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About France

The population of France is 63million 7 thousand. The capital of France is

Paris. The Paris is one of popular capital in world. And there cool tower.
Its call Eiffel tower. Gustav Eiffel designed the Eiffel tower. The area of
France is 210,026 sq mi. It is part of Europe.
The climate of France is generally cool winters and hot summer. Religion
of France are Roman Catholic 83%~88%, Protestant 2%, Jewish 1%,
Muslim 5%~10%, Christian 4%. There is not much of Christian. French
people speak French (obviously).
Bonjour-hello Government type is republic
Auvoir, salut-bye
Merci- thank you
Silvousplait- The exports are machinery and transportation
please equipment, aircraft, plastics, chemicals,
Monsieur- Mr. pharmaceutical products, iron and steel, beverages.
Madame- Mrs. The imports are machinery and equipment, vehicles,
Cava- how are
crude oil, aircraft, plastics and chemicals. The military
are army and air force.
The currency of France is Euro (EUR; symbol €). The France anthem is
long. The famous sport is soccer. Henry, Zidane, Trazguet and Ribery.
They’re famous soccer players in France.
Best place in France: In France the best place to visit is Eiffel Tower,
Disneyland in Paris, Louvre Museum in Paris, and Rhone Alps.
The best food in france is black diamonds. Black diamonds is the one of
luxurious and expensive food. When French people eat foods they always
need wines.

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