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Technology Program AdministratorPartAandB

Technology Program AdministratorPartAandB

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Candi Partridge FRIT 7738

Technology Program Administrator Part A: Program Evaluation Executive Summary
The Media Services Department at Augusta State University provides a variety of services to the faculty, staff, and students of the campus. The Media Services Department is divided into four sub parts. These four sub parts are Media Services, Classroom Services, Curriculum Center, and Special Events. Each subpart of the Media Center has an active manager of the department and one to two student assistants. The Media Services departments provide services such as rental of audio and visual equipment, CD’s, DVD’s, video camcorders, digital cameras and digital video cameras, laptops, projection screens, wireless and handheld microphones, and speakers. The Special Events department provides audio and visual equipment for off campus events, community events, sporting events, and graduations. The Media Services department provides webinars and video conferencing for students, faculty, and staff. The classroom services department services all hardware and software in the classrooms and lecture halls providing updates and maintenance so the technology resources work properly during presentations and lectures. If the classroom does not have presentation equipment and is requested by faculty, the Classroom Services department ensures the equipment is present and properly running for the next presentation. The Curriculum Center is an abundant resource for education majors to access manipulatives, children’s books, teacher editions, thematic units, and other instructional books for teachers. The multiple student computer workstations have flat screen monitors and scanners networked to each workstation, making completing assignments and projects more convenient. Media Services has the most up to date software and equipment available for student use including the most recent addition of six Mac computers with scanners and Photoshop software to assist with photo and video editing. The Media Services Department is visited approximately sixty thousand times during a semester by faculty, staff, and students.

Organizational Chart Camille Reid Library Director Rosemarie Axton Media Services Director

Shirley Logan
Office Manager Administrative Procedures Office Manager Student Assistant

Cynthia Britt
Curriculum Center Manager

Ralph Hernd on
Special Events Manager

Classroom Services Manager

Gordon Spivey

Curriculum Center Student Assistant

Media Center Manager

Edgar LaMo tte

Special Events Student Assistant

Nick Mims
Classroom Services Student Assistant

Media Center Student Assistant

Kristopher Wells

Classroom Services Student Assistant

Cameron Logan

Media Center Student

Tim Willia ms

I used a few different methods to collect my data. The first method I used was an interview with the Media Services Director, Rosemarie Saxton. I corresponded with her through email to set up an appointment time to meet. Once I met her at her office, we sat and talked about the variety of services offered through the media services program at Augusta State University. Ms. Saxton was very polite and helpful to me as I collected information regarding the program. She explained the branches of the media services department and that each branch was responsible for different things. She set up a rotation for me to go in and meet with each department chairman to learn more about the services they provide. These were more like informative sessions where they informed me of their duties and responsibilities. The second way I collected data was through observations. I jotted down notes as we walked around the media services department of specific technology resources that I was unaware was even in the department. I graduated from ASU and was so surprised to find some of the things that were/are available for students. I did not have a specific checklist to aid in my observation; I just took a lot of notes of the things I particularly found that would be useful to the students at Augusta State University. Existing documentation that I reviewed was various links on the media services website. These links tell a lot about the department in general but does not provide an in depth look at the various services offered and equipment available to students. You are allowed to browse the media collection by call number, name, or browse the entire list. The resources in the media collection include audiotapes, books, CD Roms, DVDs, kits, laser discs, videos, etc. This is especially helpful if you are off campus and need to check the availability of a resource in media services. Some of the links on the media services website require an entry password and these would not be accessible without a password. One particular piece of information I found on the site was the organizational chart used above. I clicked on the staff link to access the list of names for accuracy to create my own organizational chart and there was a chart already of the media services staff. I did use the chart in my report, but cited the source to give credit where it’s due.

Center Context and Goals
The Media Services Department started out in Hardy Hall. It was located in the lower level and was a part of Reese Library. Supply and demand was quite different back then. The Learning Center housed

16mm films, audiocassettes, four overhead projectors, five televisions, and VCRs on carts. This is much different than the amount of resources and equipment available today. The center also delivered the equipment and materials to the classrooms that needed it. Today, most of the equipment needed is already in the classrooms ready to be used. Digital media put much higher demand on more updated equipment for teachers and students use. Media services added GSAMS to the classrooms to enable video conferencing, student computer work stations each were equipped with flatbed scanners, and video editing systems were purchased. With the addition of new equipment, more space was needed to house all of the equipment. When the new building was built, University Hall, the Media Services department received a nice storage room for the new equipment that had been purchased. University Hall was completed in 2004 at time, which media services relocated to their new home on the lower level of the building. The media services center is alive and very active today. Among the faculty, staff, and students at Augusta State, the Media Services department is visited approximately sixty thousand times during each semester!
Source: http://www.aug.edu/media_services/pdf/sacs/Media%20Services%20then%20and %20now.pdf

The mission statement of Augusta State Media Services is to support the University Curriculum by providing comprehensive, high quality resources to support the faculty in their use of technologies to enhance and extend their teaching and learning. Media Services provides the equipment, expertise, and technical support needed to integrate new technologies into classroom teaching and learning.
Source: http://www.aug.edu/unit_plans/plans/media_services_curriculum_center_20102011_unit_plan.p df

The goals of the center are as follows: 1. To improve recruitment, retention, and satisfaction of students through effective marketing, adequate course offerings, convenient course scheduling, quality advisement, and programs that meet the needs of all students. 2. Develop and maintain high quality academic programs in which curricular offerings meet the needs of a rapidly changing world and dynamic career marketplace. 3. Make academic offerings and services as seamless as possible with K-12 schools and other accredited colleges and universities. 4.Provide educational, cultural, and professional services to the community through continuing education programs, performing arts programs, and faculty and staff public service.

