Voting and Political Participation in the 2010 Elections

SOWK 300 Computer Applications in the Social Sciences Fall 2010 Samuel R. Morris TTH-02
In 1965, the United States Congress passed the Voter’s Right Act that ensured that all Americans, especially African Americans, had the right to vote. Over 60% of African Americans came out to vote in 2008, but not in 2010. Why is this? Moreover, how did Tuskegee University Students participate in the recent elections. This project will examine how TU students voted in the 2010 elections.


Graph 2
After reviewing the results from the 2010 Elections, I became intrigue in seeing how TU students participated two years ago in the 2008 elections. Based on the results, 82% of the respondents reported that they participated in the 2008 elections. On the other hand, only 18% of the respondents reported that they did not vote two years ago. Based on these numbers, two years ago TU students came out and participated heavily by voting; however, that was not the case in this recent election. Graph 1 Graph 2

I found these findings to be very interesting because it shows how politically informed our students are at Tuskegee University. Overall, we did have a good amount of TU students who took the time out on November 2nd and voted; however, after looking at the different classifications, the results are very shocking. Both Sophomores and Juniors voted, but looking at the Seniors and Graduate Students, that was not the case. Voting is a very serious matter. Based on my research, I am happy to say that TU students are active U.S. citizens!

Graph 1
After reviewing the results from the National Statistics about the recent elections, I wanted to see exactly how Tuskegee University Students participated in the recent elections. Based on the data, I was surprised. 58% of the respondents reported that they did not participate in the elections. On the other hand, 42% reported that they participated on election day. I was surprised about these results because I thought that there were going to be much different. Although there were a high number of TU students who did not vote, there still were a good amount of students who did go out and exercise their constitutional right! Bivariate Graph 1

Graph 3
After seeing the results from Graph 1, I was intrigued to see how many TU students participated in the 2010 Elections by classification. 100% of the Freshmen respondents reported that they did not vote. 67% of the Sophomore and Junior respondents reported that they voted compared to 33% who did not. 39% of the Senior respondents reported that they voted compared to 61% who did not vote. Lastly, 67% of the Graduate students did not vote in the recent elections.

1. Morris, Samuel R. “Voting and Political Participation Survey.” Survey of Tuskegee University Students’ Voter Participation in the 2010 Elections.

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