJ:Sf one pen;;ol1l ls a comroller and won't aHow his partner to makeany decisions without his permission, Finances are light and theres weekly bickering about the way revenues shou.ld be spent. One person wants to reinvest their earn] ngs In the company so H. can grow, whereas the oth er 1."Ias .<Ii pay-me-first attitude. Gradu.aHy the rest of the staff are pulled into the cenfltct and lWO disnncttve pcltucel camps erne: rge , A crlsis develops and. one partner wants out



of the business, but there is no s borgun clause, and of course no agreement that would make: thiseasy The partners both d~g their heels ~I:I and finaUy they sd up their own legal teams. The battle is QU, Often 'the attorneys end u.p withmosr of '[he money" the business coHapses and. rwo more people ate heard to proclann, "Partnerships never work!" Yes; the Downward Spiral call be equally devastating in the corporate ,""orld.

Heres a tip: If you are currently In a, business arrangement with one or morepartners, or are. considering one in [hie [uLUre,ahvays plan your 'eX~L strategy flrsi, before you get too in volved, Make sure it's in writing, And beware IQf emo uonal artachments .. The nndtspured fact [hat. your new partner is a nice guy, or your best friend, is no reason 10 sidestep a wri nen aJgreemenL Lack of fores.~.ghl andprepara don ru ins more businesses wday than anything else.

Now that you've looked.dosely at how the Downward Spiral can show up in your HIe. learn [rom it. Becausewe are creatures of habit theresa good chance that you will repeat the same behavior in your next important relations hip, RcaUy u:ndet$lund thts, Itscraically importanr for your fum re heahh and wealth. If you Hod. yourself ,goingimlO the same Downward Spiral, in'ulled.~ateJy ta,ke aI. mental time-out. Interrupt the pettern withclear t.hink~ng and decide to make positive adj usUm.ento;. Changing your lbehaviot is the only Vt'<ly you will get a different result. HCT'e's h.()w: Use a new template. That is, superimpose an Upward Spiral for excellent :rda.tionshl.ps on LOp or youif' D,ownw;il.rd Spiral, the one lhal got you into so much trouble.


Let's analyze how this .. pward Spiral works so yO'll can

. .

reap the rewardsquickly Repeat the. process as before, except

this rime you. are goin.g to focus on a rdal.innship that you gradually nourished, expandedand enriched, until it blossomed


into a wonderful long-term friendship Of business relanonship, Go back ~I! your mind and replay an the significant thtngs that happened from. the time yOlI first met un til the relauonship ful l.ymatu:roed.Most people don't dQ thls, so you will en] oy .~. tremendous advantage In Lhf:marketrp]ace when you develop aIi accurate bluepnn l that yeucan duplicatetnany times In the fu.tuIie. Powerful re lanonsht ps ensure powerfulresults ..

Here's a positive example to help you, ... Dave ownsan engineering business. He adapts ideas [rom clients and helps them create. new products. hmovauvedeslgn andefficient workmanship are Dave's areas of brilltance. Over the past twetny-two yea.rs he has honed these sk:i1~s to a high level. Along the W<liy~ he'5 ,~150 learned. how to treat. people properly. He has a loyal customer base and pays attenrion to simple things lik!f returning phone calls prompdyand tollowing through with his clients' requests.

Wh e n a new client approached him one day with an idea. fora rubber extrusion product, he was happy LO help. The young man bad big visions. He dreamed of h is own manufacturing facility thatwou Lei supply some of [he worlds largest users .0:[ his unique product. Dave provided his expertise and. made subtle changes to [he prototype. These refinements made it less costly to make and more r(JobU5L. This new alliance between the young entrepreneur and [he experiencedengineer blossomed over the next Iew years into an enjoyable, mutually rewarding friendship. ach in his 0"1,111 way helped the other to higher level$ or creativity and productivity EvenmaUy the youn,g erurepeeneur's dream was realtzed, Because of bis larger vision and perststence, he secured several exclusive muki.mHhOfi dollar contracts, AU along he stayed in touch with Dave foradvice.

As his husmess grew, so did Dave's. One day, reflecting on his mcredible success, he made am Important phone call that would enrich their pedal relauonsbip even further.


He offered Dave a pen::entage of all his future profits. It was hls way of saying, "Thank you: ~nJ' believing in me, for helptng me g,d started and for pushing me through the tough, hues."

AU excellemrelatianships ha ve a startingpoint. Often ~Jhe first Ie\II-' ILnre:raClions are not memorable. However, you soon de elop a good keHug a,bout 'lb.e otherperson, Maybe tts his hltegtily" entlnrsiasm, positive attitude, or just thathe does what he says he is going to do. A bond develops, an d each new step strengthens the union further.making it more and mote special.

Do you gel [he picture? When you review in detail how you, developed your best relationships. ttprnvides a unique process for creating bigger and better future relationships. Knowing what works and what doesn't work will help you avoid costly mistakes that create a. Downward S"p~.I.~a:l. The good news is, youcan apply this template for excellent relationships to <lny area of your life. It works for personal and flilmUy relationslnps as wen as for professional and business alliances ..

Develop the habit of coustaruly reviewing your Double Spiral.s-iu.:se them to, protect you fro~1'I anynegative downward puU, and 'LO guide you into the positive wodd of truly special and Iovingrelattonshtps.

Say "No" to TOXIC People

B dOTe. we move on, please heed rh is important advtce-> avoid to.xi,c pe,ople~ Unlonunately there: an: a few people out there who see the world. as one big problem. and in their eyes you're pan: ol h. You know the type. No matter how wen thmgs ate going, they focus on the ni tpickitrg Itule negative details. And they do il constantly. Its a habit that totally destrovs relationships . One blast of nega.U.ve energy

from their li. ps can erase that smsle on. your fa.ce permanently These peopleare poi.sonous to yourhealth. You need a longrange antenna to keep them outside your boundaries at .aU times .,

You may be thjnJdngat this poilu, "Easier said dun done.

Do you mean If my friend, who I've known for )'ears, is always complatrung about his job and how awful onhings are finanei.aIJ}; and nobody wants IO help him our" that I should just rum and walk away when. he talks like this?" _ ,o-run! As fast as you can, and as far as you can. His constant. ncg;uivily will dramthe life out or yuu,

0\\1 please: understand, we're not laliking about someone who has a genuine challenge: and needs rea] help. "We're referring 10 those chronic whiners who take great pleasure in dum.ping an their negative garbage on your plate at every opportunity They also infurm you" with a not-so-subtle cynictsm .• that you. can't do thts and you can't do that. especiaUy when you ba ve a r,eaJ.lly great tdea. They dellgh l in bursting your posirive bubblevtcs the htghllgh L of their day. Dnn't put up wid] l[ anymore.

Heres where the real PQ"v:eris: Its always your choice. You can c boose the type of people you wan l. in your Me. And you. can choose to pursue new opportunities, Maybe you just need to make some better choices. I rs that stmple. Hit mean." letting a few people go, well, you'll get over it. In fact, take a dose too k now at yourprescm relations hips. If so meone is d ra:gglng you down. aU the nme, make a decision. Letgn and move on.


One of the first things my success mentor, W. Clernent Stone, :mgges.ted I do wa,s to make a list o] my friends, Then he directed me to put the letter N next to each person who nourished me and en couraqed me to be gregt-p~ople who were pcsltive, optimistic, solution'0 ientad, and had ,8 can-do attitude Next he asked me to put the letter T beside every person who was toxic-



...... _ •.•.• .-- ,.,,_ _ _1111,.'··'···

people who were negtlit.~v€J whined, complained, put down other peop~e ,and their dreams, and who were gener~~ly pessimistic In their outlook. Then he a5~ed me to stop s,pendi ng time with the people who had ~ T next to the ir names, Tbisis one I essen you must i®arn-smround yourself wlith positive people" IMr. Stone taught me that you becorne like the people you ~l,a['lig out with. If you warlt to be' successfu I r you must hflir191 out with succsssfu I peop I ~.

The 'Three Big 'QUESTIIONS

Now that you've had a chance tounderstsnd your Double Spiral, and an opportunity to. c]eanhou.seregarding . the negative Pt;QP'~e '~n yOUJ .life.,. heres another. g~a:t. strate,~y that, W'i]l benefit Y(J1i1 i.mmel1sdy; Itscalled the Three B1g QIlteSWJllS" .

Bustnessmogulwarren EuHel ];$ one: of the best-known ~nd most. successfulinvestors in the world. mday- His companv, BelJ"kshire-l:lalhaway;has grown from a few private die:nts with [Illodes,t holdings to a mulubillton-dollar enterprise. Mr. 13uff.eL Is famous ~[O'r car,e:[ul analysis and fori.nvesth1lJi in long-term opponunines.He rarely sells his stock after Hl.aking an rnvestment, His intensive prepa~;atlml includes a thorough analysis of. the numbers, espectallv the c~mpany bah moe .sheft.IJ these are to his hki.1l1g, he spends considerable lime ]].1.eeUng key peoplein the or~anjzaOm]Tgen.i.ng to know how 1 hey run the bus lness, He observes th eir p hi I (ISOP hy and how they neat tl"l!cb starr, supphcrsan:d clients. When ~.his is CO mp le ted , Eufre! asks hi rrnseU 1i: hree questions concerning the ke;y people: "Do I hk!L".C theria Do I trustthem?

D ~ 1. '! ". '"

.0 :~ respect tne m .


If anyone of these questions results in a "No," the dealis off. lt doesn't matter how good the numbers Icok, or the pote1il.ria~. for growth. These three simple, powerful que~dt)ns nee the hmndarlcn lor Warren Buffets re]at1.olllsnips .. Adopt then]. <IS your own.They win ultim Hue]}' determtne how rlch you hecome.

A few years ago~ BuIfu wasthe wealthiest man in America ..

He, recently relinqutshed this ttdf~; to BUI Ga~:es,. foundH:::r of Micr0S0rL~fs interesting to note: ~h<ll despi~e: the a.ge gap, these two phenomenally successful entrepreneurs ate dose friends. Who you. hangaround with docs make a dHfer-encrt:"

The next time you are: about to enter tnto 'an important business or personal relancnslupwirh peo'Pl,e you don't know very well. do ymn homework first. Look fOTC~Ue$ dun demonstrate thei.r .integn.ty, honesty and e~pefk]]ce- Watch how they treat other people" U'nJe dChlil:s will offer big tnsights : Are thery in the habit of saying "Please" and "Thank you,' especially to peoplein service poslrirms, sLl.ch as waiLe:rs and waitresses, bellhops and caib dr[ve:r~? Are they dowtl.-wearth v;,.1th others, or do ~hey ha.ve aneed to imprle.55 people? Take sufficient time: 10 digesttheir ov'eraH bdlaJ.riotf before yon make: a commttment. And akways rder to the Three E~g Questions" Pay anention to ynut"ltnui'lion_ l'ha~. gut ·[u]ing will guide yOtL Don't ]u yOlur hear;r rn I.e you T head _ When we are HlO emottonallyin v{;I]ved, we of~enmake 'bad decisions .. Give you.rself time to d:dnk ihf.~f(ne TUshitlglIlW any rei,S:tlonshil.J" Look at this anether way: Why would you choose to build ~ld.ati.o]lsh]ps wah people you don't trust, don't respect or don't Hke? G(JI.ng ahead when yourinstin.u is telling you not to is a formula. rOt disappolnnnenl or even disaster.

