Second Meeting TASK 1 Learn how to spell the English alphabets. Consult your dictionary.

A = Apple, Ant, Ask → B = Bee, Baloon, Boy → C = Cat, Chair, Catch → D = Desk, Dog, Dig → E = Excelent, Enter, Eel → F = Fun, Fly, Fish → G = Game, Go, Girl, → H = House, hurry, hamster → I =Ink, Iron → J = Jam, Joy, Jellyfish → K = King, Kid, Kite → L = Like, Leopard → M = Moon, Month, Money → N = Night, New → O = Oval, Orange, Ostrich → P = Practice, Pool → Q = Queen, Quiet → R = Road, Run, Rest → S = Snake, Snow → T = Turtle, Throw → U = Umbrella → V = Violin → W = Whale, Walk, Woman → X = Xilophone → Y = Yellow → Z = Zebra, Zoo, Zero

The First Day in the Office Miss Sandra is a new employee in our office Today is her first day. She want to know everyone in the company. First, she meets the financial manager, Mr Paul Robinson. Miss Bradford Mr. Robinson Miss B : Good Morning, Sir. : Good Morning. : May I introduced my self? My name is Sandra Bradford. I am a new employee here Mr. R : How do you do, Ms. Bradford? I am Paul Robinson the finance manager Miss B Mr. R Miss B Mr. R Miss Parker Miss B : How do you do, Mr. Robinson? : Miss Bradford, I’d like to introduce you to my assistant manager. : That would be nice. : Miss Parker, this is Miss Bradford a new employee in our office. : Pleased to meet you, Miss Bradford. : Pleased to meet you, Miss Parker.

Task 2
Finish and practice these dialogues with your partner! 1. X : What is your name please? Y : Angela X : can you spell it? Y : …. 2. S : And your name? Y : CINDY X : S–I–N–D–I? Y : No, it is …. 3. X : Is William your last name? Y : No, that’s my first name. X : And your last name? Y : Houstan X : How do you spell your complete name? Y : ….

Task 3
Now, please spell your own name and spell at least two friends name around you.

SONG: A BC A-B-C-D-E-F-G, H-I-J-K, L-M-N-O-P Q-R-S and T-U-V W and X-Y-Z Now I’ve said my A – B - C, tell me what you think of me

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