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Questionarries + Theyare generally sent through mail to informants to be assured as specified in a covering letter + This method is cheap and economical since money is spent on developing questionnaire and mailing + Ppldon’t respond and many don’t answer all the questions + Here itis not always clear as to who replies + This method is slow and many don’t respond even after several reminders + Personal contact is not possible here + Respondents are ilterate and cooperative + Wider and more representative distribution + Risk of collecting wrong and incomplete + Success here lies on the questionarrie Interview Schedule +The schedule is generally filled out by the research worker or the enumerator + To collect data is more expensive cos more amount is spent on enumerators and training them, + Non response is low enumerator gets all answers to all questions + Here identity of respondent is known + Here data is collected well in time + Direct personal contact is established here + Respondents are illiterate + Its difficult to send enumerator over wide areas + Risk of information collection is generally complete and accurate + Success here lies on honesty & competence of enumerator