There ,atc ]'Ol5 of excellent people out there toenjoy your valuable Lime wlrh. So whetner]t's uHlnis:ge, a business partner or hiring a sales tU]:lll,choClsin.g the right people is nhkiilllyimpouarn to your furure health and weal th. Choose c~.tt:fu]!.y,:


Core Clients and THE DOUBLE 'WIN

The ue'xl step in deveJopiIDLg the: ha;blt of Excellem ReLflM.onships tslearnmg [0 nounsh -you r 1110St valuable resa tie nshi 1)5 ina win-win atmosphere. ,,A. lot has been written <lnd spoken about the phHosophy of win-wm, In OUf experteuce, most of tt is just surface talkWiu-wtn is, essentially a philosophy o[ how youlive your life. In business, win-win means having a genuiru; concern for the other person; that they win as much as you. do, whether I Is a sale, employee con tract, negotiation or strategic alban.oe.

Sad!:y,theaU1tude of many people in business has be en 10 gr~.nd e¥ery last cent ont of every sttuanon. These s!o-ca.Ued guerrt lla tactics cause a l<lJck or trust, cynicism, qnestionah le ethics <lind. a high level 0:[ anxiery in the marke tp lace, The result iswtn-lose, On the other band , "<in-win docstl 'ttnean givi~'glbe . (arm awa.y every Hme )1,on make a de:al.. That's .lose~ mli. with the other pc"rSO]l rccei.ving too much, winch wou ld eventually pu 1 you O\U IQf business.

Theresalso another category caned 10se~lo.se. This happens when both parties are too smbbornor too egotistical tocreate a whlllung saba tion, A COn:W10ll example is contract neg.ol:iaLions between ma:!lagem:eI1tand unions _H a stalemate oceu rs, the result may be· along, drawn-out strike where nobody re,aUy W1115,.

In Yoll],r persona] IH~e;. win-win is the foundation [or warm, loving relationships. It's a husham] wa.nting to create a win [,or his wife and famHy. Heswilling to pitch in and do an equal share of household dutiesand help with (he chHdrcns extracurrtcular activjties, 'espec].aUy when his wile is also wOIki~g, fun time.Win-wtn is a wif:egiving solid support ~o her husband as he strives 10 build a new business OF starr a new career, mndu$ virUUng to accept a rEW saerificesalcng

the way Win-win is gfving [0 your community; beinga:n outstanding ueighborend beingless self -cen tered, if or w lnwin to re~lly work, yOoU. must. practice i~ every day: This takes rimevand chaHen_ges you tomake a serious cm:n.mhmer.u W bui teli ng these lmponant alliances"

Now let's look at another cructalelemem in growing your bus!iness--buUdjng excellent Co're (:~~ent Re:la:tion:sbips.

Y{yur core clients are people: atthe heart of your business. They btl)! from you consisten dy and ar,!;:: a main source of revenue. They axe also happy to provide excellent referrals for new business, because th.ey genulne:].y love your products and service,

AUI.azingly. In:almy people wday don't even know who their core c:UI,'Il.ts are .. Core clients arc YO'Mr passpurt to future growth. Unf(wtrutlately. these important relauonsbips are often taken for granted, The attitude is, "He a~ways orders two thousand units every 1110nth. We need! lei focus on new business,"


New bUs]ness ts tmportant. Slay]ug in touch with YOtlr best (bents is morei mportant, I t~ a lot. more dilflcuh tohnd new customersthan i [ ]s to keep and serve your old customers,

Abo, be aware o[ the time you spend 011 people who are peripheral clients, The. word pe:r!EJheral ]S worthnctmg. H means at the outer edge, u ni.mpou.ant 01::' not worth menhoning. Another term is dispensable. Do you have any peripheral clien.ts in you.r business;? H you're not su~~e. here's how yml can. SpOt them. They cou':lmo:rdy take a lot of your rime and energy and gl.ve you veT)' lutle hLllS][lCS5 In return. Sometimes t .. hey give- you no bUSlUCSS at alLEut 'they wm question you on every little detail, and lhey'U place u nr.easona Ole d.emands on your tittle, Of course. youm.ay not want. to turn <liny husiness away Irom yol,llr door. Butwhat 15 it. costing you in rime and ,t'nergy to dabble: ]li] minor results r Son.1J~ deals ]U5l aren't worth lhe effort.

Let's look back to your core clients. There's one critical element you. need] to understand about these people" You don\! ever want to lose them. Heres the big question. How ml.iK~ ~lea] ttrue do you spend wi.rn yourmostImportant core cl.te:nl::S?

This is worth studytng, Our research Indicates that very HnLe time is, aliocated to corechents, Consequently, these rel a ttonsbipsnever mat moe. to their fu U p (;I te ntia L On the hottom line, that means 3. ],Ot of moneyis squandered.

N ow that. you. know who these important people are, palY more attenticn to them. The lung-term rewards ave well worth the efron. Your bu-s:inc"55 MIJ increase, ilnd you'].l a~s() minimiae the Itkelihood of losing ~ny of these top clients [0 your ccmpetiroes.

tori, Greer IS thenauonal sales director for a successful orgaJIlliz:ath:nl ,caH,ed Compa:ny's Corningth.at apeciahzes in selH.ng, cookbooks. To date, Company's Coming has sold Iourteea mtlhon books. Due of Lort'score clients places an ordu~nnuany for one m]]·~~(ln dolLars worth oJ books" To service this client, Loti and her ac cOU.rH. representative meet thechentat me~Jist once a year. ln one of our coachmg workshops, she was challenged to expand this relationshtp to


1 m fetu:~ n:1'C1f!th€ 'llOS5~S 1 ¥;!'

bJ\Jgkto~r ~ hU~b(]t\1 ~IS, I

filcilLtlJt s~~n~ thltl9~ ~!'j Wei).


So new level. Accepting the challenge, she-brought her in-house team together ~nd held a ~pecia[ br:.;dnsLo:rm]ng session that lasted Hvt': hOUf:!L The: sole p'urpose of this meeting was to come up with ideas that would be: helpful for their core. cltem.

WheFil [hey made therr next si;lil.es ·p·· .. resentatioJ]., manv

I ' ,~

uf these ]H~W tdeas were ] nclude d. To further enrich thetr

rei.ati.onship" Lod spent extra tnne \vith the diem.tQ S(u.:i~Hze instead of rushing back to her office. The result? An. order for 20 ren:;~:rn more c(U)kbooks." MOll; l]l]p,onandy> a new leve] or appreciaticu and trust was established. that will ensure a long-tern1., win-win selauonship. Morcthan anything, this will keep predatory comperirorsat bay.

Now ]et's take 0;1. IOQkat your most important pnsomli relationships, These include family and friends, mentors, spiritual "dvisersand anyoll€': who is special in yOiur life outsidethe business wodd .. t\gai.n,rhinkcareftlUy about who quaH.flJles 10 be on rhj:sunique Hst of C(,)tf: people.". Then write down their names. If you are templed to skip over this exercise, stop! 'Procrastination is yt)iUt greatest enemy, Don't put 0.[[ your better future, Detach step as soon as. you finish reading this chapter. Rem.ember, thts book isa work in progress. By the time you flnish i1 youwill have kick-started many of these exciting new habits. Y01!.rr IHe win. be richer and eminently more satisfying.

lake aI_ Idose lookat this Iist and review the amount oJ time you spend with these people, Is it su.fncknH Do yO'Ll enjoy quality lime, or just a few seconds on the telephone? Who else do you . spend your persona] time wiLh.? Are they robbmg you 0'1' time that would be better spent developing your core relanonshipsz If you answered "Yes" 10 this last question, whatare you goin.g to do about it? Marybe it's time [0 .say "Non to these people: who di.su-act you every day, They're riot on your mcst-anportant-people US1, 5.(1 whyare they stealing your ri.me:? Prom now en, protect your f<limj~y Unite and personaltnne. Be polite-but: firm



We hrieflyn1enhon.ed win-win as ]l relates to the people i.]]c you r life. It's important to reallyunders tand what 1 his me~ns .. Besl:5cni.n.g anthm Stephen Covey provides a g;OOLl, analogy He SSiyS you should rreat your I"I1QS[ hnponant relah(J[jship~ ]ike a bank account. For example, the; more deposits you make in your core f,dalionshlps' b~nk account, ~be: stronger these assoctattorss become "In the process you become more valu;,lhl.e !OI.he.M~ people.

NonnaUy. m.one"y! 'is what you deposn at the bank.. However, with you,r corerela tionships you GIll make a v.n,riety of depcsi ts, Wh:h. your COT"C chents in business, youwill probab]y of[er special se rvices and all those .Utthe extras tha 1 delme yQuas unique. These tn~y mclude golfuunngs, dumers or. special trips. Other hcahhy deposits include aJjocat~J:lg time to sha]1e ideas oradvising how to handle. certHn challenges, Maybe you consistently providegood referrals, to expan.d. their business. Sometimes i rs making them. aware of a great. book, or f~;t"'i~g an ankle about their favorite p~stiri!1e or hobby. You could d~('conne.ctr them to peoplewho have a unique service or product, Themore youknClw abOUT the people OIl. your. core client list and. core persona] list, the more you cau help them. And the true sphil urwin-win. means that you nrt.dJ;.E these deposits uneendltionally In other words, don't give to g:t':t sornethmg back J ust experience the sheer joy of givtng. .

U you don't already have .m~c, create an informatton HIe .[or cv'e~"Y one of your core clients ~nd core per5Cm,j;l!] relatinnships, Find OUl ,e'\,I,etythlllg you. can ahout these itldivi.dmll'i .. Include their likes and dtsltkes, favor! te restaurants, birthdays, anniversaries, kidsnames, lavonre hobbies, SPOrlS and pastimes,

Buslness guru Harvey MacKay, owner of rhe MacKa.y Envelope Corpor~lion in Minne:$UL<1, calls hisinfon:rl.ation me the Mac Kay 66,becHuse there are sixty-six questions that hts sales team asks to gain an in-depth knowledge of every hnportant diem. Most. people don't keep flles 1ake this 1hecau.se they .<\re rlOl ru.lly serious about win-win .. It takes considerable Lime and effort [0 culu vate htgh1y successful

reianonsbips. It means that you. will often be required to go the extra mile. This way of Hvtng gradnally becomes your new nOFm41.I. behaviQr. You do it wirhout thinking. When wmwin behavior hecnmes truly eUlbedde:d in your ,e:verydSiY life, the floodgates of opportunity wUI. open upIor you like never before. You wtlllndeed be richer for it, and we don'[ Just me.]!1. nnanci41I.~y


H!e!"€!"'s a hernorcus story about wun..:win. 1'wo Ifish laborers, Big Paddy and Wee j~mmy, had just won the lottery, They we,e dch to the tune of five million dollars each, H<l:v~ng cashed the i r w~nlfll ing$ the previ ous da:y, they we re ea gel" to c€< I ~b'F ate. Tn@ happy pa i r were stroll ing downtown, still arrh~ze,d ~t their good fortune, when t'i"H3j1 saw a fish-and-chip shop. B~g Paddy said, "I'm fdmish@d~ let's h·a\l€ Q lovely fish supperQind a big drink to wash it down." So ill they went. B i9 P~ddy wl'laring ~ is green duncer cap a rid W€e Jimmy stii lin h if> bl ack rubbe rework boots. By their appearance, people would never have 911 essed 'they ha d rn ill ionsi n the b ;;lInk B i,g P1iiddy paid for th e fish and ch i P$ a FI dth e'y bot h savored every I Cl st bite,

The 1 r e.pp ~tiltes s atlsfied , they continued W<;i I ki n g .a n d i3 fe~ min ute s I arer came ,g cross a R:o I hi Royce deC! ~e rs h ~p., Wee JI i m my gasped whe n h I£) saw the I uxurlous autorn obi ~es, "I've always fa ntasi zed abo Lit ownl n 9 a Roll s," he wn ispe red.