Source: http://www.aug.edu/unit_plans/plans/media_services_curriculum_center_20102011_unit_plan.p df

The job titles of key personnel staff of the Media Services Center are included in the table below. Name Position Job Description Camille Reid Rosemarie Axton Shirley Logan Library Director Media Services Director Oversees the multiple functions of the library, budget, media services director, purchasing of new resources, etc. Oversees the media services department, lead staff meetings, assist with designing the budget, and Unit Plan for the upcoming year. Orders classroom parts and replacements, manages the budget, orders new equipment, manages purchase orders, monthly audits, check in inventory Manages/updates/services all equipment in the classrooms, assist faculty with technology equipment, track services calls to keep up with equipment Order books for the curriculum center, assist education majors with designing units/lesson plans, assist with laminating, binding books, Check in and out books and manipulatives to students Handles all audio/visual needs for faculty/staff on campus; assists with video production/editing, hands on assistance for students, manages all equipment and check/in out procedures, video cataloging/inventory, manages print/copy machines, and all other equipment in the media services

Office Coordinator

Gordon Spivey

Classroom Services Manager

Cynthia Britt

Curriculum Center Management

Edgar LaMotte

Media Center Manager

department. Ralph Herndon Assistant Director Special Events Separate service within the media services department; provides projection, screen, sound, equipment, etc. for events, schedules and sets up webinars and video conferencing; audio/video services for community and off campus events, sporting events, graduation, etc.

The Augusta State University Media Services department is thriving among the faculty, staff, and students of the campus. The department has the most up to date equipment and software available to faculty, staff, and students. The friendly media services staff greets faculty, staff, and students with a smile and a readiness to help with whatever needs you may have. The center is equipped with a variety of resources that are available for check out. Some of these resources include Dell laptops, digital and video cameras, digital cameras, tripods, a selection of over 13,000 DVD’s, CD’s, and printed music. In addition, projection screens, wireless and handheld microphones, overhead projectors, stereos, mixers, and headphones are also available. The center has six video editing stations equipped with large screen Mac Computers, scanners, and Photoshop software. The center is equipped with twenty-four and forty-four inch printers. Two private rooms are available for viewing DVD’s and videos on HD projectors. The Classroom Services department is well organized and ready to assist classroom professors with troubleshooting equipment, setting up equipment for a special presentations, assisting with student equipment, and keeping all equipment updated and operating properly. The Special Events staff is thriving as it reaches out to the community and provides for off campus events. The Special Events staff organizes webinars, community events such as the Fall Film Series, and campus wide fundraisers such as A-Day, sporting events, graduations, and the newest trend, video conferencing job interviews. Special Events staff has sponsored approximately 300 – 400 events within the last five years through the campus and community. The Curriculum Center is active with education majors. The Curriculum Center has an abundance of materials for education majors to create thematic learning units. The center has curriculum to assist with learning about the four blocks method, how to teach exceptional children in the classroom, and classroom discipline. The Curriculum

got media services?
University Hall: Room 156 Hours of Operation: Monday - Tuesday 8am – 10pm, Wednesday – Thursday 8am – 8pm, Friday 8am – 4:30pm; Closed Saturday and Sunday.

Center also has GACE study books to assist students with the Certification Exam. It also houses a variety of manipulatives for all academic subjects, children’s reading books, and teacher editions to aid with lessons taught in the classroom. Curriculum Center Manager, Cynthia Britt, said many of the resources are ordered but they also receive donated resources as well.

Do you have media services? Need a computer? Printer? Copier? Scanner? Digital video camera? Need a DVD or VHS for a class or book? Need help with a presentation? We can help! Come by and check out the variety of services we Part B: Monthly provide. Be sure to bring your Jag ID card. Report

Appendix Appendix

~What’s happening in Media Services?
Media Services just checked in THREE NEW Mac Computers and WHY scanners to assist you with your It’s a “WOW”Media Center,? Moment! findvideo editing needs! Come by and At the students the technology

Media Center staff provide free instructional services We are here forto students, faculty, and staff. So, stop by and see us and let us assist you with your education needs!

~Last month, media services check out these new computers and support needed to achieve educational and assisted with approximately experiment with the Photoshop professional goals. The Media Center software! 15,000 services to students, classroom encompasses media services, services, satellite of faculty, and staffand video conferencing, the curriculum center, and special events office. Augusta State University.


Contact us: Media Center: 706-737-1703 Fax: 706-737-1773 www.aug.edu/media_services

Interview Questions with Media Services Director ~What are some of your duties and responsibilities? ~What is the mission of the center? ~Are there any sub departments under you? If so, how many and what are they? ~What are some of the operating procedures of the center? ~Did the center start when the University began? ~What is the status of the center? ~Is there any additional information that would be useful to me to include in my report?

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