Political Leadership Programme

MINUTES OF THE FORTY FOURTH MEETING OF THE ASSEMBLY COMMISSION HELD ON TUESDAY 28 APRIL 2009 AT 4.20PM IN ROOM 106 5.2 Political Leadership Programme The Clerk/Director General informed the Commission that he and the Director of Engagement had held initial discussions with a number of external organisations to discuss the potential of a development programme for Members. MINUTES OF THE SIXTY THIRD MEETING OF THE ASSEMBLY COMMISSION HELD ON THURSDAY 16 SEPTEMBER 2010 AT 2.00PM IN ROOM 106

12.1 Atlantic Philanthropies The Clerk/Director General provided the Commission with an update in relation to the Atlantic Philanthropies organisation following initial discussions in April 2009 to provide funding for a development programme for Members. The Clerk/Director General highlighted the tight timescale involved in the bidding cycle for submitting a proposal for funding. Following further consideration, the Commission agreed in principle to the proposal but requested that the Director of Engagement contact all Members to provide information on the proposed bid and allow an opportunity for Members to respond.
MINUTES OF THE SIXTY FOUTH MEETING OF THE ASSEMBLY COMMISSION HELD ON MONDAY 18 OCTOBER 2010 AT 4.25PM IN ROOM 106 10. POLITICAL LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME The Commission noted the submission from the Director of Engagement of a proposal to develop a Political Leadership Programme which is currently being considered by the Atlantic Philanthropies. He highlighted that the outcome of these deliberations will be know in December 2010.

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