"let's take a lock," la ughed Big Paddy, hold~ng the shcwroo m door open for his I ong4i m e frie fl d. I ns ide, We e Jimmy's S:'j>('!l€! fixed 'Or! G beautifu I silver-qray ca r that 9 I earn ed 'fro rn front to rea r,

~Paddy, wouldn't you love to have a carIike this?" he exdai,med.

"Th at would beg ra nd," P a.ddy s!greed.

Wee Jimmy turned to the immaculately-attired sales manager and as ked, i.' S~f, how rnueh is this beautifu J ca [7" The six-filgwla' answer didn't deter him for a rnornent.



"Okay," ~€: 9r~nr'led- · ... 1]'111 take tW~Q!lI'® fQ·r me, and one for my fr~·e.nd here." Th~lH! ~eturned to Big P~ddy and said, "Put yOI.IF wallet away, Pt:ldidy, I'll >get the Ci;llfS_ You pa r dfor the fis hand Gh~p$ ~ "

.. " And Then SOME

Yes. win-win is .~ great way 10 live, and true Iriendships are lta.ro LO come by: Val1!le the ones you have and do whatever u takes to makethem even :nchet" Here's, a powerfu~ SLt"'dIl.egy that willmake il ea."'Y_~fs calledthe And. Then Some. recbmque.

Let's say you want to expand an important p.erson<lJ1 relationship with your hushand or 'Wife. ]J Yl)Uare notmarried, you c~uapply [his. technique to almost any .lne:anl:ngfu I relanonship, so ~dapt iu~ccotdtng]y. In fact, pick someone you'd like to enjoy a. deeper level of friendshtp with" To. show you how itworks, well1ilse the husband and w.Uee:~anlp]e.

Imagine it's the enclo[ the week. and David the good husband has anived heme from work. His equally good wife Di~.nne has dinner ready; andthe:y both enjoy an excellent meal. David ()om.pUmen~s hell and then poses the [oHowi.ng question: "D~atlnf'~: on a scale of one to ten (nne being pathetic iolI1!d n,rt being wonderful), how wmdd you nne my performance as a husband durtng the la5~~ week?" Thils isaseriou s question .. Dia:nnel."i)'.r!eclS (:()F a moment and says, "I'd give you an eight"

David accepts ~he answer without connneutcand a.sks the And Then Some question; "Wh1l1 wouldI have needed. 10 do to make Ua ten?"

Di:HII.ne answers, l'WeiL .~ would have really appreciated you helpmg John with his homework on \Vedne5d~y- ] was under pressure to be at my computer class 0'1'7 PM., and ~. felt gudty leavtng wtthCHH htm being: looked aher properly .. A]so, you p'mm ised UJ Tep0iir the tap in the bathroom ~.h is wee k, ~fs s HB

Ilu i I~JiJI.t! b.A::elhm:tI1~b~1tlfiSlillp~.

......... _ __ _ __ _- ·~·,II·

drtpping .. rd. really like H fixed, please," D<lJvid simply says, "Thank you, ~']1 bemoresuennve next time ... ~

Then the m les are reversed. When Diaan e .asks David LO give hera score: om of len, David if wards her a nine. Now h's her cppertuniryto ask the And. Then Some question, "How couldI have seemed. a ten?"

D~vid gives her sincere fee d bac k. "You were great, but there was ODe Intle thing. Remember you. promised to tape the football g:3i.I'11.e forme when I was away Mcnday and l'uesd:ay? I know it JUSl sHpped your rnfnci,ool ] was lookmg forward so warching th.f: highligbts when. I got hon~u!, I was really diseppomted, jj D~ann.e ]igtefls, oIfers an apology <lind makes a commitment torecord requests Iike thtsm her d<1Jly pLanner.

Before you say, "That sounds grul. b1J1.tit would never work [or me ," stop and think ¥OI!1 're [i.ghm:, very felilv people use the' And Then Some t.c;chn~<;p!1e.iuld even fewer do it Ott .. a weekly basis.Tbe most commonexcuses are, "I'm toobusy;" "That's sHly,." Or "Get l'1f8iJ, my h:usba:nd (or wi.fe,or friend) woufd never agree to that."


Hue's what these wel l-wnrn excuseSa:f,e' rCi1!1Jy say~.ng: ., M Y p<lJlner and ]~re not ope¥!. to fee dback, beca use our nda bon:5htpha:s uotmam red 10 that level. "R!egubrly gtving ~]'ld reoe~vinjg honest feedback its one of the best ways 1.0 enrich yourmarreage, fril:enclship or business relauonslnps, h.s the halhnark of hnman beings. who have a high IeveJ. Qr awareuess and. a unique st:l!lsidvily to theneeds or others- Because of [his maturity they ~~njoy hO[I.est., openand fulfilling alliances with the most h'llponaiTl rpeople ]]1 their Iives, You can also use this tee hniqu:c with your children and ether [anllily members, "I:iOlU kids will tell you the rea]. story-they don't pullany punches'


By askin.g a few stmplequestiens every week, you canlearn more about yourself from. people w'ho tare enough to give you honest feedhack" Instead of becoming defenssve ]]i<e most people, accept. the in~.·ormat].on as a gift. ]~. wiH help you become more genuineand trustwonhy .

. And Then Seme means you are: wtlling LO lean] more , domore, .. and put more into the relanonshtp because h'5 nnportaru to you. In the process, both parties are: rewarded. and strengthened. Consider the benefits of applying the And. Then Some technique lfl. your professional Hfe .. If you own the company, you could ask your key people, "On a scale ofone to ten, how do you rate measa boss? Wha t can [ d,o to beeo rnebener-e-to rate a ten?" Managers could do the same with their sales Clradn~ri[listr:al~ve reams. What abour your coreclients? Here's a greM opportunity wu:nders~and the. s<trengths and weaknesses of YO'I.:.H business, and how

. .

to im prorv,e th.oiSe areas that, an notpeFformlng well. Remember,

yom: core cl ients 1111 ~y also include suppliers, or your outside support team.

][ [his technique ]S lU',W W youcthe first few attempts may be awkward or u nC[lmJonaMIL;::" That's no rmal, Any new babutakes a lot of practice and perseverance before ][ f-in.aUy clicks. He~dn.g the truth [ron] people you respect and love abo takes some gen.1Hg used to. Sometimes the truth hurts: you may need to swallow your pride a. few times in order to en] oy tlte fu rure beneHt5l_ One other no te here~if you are giving critical feedback, always do this hll. private, On the other hand, give praise in public. People need and enjoy well-deserved recogni tion of any lid.rad .. Sinrp~y sta ted, crmciae in private: praise in public,


How to Find Great MENT~ORS

Surro~.lnd:i.ng yourself with well-chosen mentors can dramabcaJly change your Iife. Amentor ]s someone wi.th vast experience or unique talents, who is willing to share. ideas wlth you. on a regular basis. You, as th~ mt'nle,e;, the recipient" of this great taformaucn, have a responsihility to use it wisely by furthering your career and financial status or by enhancing your pCT50H<JIJ or Iauulv life. [1'5 like a teachersmdenr relaucnship, except that yo~ have the benefit or {)t:l~on-one unoring. And the big benus is that you. normally don't paJy for uhe lessons ... What a deal!:

N.ere's a prove:fithte:e~SH~:p m.ethod to help you enjoy the constderableadvantages of men torsbi p:

1. Edentify the tilu·'get.

Select one sp ecifir area of your 1He that you want to impmve, Theremay be severa [ , but for [he pU.rposc 0] getttng started, choose only one. Here arc S! few ideas-c-growing your business, sales, marketing, hiti:n.g excellen [ peopk:, p:rcpabng una nc ial statements, learning new eecbnology, investmetu .su::ategics., accumulenng wealth, ehminattng debt, eating and. exercising foropLimum health, being an exec Ilem parent, or doing cffecnvepresematio ns.

:2. S's,lect: you r mentor ca ndidalte's ..

Think 1lb~OUl SOIJleOne who is exceptionally experienced Or talented in .the .:3irc~ yo~ have selected for improvement. H could be someone: you know personally or it could bea leader in yourmdustry Maybe it's scmerme who is recognized as a top authority on (his wpic-a well-known writer, speaker orce lebri Iy. Whoever it is ,make; su 1IC he or she has a pmvcll track record <liud. is truly successfu].



3. Create your strateg lc p!ian.

If y~:)u don't already know the whereabouts or your proposed mentor, how Sire you gOjllg W locate tnIsuniq_uc individnal; and when you do, how will you. make contact? The first l hin g to rea]iz,e is t hal you are:prQ bot b ~ y neve F more than six. people a,way from anyone. yOll want to tll.eet,indudil1iJ5, YOIU new mentor. That's exciting 1.0 know-s-treat ~t Hke a g"ll:ne_The:rerl'"l'<l!Y be six doors you need to open before you have all the i nfcrmatlcn you need . Who could open the ftrst door for your Prcceed from there, and keep asking" You'Il be surprised h~JW qUicklylhe other doors ope'H up once you PUI the word out.

You may belooking at the name of your proposed mentor and second-guessing yourself wuh thoughts hke, ""1 don't even know this person and she certainly doesm know me. And if she did, she probably wouldn't give-me any ofher valuable time." Stop righl there 1 The followmgstory isotg pmof that Hll.d,tn:g and contacting memorsis well within YOlU capa btliues,


On,e of Our cora client:']; is e! young man who owns a small trucking bus,i'n(i!s$, and h~ was Ibeen to expand, After ,mrtending OUIF Ach levers workshop On mentmship, he selected one of the m;gjor pl:.3'fers in the trucking indusuy to be his new rnentor, Th~5, man had started and built" Q huge b usi ness ave r the yea rs, and was wide Iy res pscted by his peers and competitera.

Our client, Neill, located thEi' head office in Texas, He mads several phone calls and @1I@ntuaily was connected to rh is successful businessmen. '(We'll te~I' YO'lJ wn~t to say when you male a call like this in a few mi:nutes,so be patient) Neil was a little nervous, but he summoned up the cou ra ge to ask" The su ccessful busl n easma n a9iri3~d to spe n d twenty m~ n utes every month wijt:h N ei Ion lhe t@-Iephon~, sharing his €!>q;Jerience and best ude,as., True to h is word, th i $ ana n.ge merit was. ('0 Fri@d out,


and one day Neil received sn irrteresting offe·r. H~s newfound mentor invited him down to Texas forfive days to stli!dy eve ry aspect of hi s bus i ness H~ WU I d b e a fly 0[,11 th €c wa~ I , talk tothe $t~H,andob$erve fi rsth and whyth ecorn p <In]! had prosp ~red.

Of co L.J rse N eiil d i dr1't hes I tate. The resu It? Not on Iy wa s ~ e ab I e to expa n d his b usiness in many profita b ~e ways, n is relationship matured to another 'level, Instead of a me rrto r-rn errtee asacciat ic n I a growi ngfrie n dsh ip devsloped, In addition, he was able to share some of his own s uccessfu lstr ategi es that w@-rn n O~ beLI'iI 9 pract ked by his mentor, Over time', <;I, true win-win relationship form ed, and MeU's confidence grew a 10 n 9 'with h ~s profits,

It all started with that onepFume call, So let's analyze how )toucan enjoy 5in~ila:r :5UCCf;':ss, The most important thmg is to be snrcere. Sincerity goes a ~ong way in helping you gel. what you want in Bfe_. Here's; wha!l. Nell saidwhen he first got lhrough on thetelephone, "Hello, ML Johnston (not <lCh:]aJ n,a,lnc),I:ny name is Ne~LWe haven't met yet. A.nd l knnw you're S! bl],sy~nan, 50 l']l be br]c[ .~ own Si smal] Ltucki.ng business. Over the ycaTs you have done S! f;;l.ntas·tic .~ ob, butlding your business huo one of the largeslcon~ps:nies in our in dustry, I'm sure you hadsome real ch~ llenges when you were first startntg out. WeH, l'm still in [hose t~a:rly stages, trying to figure everything out Mr. JohIl~lOn,1 would reallyappreciare it ]f you. would cousider bemg my mentor, An that would mean is spending ten 1111]Ht.U,C:S on she phone with Ul€: once a month, so .~ could ask you a few questions, l'd really apprectare it Would you be ope:]]. to that?"

When. you ask that clostng questicu, the answer will usually be "Yes" or "No," U it's. ~Yes," [0]"[[[0] ym.u excirement and ask anorher question. "When would be a good time [0 call you in the nextIew weeks?" TI.1.e.11i confirm a specific H~lU'" for your hrst mentor meeting, Follow up with a handwritten "thank you" note fight away..


If the answer is "No," politely thank the person for his time. Depending on how fnm the reiusel "vas, you could ask U· H. would be okay to call back at amore convenient time to reconsider you r request, Othe:rwl:se move 10 plan B---ca]l the 11ex.L person on you.r list.

Lees review [he key elements in the ph on e call. First, ge l rig1u to [he point. Busy people appreciate: this, Dont soclaltze. Stick to a weH-prep~ttd. scripJt1l1sin._g arelaxed convel:sa:tionaJ tone" I t only takes a minute. Mso, it is lmponam 10 cnntru ~ tlse conversation" Say what YOUWSilU 10 say, ask the dosing question and then shutup, At this point, YOlll i3:How yaur potential new mentor to spcak.,~f yOil;! [o]low thts sequence, your success ratio win be high. Here's why; First of all, when. you ask someone to be Oil. mentor, it is the ulumate complimem, Se:co:n:G, theyare rarely asked. .. And if you do it with ental sincerity, having remt.n.ded them, of their own e~HUercnaUen.ge..'i, you will often recesve .a: po'S"trlve response,

Before you -mak..e u.he cal], H.'s useful ro have as much ~!.lfO'tmation 03JS possible. Ask the eompany to send you any promottcnal matertal theyhave, in.duding the most recent annual report

Remember, you can h.a Viii: several memors. YOM can select people for allY area of your HIe that you warn La improve. They may live in another city ercountrj, or lh.e:y may be halfan hour's drive av.llY So g,e L started and. have fun, These tl]]j,q1lJle rdatjonshlpsc~n dramatically accd~ra te your progress.. Trial and error is one way to gain experience, bu l. ] f5 ha rd. wo r k fig111rin.g everything om on your own. Tapping into other peoples .successful fcrntulas andadapnng rhetr tdeas is a lot smarter, Its usually w no you know that op ens up the door5 for bl.gger and better opporruntties, Treat it: like a "connect-thedots" game, Successful people are well-connected. Simply to] I ow lhdr moves. To help you [unher, yon will hnd a stepby-step .Aulon Planfot Dev,eloping Menwr Rehu;if.lnsh.ipsat lhe end of this chapter,

Mentor zelauonshtps are oue-on-one, similar We tha.!~ of a tutor and student. Another unique way to accelerate your growth Is to set up a Mastermind Group alliance. Like h]entorlng, ilwm :!lad a who~!e new dimension to your Hfe (bat win be a powerful source of S1I].ppoItand s arength.


A Mastermind. Group, as the namcimpHes., requires a meeting of the minds. The e rlgins g,o back a long way: Ancien 1 Greek philosophers, suchas Socrates, enjoyed lively debate and an opportuniryro share their ideas and ~nS'itgh[s. Our concept of a M.aslermind G rou pis ideallyrnade. up of five or 5]:1'< people who want to develop exc:ememkmg-[enn relatinnships, The primary purp(}se ofrbe groupis to estabUsh support Ioreach other emottonally, pexsenally and professionally, 11 also provides a unique forum for sharing ideas andinlormation, as well 03iS d tscusstngmeamngfu 1 topics and everyday challenges" ] F YDU select 1 he flgbt people, this wonderfu I support system ca. n be enjcyed for m.any years.

Thereare four matn action steps that will helpjum this concept in tea reality for you.

1 .. S'eiledthe lright 1F',eophil,.

F en best tnteracticu, you should ljmit your group h) six people; Flivem_hersaud yourself.You don 't need to sde.ct everyone at the same time, You lWlY stan with one or twoand gradually bu Ud up to a fun complement. Remember, the ftrst team rnembe:r may be the hardest to find. BUl don't le l that Sl!OP you. ,"Vhom sh()u~d you choose? That's the big question. Hereare ~.rew guideUncs to help you_ Choos,e people who <lire likely [0 create syn.ergy-a!1-nbit~Oll.il,5, epen-rniuded, goa]oriented mdivtdnals who have a positive outlook and brIng a

h'eah.hy~ positive energy to each discussion- ¥oudon't want a bunch. of whiners whoare ~ooki.]"1g[or a regular oppcnunity to dinnp all of the if nega live garbage.

Itsalsobenehcial to lnelude people who have rea] ,e.~Tience !lind :SlKCesS. inbliJlsiness, or who have overcome challenging pe rsonal situati 0 ]"IS" I n yo ur selection process, decide if] t's im portant La havepeople bom . .c;UjlE::'renli nd ustries or not. For example, yon [1-laY not. want F:tve salespeople-in the g,mu.p. A b~end of differenrexperiences and backgrounds wlll add de:pth. and vanely to yourmeetings.

Consider whether YOtl wanta n'li xed grOtlp, or an all- male or all-female gn:;Jup. Alse, what age grQup do you prefer? A broader age_ group w~th men and women mcluded adds 1:] diff,e~[em persp ecttve and a wider range or optnion.]t you'd rather have a narrower focus, then selectpeople of the same gender close [0 your OVi1Tl age" Its entirely tlP to you. But do gi.ve this :s'ei.ection. process. 51eriousthought. Its vitally importartt to the success of y:crur group.

2. IE.veryone must ma:ke a c:omm~tme!r:'It.

A MasLermiIlld Group is designed as a long-term support S}''5~en.TL Its not for people >;;.';1::1() art casual .You know uhe type. TIlley show up when [h,ey red .~ ike i L or there's not hing dse on their schedule that day. Exp~ai~.llhis c leady to each candidate. You. also w~,'I]il ~'gr.lte:m,ent at the stan on a termmatton pohcylf one person Ism Hui.ng in, for whatever r-e8!s.()i1., ](.'$ importam for you to have aipluoe."iS that handles [his. You don't W<Ji:nl La end up wl th the "had appl em theba rrel" syndrome, where one con[mlHng or negative kndividual. dominates theentire group pl~OCCSS, A democratic vote Wilh]t1 ninety days of your opening meeting is an easy way to avoid any early disru ption, You can also implement this course of acuonat any future dale.

The l~vd of commitmeurwil I. determine how successful ycrli.u Ma5term~.nd Group becomes. Commitment requires ]"egu.l~u attendance, a willingness 10 participate each Lime you meet, and. an agreemelU to' keep con fidell rial an yrbJng that is 5 bared m


[he group. Thls code of confidentialIty isextremely importane, ln our experience ittakes several months before people fenUy emerge in a settinglike [his, especially men. There 5i:lJl that machonnage stuff to get over, 'WQl'llCn J1l! gencrnHy much more opcnw sharing their nuetbougbts and feelings.

The real benefits occur only when thereisa hlgh level of trust wtthm [he enure group. The en virnmn eut you create should be it sale place, where ahsoluaely anything can be shared. wah nnecncem about indiscretion.

3. Dec~de wh'en, where.. how ofb~in and fOlr how ~ongl you want to meet ..

Two to threehours every month is a good rule of thumb, or you can meet 11110re frequently if you want, Some people prefer Hn!;21i1y-rnomiug breakf.ts~. In. a teb1l'dng, well-appointed location .. Others would rather meet in the evening when the business day is over. Again ,it's up w you. Some key points are; Choose ~ location WhCI~: you wlH. IlDt be uuerrupted by ph.ofle:s, [axes or other people. Make it a rule to rum of[ cellular 'phones when YOtl are together, Don't treat your Mastermind Group like a typical offiee meeting. Thi5i~ specla I livn.e wit h spe;cial people, so maximize ffie opportnmty to f oeMS en the issuesat hand,

4. What will youl talkabo,ut?

GC)Qd. questlont Wbat you. don't want is a couple of hours cbtt-chautng aboutthe local news and weather. High~erH:.~rgy achievers won't waste their tjrne in this fashion. He-IJ'€: are a few .suggestions: Elect a chairperson whose. main rule is to keep the conversatton flowing, and toallow everyone equal liTHe. Starteach meeting with <I bri,f,'J cumment [rom evnYOil,e about the best L~ing that happened. since the last meeting. This will gel things oU' 10 a positive start. Then. ask t\VO questinns: "Whal.'~~:l.!ilpp'r]i]]ng in your bUSlntSS hfe (or job)," {lnd "What's happentngm yom personal life 7" Go around the table one person at. a tune. This process alone nl]ghl lake-up theenure meeting. And thats okay.Tt gives


you~tI. OppO rt uni.ly to learn mote about tach n the r, Ann Lh~r good question is, v-"Vhafs ycmr greatest chal~e[~gea~ tins time?" Also, discuss and support each 0'1 her's indrvidual goals .. Inspire . everyone to achieve w bu they want. Encourage them ro think big and introduce them to people who can

accelerate their progres.,_<;;, .

Sometimes yon may want LO have 3. special topic on. the ageaela .h's a~~o a ,goodide~. 10 reserve. time for someone. who has a part icu larneed-c-a n nancia 1 crisis or hea h.h probl em that n.eeds w he addressed_ Thes'e silU~UCl1lS are what re::l.Uy bonds yellin Mastermind Group. Take the opporHmity to help in whatever way you can to resolve the. issue, If ~ an ulgen t S:~LU;;li non arises, you cana lwayscall a special meetmg to h .. mdle t [quiddy:


Our Mastermi rid G roup is ma de up afflve people" Ea c~ perso n own s hili own bus I ness. errco m pass] ng fl ve different industries .. ,As of ith fs wdti I1g, the gmu p has been meet-ing f.or fourteen years_ We don't soclallze ,ill lot outs-ide of the monthly rn eetins:rs- Duri n g OU~ association everyone has facrild 1;'1 varlet]! of difHcultle:s, ~fiId lenJoyed signific~ntClch levements. Subjects for discusslcn have covered a wide range of topics u'ncluding cum~nt business (hJllenge~ and oppcrtunltles; how to cr@at~ high"_impQj(t presentations; wn®r,e to. f~nd ver"iturG capital, and hO."'" to fi r s a key emp I oyee, We have i1'!1!;,Q fei ced mar r!'~ge difilku!ties, problems with te€Hl,age chi'~dren, h~alth issues, financial crises and major Career chanqes. S~v('ilr~!1 of our m eeti n gs have b eE!n !e moti 0 na], wi th t,@ ars shed ope n Iy, We now enjoy a wonderful bond ~nd the rich ness of knowi n 9 th <It whe ri a nyc n e needs help, four peopl e W I II be ready an d wi lli ifl'g to p rovi d e i m m ed ~ate a ssi S1:a nc e. That's, a very powerful position to be ln. It was definjte~y worth a II the ti me and effort,


N ow we want to share with you another imponilm buildtngblock in developmgthe habit o[ Excellent Relationships, Its caned BuU:ding Your Own IF e rtre ss, Men tors and ~5lellIl ind Groups provide a terrific founda:t~,on" The defiuiHou or fa fortress is a structure that is impregnable ,a sanctuary or a p.boe of refuge ~ \V]lhin So fortress you.' are protected from the storms of business and Hk Heres how you can b1!1Hd one.

lts like buUd.i.n.g a champtonsbip football or hockey team.

Each player has a ro~e eo pLay, ,and the. team is only as; good as its w,eake.st member, The eeam 'is molded by the coach. He or


Your Unique Total Support Sysaem

Use the ~ol!lowi",g ,calil:e9iQrie~t()' gUide you in tine buildin'9 ,of yo'Ulr FDrtre:S5.,illu;t~.eare net nmked in any :spe,dfk oraier of impo,rta1n,oo ..

,. lhf3 F[lmiily Uni~_ 7. lP'@rsona~ M<l$~ermif!td Group,

2. Sp&dfk MernQrsand CQacnes, R Per~onal De\ie~opme,l1rt Ubmry_

3~ H~lth <li11d F[ltfieSs Teern, 9- Spirjtu[lI:Ad.".~ser,

4_ BUS~ne5!i, SiUpport Team (UntertQr). ~ o. Otn..er Stra1l:~,g ic Ailliances,

1"'g" M'~~!'St.rfI,5.J .. ~ndMlon.J\1"!1'!<!f!l;~') ·:~.9I_N!>tw..,.mg Gr<lJ.I,-"" 'P~M !!'!<X!m~ P.,..I .. "".)

S, iBusin>€ss SuplP@M:Team (E~e~~or). 11" Th€l S~nctl,J~ry, '("'=""""P',3""i!_=t~

~.·.g.,.BorlOOr, Ll""!",,, S~€Oi\I.i , ... ~_~~

6., COrie! C1~et)ts"

"I found him working iin t~e stockroom, J,D, .HEil'$ pededJ"

she Is at. [he center.of ~he action. The combina non or uuiquelv gilrled~eS!m. players and a coach whu C<1:n creme and ]Iupkment a succe~'"ifnl gan~.e plan produces trunnphanrwinners.

Consider yotmse:H as lI1C coach, Two major questions you need to address at [h~.spoint in your life are, "Who is on my team ?"~nd "Do rheyperlorm at the level 1 require 1iO achieve my dreams and goals?" Make sure. you do t.h.e Action Steps. They will help you discover who deserves [0 stay on your ~earl1. and who you need LO replace, Thi:;U5 all about SC tt tng vC'.ly" hi,gl~. standards so that you can eu] oy a! t lestyle that gives you total freedom, ongoingprosperity and .• t unique sense of worth .. Whenyou need help, you']] bave the best. people LO assist you. This is an ongoing pr~}C;e5S, nol a quick fix,

Here's how ]t works: Take J close look at your imponanL rel ations hi p5---'the 'people who support and help you throughout the ye~n: Sep~r<l~e them lI":110 twomarn COl tegoriestbusmess/career


B\I.dc,;lL~gE~('~H(;!iI1 ~el~~~tll.1S.IniiP"

..... _ _ _ _ ,''- -

and personal, Make a list of these important people .. ln y~Jur buslness/career USL, examples would include your banker, hWVII)'et, ~~CC01!UH<lr!lT bookkeeper, lax specjallst, suppliers, Imanctal adviser, management starr, sales team, admlnistratlve staff, personal assistant and secretary/receptionist, In the personal C<11egory. the nU'lI.ge is much broader: doctor, chiropractor. medical special lst ,m.assage/physlolhera pis t, pe rso nal 11 mess trainer, nntriricnist, demist, dermatologist, fmanclal consulrant, hairstylist. dry cl€aner~ plumber, elecrrician, travel agent, realtor, insurance agent, car dealer, tailor, gardener, home help. babysitter and anYOlle else whoseexpernse you might need.

Obviously you don't interact wnh aU of these people every week, The question ls, when you do require their help, do they conslsteruly do a brllllant job [Of you? Sotnenmes the person you select doesn't do a very good job. To avoid. this, lake nme to check the person's history. Brilliant people do brilliantwork. They do it on timeand they do a conststenrly They make you [edgood in. the prlu:::ess, .~tld they charge a fair price .. These are people youcan alwa:ysrely en to get the Job dune right..

Howmany don't deserve to be on your team beca use the ir performance is not good en.ough? Bewtaily honest How rnany gaps are there on yourteam? This is easy 10 determine. These are the times. you rush to the YcU.ow PSigeshoping to find someoneat thelast minute. Often the person you select doesn't do <.'I very good job because: you didn't have HUH' to cheekhis background.

F':rOl'H now on, don'tmake decisions "011 the run." A.mI dom tolerate sloppy workmanshtp, tardiness, exorbitant pricing and any son. of hassle that creates more stress in your hfe. You dont need that. Ask ymH friends lor references ... Do vour homework, Do the research .. Be patient, and. graduall y surrou nd yourself with a first-c lass team of pe()p~e whu wHl make your Hfe Joyful and rich heyond me<1!surc_ Start right <]way_ You 'l~. be amazedat how tb~<;win transform your relatinnships.


Ahm Hobson andjemte Clarkeare two ex:dti.ng young ~ a:dverHt1:flep'ren.e urs." They coined nn1s name to describe tbeir love £:or combinhlg adventnre and business, One of their shared goals was to chmb Mount Everest, the highest moumam in the world. In ] 991 T their teams Hrsl attempt to reach the. snmmi 1 failed. In 1994 they went back ag8i]u. ThIs time file team was. smaller. One: member, John Mclsaac, reached l8,SOc) feel hUL couldn l Qoolin:u.ebeciffuse he developed severe pulmonary edema. Only 64] feel short of the summit, he: had to mm back. A major rescue was required to bnnghhn down the mountain safely, as he didn't have the: strength W' descend on his; own. This v,equ ired a total team efFort wnheveryone contnbuneg their unique talents, Of her mountaineers were recruited [rom dffferent teams on the moun (al n toassist,

Fina]lyil1 1997, h~ving learned lrom their previous two experiences, Abul and Jamie: took on Everest for the third time. The)" both []1~de: the su mmi t, a truly magnfficeru achievement They ~m]dt .~ It was relatlonshlps thatmade our experiences ott Everest what thev were.

_' ~

Even if you didn't. summit, you still bad (he good Limes,

you stillhad the ~()O d feelings, despite the hardships.



. -·-····III~

you. come out of H alive, looking to do mere wilh those peopie" On an expedition, we share our lives together, We prettv much know everything there is [0 know abnuteach other."

One of the reasons Al~f1 and J amie Imally achieved victory w~s rhet they surrounded themsel vies with briUbnt teams of people, These [earns included a pro,fe:ssi.ofi<ll expedition organtzer, a .f1l1nd.-rais].ng Learn, a. support team, a route-Iixing team and a summit team. \Vithm.u this unique "Fortress," [he expedition would not have succeeded. BtH. with these Learns supporting them, Ah"n~JlId Jamie- were able to focus lotaHy On preparing themselves physically and mentally [OF the climb.

Make: a decksiun 'lod8JY to build Oil forn:ess around you. Select only the best people. There are ]"u~ny La cboose [rom .. Remember, !He 1$ all abou tbuilding and lenjoyin.g gn~al n:1ationships, You deserve your latr share! H. takes confldence [0 assert yourself and seek OlU ,excelih::nt people. You'll learn an about this important hahit in the next chapter.




1n'e [Double S·pi,.al Eluit:.c;thtlg Your Fia'~". Develop.A'! Ment,orReilatiionships

Make, sure you completethese exercises, If you skip over them, you're probabll)l not serious about dev€!lopingexceHent relationships, Don't sell yourself short, Make the a,Hart now to Ie ani, about yours·e·~f~ nd th e ~1IlI pad you h EJJ\/€! 0 n other peo pie.

1. The IDQubie Spira:1

FMLED RELATIONSHWS-Mentolly revisit a significant relationship that didn't work out. Starir Ci at number one, identify each step in the processthat caused the '~liiltion5hip to fa'll apart. 'Be specific,







IEXCELLENT RELATIONSHIPS-Mentally revisit one of your greatest relationships. Starting atnumber on'f~,identiry each step in the process that caused this excellent relationship to expand,




2. lid €I nti'ryi n 91 Core CUein ts

Write down the names of your ten most lrnpor ant business rella iortships.These are the people who bri ng you most of you r S~ les and income. They love your products and service. They .give you repeat busirtessand are' happy to refer YOU_ (NOh~': if you <'l,re a man<'l'ger or supervisor; the team of people you look after 'NO Jd be part of your core client list.) Please take sufficient time to think about thls, These people .1'Jire the building blocks to your better fUJi1:'ur€l. Treat them w® II! The rnosti mportant people are your core dient$. The word com means at the centsr, the heart or essence of anything valluab~e.

Now record how mucn time you spend with each of these people III a typical month. What does this tell you? What adjustments do you need to make?

1_ O.
2. 7,
3_ I!k
4. 9.
5_ '10_
]~) ,
'iClJ :1 ~:
:1 c
-:Ii JlI ..
0" E
~ 3~ ~, 0
'to! I OJ
e CL
~ .,j< ~
.£ "Ill
, .. ,.-

N >.

~ «


Ul en IW ,Il::

I- 0::





::l ,0

>CJ '2


C .....I

IE ~
lQ '5
GI ~
~ ;u ~ e
C ~ ..2
K 'f' ;fi
'" 'i m :5
Q.. ~ <:
~ 11] '1j. ~
Vl' .~. i .., ~ ~
... ' l ., .Pi: 1 -;;;
... ~ :;E'
-ali .. .....
. $
.. U'
~ <t Cil
!l:I' S
E l I E
OJ .~
i ~ '"
Ir;!' ~ .,.
,~ -0' c
01 j '"
.. "li c: .~ 0
'" a, .~ ~ ..
~ Jl ~ ~
~ ::8. ~
0 WI 1:.1.. ~ -

e '!Ii
,,. e,
e, ,I;)
0 !
Il· I!!!
~, .i-:-i
D 1i
0 Q
..21 8.
.D >.
,~ t:
"ii. III
!t u::
D :E'
:z. '!'II
I !
,q: ~
~. 0
ai "'
~ ;;,
.J: ~
e OIl
III "1:1
"!i ~
C ~
:;:l Il!...
I :;:i
~ b
I!U~ s
F ..,
~' 1.01
'If; s
:).. ~ :
0 ""
Ji:l c_
'" IU
" III,
0 ',::
~ II!
• s
0 .n;
ii ,15
'" 1O
;;: [I;;
~ ~
II i
~ 111'
U .. .,.


D EVE l.Q'1P ~ NG M E.NTO R R E LATI 0 N S H ~ ,p S

1,. Oheck till e most impQrtan:t o ExptmdiFll'9 My Business

DI Sale,s a nd Ma,rlk~ti""g

o Health and Fitness

o H itr;i ng' Exce 11'1 errt Peo ple I:) B,alalr)c!!l'!d Ur,eMyl e

o Flnancial S'lJrategies

o Communication Skills

bI De'vel!opi [iI 9 StFa!teg~c AI I ~ ances

o Elimin8Jt~ng Debt

o N€w Technology 1:1 Pa rent I ng

o Other ---------

o Other _

2. US;! t!he top 1I:ihre,e' area:s o~ expe'rtise yo,u wa,rnt to, improve, andnatme two, !;::U)Sis~bWe mel'1ltor':s f,or each.

L _

3 _

3. From the lUst abo,ve~ select the m:ostimpOiltirlt area you want to w.ork on right .a:way~ Clind YOUii' number-orre prefened mentor;

4., liake-at blankshee't of pape:r and" usinSI1be examp!ie on pagiEl' 1411 j create yOiur OWil'l5criptforyour first oontact .. Practice: on the p~one wi;1lh a friend.R.ewoirk thiis untiil it begin,s tofb)w.

Nlow Pick. a Tlme a.Ad Date and Make the CaU.

If you are not .. blie to speak to d:'I€ person right away, keep cailling. urrtil you do connect. Persistence reaHy pays oFf_ 'Rememb@r,. just one exce II em mentor re I ~ti'on~hipci'l n h (jl~p you j i.lmp to a whole r'!€W leve I of confidenca f,l nd<!wa ren ess,





The Conftdence Pactor


. ~)


-St.an Smilh

In 1999 So,l:.Ith ,A.frica I'!I President: Neilson Mlande~a

. " . '_' . ;" ~. '_ '-- _. '_"'.

c:ellebr.atedl h:ise,igliltiieth birthday.

For almost twenty-six of those years, he was (cHInned to' a. prison cal because of his outspoken views about S!pardl.elct Outing this time i Ma.ncle:la's confidence must ha ve belen severelv tested. l ~ is a rribu te 10 his f aith

., , . , .. " _" , ~ "

and convletion that he u IUUlI3Xe! y trill mphed and wen t on to be elected [0 his counuyshighest office,

Confidence is a. 'ha:bi.t that can he honed <lind sU-englhened everyday; Du.:rtng this proces:5 you. 'wiU be challenged by fear, worry and uneertainty These elements constitute the; ebb and now of Hfe .. ]t's a constant struggle, at men tal battlen'e~d that must be won if your li!fe is 'lei be rHled with abundance, To stan, care-fully read the words spoken by Nelson Mandela at his inaugural speech. This is a man who accepted the challenge andwon. nrgesre:a"eh sentence slowly Use them asa f01(Jlndation for your next leve] of achievement.


OUr' deepesf .fear b: n,at d~'H we are waclf.,q~l~i;e,.

OlU' decp'e:s.~ fear' is thatwf:: dre plaw.f:~ful beyondrne,as:uri:;, n L'I GUY light. n,Ol our aarlme:;'!5 fhat: Jrighlen_~ us.

We Cl'ik m.u'sdves, who am 1 to be brmllU!i, ,gorgeol4.s, talfMUdw<i.dJtd1tdou.s?

At: U.H1! ~'ly. w.h,o are we not l,a.be? l~{JU are CI chi ld of Goil"

Your piayfng: smaU .do.fsn;~ serve thewodd.

rHett'S n~.thin.genHghf.t1'M~d ai;vu,t shrinking so tha( other ,pcople WOI,'l ~ Jed! nsecu rcanJ!und YOM.

We we:lie born. re ~lila.k;e HUlnifest theglmy a/God ONU ts w~ [hiM as.

,Irs ri or )14$t iu 50n'!.f oJ' uS,i tS! n €l.'tryonc_

And ·as; w,e let; our own light shine, we lU1CO-rlsdD'!J$.1y givc(Jtn.cr people perm:! $$! Oln to do the. 5a.rn,e_

As we~.re Uberate'a from ou~' own jtafS, OU1'presence au,tom~Uca,uy libeml:e.~ mhers,

SUURCE: A .1il.e-rl>!'1'1 W L:!",'~ by Ma'rimm~WiHillnil~on

(~ quoted by Nd!;.o~~M,8.ndd~, he] n.is inaugund speech, ]9Q4}

This, chapter contains manypractical strategies dtal will boost yom conlldence to an a.lll~thne high,. 11 is~mportam that you ulill.lze these: on a daily bask Conndenu~: 1:5 the all-lmportam fac~()r yml need to protect yourself Dum the s]~n.gs <l!tnd arrows .of neg:,uiV]IY: ln the absence or conftdence, fearand worrytake centro t Prog,r-e5S is hekl in check and momennnn gr.itul'ito S! halt

So lets h!J(,Jde this essennal habit with gusto and a commitment tel stamp out the F'le_g.1hve:i'ol'-Cfc,S once and for all, First, you need eo dean lmp any nuflntshed business [hal's holding you back. Ma.ke that your SIHrting pomt,



Resolving Unfinished BUSINESS

Un!! n! shed bU5 i n!(5S is <1:. term describing all of I he messes In your life that you haven't dealt with. You may be stru.ggUng with legal, hnat!J.dal, relations hip, organ izatio nal, health or careermesses, to name just a few. When you. allow these to build. up, [hey can overwhelm YUl(L The reason manypeople won't deal with [his urdh:llshed buslness Is fear. Fear breeds doubt, and doubt leads [0 a loss of confidence.Tts a vicious cycle. If Ieftunchecked, a downward spiral begins and is soon gaiu]ng momentum .. Suddenly li.'fe i5 QIH. of control, This. excess baggage is like a dead we igb t around yo'ur neck, H can bring you. to a standsrill.

The resultis a lrcTncndtftl5 drain on your energy; SOffit: people have 3J;;Cumu'late.d so much unfinish ed business OVEr the years, it &.~Ids like they're pulling enelephant along behind. them. T hf-rc: are three ways to handle this:

11.Yot:l can phiJJY t!he dle,nial' game.

Senne people pt'e~end it's not really happeniug, For example, a rna n worrying abou l his debt -loadrefuses lo~no k at the real. numbers in the hope [hal they win somehow disappear. Rather [han c hange bad habits, SHe h as spending more than hemakes, he n nds it easier 10 li ve in. a fa nhlsy world. Denial usu a U y resul ts in ma] or coo_;scquences of thevariety you won't like.

2. Youc:.1t!!'iI glO inrto I~i mbo.

Ufe: sort of SLOpS am]. you tread water, YUH don't faU back, but you don't makeany pnygress either. It's frustrating, and of course the unfinished bus~.ness is sHE there waiting to he dealt with later .. Bdng in Umbo keeps you stuck,

3. You can confr!C'H'lt the issue head on.

This seemsIike the obvious course of anton, yet nlatly people choose. the previous two options. Why? We. usnaUy don't Iike confronranou- -:it's uncomfortable and there's a certain arnount oK risk in volved, Somenmesn can be p2l.in.I,'d, andmay not work out the way you want ]( to, Heres a phrase tha t will help you: S1iepi nto your lear ..

Most of the time fear onJy exists in our mind. Our hnaghMlliotl 15 powerful Small issues often get blown QUI of proportion, arid we create jnetttal pictures that are ridiculous when compared to the [ans, A friend in Arizona, George Addair, teld us abean a firefighuli" who attended ()t1e or hrs selfknowledge workshops, He said, "Firefighters deal widl. lear every tUl1I.1C they prepare to enter a bt:Hnung building, lust before they go into acdon rb.cy expenencei l.~tht uncertainty

~ 61


of not knowing H they U survive or not. An incredible transformanon lakes place as .S00n. as [hey go mside the bu Hdi ng.. They U rerally step mto the fear, and beca use tiler do, the fear disappears, They are .liOO percent in the pr·e.s,e:nl moment They ale then able te cuncentrste on hgbtmg the fire, evacuating people and doing all the things they were trained (0 do .. By confronti.ng thetr fear, they can focus on the imrnediate situation and. gel the job done. "

A nother important factor is the energy you consume when YOU live in rear_ ·You can't .afforrd to have all that vitality bottled up, U restricts your .e:ilpadty. If you want to gain confidence, accelerate your pr-ogress and restore your ·energy to maximum levels, you mast confront your ~em:s. Make a dedsiun. now to deal with your unfinished. business once and for all. Give it your best shot. Put it behind you, and move on ..

. Make this a habtt, Beaware that unlmtshed business is an ongoing reality; Every week something wHI happen that needs to be resolved. Don't allow these things to fester. Handle them promptly, wtth confrdence. Your life will become refreshingly simple and. unchmesed when. you do.

The Road to Freedom PAR.ADIGM

We ju.'!it mentioned Arizona businessman George Addair, who has-created li.:miqtlt personal development training programs for more than twenty years. One of [he strongestcompcnents in these workshops is The Road to Freedom Paradigm, Addair's philosophy is: Everything you want is on the other side of lear. TO' overcome fear you must have faith in the outcome. tri. fact, it usually takes a [cap of faith to bridge [he gap b tween

fear and confidence. Someone who understands the significance .of this is Dr. Rebert H. Schuller, pastor Q[ the Crystal Cathedral In Garden. Grove, Caljforma. He says~

Faith. is. afic·n caUed" a "leap- ..

f.£l:Hfl Is .Ieaping aClt'$_~ the.· gaps between ate h:nown mul ,[heunr~nown, the proven and .the I.mproven,

the actual ,and the FOSS i ble,

the grasp and r.he rea, h,

TIlcre :fS u,!ways a. cha.sm. be~·weei'l where y.cn.i. are ,Ciudwhen: y(.Ji~1 fU'e got"g-bJJajr~1 n'lt!ke the leap jOfWGl,dl

What U,esahead? U.l't11J}I'TOW? Next week? Next .mon.th?· Next year? Beyond this life?

.Believe in faidd Believe in Godl

.BeHev,f' in tomorrow J Take the leap of fa i th 1

So how can y.ou. overcome these fears and uncertairutes and. start developing the habit of confidence? There are two initial steps: resolve your unfinished busmess and identify your deeper fears. Look at The Road to Freedom Paradigm graphic on page 1,64; Notice the big garbage can full 0] your unfinished business. Our Action Step called Resolving Unfinished Busines .. s, wtH. show you how to get firI of it This important exercise will help you. create a practical solution that win b:rit~ your unfinished business 10 closure. Make Oil. commitment LO foHow through, ::;·0 you can experiencethat wonderful positiveenergy ami sense of relief. J mao I'd-easing the guilt is wen worth the effort.

Now take ~nother lookat the WaJI ofF~a[ hdow In on:ier 10 hrEak through this major obstacle, YOIDl need to clearly identify YOU]' fears. Here are !1\ couple of suggestlonLs" Schedule some quiet lime 10 think, It's importan t lh~l you, :ue not interrupted. A5k vourselltlns f1!.At1dam.en.La~ q'l1estio:n:What do I really fear?


l 1'fIj.C!1Cf'I~!Iil_ I ;>;=--'--.--EQSP~'Rirw.'


](iIl:,ep repcating lhi'i qlIilesHnn to yoursell; vary:ing H.i.r you wish. WI,"IOll do I [ear tnoS[{WhaL do] fear in the luture? WhOill dol fenr rig~nnClw? Write down your answers. Keep adding to yOl!JJ' ltst and be open 10' WilJ.U!V(,T comes up_ The ]1]051 Fnear[i~og:fuJ answers may not surface rtght away,. Youmay gain more i.r:1:s:igh.lS Irorn ]0]5 exercise by h..,..v11Tlg a trusted lriend ask you. the questious. He or she can recordthem while YQll!], sit quietly thlnktng, with Y(llIn" E)'ES dnsed,

I)·clore you discount rhls activity as l"iokeyor s]lly, 'take a moment to consider the ben'fH[s, The best way 10 rca llv understandhow and why you sabotage YCH_llrre:su]us'is to kna~ ymxrsdf better, ReHeCbve[hin!k.ing gives you clarity It's a wise choice, D()n'~ be hke the nu:jm.'i.ty of people who sidestep the real issues and end n plater feelmgdespera I:!e and unfu lmled.,

Once you heve clearly ideliJLLHied your 'fears. you have a tremendous advantage .. Now you can design strategies to topple them. whenever dley show up .. Address each fear with the questiun, W'jlal .(.:uu 1 do to overcome this? By doing so, yuuerepreparing yourself in advance, just like professional speakers pn:pare: ;J: speech, by creating an outlitte of the key points. When you. have a strategtc plan to counteract your fear, you sow [he seeds of cnnfldence and certainty

Self-knowledge is the key_ Make ]t a habit to learn more abeut yo1l,Jtrself~ how 1'01:1 thtnk, feel, react and behave. Below you. will find a list oJ common fears and specific strategies to overcome them. Make <:l note of the ones you n:Jah;~D 010:51.

Poor health

Leon'" rn ()(e OJb out good heo!ilth habrt~, nutrition, E!xerci:~iI!' and ~Ql,lr g·8·n.etr,,~~ ..

l.esin 9 your job

Beq;)m.;! so v8·I'J<lb!e th.~t you c .. n't b~f'reJ. A~{! ~f ~ou ~r~, yvu~ spec!a.1 shll~ will ope., up new orportLJfjJlie~, K:eep reF;!"l!ng yOlJr strenqtlss. f.DCu·~ Or) ~{)ur b j'111;~HKe'

de~e~op e;o;r.ell~ni ~~ n r.e~r O~5 '

SUfr<)und yours.elf with PO$~li .... e. suppo.rti'l€l p!i!Dp~e. Be a g!Nar T 10 attract fr lends, i;)er.()me <I friend.

Un ce rt,:;! i Tloty

abo ut til E!' futu re

Mos~ of the ioib~ ! ~ tl'fEl futurO!' ha.v~n 't B\;>E! n. been i n~E!nteci yet FQCUS on dp.\fo!:!loping ~O!Jr greate<!lt m'lllnt~ Dl1lsi·g n e.j(~i~i~·, 9 90~Js


I t "J.~pp£.F'J~ to ~ H (]·r us. Have faith Lr .... e '!!'>'ery day to the fr~II~<!';t. E:«p Imo'! ~pLrj"l;al trutks



Ma,lking: maJOir dec~$i61ii§


IgFiorance/Lack of know~Oldge

PubliiC sp'~a!(]n9



IlH~' spiTit!.l~,1 ~i,d~' of you pm¥il'~, there ;~

a bigg;frF pf,affl, God gave yO~J talle nit. Seek i~ 9Ut S~nl;!'U,I'1ld! yomseli "",~t.h 'Mnr;ers ~ F~ilure" is an OPPOFluf!:jty te learrr, M i'liking mistah;!s

I~ e$,~er1t~a,l lor Iong-'t:E!'r"I"n success.

Think 'ow!; paper-pl<ln <ih~ ad---seek good ~dlk:~. (&e€' dl0pt~~ 9. htkl"9 Deck5iive Acti on).

[)On,'t mike it perS'I:)'1a~ly. 'e:;;pe.r;i nlly if }"DU 'r~ in s'<!ile'$, W,e ~,II e~pe~;8r'i~1l' &OFn£l fo~r'n- of FEl'j!lctiOi'!i ~~e!)! week. Be~orne th~~k-~kmne d.

5~iep into tne F!;!<lr. too~fo~ <I wlfl-wl'n !l.o~lJItion_ ,Accept d\8il ~[)nfllc:t LS 21 pa rt u,f I HIE'_ T ~;ke atouF:!."E!in eenfllct resclcticn.

Pi-<lQ1:ice the h .. bit of liBarn ing some~hi rig ,QIV@ry d~!'I' Re!ild. ~itjjd~. beoerne more conscious, Remember; The use ot kMWI~d'Jl'l!~ your gi'f!ate;stpowef. leBlrn more. BeGQm~

iln e~pert in. wh,at ~ou do, b~:!;L

Con!l~t,a.lly i"Iouri6h ~'Our most srnportarrt reRi3lticmships .. Elu~ld <:l lifl~tirrl(l ,of positi:ve rnemesies lJ'QU c;a!'l ·ch~[l5h fore'o'Br.

Join T D.3~tma~t~fs.tilJh a Da le C<lrrtegie course. lOin the N<Ii~iQn,;;,1 Scpea~ers

A:ssoci~tiQn i~~~ IR®soorce Guide for det"F.I~J. choose .. oreat mentor, "",rite (JoLJ!t: i!I t!m .. miJl"lute :s>,peE!'cn en VOUr' f~' ... of~le w bjecr. P'r,,~ti r.e AGcept OPPO!1Ufl itie.~· to ~!pe ak wni2-r-' i3:sk~d f'i!f.E!' a Sp~(2e1l eeaeh

Leam;lbO'lJ't mom!!r and huw ~t -,.,-od::s. Ch!'lc~ your b~l;ef s~~tern. ,F Il'!d ~r. e:;,;·cellen~fi nancia I coac I. S,N ~p@cil'ic goa ls 10 ~~VE!an ciif)\'est .. p Qr1iori of everything you earn_ (See cil@:ptGr 10, LivifLg On. Purpose.)

EmbraCE! 'the [act Hii!t suceosa come" from ~tudy, hard work, g,aoc;! pl~nntrig and~ak;ng nsks, Y QU ti.!E!'5'1!·rVIl' it if yOu do oil oftbis

One of our clientshasa goal 1O be a profess]on~J si.nger. She has <I w\mde:rfu.1 voice: and speciaUzes in coumry-and -western musk. Until recently, she had. only performed for friends and local ccunmlmHy groups. Then one dSi}' areal opponunity arrived, Diane Wa5 offered a ten-minute spot ina Ina jor concert

_. -

that was COifill]ngtO town,

When the big nlghrarnved, she: stood backstage, trembling at the thoughr or singing in from of ten thousandpeople, He]' heart wa_", pounding, aJnd she W<.'IS inUlg]U]ug everything that could go \vrong,. Maybe she wou],d :forg:et the words, or her mouth would be so dry she couldn't sing <lit all.

FluaUy, <1" few mmuresbefore her curratn call, she steadied hersd[ QU],e:lIy she f1epeat,oo these words overand over ag~]n, "1 tan do this, I can do this, [ can do thts!" By ft),cushlg on the belief that she would perform wen, and by elimmating her negative fear thoughts,r,he fear melted a:way. Upon fmishing, s he received a lhundetoU;5 ovation. proof that her ini tial fears were totally unjustified,

ConJid1ence is required at the; height of yIQm fear, Its oue of life's greatestchailenges. Accept it with artew resolve 10' do weH,no matter what situation you are facing,

The Twen ty- F ive-C en t CHALLENGE

Our friendWayne Teskey h,1,S a Mastermlnd Group constsnng of f au r other business fr]emtd~L They are adynamic bUJILc h of emreprtneurs who meet monthly to share ideas ,Uta aUet support toeach () ther, At one: meeting they agreed that life had ~OSl some of its challenge. Their businesses were d.ning well, hu t they needed a new stimul us" They carne up wi th an idea that would Lest their crmHdenceand cause them to stretch out of their all-too-familiar comfart zones,



The plan was [0 tily from Edmonton, their home city. to Toronto, more than three thousand miles <1IW<liY, on a tme-w:ay ticket with only twenty-five cents in their pockets, Upon landi ng they each had tn :ftgU[iC out how to get back home: with. no l~red.i~. C;;I:rdS, no checks and no friends to help them out To make it. more lnteresung, they agreed ro use at least three mode. of transport, In other words. :L[ one person was able to armngc a flight horne. pan. of the joumey had to include tWO other forms of transportation-e-tram, bus, car, bicycle or on rOOI. Alsu, they could not len anyon.€: the nature ,of their challenge,

Picture yourself in this situation. What would you do?

I t would obviously require. crea tivily. tnnovati.on, wurage and a strong belief in. your abHHy, as well as money, to successfully make the trip back home,

Unknown "1:.0 this madcap g;mup,ii. friend had alerted the local media in Edmontort as well as major radio stations and newspapers. Upon arrival in Toronto, they were metat the airport by several. photographers and reporters, allintrlgned by this unique ad venture. Now there was real pressure to perform!

I t took most of the group about a W(,;C' k [0 gc l ho me, and e'veryone acromplishedlds goal. There were some mteresting stories, One pers.on look the longroute by httc hing rides .. StOpOVErs indudcd M mneapohs, where he worked as ,;.I croupier ina casino, He came back. wnh mot€: than seven hundred dollars, Two of the other mCTnbers talked their way into staying at one of orontos finest hotels at no charge. Others found odd jobs.



Wayne had fun on the street asking well- heeled blisine~5men, "Do you have any money that you. don't plan on spending today"?" U theanswer was "res," he'd continue with a hi.g smile, "Can I have some of it, please]" Some peopl esctually paid up!

Back in Edmonton, [he story gained Iront-page coveraigr:.

In fac r, the group created more publicity than many expensive advertising campaigns. The "Mastennjnds," as they were now affeclionately known, unanimously <.lgreed that the lnp was one 0 r their all-time greatest lcarntng experiences. They discovered that no matter how li tde they had, i ( was possible to not only survive, but to prosper. Confidence levels soared and their [wen ry-five-cenr challenge created bigger and. he t ter business oppo rt uni ties in the Il1 on ths that fa Ilowed,

Forgive and FORGET

You have <1I.n incredible capacity and abUh:y [0 overcome me's greatest challenges .. Embrace tbisrealtrv, and use in (he next time a crisis occurs. In lact, eelehrate the opportunity 10 pcrronn at a higher level.When you break through the wan of fe:~lf, the rewards are many. You will enjoy peace of mind and theability 'to dream and design an exciting lueure without being shackled by worry and guilt. Vii hen you connnually

lean up your unflnlshed business, life becomes simple and. uncluuered. This gives yo u a. su rge of new energy.

AU of this breeds confidence. 1 ts en neal that you understand one lhh:"lg~on.fWence grows by domg, not by thtnki ng. Chlly action produces results, As Sheryl Crow sings, "A changc'"rill do you good. r, To produce a different result, you need. to change something. h all starts wtth you. UnU~ you. cbangei nothing elsewill change. Pro' rastinatton is a one-way ticket to staying stuck. II's an excuse not to perform.

Here's a btg pohn about unfinished business, You really needto grasp this, 50' ~w.y focused" To rei ease yourself totally from the baggage .of the past, you runs t ]eOllrn 1m Jotzive. Read it agS!t n: Yo u must II ear n to fo rg ive,. There are tw 0 sides to thts. First, you need to forg.]ve; the people who obstructed you. In the past-pare nts , [Fiends, relatives or teachers. In [act, anyone who undermjn.ed or abused YOl'.lr confidence verbally, physically or mentally. No matter how traumatic the expertence, [.0 be free you must rOl'glve [hem. Thismay not be easy, but it's essential H you want to have puce of mind and a happier future.

How do YOll do this? Write a letter, 1lI1ai.ke a phone cal], have a £a()e-[o,~face coaversaden, whatever it takes,but itis of paramount impon~nce. that you settle the issue wlthtn yourself. J US! let it go , and move on.

Sec.ond, forgive yourself. Silence forever those: negative tbougbts 'Of guilt The past .~:S hL<;10ry. You win never be able to change it Instead.accepr the Iact that whatever you did, your c ltoices we re based on your level ofknow~cdg,e and. awareness at the time .. The same ,goes for YOIn pareFlts. Dontblame lhem for YOttf uphrlnging-> they did what they did based on their circumstances, belief systems and. pa:ren ling ability.

Look at the word jurgivr.:nes:s:.ln [he center are four letters, gil!,r,:" There 5 me cl ue .. You must give 10 be Iree. The biggest gift you. have to offer is .[O've. Remember; you can't give what you don't alreedyhave. U YOM don't have; love wttbln you, how can yougtve it? It startswith forgivIllg yourself. You must move past the "It 's not my fault, ~ and the "Poor me ~ syndrom.es, or yClla 'U never enJoy real love ln your heart .. This lakes a special type of awareness, It's lrving .H a higher level. To do thb effectively requires detaching yourself 'from I he past events or your HJe, so you. can be free to give wahou [conch nons,

1~o{}ma:ny people never Iet the real person withjn them come alive .. Consequently they live a dormant and unfu~rnled existence. lU:Slead of g~orious]y :suetchi.ng and chnHe:ngi.n.g llICI.T1:5C lves to be <'lin they can be. they f]rmnder ]11 the everyday

S[1:1ff of hfe .. Youc.U:1I. be dU'ferenU Make a decision I'llOW to r,emQVe yonn;,e:]f fromthis futility and explore the unique talents you've been given. They are with.il~ you, just w3lung [0 beler loose.

Release your ~:e<lrJi... Fo.rgjve those who, need to be forgiven,. and be confidenl in the knowledge that yOlLlcan have what you W;:UlIl by taking, one step at a time, making one decision a t a t~n1e andaiCCOH1. phshi ng one result al a time.

One (l[ the most wonderful Stories about fQrglvenesiS aLnd love started many yearn ago in the Vietnam. Wa1iT .. joumahst P'att:ic~a Chisholm. recalls the S1tnry in Miildt'.'ll!M1imagaztftc: Nine-ye"..ar~oh::l Phan '[hi Kim Phuc was He1d'ng her viUagt y/hen AmedG<liu bombs intended far mUttaryi:nsltaUatiol'l!;.'iio s~ftecl ·explodin:ga]] around her, She recalls, "Right aw~y, ~. know ftiry clothes are buramg, eveIYthitllig,~ and I S:JiW rnyhand, my armbuming," But. then sbe started W run, despera:te to escapethe circle of fire, There was, she sa.~,j.iNo nlore ~:Mnking" " JU:5~ ovcrvv!helming '[e<'ll.t, and hue:r a searing heat. She had terriJble. injuH6 10 her hack. where great swaths of s:kin. were destroyed by the napahn, a thickener Ul8i~ turns gasoline intoa jie1ly~lj_ke concoerion that stickste surfaces, tnd.'i!1d.ing skin ~ as iu bums. At the scene. photog;t;8ipner N:ick UiI:. rushed her to a: nearby hos:pUatwhere s he stayed tor fa uneen momhs~ ,enduring, many operarious, N leks drSl.matic phatograph.which won him. aPuluzer 'Prize, captures the agony of the moment.

Now Hving in Canadaafter years of rehabflltation ~nd adjusu:u:ient to Western l jfe, Kim has displayed a re:ma.rkabie capacity 10 forgive_in the fall of li.996 , siThel),anjdpaled in a Veteran's Day ceremony at the Vietnam Wa.r Memorial in Washington D}C1"here, she had. an unanticipated and em ononalmeeungwtth Cap L John PhlFllmer, the: .. man who ordered South Vietnamese pilots totnake the hu efu 1 air strike on her village, As the two sal sideby side, smiling and hold]ng hands, it Wi3IS clear [hat Kim bore him noth]ug bUi goodwill. In rhisrespec l Kim ss rare .. Many people would live with resentmentand haterhat would consume them


~~orY'ears. Shehas chosen to' avotdreflecnng on the war, Hi never do sorro w Ii ke t ha: t," so e sa vs, "To fed a tra ce 0 r

." - - - ~. ..'. ' . -

btttemess.even deep tnstde, is too ti ring, 100 he,,-wy.."hD.ste,ad, KJu], decided to mov,e ftJr'iWSird. She ~5 no\v happiJy married and has a young' souto nurture, Ul1id.o1J1bh?iCUy, hers: b]U~y 110 loveand forgive has, a.cc€leta~e:d h'er progress,

Usually we dOU"~ think about confidenceasa habit. Often we look ~t other people who seem. to, he enjloyi.ng life to the fuJI.est, and wi.sh we had been born with Ul,C same gene.s.Whjle it's true that certain indlviduals seem. to be InOTe ou~going than ()ti1.'ers, conl'idence can be developed, And ha:vi.n.g confidence doesn't mean rbat yon need to be jumping up and down every single dioly w]th ()ff-dle-S{;ale

positive el1l.crgy. Some o£: Ole U10:Si conftdem and successful people: we know have a quiet mner strength that is rarely expressed in 'gr,egarious fa5hk~n" Esseartally conlidence evolves from combtning a positive atritude with positive action .. Bo tWa .of the;se lliJivQI.ve the power of choice, Every d~y you. can wake 3 conscious choice to thmk more possnvely And. yo,uc;a n also choose to hi.ke po siti ve ac tio n orno to There is a direct lmkbesween your atti.tude and the choices you ulumately make.


Attitudeh:b1isa lotto do with yom success and your ibm ty to get what YOH want, As you arc probably aware, attitude can cnaJ1lge quickl y: bl r:l!.CL, every day your anttude is severely tested. One Oflhc greate.stexam.plcs of ]osing cenfidence occm[1ed at the ] 99(j Masters Golf IO'l!1nl.'1I:lmen[ in A uguste, 'Georg,ia.. Australian Greg Norman; a premtergnlfera:nd one of the lavornes to win the championship, had perfornred brilUan.tly. A~ ~he end of the tlnrd day,. he was six stroke-s ahead of 11]:5 nearest rival, and with only one more round remaining, NOTln~an seemed a cast -iron cel1ainty to wear the famous green jacket presented '~othe winner on Sunday afternoon, All. he needed was an ~verag!e performance to s eClTI:re the win. ].nexpHc<lb~.y> however, hss game collapsed d-uriillgthe final rmmd.Wlthin rwemy-four hours his six-stroke llead eVfrpmated, andheended up losing by five strokes to' Nick FaJd!CI, who hadquietly chipped awaySi[ Normans seem.ingJy tnsunaoumable lead, Indeed, it was ,Fa] do's persistence and confidence: that even Ulany C~lU sed the upset, ln [an, F aldo has made ahaba of cUUrJingfNlm behjnd tOW!.]], hav~,ng won back-to-bark Masters 0 989~90)i.fi s~.mtbr fashion.


As the fi,na~ round progRssed~ Greg Nonnan's atutnde nottceably d·tler]otated. The conhdent stride seen the day before changed to slum ped s hQulders, and a blank expression appeared inhls eyes as he saw htsIong-time dr,eam. to become Master's ch.aI.m.pi.on disappeariI'l.g. His plummeting downward spiral was <'I :p,tl,ignam reminder of how HeMe confidence can. be. Strong and po sitiv e one day, In j.atal disanny the: ne}il:L To con;~bat th.is,. Iets ~.ook at some practical stra t,egies that will helpbnost youfcoiufklel1.ce.

SixConfldence-Building STRATEGIES

1i. Every day .f'Eltll'l,iit'ld yourseilfthat you d~d some thl 1'1'95 wain. hlStCaid of dwelling fin what d!id:n't wOfkor thetasks you, didn't finish, focus em what you dldaccomphsh. Don't mininnze these, Use yourB~AjL.!E~R1" daily haba to da.fil£Y this, Give yQ1u,'tSeU a.mcnt31 'pep talk at the beginnitig andend of the diJiy. Coach yl(.'1uts~lf, just hke yon would help someone: elscm overcome a ch~]~en,ge.

2. !Re.ad ~n:spilnillilg bi,OQ'raphj'E!s :and .aultobi.ogiraphies.

We want to reinforce this onemore time. Read books, articles ;lind magazines, Build 0;1, me of those stories that inspire you most Record special TV documentaries. Listen to tapes or watc h videos. Go to the nlovifc~t1:'1e:re ;;Ire <11. lot of great stones aut the re. Find out aboutpeople who started with nothmg, or who had. devastati n g se tbac ks, a ud s ti ll IOU nd a way La win. Remember, y,our c!3ip<1ldty far exceeds your current level of performaneev Life wtl.h.GLI.t challenges IS ani]h;t'iloll, Accept the fact thai yuuwill have ups and downs. just like

cv,eryonc else. Your confidence grows when ycuacnvely take on the challenges of life. You won't win [hem all, butwieh [he

rlghtatntude yeu'll win more than enough. .

3 .. IBe tha nikfuil.

NOI:nau.er how bad your circumstances linay be, there's probably someone worse .off than you. If you doubtthis, vQh:~]'ueer your time in an acute-care bums ward at the: childrens hospital Fan things into pers:pect.i'v€ .. Think of an the things (<lnd people) y(,}U take [or gn3inted thatare not available in other countries. Most of yOltf problemswill pate in. compartson when you. lake amemal snapsbotof all the bendlts you. enjcy every USi)l.

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